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  2. well.. well.. well...no matter how long I leave it still looks like somethings never change @lol@ i've edited the things I thought were offensive, keep it up and this bay-bee is gonna get locked.... stick to the topic at hand fellas
  3. Thanks for the pics Jay! That major bludd is defiantely my favorite fig to come from DTC so far...and anything else yet to come. He is defiantely a "must have" even if you aren't a completionist!
  4. The only "problem" I had with V1 Duke was the smile on his face, I defiantely perfer this angrier version of Duke but with the V1 style. The painting looks awesome and I love how you added a removable pistol! #US1#
  5. Chazz


    that's my profile: http://www.myspace.com/datnizzlechazz and yes, myspace is VERY addictive! It's one of the reasons why I haven't been here in awhile. Anybody that wants to keep in touch with me and has an account feel free to add me to your buddy list #US1#
  6. OH MY GOD, YES!! How could I forget about my dvds! @lol@ I don't even let my own mother borrow them anymore! She brought 3 back scratched the hell up @lol@ I told her, "mom, you've been downgraded to the vhs tapes" @lol@
  7. I'm actually worst when it comes to my comics. toys are made to be played with (ages 13 and up of course @cool ) But i actually watch people while they read a comic of mines to make sure they are "handling" it right @lol@ I hate when people grab a comic and flip the cover all the way back @grumpy@ I've got a couple of hardcovers that when people read them I tell them don't open them all the way, so not to get that white line on the spine.
  8. GIVE-ME-A- FREAKIN' -BREAK!! @lol@ Please man, The lakers still have the makings to be a great team again...mark my word, they will be back @firedevil@
  9. 4 a minute there, I thought you where the one on the background sitting down @loll@ that guy in the background looks like he wishes he could be in the picture @lol@ becareful Dustin, you might have a stalker on your hands! you might wanna check if he appears in the background of any of your other photos!
  10. of course you love Creed. I realize now that you love EVERYTHING I hate! thats it. I am done calling you Draven. from now on, you are BizarroClam! @loll@ @loll@ that was a nice one! @lol@ Yea draven ya'll both love RAH ....but doesn't bizarro love lois too? @smilepunch@
  11. yea man on yojoe.com.... i love the zartan commercial "i don't know any zar-tan!" that was the shiznit! @lol@
  12. I edited the bickering so others won't take sides and make a big deal out of this. I think the picture is nothing but a joke and should be taken that way. the pic doesn't show anything revealing so i don't see the problem .big boobs are everywhere you go...on t.v, on the internet, in everyday life....there's no way avoiding them @lol@
  13. I had to drop by for this one! Happy B-Day bro!! Hope you get some birthday booty
  14. Talk about losing major points! Well its true you two (or is it more) are making HUGE posts and what for? If one side wins the argument, does anyone get a prize? NO The prize is an ego-stroke. Kinda like a BJ but with all the enjoyable stuff removed. And its just as pointless as no prize at all. I KNOW the king of political debates didn't just go there!! @loll@ Ken, if this thread would have been about Bush, Canada, or Action Man this thread would have been full of 15 letter words that nobody understood but you! @lol@ If debating on line was ANYTHING like a BJ I wouldn't waste my time taking chicks out! @lol@ I was talkin' about Baked Jambalaya, what'd you think I was talkin' about?? Big Jukeboxes? Backpocket Juice-paks? Blue Jeans? Blackberry Jelly? Bungie Jumping? @loll@ LMFAO!!!! @loll@ ...yea...okay man @lol@
  15. Talk about losing major points! Well its true you two (or is it more) are making HUGE posts and what for? If one side wins the argument, does anyone get a prize? NO The prize is an ego-stroke. Kinda like a BJ but with all the enjoyable stuff removed. And its just as pointless as no prize at all. I KNOW the king of political debates didn't just go there!! @loll@ Ken, if this thread would have been about Bush, Canada, or Action Man this thread would have been full of 15 letter words that nobody understood but you! @lol@ If debating on line was ANYTHING like a BJ I wouldn't waste my time taking chicks out! @lol@
  16. Well i typed a HUGE azz response to VH's post but TNI f@ked up! @grumpy@ Soooo you guys will have to sit tight until tomorrow for my reply @lol@ To be continued Dano.....@wink@
  17. I don't know about that. Unless you heard or read that that was indeed the reason, yea, i read that's why he refused to do another friday movie....
  18. that's not what i meant at all! you keep taking what i say and trying to get some deeper meaning out of it just as an excuse to bash my race. I never said anything about white people holding black actors back.....It's will smith's own fault and only his responsibility alone to do something about the way he potrays himself in movies. Nobody white is making will smith act the way he does...he could easily turn down any role and still be rich. why do you keep going back to "gangstas"?!?!? i never said will smith acts like a gangsta! you know it's possible for a black man to use slang and not be a gangsta don't you???The way he acts, it's like those black guys in the 3 stooges movies, the butlers, and even the black lady from tom & jerry....he's that loud, obnoxious, bugs his eyes out when he says danger token black guy who says things like " my black azz..." before starting a sentence 50 times in a movie, or some referance or joke about white people being crazy or how he don't understand them. Man, do you get it now??? stop acting like black people are either republican or gangstas! @lol@ there is more to us then that @wink@ You keep going back to this gangsta sh!t with me...you act like i said "i don't like will smith because he's a fake azz gangsta that never shoot nobody dawg!" @lol@ He doesn't act like a gangsta he acts like a fool. so now i'm a wanna be gangsta huh? because i use the word dawg??? or maybe because i have tatts? Is that what you see when you see my pictures or here me use slang? Because i love hip-hop? Yep, you're right, you don't judge black people at all white people kill each too you know @lol@ now you are realy struggling....you say you "hate it when blacks do this and blacks do that" if you weren't trying to be racist about it you could have worded it by saying "i hate it when SOME black people...." it would have made an entirely diffrent thing. Only people that have a problem with a race lump them altogether as a whole when talking negative about them. Hell, according to you Blacks hate gays more then any other race in the world....damn man, i learn something about being black everyday from you.... damn, you got me, i guess i hate half myself seeing that i'm half white....you know us black folks and our "self destruction" My point right there is how am i a stereotype? what things that i do that are viewed by white people that only blacks do? sure i love my hip-hop but i also love my rock. sure i love sportin' my raiders jersey but i still like rockin' my hollister gear....my point is i like what i like not because it's the thing to do...i like it because it fits me and the man i am. the color of my skin is not gonna make me act a certain way or talk a certain way...hell, my slang is so "mixed" sometimes i don't even know what i'm talking about @lol@ but it's called embracing america....not a black or white america.... let me tell you something about black people you may have missed in you forty something years and this planet. We go thru this BS all the time man, it's not a sob story it's a fact. People like you, the media and whatever else that project negative images of us. Alot of us are just tired! We have to pick our battles and not get mad (or atleast show it) everytime we see some BS like the things you have written in this thread. If i got mad about every racist comment i've heard i'd be banned from here and probably in jail. Like take this crap you posted in the joe forum: Just because the kid wasn't talking "proper" you automaticaly assumed he was trying to be black...why is that? If a guy writes like he's 8 or maybe has a learning ability you compare him to being black. I found it very offensive but didn't say anything because why? To alienate myself even more like i've probably done here now? They probably feel the same way about it like i do but choose not to reat on it....they probably think i'm doing an okay job on my own. @wink@ besides, this is between me and you, i don't want this to turn into some funkin' "race war" at TNI. There are issues that i'm not for but i stood up for (affirmitive action being one) because it frankly makes me sick to my stomache when i hear people go on and on about how my race only wants a handout. bullsh!t...you are critical against blacks in general...black fathers that wanna dress up as santa, black people who are for affirmitive action, black people who express themselves musicaly about whats going on in the streets, black people that believe extreme racism still exist, black people who like the fact that we have our own movie award show, ...hell just about any black person that loves the fact that they are black it seems @lol@ Do you think any of those black actors would agree with me about them having to struggle harder in the business just because they were black? If you don't then you must have missed denzel's and halle's speech at the oscars @cool@ but you respect them though, right? so why does it mean less when i say it? because i have tatts and wear braids? All those actors you claim to have respect for bill cosby, morgan freeman, laurence fishbourne and many more have said the exact same thing about hollywood as i have! I'm not making this sh!t up man, and i'm not preaching a sob story, i'm saying the exact same thing these major cats in hollywood who have made it big are saying....again, why does it mean less when i say it? Forget about being black or white for a second...these guys are actually in the business...don't you think they'd no more about it then you????? that doesn't even make since man!@lol@ i never said will smith was the cause for hate crimes but you said extreme racism is a thing of the past...my point is it isn't....just ask that kids parents... if you only knew man...if you only knew @lol@ FYI, Adam was just trying to lighten the mood so he made a joke between friends....that's like him sticking out his hand for some dap and i leave him hangin'....i couldn't do that to my boy. You know, it kinda pisses me off that my one escape from the real world...the one place i can go and nobody sees color...you make me put a spotlight on it. I didn't wanna be known as "the black member" i wanted to be known as just a really cool guy here that collects joes and dabbles in other stuff. But if i have to choose between staying true to myself or fitting in here....well i don't even have to tell you the answer to that.... besides, he's Italian and Connected, he's probably more "down" then me @lol@ #US1#
  19. and that's why i keep comming to this place! @lol@ It's kinda pointless to even argue about this...VH is forty something years old, i doubt a kid almost half his age across the globe is gonna change his views....just like i'm right so nothing is gonna change mines @smilepunch@ @lol@ it's all good Dano...it's all good @wink@
  20. c'mon guys, lets stick to the subject and not the way a member post. you see he was offended so lets leave it alone... If the cartoon is awesome (which i think it will be) then the line will survive point blank. Like i said before, given enough story behind any toy kids will be all over it. I know i'm not the only person here who bought JOES due to the impact the cartoon had on them.
  21. Me and my two brithers taking today....
  22. what sob story are you babbling about??? @lol@ did i say i expect anything or people should feel sorry for me or any other black person??? are you even reading what i'm writting??? I made one comment for not liking a star because i feel he's actually in a position to do something about the way blacks are potrayed in movies...that's all! i never said white people should help us out by giving us parts or anything else to suggest i want somebody to feel sorry for them! dude you have really lost it.... But i can actually speak from experiances i have lived and that has effected me the same way it's effected thousands of other black people....i don't have to be an expert but i think i qualify a lil' bit more then you do...since you suggest that YOU know what's the matter with us black folks.... just like you go ahead and deny you don't have problems with black people @cool@ I'm not calling you a racist, in fact i think i've said the opposite earlier...but you have even said in this thread "i hate it when black people...." soooo you tell me when a black person (since your the expert) here's a sentence started off like that what do you think his impression of that person is.....if the shoe fits wear it @wink@ HOW THE HELL AM I A STEREOTYPE?!?!? @lol@ yea, i'm such a stereotype that when i posted my picture up here soooo many people were surprised to find out i was black Dude that is the most ridiculous thing you've said in this entire thread! well since i'm such a steretype maybe i should just rip up my ozz fest tickets and system of the down and try to get some tickets to the MOTOWN anniversary tour! @lol@ If anything YOU'RE the stereotype FOR THE MAN thinking every black person has a sob story and is looking for a handout @lol@ And Dan, you don't have to kiss my azz...we're cool but i'm not gonna kiss your azz for being the "hip old white guy" on the board neither @wink@ get away with what?!?! @lol@ just like a white man, always think a brotha' is trying to get over! @smilepunch@ what have i said that was an ounce of racism??? have i claimed to know or judge any white person??? is it racist to say white people don't know what it's like to live day by day as a black person???? you are the one who comes and tries to judge an entire race, not me! you're the one here spitting all this negative crap about a race, not me! you are really struggling trying to turn this around man, come up with some new sh!t.... what, there's no more racisms in the world?!?! man, i wish somebody would have told those white guys in Jasper Texas who drug that black guy from there truck across town two years ago! man, that probably would have never happened then....@lol@ BTW, people don't like me because i'm black, they like me because i'm cool @wink@ oh nooooo...your not racist it all so now nobody wants to hear about what i think is the problem with the black community...fair enough, as long as somebody here doesn't make anymore ignorant statements and claim to know "what's OUR problem" i'll keep my "black woes" to my black friends if that'll make you happy..... BUT IT'S ONLY YOU!!! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! you always put me in the position to talk about this stuff, i don't want to because i don't like putting a spotlight on my race....but if i don't you'll have everybody here thinking it's cool and okay to dog out black people and nobody will say anything....but i will....i always will until i'm banned from this board. I don't want the people here to think like you suggest that all blacks look up to gangstas and thugs. if i'm chosen (and it seems by you) to be the voice of black people here.....i don't want the job but i'll do my best to represent my race. I want the members to know better then you, that all blacks don't look for something out of the world like you keep suggesting. Ouch, that kinda stung....okay, that's fair i guess....but next time you feel the need to talk to me like that, do me a favor and don't...because you sure in the hell don't know me well enough to even play with me like that....
  23. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!!! YOU FINALY GET WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY!!! @yipee@ @yipee@ @loll@ you don't have to agree with it but atleast you know what my point is now and that's all i care about. I know you won't agree with it because with all your age and wisdom, you still will never fully understand what it's like to be black or any other minority. you can't understand what it's like to be black more then you can understand what it's like to be a woman everyday. do you get the feeling you might get raped when you walk down a dark alley way by yourself? maybe mugged but not raped, so you don't know the diffrent things a woman must go thru on an everyday basis. Just like when i get that feeling i'm gonna be funked with by the cops just because i'm in a nice area so i turn down my radio so not to bring attention to myself. why does it piss you off when i say you don't know what it's like to be black??? I'm sorry VH, YOU DON'T! nope, why would i be mad at them for embracing a hip-hop culture? @lol@ Hopefully they'll pick up some 2pac or 50 cent CDs and embrace it a little more. @cool@ I don't appreciate you comparing me to will smith especialy after i told you how i felt about him...i wish you wouldn't have went there. now i'm gonna go somewhere with you....something that's been on my mind for awhile....this may make you mad but i really believe you have an issue with black people. seriously, i don't know what happened to you in you personal life but something is defiantely wrong with you man. you take every opportunity you can on these boards to say something negative about black people. everytime a topic or post comes up you gotta chime in with some negative stuff about my race...EVERYTIME! You even made an issue about black fathers wanting to play santa clause for christ sake...that he should only be white....yea man, i never forgot that. I'm sorry you feel that us blacks are throwing a private party and your not invited just because we say "you don't understand what it's like to be us"....but you don't man, just like i have no idea what it's like to live my life as a white man and i don't pretend i do.....and you know what, i'm cool with it. stop trying to pick fights with me every chance you get by telling me things that you don't like about my race...man what type of sh!t is that?!?!!? how am i suppose to take that crap??? it's like you try to battle me to prove these points that my people have problems. You damn right it's a segrated issue! look at the crap you've posted here today and yesterday! It's segrated because we don't need people like you telling us all we glorify is gangstas and thugs! What positive have you said thru out this whole entire thread about blacks?? not one...except you like will smith because he's a good lil' stereotype boy that makes you laugh! You think just because you've been on this earth longer you know everything about black people and the struggle they've faced and still face today. Unless you've experianced it for yourself you don't know anything about it. all you know what the media tells you to know, you don't know what it's really like so how in the hell can you sit there and tell me you have the entire black race figured out? It's not about being black or white...it's about experiance.....which i can't stress just how much you lack.
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