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  1. wait a minute man....you are just NOW buying spiderman 2?!?! @lol@ @smilepunch@
  2. let me just say that you are one stupid individual @lol@ people with less than 100 posts have their comments fall on deaf ears some people that post on here have other things to do, we don't just sit on our butt all day and talk to people we don't know. And to that wierd guy, your username is the thing, so you don't have much room to talk, and I didnt say that in my first post WTF are you babbling about, man?? You are on here just like us! @lol@ How the hell do you criticize someone for chatting online.....by telling them ONLINE?!?! @loll@
  3. I agree. Nothing against Chazz either and not just this incident. These types of praises happen towards members who have been here 3 or 4 years ago. If Clam or Mike leaves and come back, expect a lot of ass kissing Clam and Mike can kiss my ass! haha @smilepunch@ As for Chazz, Your archnemesis is callin you out!!! You have been gone for awhile and hopefully some juice will be pumped into this site because of your return. Have you gotten soft from your absence? Well well well.....I was wondering when you'd show your ugly mug around here, old foe @wink@ And no, not weak in my absence but actually alot stronger...I've been out traveling the internet world talking smack to the best of them only to find my way back to here to take my throne back! @firedevil@ Yea, just like when you and Doom Saber were "pillow talking" about invading my welcome back thread @loll@
  4. I just bought Date Movie- it had some pretty funny and gross parts Welcom Back Kooter COPS Kung Fu Hustle-which I let someone borrow but couldn't remember who, I hate that crap! So I had to but it again @grumpy@
  5. hmmmm...lets see, how can I put this... @hmmm@ @lol@ yea, that about sums it up cuz if you weren't you'd kept those comments in the ADC/TNI war game thread, not in my welcome back thread if you were simply "playing the game". Just because I share a mutual feeling that someone is pretty cool or share some inside jokes that you don't get doesn't mean I want a blow from them. @lol@ And just to kill all "rumors" I had no idea about the ADC/TNI war game...I put that on my grand dad's grave. Just call a good timing on my part and bad timing for yours that I decided to come back when I did @wink@ As far as what I do I lease apartments for an apartment community. Right now i'm there "to go" guy with brand new properties or properties that need help building up occupancy...they call me in to lease them up. Right now I got managers waiting in line to get me to there properties and other companies throwing me offers atleast once a month to go with them...yea, i'm sorta a big deal right now @wink@
  6. @loll@ I remember that! *sigh* those were the good ol' days....Glade to hear from ya' bro and thanks for the welcome back.
  7. Rival??? To be a rival you have to oppose some kind of a threat! @lol@ *sigh* feels good to be back #US1# and RC, you are soooo true about myspace...I was totaly addicted! @lol@ I just hooked up with soooo many old friends (and lovers) on there it was insane...people I went to school with and hung out with I thought i'd never see them again. After awhile some started getting on my nerves.... and it reminded me that most of them I lost contact with on purpose @lol@ and RC you are hella cool in my book! @wink@
  8. Man, you HAVE been gone along time... @lol@ @smilepunch@ Good to see ya back, bud! What up Joe ya' cool azz polish muthafunka!! So CLAM is no longer considered "cool" around here...man, "how the mighty have fallen" @loll@ @smilepunch@ What up Royal Marine! Yea Hamsterboy, I totaly left at the wrong time! So much has happened on smallville this past year! Some i'm not too happy about and some I was...wish i'd been here to express what I thought thru this last season @sad@
  9. I bought last week Bloodrayne...which wasn't half bad. I also bought The Ringer and Hollowman 2.
  10. Well it's like a 90% chance i'll go...I already took the time off just gotta get my ticket and find out were i'm staying...Kevin...Ryan..Mike...what's up??
  11. What other cool people list?? I only made one and there's no way in hell I was gonna sit and name EVERYBODY i'm cool with. Those are just the guys that poped in my head, mostly because I still talk to them on myspace. You know your my boy so stop frontin' punk! @smilepunch@ i know, its good to see you back. i hope your really back. tom gets home in september. Wheres my shout out? I know you gave me one on myspace but c'mon dawg! @smilepunch@ C'mon man, you're my evil twin, can't forget about you brotha'! @wink@ And yea Chug, if I recall those are the signs they talked about of the Apocalypse @lol@
  12. Fairweather poster??? Boy, I was posting here while you were still running around playing with your Tonka Toys @lol@ Hell...i'm like an O.G...I put in my work so now I kick back and just watch the lil' B.G's run around whats this blastin' me crap? you cant merc the king. and im bustin balls with the fairweather. you had that comin' man, now make some more ghetto ass dios so i have a reason to go back to the joe section. I'm tellin' ya man it's gonna be hard! I've been living in an x-rated world for so long it's kinda hard for me to go back to being "PG" again @lol@ but i'm gonna try...for the love of the boards i'm gonna try! @lol@
  13. What other cool people list?? I only made one and there's no way in hell I was gonna sit and name EVERYBODY i'm cool with. Those are just the guys that poped in my head, mostly because I still talk to them on myspace. You know your my boy so stop frontin' punk! @smilepunch@
  14. Fairweather poster??? Boy, I was posting here while you were still running around playing with your Tonka Toys @lol@ Hell...i'm like an O.G...I put in my work so now I kick back and just watch the lil' B.G's run around @wink@
  15. Thanks bro for the help! That Firefly is just crazy cool! This wave needs to drop soon in Houston because S6 has already started to get stale to me...I need a fresh wave to get me back into them. I'll be the first to admit, when I do have the time i play around with my joes...being the size that they are they aren't compatible to mix and match with alot of diffrent toy lines. Having just a few come out at a time in my opion is killing the line. You get bored messing around with the 6 same characters for what seems like months.
  16. Any pics of the lastest wave?? I know it's probably old news to you guys but I'm playing catch up now.
  17. TM my ol' friend! how ya' been?!?! I just been really busy with my job..in the last year I almost doubled my salary...but of course with more money comes more responsibility...or is it with more power? Anywayz, i've been busy with that trying to do the best I could, workin' late and commin' in early with overtime pay...yea, I had to put in alot of B.S hours to get me were i'm at now...but i'm pretty comfortable. As far as getto dio...hmmm...i think I need to slowly sink back into the routine here..most importantly filtering my post @lol@ hell, I've almost cursed 13 times while writting this...gotta remember this is a "familiy forum"
  18. Wolfmother!! I hope these guys blow up BIG!! If you are into old bands like Zeppelin and Sabbath you'll love this band! It's a new group but with that ol' school durty rock sound...i'm tellin ya', these guys should be the next big thing. Songs like Colossal Girl (my favorite), White Unicorn (don't be fooled by the name), and the Joker and the Thief just simply...rockz! check out there myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wolfmother101
  19. Say what you wanna say but if I can recall you were here when JVC and T-Crotches had there run...that was on your shift not mines!! @lol@ I had just got here What's up Draven! yea, i'll defiantely be seeing ya' around the marvel forum...I probably collect more marvel stuff these days then anything else!
  20. @lol@ You just won't let that die, will ya! @lol@ Hey, I won't your Taskmaster!!
  21. @loll@ I remember that crap! I also remember thinking ask a kid "when is michael myers" gonna come out...but of course he never did! @grumpy@ Hands down worst sequel ever! following behind that i'd have to say all the Hellraisers after Bloodline sucked azz too! I can't believe people don't like Superman 3! c'mon, what kid didn't wanna see Clark Kent vs Superman?!?! Hell, i'd still play that out with my DC direct figs if I had the time
  22. @lol@ what's up Naz! And yea Forcehunter, I'm pretty sure i'll be going to the con...I gotta make sure my voice is heard at the next CFB meeting. #US1# I'll call ya' tonight Skrapz....
  23. DEEEEEB!! What's up babe!! Of course I didn't forget about you are SITH, how's things been with ya?? If you wanna see some sexy pics of me all you gotta do is check out my page on myspace! oh yea...I'M HOT! @cool@
  24. Man it feels good to be back! Man, Have I missed this place!!! You know, this is were it all began for me...The Joe forum on ADC/Tni all those years ago. Firts freakin' message boards I ever joined and now i'm officialy back as a regular! I wanna say what's up to all my budz here, no need for me to drop any names you should know who you are...and for all the ones that dislike me here, yea...your reign of stupidity is over! @loll@ Naaaahhh...let me stop before all the people that don't know me think i'm some cocky jerk So i'm defiantely glade to finally have time to talk Joe stuff with my ol' school friends and hopefully meet some new ones too. I see i'm still a MOD and I defiantely plan on being a GOD...uh...I mean a MOD around here fulltime Thanks JayC for keeping me around.... I know i've missed ALOT so i'm gonna need you guyz to take the time to catch me up to speed.
  25. What' up guyz! Man, Have I missed this place!!! Well no more M.I.A for me, i'm officially back on the boards full time now! For some of ya'll that might be good news...some not so good news Either ya' love me or hate me you'll defiantely notice that i'm back! @lol@ I had been really busy with my career...yea, that's right, I said carear not "job" because that's exactly what I have now. I've almost doubled my years salary in a lil' over a year...that's been my main focus lately. Hadn't had much times to go on those lovely toy hunts I so much enjoy...just picking up a figure every now and then at Target or Wal-Mart...or every now and then i'd stumble into a comic store. Still collecting and watching movies hardcore though...as a matter of fact i'm gonna try and rebuild THE MOVIE CLUB if anybody's intrested. I notice alot of new people around here so let me intoduce myself...I'm known as "The Pimp of ADC" or "Datnizzlechazz"...i'm the last of a dying breed...a toy collector who's "cool" I party, I drink, chase skirts, ultra layed back, and pretty much "the people's friend". I hate bullies and if I see someone getting pushed around or flamed for no reason chances are i'll jump in even if I don't know the kid. I'm super tight with most of the "ol Adc/Tni Crew like, MJS, DarthJoe (what's up bro!),Draven, VH aka daddy DJ, Adam, Riker, ChugPrime, Archer, my boy Skarapz, Brent, Darren, Three Storms, Mando, Clam aka the "other" cool member, Violentfix, HardRock Batman, Teelu, Mike, The Thing, and of course my brother from another mother Tom-1.....of course there's more but ya' get the picture Well I hope to see you guys around the boards and if you've changed your name since i've been gone post it here so I know who you are. Man, so much has changed here, JayC really has tricked this place out! I gotta learn how these new features work.... hell, I can barely check my mail now @loll@ Oh, before I go I wanna give a shout out to Deathblade, thanks for holding it down for me here and i'm out....
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