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  1. Nice! I actually bought two of those stands from smalljoes when I first started buying these display cases, just to see if they would fit, but then they were out of stock for a long time and didn't get anymore in. I'm glad to see they are back in stock...I'll probably grab some more and use them so there isn't so much empty looking space between the shelves. Thanks for the heads up! Maaaan i'm diggin' those! What's up Darhjoe!!
  2. @loll@ These days...as much as I hate to admit it my collection is boxed and tucked away until my kids understand "daddy teaches you to share your toys with each other....but daddy doesn't share his toys with ANYBODY!" lol But I'm pretty happy with my collection...would like to get a few more "playsets " that I don't have...but they will most likely wait until the kids are in college @grumpy@
  3. lol! What's up brotha!! Yeah man, it's been awhile...and watching the new Joe movie reminded me just how much I have lost touch with the hobby...can't believe how blind sided I was caught with Duke dying! Would have definitely waited for the dvd to come out. It actually felt more like a semi-expendables movie with Bruce Willis and the Rock together on the screen more then a Joe movie...which wasn't a bad thing...just not what I paid to see you know.
  4. Thanks man, appreciate the props! Thinking about making another "Ghetto Dio" #joecool# It's crazy u know, I've probably gone thru about 50 computers since posting here but I've still managed to keep all those old pics and dios from back then...like '02 I think it was...damn I'm old lol that takes good planning on your part, lots of backs ups i am sure. Sadly recently i lost a pc and my external harddrive at the exact time darn it, so Iost everything, including my few, and very poor attempts at dios back in the day. I also hear you on grown up stuff, I've got a kiddo myself now, and I have to admit i underestimated how much time he would take up! Yeah man, since like '03 I've had an internal hard drive hooked up to every computer I have had since then that automatically downloads every music file, video, and picture I save on my computer. It has saved my butt countless times.... think '04 was the year I discovered internet porn and was catching viruses right and left @loll@ ...but hey, better the computer then me, right @Smoke2@ Oh snap, can I say "porn" on here??? It's been so long...if I can't Clam or JoeRyhno you can edit this post @cool@
  5. Thanks man, appreciate the props! Thinking about making another "Ghetto Dio" #joecool# It's crazy u know, I've probably gone thru about 50 computers since posting here but I've still managed to keep all those old pics and dios from back then...like '02 I think it was...damn I'm old lol
  6. Yeah dude that was just my wishful thinking right there....but it would have made a killer ending though...atleast for me lol! @wink@
  7. What's up Nasy Naz! Yeah man, not sure just how "back" I am ...got a lot of "Big Boy" stuff going on these days...custody battles and an honest to God career if you can believe it What's up Alex! How ya been man?? @razz@ Yeah dude, to be honest if I would have known Duke was gonna die I would have waited for the dvd (not Blu-ray) release to watch it. Buuuut in away I'm glade I didn't...the movie was pretty awesome and as much as I hit to admit it...the movie was actually better than the first even without Duke @rolleye@
  8. What's up brotha! :-) Yeah man...Bruce Willis though definitely help ease the pain of no Duke lol...Funny, these days I only buy what I like so I came across the general colton figure and was trying decide should I buy or not...then it hit me "waaaaait a minute, I got a chance to own a 3 3/4 bruce willis figure!!" No brainer at all lol
  9. LOL! Sorry about that...figured I was the last person on earth who hasn't seen it yet and I don't even post on the boards anymore. BTW, what's the rule again how long you can go without freely talking about a move until any knowledge of it is still considered a "spoiler"....I'm kinda out of practice guys so bare with me So yeah, I lurk every now an then when i'm tired of see the same ol stuff on the shelves and wanna gt a quick fix on what's comming out. It's crazy how long it's been since I last posted here...I think since they were still calling them 25th anniversary @lol@
  10. See that's what I get for not posting here anymore...I wouldn't been emotionally prepared...instead I sat in the movie pouting like a 5 year old for like 10 minutes lol! Heck, I even tried to find some kind of spoiler online on my phone in the theater that would tell me it wasn't so...to stay seated after the end credits and Duke is gonna crawl out of that rubble holding an American flag and shouting "yoooooo joe!" lol First thing I thought though was "$#!#!!, I should have been posting on ADC/TNI"!!!!! Anyways, what's up fellaz?? It's been a looooong time! Not sure who is still on here that remembers who the hell I am but JoeRhyno (btw, what up brotha!) hit me up out of nowhere a few days ago and right way started thinking about the good ol' days...remembering when WE were like the "bad boys" of the joe forum world @firedevil@ ...making trolls cry right and left lol! Remebering if anybody came over here bad mouthing RAH that got a vicious verbal beat down from us all...those were the days! hahaha! Even if you weren't really one of the "elite" on here, if somebody from another forum tried to flame you EVERYBODY would come to your aid and dog pile them! Seriously, a lot of great memories posting here.. Of course not all were good...who could get the infamous "butt plug duke". I also remember the uproar of the name change from ADC to TNI...I saw my old sig at the bottom "ADC Hardcore Frat Boy" when I loged on just now and it put a smile on my face =) Just remembering back then how proud I was to be a member of ADC/TNI compared to any other joe/toy forum out there. Most importantly the friends I made on here before the days of myspace and facebook. I won't say i'm back...it's hard to say "i'm back" from anything except the dead these days with two little girls and a hefty house morgage later lol! But I just wanted to stop by and say "what's up" and I anit forgot about you guys....nope not at all.
  11. Same here...the cartoon was my basis as far as voices and personalities for the major characters...but when playing with them I often took things from file cards...and since I didn't read the comics when I was a kid, I used my own imagination to fill in the holes....like some orgins or personalities that weren't on the cartoon.
  12. WOW!!! THAT'S FREAKIN' FANTASTIC!!! Everytime I see an awesome ML custom I wish they would have went this route instead of Sigma Six @sad@
  13. @loll@ LMBAO!!!! @loll@ OHMYGAWD if this isn't a rumor..i won't say I will "NEVER" watch the movie but i'm probably gonna wait until it's showing repeatedly on Bravo before I watch it! @loll@ Even as Stalker..or any other Character black or white, I just don't see him being a strong enough actor to portray any of them. But I think i'd be more pissed if he ruined Stalker's good name then Ripcord...that's like Jerry Seinfield playing Serpentor! @loll@
  14. Man, I wish they would have made the 25th Sepentor like this! Awesome job my brotha!
  15. Roadblock's card is actualy my favorite of the bunch. But Destro looks like one of the dudes from "300" @hmmm@ I'm probably gonna buy all of them except for Scarlet..and maybe a couple of extra Dukes and Storm Shadows just to hang on to for a rainy day...
  16. Yeah, I am for that for two reasons. First, Zod is right, second, it is our little tiny nearly pointless jab back to Hasbro telling them that collectors are STILL sick of SE....as if that would influence them any......NOT (Thanks Borat!) OH, and..... ZOD HAS SPOKEN!! Yea, we should vote next year on who should win the award out of CC, SE,SS,Duke, and maybe Cobra Viper for Life Time Achievement But the only thing is what should we base the voting on...who's had the worst versions overall?? Which figure annoyed us the most when another version of there's popped up? @hmmm@
  17. i disagree, its ones I usually dont like. Anyways didnt take chazz long to bring in BK, wow gone for so long and keep up with a old school joke, thanks man lol Ahh then we have lost focus it is to honor there designs and characters and has been so since day one, there are our mascots like Golobulous and Raptor as well as good ol' Crystal Ball, and others..... i think you are forgetting part of the rules, TO HAVE FUN and not to be SERIOUS. I have no problem with these figures but i'm not gonna honor them lol. Yea man, I love ALL my figures including Sneek Peek..in my own lil' way i'm sure...like if some kid walked up and asked me "can I have your Sneek Peek figure, Mister?" i'd tell him hell no and to keep walking @lol@ Buuuut, for me I'm voting figures that I feel suck and are my least favorites..I mean, how do you even honor something in the begining if you are refering to it as "crappy" anyways? @hmmm@ I think it's kinda like they have to be voted in before they are held in honor...until then they are JUST a crappy figure...because if we held every figure that "sucked" in honor then what's the point of even voting in the first place? #US1#
  18. Have to go with Zod on this one - I loved Sneak Peek's figures when I was younger (especially since he and Dusty were buddies in the comic) and was said to see him get mowed down trying to save a little girl. Are you kidding me?!!? has the whole world gone mad?!?!? @bH@ @lol@ @smilepunch@ This figure just looks oafish and clumsy to me...maybe it's his child bearing hips or his over sized ##$%$#ed kid's helmet that's straped to his head so he won't hurt himself (again, no offense to the handicap) but this figure has always looked ridiculous...plus a freakin' bigazz scope is his weapon...a scope! @bH@ and Skrapz...why do I need to worry about someone who can be bought off by a BK Broiler?? @loll@
  19. @lol@ So I guess we are officialy arch-enemies then, huh @smilepunch@ Well old friend...I guess you'll be joining Sneak Peak in hell then @firedevil@
  20. I would like to see a Barbeque with a removable helment like in the cartoon. That Barbeque is an awesome idea!! Maybe a mail away??? I would definitely love to see that! My List is: (all V1) Crimson Twins..which I've got a feeling they are right around the corner...they keep showing up on the cobra box sets! Major Bludd Scrapiron Rock n Roll Leatherneck Alpine Wet Suite Footloose Recondo Spirit Headman Headhunters Mutt and Junkyard Alley Vipers Quick Kick Chuckles Tunnel rat Low Light Falcon Dusty B.A.T Dr. Mindbender Bazooka Just please please pleeeeeeze lay off the ninjas for awhile atleast!!
  21. I can't believe Sneak Peak didn't get voted in! @grumpy@ That figure is a waste of freakin' plastic...I mean c'mon, does anyone think it's cool to have a bigazz scope as a weapon?!?!? @lol@ Next year i'm gonna make it my personal mission to make sure he gets voted in! #US1#
  22. Was at home today and thought i'd take a couple of shots while I had a lil time #US1#
  23. dude...your CG looks better then any of the two original female 25th figs!! Awesome work KD..str8 up, i'd buy that fig if you were saling!
  24. they are from some BBI weapon packs a few years back. I haven't scene them in awhile at TRU though...you might can find them on good ol' ebay or BBI's website. They are pretty dope though.. It was back in 2005 when they came out. #021162 Close Quarter Weapons Set http://www.blueboxtoys.com/bbi2005/html/pr...IMAGE/21162.jpg Yea man, I think I bought like 8 of them for my JVC figures because i couldn't stand most of there weapons...but they actualy look and fit better with my 25th figs....
  25. Sure thing man....If you gott'em put them byecthes up!
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