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  1. From the moment I read the headline of the editorial, I got the distinct impression that the author wasn't forming his/her own opinion as much as jumping on someone else's bandwagon. It's certainly generated a lot of hits for the site. Maybe a more attention-getting headline would have been "Transformers: Negroes in Disguise."
  2. I'll accept that as a concession. There you have it, folks. Some real nuggets of wisdom. You know, it wasn't that long ago (during the O.J. Simpson trial, as I recall) that people were offended when someone said they heard a black person's voice. The offended party (who may have been Al Sharpton) insisted that there's no way you can tell a person's race by the sound of their voice and to suggest otherwise is racist. Yet here we are, in the presence of a bona fide bigot hunter, learning that white people not only have a distinctive look, but a distinctive sound as well. I'll just add this to the Things I Learned on the Internet: The moon landing was a hoax. Dinosaurs never existed. Black people can't be racist.
  3. Now who's playing into stereotypes? Exactly what made you think these two characters were dumb? Did you get that just from the way they sounded? And if not, had they sounded "white" (whatever that is), would it have justified they way they acted? I'm guessing a couple of illiterate hillbillies would have been just fine, but when it comes to urban youths, suddenly it's "racist."
  4. Caricatures are supposed to be funny. They're supposed to be exaggerations. I don't see these as "racist" stereotypes as much as "cultural" stereotypes, and there's a significant difference. I can't help thinking that those most offended by the caricatures are those who fit the stereotype to a T. Thanks to the alarmists, an entire generation of film-goers was introduced to Stepin Fetchit when they first saw Jar Jar Binks. What should have just been another goofy character turned into a race issue for George Lucas. As much as people want racism buried in the past, these knee-jerk PC police keep digging it back up. Case in point; not long ago, a concerned grandmother wrote to a greeting card company because her granddaughter had received a Barbie™ Valentine's Day card in school that read "Valentine, you shine!" Unfortunately the verse accompanied an image of an African-America Barbie doll and the term "shine" is an outdated (but apparently not entirely forgotten) disparaging term for a black person. Never mind that the dress the doll was wearing was covered in shiny sequins. Never mind that, had the doll been any other color, it would have been perfectly acceptable. The greeting card company was going to be accused of being racist because no one on their staff – full-time or freelance – thought to run the term "shine" through Microsoft's Offense Check™. Ignorance is indeed bliss, yo.
  5. Oh, look. Another politically correct alarmist looking for a reason to be offended. You really expect people to believe that the filmmakers looked at this movie at some point and said, "Hey, you know what this project needs? Racism!" Incredible. Good luck surviving in the real world when movies obviously give you a nosebleed.
  6. Still managed to get your attention, though. You know, in the hopes that maybe someone around here cares enough to alert the boss.
  7. Anyone else wondering why there's an image of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ronin, and Luke Cage accompanying this article? Holy misleading editorial, Batman. Seriously, given the lineup, an image of Avengers #1 (or even Ultimates #1) would have been far more accurate. Just sayin'.
  8. Yup. Sounds like he pulled a Michael Hutchence. How embarrassing.
  9. You do realize that "Domestic" and "Nationwide" mean the same thing, right? I think the title should read "Domestic and Overseas" or "Domestically and Internationally." Just a thought.
  10. No interest in Fecal Attack Batman. Sorry.
  11. So all you folks already blaming this movie for ruining the property will be selling off your toys, right?
  12. According to CornerStoreComics, it's this one. For Playmates, these look okay. Not sure if they had permission to use Bale's likeness when they did these but hopefully it'll get better. I'll be all over the 3 3/4" figures.
  13. This coming from a self-professed movie line hater. (Except for Star Wars, of course, "Darth.") These figures look like they're based on the movie. I'm pretty sure that's the goal and it appears they're succeeding. You don't like it then, like you said, you can spend your money on other Hasbro product. I'm sure their real reps appreciate the business. You're not actually threatened by people who LIKE these figures, are you? I mean, growing the fan base can't be a bad thing, can it?
  14. FINALLY, some GI Joe figures that don't look like exaggerated comic books characters designed by junior high school students! This is the line I was hoping for since the 25th anniversary waves failed to meet expectations. Hopefully the rest will look as authentic and realistic as the ones shown. I hope Playmates' 3 3/4" Star Trek line looks this good! Mattel could certainly take a few lessons from Hasbro.
  15. I'm confused. According to CNN.com, the federal grand jury awarded Mattel $100 million. http://money.cnn.com/2008/08/26/news/compa...sion=2008082714 What's the source of this article?
  16. SInce when are Cairo Thugs the equivilant of Stormtroopers? How about some VARIETY?
  17. "Mega Clap?!" LOL! And people think HIV is bad! Wait 'til they get a load of "MEGA CLAP!" Darn that Gamma radiation! Darn it to HECK! Seriously, just give me one Hulk with decent articulation for my 3 3/4" collection and I'm happy. He can battle my Iron Monger.
  18. Random Thoughts: - So are these 6" tall or 6-inch scale? Because that Iron Monger with the opening cockpit is looking like 3 3/4" scale to me. - Those ball-jointed hips continue to be hideous. - Note to Marvel: Iron Monger boasts "Super Fist Smash" but apparently has no fists? Were you in that big of a rush to get this out?
  19. "Bashing" opinions is one thing. It's when the pinheads resort to personal attacks that this place reveals itself as the virtual daycare of toy collecting sites. What's the average age here, seven?
  20. 3 3/4" scale? I'm in. Hadn't heard about the 3 3/4" Legends line. That's welcome news as well. Thanks for sharing.
  21. You're welcome. And it should be "The image shows Indiana (Harrison Ford) with an RPG."
  22. That's a pretty decent review except for the mention of "Batwoman." Selina's milk beard (for lack of a better term) was a deal-breaker for me. I keep hoping Mattel will fix this before production ends but I keep seeing her on the pegs with that wacky paint error.
  23. I'd love to see playsets and vehicles offered in the DC line but not in the 6-inch scale. They'd be way too big and expensive. Make a line in 3 3/4" scale and I'm sold.
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