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  1. How soon do we get to see more Beast classics for the MOTUC line? Is Panthor slated for this year for our Skeletors? For GHOSTBUSTERS: Are we getting the superposeable Terror dogs?? Gozer? Peter Vank???
  2. Cool. Wish Timber was poseable also. How COOL would that be. Make a Poseable Timber with poseable Legs , neck, jaw, tail, torso Hasbro or designers!! He is just as important.
  3. I also like these guys. I would like to see them try making Harvey's Love interest also.
  4. Yeah, I second that. Series 13 Marvel Legends Got the Bst version. The Unmasked & Masked of that Goblin is all you need. They are up there in Quality with the McFarlane & Snap Shot Spiderman. After those you need not get any other. I Really was disapointed to see the re-make @ the Comic Con. HASBRO STOP Re-making Toy BIZ Marvel figs!! We Do'nt Like That!! Make New Ones like your 2 Packs!!! Oh & make a Good JUBILEE Fig!!
  5. All i have to say is ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME HAsbro!!! I Like. I like ALOT!!!! RED Hulk....WOW! Grey HULK ....WOW!! 2 Packs.WOW WOW!! Articulation on all figs.....F*kin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Got our Messages & Our attention!!!!! Now Bring it on!!! What is the BAF for the SPIRAL asss.???????? Any one Know???? Boy, are you up on something ? or had too much medication? ..??? Yo! Don't go there DUDE. @grumpy@
  6. All i have to say is ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME HAsbro!!! I Like. I like ALOT!!!! RED Hulk....WOW! Grey HULK ....WOW!! 2 Packs.WOW WOW!! Articulation on all figs.....F*kin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Got our Messages & Our attention!!!!! Now Bring it on!!! What is the BAF for the SPIRAL asss.???????? Any one Know???? its the red hulk Oh,...COOL! Thanks 4 the Reply. ......Kinda Small....But Cool!
  7. isnt that the same spiderman of fearsom foes? It is the Spiderman CLASSICS series 12 first version. The Fearsom Foes version is the Re-Make of it's body. Now Hasbro is re-making the same one in a Darker version.
  8. All i have to say is ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME HAsbro!!! I Like. I like ALOT!!!! RED Hulk....WOW! Grey HULK ....WOW!! 2 Packs.WOW WOW!! Articulation on all figs.....F*kin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Got our Messages & Our attention!!!!! Now Bring it on!!! What is the BAF for the SPIRAL asss.???????? Any one Know????
  9. Again ...THe "BEST SPIDER MAN EVER Made!!! I got 6 of them & 3 of the 2 packs. I love this Guy.
  10. Those are pretty good choices, but MJ?! I don't think she came out well at all! But that's just me...but not really:) I know what you mean , but it is good to see a more poseable version of her.
  11. I agree I REALLY Hope that they read these message boards. It would be GREAT Reaserch & Input to improve the Marvel Legend Lines. I still PRAY & Hope that they Fix the "SAVAGE SHE HULK's Leggs & give her similar ones to the Comic con SHE HULK. OH Yeah!....I Forgot to add I also Love the "THING" of the RONAN BAF LINE. I think it is one of the best made of him.
  12. Hey all,, What are your favorite HML so Far that brought a little Toy Biz flavor to it & Why? (ones currently out, Pre-2008) Mine so far are : 1) Black Knight 2) She Hulk 3) Bucky 4) Colosus (movie- looks like him) 5) Hydra soldier (aside for his knees) 6) Thor lord of asgard 7) Mary Jane (spiderman 3 movie) 8) Human Tourch (Ronnin BAF) 9) Silver surfer (Ronan BAF) 10) Annihilus BAF 11) 360 VENOM 12) Blob BAF That is all I can think of. Problem is that their figures looks to "CARTOONY" in the Saturday morning kind of way. Colors & Fingers & Face. If they focus on the comics I think they would do alot better.
  13. hOW DID YOU GET TO PUT YOUR PICS UP W/OUT MAKING IT MICRO SIZE?? How do you set the photobucket to this site???
  14. Yeah that one and mcfarlane are the best. Series one is actually the official McFarlane spiderman figure. YESSSSSSS! Hands Down the Superposeable Spiderman Series 12 (aka McFarlane) Can do all the comic Poses & More! I wish I can figure out how to upload my pictures of my collection to Show you all.
  15. WOW!! Ok....I LOVE the FACE on Sheena. I REALLY wish Hasbro would Keep the Doubble hingged knees & elbows. They work better in the Posability for the figures (look @ the Electra they just did). That is my only complaint. OH!...also Why did they use the GI Joe Tiger for ZABU?!?!??
  16. ***THIS IS SOLELY MY OPPINION & HOW I FEEL. PLEASE those who FEEL THAT BASHING PEOPLE FOR EXPRESSING THEIR INDIVIDUAL OPPINIONS & FEELINGS NEED NOT PARTICPATE IN THIS!!!! Thanks Hasbro for Making the 1st. App She Hulk. Her Face looks GREAT! But as far as her Articulation...Comon Mannnn! She is suposed to be the Sexy SHE HULK Dude! @ the Least you should Have made her with the Last she Hulk you made Leggs! I hope you give her a Doubble jointed Pair of knees & elbows instead of the one we see. I Know Bi-Beast Has the core of the BEST HULK made (WAR HULK) the Bi- Beast looks GREAT (not just cause I got it & it is my Logo) Doc Sam...Cool! I like! Hulk the END ..I like & bought/read the book Windego... I like. ABSORBING MAN,,,,,..........???? ................Uh.... WHAT HPND?? PLEASE fix his Face. He is an ex-con & ex-Boxer Make his face look the part (Refer to Marvel comics). King Hulk, based on the internet pics, VERY Nice! Jus stay away from the cartoony looking sculpts. Fin Fang Foom.. I like him now knowing he has articulated Leggs, wrist, tail, elbow, & Mouth. VERY NICE!! I look forward to Getting these guys out of the lot. A SILVER SAVAGE is said to be comming out in the 5th wave of ML. PLEASE MAKE IT "SUPERPOSEABLE" with including the Jointed Torso Not the rotocast Pivot torsr (like the King hulk has). What do you folks out ther think???
  17. YES!!! That is exactly What I said!!!! GROW UP People!!! #US1#
  18. Excuse me, but why should this thread be closed? Simply because it's mere existence bothers you??? Many on this board have the opinion that HASBRO's stewardship of the MARVEL LEGENDS line has been poor; many others do not. Neither side sees eye-to-eye, so it comes down to a matter of opinion. I'll assume that opinions are still safely expressed on this board (barring, of course, personal insults and foul language that the moderators deem excessive). Therefore, again, I see no reason that this thread should be discontinued. In that regard, I'll add my two-cents: Hasbro DOES stink. They've made collecting Legends a ho-hum, highly infrequent affair. Personally, I could care less when Wave 4 or Wave whatever comes out...it'll arrive when it arrives, and if they stink (like much of Wave 3), I ain't buyin' 'em... A word of advice: Get used to people whose opinions differ from your own. #US1# PS My personal hunch? The 6' MARVEL LEGENDS line will be gone by 2009. no cause this is the 100th Hasbro Suck thread. and i for one am sick of it. Hasbro Suck we get it. can't we talk bout anything else. 6' inch marvel legends gone by 2009. i don't think so. it time for people to realise that Hasbro is a business. and for a business that most important thing about a company (beside money) is the customers. and to those who said that hasbro aren't bring out anything. what bout the Spectalur Spider-man, Iron Man, hulk movie range and Spider-man Classic? are they from another company? NO! there not the best but there something. ok,ok... hasblo has let us down as far as the Articulation & the Choice of Characters. To be fair Hasbro THIS is Proof that Collectors need a QUALITY Action figure to represent the Comics & Heroes that we the collectors love. I personally Love it when I can Pose my marvel Legends figs to imitate my favorite comic Clip. As far as the Iron man Figs being "So GREAT" I got most of them. The Head is Not even articulated (able to look up when you pose him in a flying position). They ALL (aside from PROTOTYPE Iron man & Unmasked Iron Monger & Titanium man)are RE-PAINTS of Mark03 wich sucks for us as collectors. I can buy the same fig (Mark03) & color it my self. That was a "SHAME ON U HASBRO" for that. The Closest to the Legends we all love w/ articulation are the 2 Packs. We need more Quality like those Hasbro! DO it!! as far as this Blog... If you guys are tired of it. Just DON'T Add/ REPLY/ Participate in it. There are so many others to get into. Or just start your Own. PEACE & LOVE #US1#
  19. I Like that!!! DOO- DOO MAN!!!! @loll@
  20. It would be great to see a "MADAME WEB" & "AUNT MAY" & MJ from the cartoon or like the Statue that's out (Washing spidey's mask) but all Superposeable. In the line up if they do make decide to make a special Legends wave!! Also a SPIDER CARNAGE figure (Superposeable versin)!!!
  21. The best Spiderman was the Wall Climbing series 12 (McFarlane Superposeable ) 2004!! Oh my hoice for SML would Be: 1)- McFarlane Spidey in Black costume 2)- Mary Jane (Cartoon or Comic) 3)- Spider Girl 4)- Scarlet Spidey (Like the McFarlane Sup Pose w/ Hood) 5)- Aunt May & Varient would be JJ Jameson 6)- chameleon BAF- Spider Slayer, or Man Spider, or Madam Web with chair
  22. silver savage sounds interesting!!
  23. Sauron, Silver sameri, Bride of Venom, Toad, BAF- Master Mold, Nimrd, SPider Carnage, Swarm, slayback, Wild Child, Zzzax etc.
  24. Lol!!! @loll@ I agree (except for the Hulk Thing you mention). @ leaset a EXCLUSIVE set with the original Classic yellow & Blue costumes & JUBILEE!!!! Where is JUBILEE!! Professor X in his Hover chair included in the set. PLEASE make the articulation 30 pOA & More!! Not very happy with some of the things Hasbro made so far (BROOD NO PTO ON LEGGS TORSO & ETC). BLOB & Annihilus was the bst thus far. **COME ON HASBRO!!!!!!! I STILL have faith that you can turn this around!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Exactly. I'm really surprised that anyone here would be okay with the price increase simply because the figures are "big." Gosh, if that's Hasbro's reasoning, maybe we should also get a $5 price cut on the smaller figures. We're certainly lowered our standards if we're justifying $5 more for the same non-BAF Hulk-sized figures we've always gotten for the regular price. I'm just hoping that the Target info is incorrect, or will be adjusted later on, and this is much ado about nothing. True. I love the Bi-BEAST I got. It is Heavy but still. @ the Least Hasbro can give them all SUPERPOSEABILITY to try to justify in some way the hike. Not all have the articulation to pose like in the comics. Oh yeah!.. they took the comics away & the Bio-Card on the back of the Pakages! Look @ the She Hulk!?! Again the gave her the weird single elbow & Knee joint & not the doubble hing like she should have. @grumpy@
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