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  1. Thanks Al! Ill be checking GTG for it!
  2. I seem to recall a few years ago there was one of those custom figure/weapon sites that offered a joe sized Sword of Omens (and other thundercats weapons if I recall). Anyone know what site that was and/or if they are still selling those? (or does anyone have one I can buy?) Thanks!
  3. Well a year heavy in POC toys is inevitable so wishing for a DRASTIC shift away from that is pointless. A realistic hope for 2010, let them put out as much POC stuff as they like. I'll cherry pick what I like (which for ROC was probably about 40% for me, looks to be much less than that for POC from what wev've seen so far). I would like to see them throw out a few more 25th types scatered into the line. There are still some huge gaping holes in the 25th line up (Footloose, Lifeline, Airtight, Cover Girl, Jinx, Zaranna, Zandar, ect...). Or give us a few more exclusive box sets like the Invasion/Defense of Cobra Island sets. By the end of 2010 I'd love to see all the Joes and Cobras from 1982 to 1986 completed (which isn't that many really). More resolute would be cool too but not my main hope.
  4. I would have been shocked had the line continued. It was one of the most stagnant toy lines I have ever seen. Not really sure why. It wasn't a bad line. Just a little plain. I do hope they find a way to get the other bridge peices to us
  5. So I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do with Bench Press. Normally I don't really pay much attention to the file cards and I pretty much just use a figure how ever I see fit. But In Bench Press' case I'm a little at odds. I think what throws me off (and intrigues me) is the fact that Bench Press' file name is Craig McConnel which is of course Rock N Roll's name. So I'm having trouble deciding who Bench Press is. What do you think?
  6. Agreed. As much as people want to keep saying this movie was a failure, the facts say otherwise. I just think its funny how people can't admit that they were wrong. This movie did not "bomb" like so many predicted.
  7. So can the people that keep saying this movie didn't do well finally admit that you are wrong? Whether you liked the movie or not doesn't matter. This movie was a success... the numbers prove it. I don't see how you can contine to dispute that.
  8. Well I for one appreciate the man boob pictures, Jase!
  9. All the Targets around me had the 3 3/4 figures on clearance for $1.78. I couldn.t pass that up I bought all that I could find. Which wasn't many. Also two seperate TRU's had the 3 3/4 figures on sale buy one get one free. So I bought a buch there two. I have the day off tomorrow so I think I'll start on my custom crew!
  10. I bought several of them. Scarlet CoverGirl Snake Eyes Zartan Shipwreck Sgt Stone Breaker Baroness Destro Storm Shadow Heavy Duty (reactive armor) Heavy Duty (Green Camo) Ripcord I'm totally diggin the gray camo outfits many of them have. Have a cool custom joe team planned for them. I haven't opened either of the HD's or Ripcord. I'm not really diggin them. I think I am going to take them back. The oly ones I don't like that I opened are Baroness and Snake Eyes. The rest I love though. Glad this line is finally out!!!
  11. Hope this isn't too late. What GI Joe means to me... In all honesty the meaning that GI Joe olds for me goes much deeper than just some plastic collectables that I might one day be able to sell for money. Collecting GIJoe is a way for me to hold on to a peice of my childhood. When I was 7, 8, 9, 10 years old my parents spoiled me by getting me pretty much every GI Joe toy I ever wanted. My days were filled with battles in the back yard and fort building on the livingroom couch. It was so simle back then. No worries. No concerns other than how GI Joe was going to take down Cobra (and possibly why couldn't cobra ever win!). So GI Joe means to me never having to have to let go of the simpler times in life.
  12. I'm glad I dropped this line when I did. This is rediculous. Sorry Mattel. I say let this line die.
  13. going with a big ol "No" on that. THat line was okay at the time but it is terribly out dated now. I'm looking forward to what playmates might do with this 3 3/4" scale
  14. The missing peices DO NOT come with the bridge. I bought it. I'd say your second assumption is correct. And I'm actually kind of diggin these figures. I bought Uhura and Sulu just to try out the line to see if I liked it and I'm hooked. I have since picked up all of them. No the figures are not the best toys ever but they are relatively cheap and I can over look their flaws pretty easily. I can see a lot of custom potential with these. The heads are EASY to swap (just boil and pop) so I have already made a regular uniform McCoy and Checkov. Just removed the extra captains stripes from an extra Kirk to make Checkov. (McCoy is still a rank to high cause of swaping with Spocks body but I'm okay with that for now. I'll fix it later if it starts to really bother me). I'm really looking forward to completing the bridge. I'll probably make a better base for all the peices out of foam core in the near future. Probably will wait till I see the movie so I can get a visual on how to make some accurate walls as well. Over all this line, while not perfect, is really catching my attention. Can't wait for future waves! Hope we get a few of the other Starfleet officers from the old series in movie form... Chapel, Rand, O'Riely, some random red shirts... But heck.. even if we don't They should be plenty easy to make with some extra heads.
  15. Saw all of these toys tonight at a TRU in GA.Only picked up the 3.75" Sulu and Uhura just to see if I liked them. FOr the most part I do. SUlu's torso is a bit on the clunky side ad the t-crotch construction is pretty out dated but I have to say over all I'm impressed. More so than I thought I wouold be. Gonna have to check my financies and see if I can swing collectiong this line... ANd word on if there is a wave 2 or what will be in it?
  16. This sort of happens to me too. The mask stays in place but one of the pegs doesn't quite fit. So no.. its not just yours
  17. Thanks everyone! And goldbug. Yeah.. I tried putting D6's head on that body but it just looks too weird for me. His head is just waty too huge to work for me. The Roadblock body was the only one that came remotely close which is why I used that.
  18. hey guys. Been awhile since I posted anything but here goes. Always wanted a Deep Six and Torpedo like they appeared in the toon when not in their diver suits. Just the t-shirt and jeans. So this is the head from the Sharctooth Deepsix figure (unmodified) on a Roadblock torso and arms (slightly modified) with Shipwreck legs. The hands are from a spytroops Recondo (I actualkly don't like the hands and will replace them when I find something better). Wipped this one up in a day or two. If I can find the right parts for a civies Torpedo I will do that one as well! Enjoy! Oh and take a look at Cutter. I sanded down the Gung Ho hat to make it look more baseball cap-esk.
  19. Go buy another set and take the MOBAT battery cover out of that set and then return it.
  20. In general I think they all pretty much suck. Like most of Hama's writing, they are contrived and boring. I don't get why everyone thinks Hama is such a great writer. I haven't read ALOT of comics in general, but of the ones i have read, Hamas are just about the worst.
  21. I don't really get why people get so uptight about the names. Are you really going to call Hawk "GI JOE Hawk" as you play with them? GI JOE HAWK - "Alright Double Clutch, Dataframe and Lieutenant Torpedo! I want you to take out Dreadnok Torch and Nemesis Imortal!" Double Clutch, Dataframe and Lt. Torpedo - "Yes Sir GI JOE Hawk!" I mean come on. We know their names. What does it matter what Hasbro calls them?
  22. As a kid I think the first time I actually remember buying joes must have been around 84 cause i remember getting Storm Shadow on a trip to visit my Grandmother in Ocala Florida. I know i had Joes before that, cause i had a Vamp and I remember having Stalker but I don't remember ever having ANY Joes from 83. I know i had The Baroness, Blowtorch, Spirit, Ripcord and Recondo as well as the WHALE and the Rattler but i don't remember actually getting them. 85 is really when the MEMORIES of getting Joes started. I know that Christmas was one of the BEST ever! I got almost everything from the 85 Line up.. minus the Flagg... Then every christmas for the next few years i got 90% of everything Joe related on Christmas... I still remember waking up to find the Terrordrome in the living room! And then the Mobile command center and the Defiant the next year together! Around 89 I stopped with GI Joe all together and more or less forgot about joes untill around 2000. I was surfing the web at work and stumbled across yojoe.com and it reignited the passion and it has lasted ever since!
  23. Dude... This stuff is awesome! Exactly what I plan to do someday when i have the space! I bow down to your excellence! @notworthy@
  24. Eh... I see Hasbro in two different camps. The first being the corporate suits (that are sitting around reading reports about profit and loss) and the designers. From meeting the designers, I can tell you they are big ol geeks like us. Granted they are not all hard core GI Joe afficinados like us but they are all toy lovers. Granted this is just a job to them but its a job they love (from what I could tell). They may not be Joe experts but they understand the collector mentality and what we want as collectors. When it comes to correcting mistakes like fixing articulation and paint scheemes, I think the designers are doing it for us... because theywant us to be happy (because THEY would want a corrected version of their favorite toys if it were jacked up the first time around). They WANT us to have that perfect version of that figure because that is what THEY would want. I have to believe that at some point there is a meeting somewhere at hasbro where the designers are talking to their bosses and this is brought up. I'm sure it would go something like this: Designer: I think we need to fix "Problem A" on "Figure X". Suit: Why? It looks fine to me D: The collectors have said they are not happy with it. S: Havent they already bought this figure? D: Yep S: Will they buy it again if we put out a corrected version? D: Probably S: Then we'll end up selling two of the same figure to one person? D: Yep S: (ala Mr Burns) Excellent! Bwahahaha Designer walks out of room D: (under his breath) I hate my boss The thing with Flint... and all of the wave one singles... They were an after thought. From what I understand, the five packs were ment to be a one shot deal. That was all they had planned. Wave one had to be put out quickly because the fan reactions to the first 2 5 packs was so over whelming. I think everyone forgets that this whole 25th anniversery phenomina was completly unexpected. Flint has duke arms because there wasn't enough time to do him properly. It wasn't like they were thinking they could always redo him later with better arms to make us buy him again.
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