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  1. Reagan was the most hated President besides Nixon. People used to trash him left and right. It is only the revisionist historians that praise him now. Back in the day they were calling for his death.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I bet you think Palin could beat Obama in 2012? LOL, The right doesn't have a single candidate that can beat him. And that is not because Obama is that great. It is because the right is that pathetic. The only way a republican could win is if they change the law so Arnold can run!
  3. That's funny, I was thinking the same thing about you. Of course you wouldn't happen to have any of those lies on hand would you? Do you know what's really funny? I don't think I've ever responded to any of your posts. Yet you repond to all of mine. I guess your just that unimportant. Good ol' JR is taking taking up plenty of space in you little mind rent free. As Arrow would say LOL
  4. I only speak the truth and pwn the inferior.
  5. Glenn Beck isn't qualified to wash someone's car let alone preach his lies to any group of people.
  6. Interesting line of reasoning. So was ancient Rome great because their gods were great? Was ancient Egypt a great civilization because Osiris is real? Do we really see all of that stuff? Violent crime rates have been falling steadily ever since abortion was made legal. I don't agree with your assessment that America is in bad shape. I think we're doing great, and a big part of it is because we've started to ditch the superstitious beliefs of the ancient past. Our rights! Our magnificent constitution, which has enabled our government to be one of the longest running continuous democrasies in world history. It's an amazing achievement, and I am justifiably proud of it. I do not believe in god, and take no pride in that sort of thing. It's great if you want to, but I don't. Even if I accept your "divine providence" theory, which version of God was it that helped us out? The Mormons think the Catholics are going to hell, and vice versa. I could point out a dozen other schisms within Christianity. They can't all be right! That one is easy. Ok, so there's a clockmaker. Who made him? And who made his maker? And who made that maker? Who created the creator? This is why I don't like to see Creationism taught in public schools. It makes no sense whatsoever as a logical argument. And that is equally true of Judaism, Islam, Paganism, worship of Thor, Flying Spaggetti Monster, and even Satan worship. All of them can't be right. What do you mean creationism makes no sense! The earth is only 10,000 years old! LOL. Did you ever see the South Park with Jesus in imagination land right next to Luke Skywalker and Optimus prime? It was BRILLIANT!
  7. That should be Reagan in the picture. Not Carter. No one can say Obama is the worst president ever. It's too early. He still has six and a half more years as president.
  8. THIS MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH! No viper failing here.

  9. Yeah, I imagine that you see that look a lot: pure terror. or pure laughter??? Wait is that JohnnyRebel that girl is laughing at? She'll be laughing even harder when she sees your bank account statement. Wow 50 years old and in the - ! What a winner!
  10. My point has been proved. The biggest propaganda pusher here is an unemployed broke 50 year old. Another is a stock boy. I don't think any of you have actually been to university or even community college. Some people are conservatives because they are rich and want to pay as little tax as possible so they don't have to spread the wealth. The rest are simple minded uneducated redneck hillbillies praying to an imaginary friend. Of course there are those that fall in between and just don't know any better. Some liberals are poor lazy people who want everything handed to them. The rest are the movers and shakers with a higher understanding of the world. Doing the right thing isn't about following some false morals that where written by a man. You can almost count down the days until another Republican politician is outed with a male prostitute. They should change the party's name to the repressed homosexual party. Hypocrites.
  11. You are the most critical of girls looks of any fanboy ever.
  12. That means that you can believe that a super-being is watching everything you do, and keeping a list of who's naughty and nice, but I don't have to believe it, and our government will stay out of religious matters. This doesn't just protect me, the non-believer, from government forcing religion on me. It also protects people of faith from having the government interfere in their matters as well. You are a smart man! You don't belong on this classy forum!
  13. Palin should be put down like a dog with rabies. Though in a spelling contest I'd take the dog with rabies.
  14. The only thing that can bring a big change to the company is them going out of business.
  15. I know this is old news but it seems some people need to be shown the truth. If you have ever meet a wide variety of liberal atheists and religious conservatives than you are already well aware of these findings. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/02/100224132655.htm
  16. Has Xorr really been banned? That's too bad. I liked him... and he was very often right! Xorr said things like "Liberalism is a disease. Literally." which I think insulted everyone not named Viper Hunter, and once called SP a "communist" for not liking the Captain America costume. I hope those two don't fall into the "often right" category. Xorr failed to realize that most comic fans and toy collectors are on the far left to start with. Anyone who doesn't figure that one out right away has to be a plain fool. Grown men spending their time buying and talking about toys doesn't exactly fall in line with conservative fundamentals. That is like trying to join a group that doesn't want you.
  17. I was logged at 10 to and the white screen of death was already there. I finally had everything in my cart after 15 minutes of WSOD but when I hit submit order it said she ra was sold out. I did get the other four though. This is the least I've ever cared about not getting a matty figure. It's #$%$^ She Ra.
  18. This is the best thing Hasbro has made since the 25th line. Hopefully they ship early like the 7 packs did last year.
  19. GI Joe isn't supposed to be all lame military selling just to redneck hillbilles. I'm sure they made a conscience choice to have it look like that. This is GI Joe. Their main soldier is a ninja not some pos who can sponge being yelled at all day long. Hasbro knows who their demo is.
  20. I heard it's going to an other non classic figure that no one wanted. It's not like any one actually wants a Horde figure anyway! Bring on the space mutants! @#%#
  21. I love how you roll your eyes at "different" demography when superman's costume looks just as gay either way and you worship the guy. I guess your statement says more about you than his "s" being slightly smaller.
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