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  1. Hasbro's biggest crime was their tiny Silver Surfer. Toy Biz's was also short but at least he was wider. Habro's is small all around. He's just a wee lad.
  2. I didn't know Jigsaw was in it! This could be good. 4 comic movies in one year plus Indy! It's a good time to be a fanboy.
  3. Yeah after your bored with sex and drugs it's back to the action figures! I hear ya brother! Anyone remember when Downey was a crackhead? Ah the good ol' days.
  4. Both are great but series 5 Jim Lee design is KING. He's bigger and meaner and would have no problem killing you and your family!
  5. Actually, that's not the case. Snipes was operating under the false assumption predicated by others--he chose to disregard actual laws and ammendments that permit the US Goverment to collect taxes. If was as easy as he and like believers put forth, everyone would be doing it.........and the Government would plug that hole that much sooner. I agree, but there's issues here of willful evasion, which is criminal in most western nations. The IRS will get the money from him as well, rendering him totally insolvent in the process if need be. See, that can happen in the USA. 4 years ago, I learned a lil' something about Canadian tax laws in the process of going insolvent: namely my tax debt was wiped out by declaring bankruptcy. I'm fortunate in that regards, but Snipes isn't because the IRS had the laws regarding bankruptcy in the USA changed to deny that kind of safe harbour. The IRS will seize everything he owns, sell it off and accrue the earnings to address his debt. If he still owes anything once he's released, he'll have to pay the remainder, unless he can settle--which is unlikely. Sure, that sucks, but with the guy's income being what it was he certainly had the means to pay what he owed. just like everyone else has to. He chose not to, and he's high profile enough to be a good example for everyone else--sucks to be Wesley Snipes, I guess.. Did you know the IRS is a british organization run by England?
  6. no not really because we actually asked for it. if you remember back when McGuiness Hulk prototype was first leaked a lot of people said they didn't want another Green hulk and say that hasbro should paint it red. They got there wish. Plus were already after a FA Cap and were getting a Fa Ult Cap as well. i say let it be for now. we have plenty Cap to done for now and frankly their making him into their main like TB did with IM and Wolverine. Not saying that i don't want him. I want all the Modern version of the big three to be done. And in case your wondering the big three consists of Cap IM and Thor. not spidey and wolverine. Those are the Avengers big 3. Marvel's big 3 are Spidey, Hulk and Wolverine. Those 3 are the most famous big money charcters marvel has.
  7. what are you talking bout? the list are still the same. that just the way jayc or whoever does it put them. yeesh!!! No no no. JayC wrote that wave 1(august) is now son of hulk, king hulk, end hulk and she hulk. And the wrote wave two as absorbing man, wendigo, grey hulk and sampson. It was supposed to be wave 1: Absorbing Man, Wendigo, She Hulk and End Hulk. Wave 2: Doc Sampson, king Hulk, Son Hulk and Grey Hulk. Once again, hopefully what JayC wrote is wrong!
  8. WTF? They changed to whos in what wave! Absorbing Man and Wendigo were in wave one now they are traded for king and son of hulk. Horrible! Three hulks in the first wave and 1 in the second! They should even it 2 per wave! Hopefully this is incorrect
  9. Does your statue have 30+ points of articulation? Nuff said.
  10. And the Hydra we got sucked too. Figures. I just wish we got the Crimson Dynamo that was planned for the same line.
  11. Well the last episode(6) I saw was 2 weeks ago!!! I thought there was a new every week. I didn't know they were being cheap #@$ SOBs and holding out.
  12. Well there has to be a solution! It's a popular show the new episodes must be online!
  13. I've been having trouble finding the new episode on youtube. Before it was very easy to find them. The last epidsode I saw was part 6 with Rhino and Tombstone intro at the end. Right when the series was starting to get really good too! Anyone know where I can see them online? thanks!
  14. I want a new/proper 80's Dirty Hooker Storm with mohawk and skanky clothes. When I think of Storm thats what comes to mind first.
  15. @yipee@ If you're right this is great news. Still Haven't found a DD I like. Too bad the upcoming DD is going to be just a wee lad. It's like Matt Murdock when he was a teen.
  16. Yeah it's pretty damn cheap of Hasbro to keep repainting the mark 3 IM without any modification to the sculpt. At least give us a second sculpt and then repaint that one 5 times if you must!
  17. who was that person with the skrull never seen or hered of him??? same with some in the hulk wave and whos adam warlock??? i can tell their digging deeper into the marvel universe i dont know them lol, but i do know x men and thats what i will stick too from now on. was their any word on sunfire? Just wondering, but how old are you, xmenstorm? No, judgements just curious, because Adam Warlock was a pretty popular character in the seventies and eighties. (and still is according to me!) In the 70's and 80's only? He was KING $HIT in the early 90's! He was the ONE! He took the infinity Gauntlet from Thanos in what at the time was Marvel's biggest mega event ever! Then marvel gave him 4 different ongoing comic series!
  18. Lots of us don't care when the figures show up at some small town. We buy the figures online and want them the first week they show up at anywhere USA. I had wave three in October. So release dates DO matter.
  19. Black Wolverine is really just a repaint of Brown costume Wolverine if anyone really noticed. he is still too tall !! And that 2-pack Forge/ Wolverine, Logan is as tall as Forge, how about that !! Yeah series 11 Logan is the perfect sized wolvie. But series 6 is the best wolverine ever and at least he is shorter than all the other Marvel Legends. The upcoming 2-pack Wolvie being so tall is just stupid.
  20. If the end result is a better product... then yes. Did Hasbro sign a contract with you to release the figures at the time/place that they originally planned? No. They gave an estimated date. Then they decided that they could make them better (I'm going off the reports of those who saw them firsthand at NYCC), and they did. That took time. Now they want to give the movie stuff time to 'breathe' on the shelves. You're not losing anything by waiting. It's not like there's a time limit, or you already put out the money (and if you did, you should have gotten it back by now). If you have a problem with saving money and don't think you'll be able to afford all the stuff coming out then... well, that's a totally different issue that has virtually nothing to do with Hasbro. I'm just not getting this anger. A week ago, half the board was incensed because they thought there was a real possibility that we'd never see another Marvel Legend. Now there's a bunch of people incensed that we are getting them, but not when they want them. Even worse, since the delay is partially due to improving the figures, the complaint effectively becomes that we can't have inferior product. Hasbro makes questionable-quality figures: people complain. Many blamed it on Hasbro rushing product to the shelves. Hasbro delays to make better figures: people complain. Many blame it on... actually, I don't know what exactly is being blamed here; the assumption seems to be that Hasbro, as a company that exists to sell toys to you and take your money, would rather sit on the toys and not have your money. Since Hasbro is in a lose-lose situation regardless, I'd rather let them take the time to make good figures. Of course, when the figures do finally come out, people will still find something to complain about, so it's really all pointless anyway. I don't know what all this nonsense is about Hasbro delaying the Holocaust wave to "improve" them. The figures shown at NYCC 08 are the exact same figures show at SDCC 07'. The only single difference is Tigra has a new face sculpt. Big deal. Add proper articulation to Black Bolt and make DD taller and we'll talk.
  21. So you think it's ok for Hasbro to not release a single ML figure for 9 straight months? (as they are doing) And that people shouldn't whine or be pissed off at Hasbro's idiotic release schedule?
  22. The Target and Wal-Mart waves should come out close to (new)schedule because they are exclusives and have specific contracts written up for both Target and Wal-Mart. The two Hulks waves should also be somewhat ok because of the movie and the movie's dvd release. It's the two-packs I doubt will all make it. 2 sets of 4 2-packs is alot for stores to carry all at once.
  23. I'd like to thank you for the heads-up. I've seen many people wondering where that costume comes from, but you're the first person I've seen give an answer (although someone else might have and I missed it). I checked out that cover (image search "uncanny x-men 381 variant" in Google and it pops right up). You're right; it's a fantastic look, and definitely a cool image to put into figure form. I'm not even a Wolverine fan and I'm a little more excited. yeah it a ice image but a cover variant as a figure kinda strange don't you think? maybe they should have given thet regular figure as the tiger striped and then do this as a variant. Yeah I find it very shocking that tiger stripe is not the regular and black the variant. Tiger Stripe is Wolverine's most iconic costume ever and series 6 wolvie is his best sculpt ever. Every collector and child alike will be chomping at the bit to get their gruby lil' paws on him!
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