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  1. so we can't order until the Spring? So much for HML 4.
  2. I purposely opened an AFA sealed figure to prove a point. No, I couldn't tell the figure was broken, and neither could they. Yet they still said it was mint, which it wasn't. That's the entire point. In my opinion, there really is no such thing as MOC or MIB, because unless you open it, you really don't know what you're getting. This has been a huge problem with old Aurora model kits. Unscrupulous dealers have been known to buy an empty Aurora box to say, an original 1966 Spider-man kit, put some scrap parts from a tank or car model inside, and re-shrinkwrap it, selling it MIB when the actual kit isn't even inside! Sure sounds like the original kit's in there, but who knows for sure? So as to something's "value" that is sealed...well, that is a false perception based on the assumption that everything, even that which is not visible, is mint and complete. what are you talking about Mint on Card just means its never been open that doesnt mean,by any means, that the figure has perfect paint applications and all joints work fine wouldnt it have been funny if you opened it and nothing was wrong with it,then you just paid way to much for a fine figure you just got a rare mess up,no one could have predicted it man its your fault for buying that most of the people here are loose collectors so i really dont know who you are preaching to Yes most of us are loose collectors. I like my figures just like my women, loose, cheap and easy to find.
  3. These figures are just fine, give it a rest clam. $5, damn thats a good deal.
  4. Damn you! I've never checked craigslist in my life (what stupid name also!) ML6 Wolvie you can get for $10 loose on ebay but Sabertooth can be damn pricy!
  5. It's Hawkeye, it's time to take the super soldier serum... Steroids. but I hope it's Skull, nothing else could make for such an interesting story and turn of events. Johan Schmidt could pretend to be doing everything for good and honesty but really planing the next "holocausts" time events for different races and ethnicity (not Jews, thats too played out and touché.) He could be directly working with certain top U.S/U.K/any other elite country officials. It would be the most controversial and creative direction they could take. And I don't mean genocide but just smaller groups at a time. The strategic elimination of people to manipulate and take power. Just like conspiracy theorists that believe in the "Illuminati" in real life. Same deal. I know Marvel will never do this because it to controversial and real to life. Anyway the Red Skull is awesome and it's time to let him reign, and I can't think of a better way then by being the next Captain America.
  6. Plant Hulk should be used as a door stoper or toliet paper.
  7. Cool, not the most iconic pose though. more Dr Strange then IM.
  8. wasnt that figure also a repaint? im not a big fan of the silver centurion design, but that photoshopping looks cool, shadowboy. he was a retool... yes. He had a new helmet, shoulder pads, wrist/gloves, and boots... but man oh man... he was badass Yes series 7 IM is the boss of all IM! Modular from face off would of been my favorite if he wasn't a midet. The greatest IM has yet to be made though, Neo classic post Armor Wars!
  9. I have a feeling this is Emma, Banshee and x3 Beast only!!!
  10. Now Wolvie slaughtering a nursery of babies, I PAY to see that!
  11. Good photoshopping SB! I don't like the Silver Centurion armor though. The SC is such a great armor that it deserves a retool of it's own. Hey if you guys haven't seen th new video of SEGA's Iron Man go look! "TONY YOUR NOT A SOLDIER!" THATS RIGHT I'M A ARMY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eULvz5AQK0g
  12. Nothing. I buy all the figures off the net as soon as they come out. I don't read any current comics only old tpbs. The the only thing I want that I know I can't get it HML 4. I want those Daredevils damnit and I want them now! I just hope BBTS's shipping date of Jan stays true.
  13. I've been a Wolverine fan since I was six when my older brother let me read/look at his first solo run (somewhere around the Geneva stone story) The more violent he was the more I liked him. I had an older cousin who wouldn't let their kids watch gi joe because it was too violent, thats ridiculous. Young children should be allowed access to basic violence as long as they don't show any overly violent tendencies themselves. Some little kids are smart some are stupid, go from there.
  14. I can't help but notice a seething amount of sarcasm here. Are you actually implying I'm home along on Friday nights playing with my collection? Isn't this a little bit of judgmental hypocrisy here? When last I looked...we're all toy collectors here. Do you actually assume that because I think Superhero Squad is a waste of time and money…that I'm home alone on Fridays just playing with toys? Please! I'm happily in a relationship and I don't need to go out on Friday nights to feel special - though I often do. So what's your point? And I'm getting the sense that the only person whom plays with their figures and stays home on Fridays...is you. Why else would you bring it up to begin with if you wern't familiar with lonely Fridays nights? @loll@ @smilepunch@ So excuse me for not feeling the need to buy a childrens line. No my post had nothing to do with you. Haha no I do think SS is for kids/girls only! It was half serious half joke at the end. I buy a huge amount of action figures and while I don't actually have battles and and play out big story lines with them anymore talking about about and being around them is all the same thing. Hell I spend as much time thinking about figures as anyone. I do find the humor in looking down on SS while what I do isn't too far off, but seriously Superhero squad is for babies.
  15. JohnnyRebelV2

    Marvel 2008

    So the BAF is almost dead with only the unknown series 5 and 10' midget Foom being the only ones all year. The two hulk waves went from a total of 12 figures to only 8. Who are the 4 cut figures? Hopefully two of them are Hulks, say son of hulk and king hulk. They have to keep Peter David's/Mcfarlanes sinister Grey Hulk and the Mc Hulk. They might Cut Doc Sampson, Bi Beast or the defender Broad. They HAVE to keep Absprbing Man, Windigo and Savage she-hulk. Ok I guess I could live without another she-hulk. Who do you guys think will make the final 8?
  16. I can't understand how any man would want to collect superheo squad. The line is for children and girls. I could understand buying it if it was the only single line that offered Marvel characters that has ever been made and you love Marvel so much that you'll take any representation of those characters you can get. Marvel Legends are for men and SS are for girly men. If I'm home alone on a friday night playing with my action figures you can damn well bet they'll be Legends! Nuff' Said!
  17. EXCEPT WHEN HE WAS GREY!! You don't remember Peter David's Joe Fixit? You know the greatest incarnation of hulk ever?
  18. I never ever seen a pretty broad that was seriously into action figures or comics. They don'y exist.
  19. HELL YES!! The lil tiny figures need to be updated though. they can stay the same size but need better sculpt snd articulation ala 25th GI joe. The dinos still kick ass though.
  20. Also is anyone happy with getting Nancy in series 2? It appears she is laying in a bathtub and has zero articulation. What else does she come with besides freddy's glove? These figures are quite expensive and how is Nancy's figure equal to Jason, Freddy or Leatherface?
  21. I got series 1 Jason in the mail yesterday (which is probably the greatest non Marvel Legend figure I've seen) Now looking at the picture for series 2 Jason it looks like the two figures are the same! The only difference I can see is #2 has a belt. Does anyone know what's going on? Are they just very similar but different sculpts? Or has Mezco pulled a Hasbro just changed some small things to make another figure?
  22. First it was launch date 2006 then Nov 2007 then March 2008 now it's pushed back again. But to when? I can't find any info.
  23. Call of duty 4 is slighty better on the superior PS3 while Orange Box is much better on 360. PS3 orange has plenty of glitches.
  24. Both these games were scheduled for release in January 2008. I checked IGN's release dates section yesterday and the two titles were not just missing from the january section but they were removed entirely! Has anyone heard any information on this????????
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