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  1. "I enjoy YOU little rants" LOL!!! Learn grammar!! See what I mean?! Correct spelling and grammar will go a long way in helping your "arguments!" hahaha And no, your belief in "mass racism" and "needing videos with different ethnic group victims" is what is "diseased nonsense!" hahaha And you're a REAL Christian aren't you! Name calling and wanting to kill someone is a real Christian attitude! haha Again, general lack of logic or hypocrisy!! hahahaha Oh, and picking on gays! Yeah, Jesus would have done that! hahaha Question, why do you use gays and homosexuals in a derogatory manner? Is it b/c you are a bigot or is it b/c you are a secret closet case?! LOL! Watch out everyone! Superpowers may be coming out!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I wonder what his "superpower" is?
  2. Matty finally sent me a shipping confirmation eventhough the package was mailed on Mon. Should be here Tom or Mon.
  3. I phoned UPS and they said my order has cleared customs and should be deliverd tom or Friday. However there was an exception and internal problem and they don't have the physical package yet. I asked if they just had the electronic billing information and they said that is probably what happened. I then phoned Matty and they said my order hasn't been shipped yet. Digital river is a complete joke. I wonder if the UPS driver is going to deliver me the piece of paper that cleared customs? AND charge me the $25 customs tax.
  4. I think I figured it out. It says my order was expedited on monday. I think maaty only send UPS the electronic billing and not the physical package. There is no delivery date. Still no shipment confirmation though! Keep up the great work Digital River.
  5. The prototype pics looked great. These not so much. I'll still get them though since it's the only new joe product of the summer.
  6. How do you find out what your matty reference number is? I only have the order number...
  7. I bet their is a problem with shipping my order because I ordered DCUC wave 5, faker, keldor and Venkman. It's obviously easier to ship the smaller orders or multiples of the same item first. But still I paid $50 for freaking shipping. And they can't be bothered to ship it.
  8. I ordered 4 of the new items from Matty at 9am on the 15th and I still haven't gotten my shipping notice. I also paid $50 for UPS shipping. I phoned matty and they said nothing is wrong with my order but they just having gotten to it yet I knew some people already received their figures this past firday. I know as of yesterday some people hadn't gotten their shipping notice. Anyone else still in this boat?
  9. You guys should take a step back for a minute and read your own ignorant hatefull posts. It's all tic for tat.
  10. WOW Johnny you disrepect and discriminize. Why don't you think before you type? Oh, I think he's typing exactly what he's thinking. You don't think any of his asinine flaming is to be taken serious do you? This is a first-class permanent troll we've got on our hands here and should have been given the boot years ago for it. Just depends on who he pulls this sh@# with though. I guess you don't even rate WJ? If I were to be banned you would be banned right there with me. I could come up with pages of your quotes where you attack and insult people.
  11. Again, with the gay sh*t Rebel?! See everybody - told you! LOL! Watch your cornholes everyone! hahahaha You'd probably pay good money for that.
  12. Too bad they were playing with two Artic vehicles in the Desert,
  13. Wake up and smell the coffee, your precious Republicans/Conservatives ran up just as much debt and done there fair part of driving this country into bankrupcy as the Democrats/Liberals do. This whole idea that somehow things would all be fixed and better if Republicans were in the White House is laughable at best. Quoted for TRUTHYNESS.
  14. Eww! I'm out! Of the closet? Has TMNTFAN85 finally inspired you? It's all simple psychology. The more you hate gays the more likely you secretly are one. I recently heard the most bad ass kid from my school just came out of the closet. I can remember him ranting about gays being immoral when we were 13 years old. How long until the next George Alan Rekers is caught red handed with a male prostitute? The Republican Hypocrite Party. Is TMNTFAN85 gay? I got the impression (by that post) that maybe TMNTFAN85 was actually a GIRL all this time and I never knew? That or his mother took over to chime in about the topic, which I why I thought "eww" I'm not fighting with a GIRL or a young mans MOTHER!! Yet here you are going on and on about the gay thing again? I know you are gay, you've stated so to everyone in the past, but is TMNTFAN85 gay also? You're so frustrated aren't you? Right VF whatever you say. Just keep trying to cover it up. Maybe if you pray harder it will go away I stand up for the rights of anyone who is disrespected and discriminated against. You've been taking shots at gay people on these forums for years. You clearly knew TMNT was a dude. You hate everything that is better than you. Or anyone who has a job and doesn't rely on a goverment check from the "evil" Obama Administration.
  15. I love how you try to always use the word "progressive" as if it's evil. You should go look it up in the dictionary you'd be surprised at it's meaning. Oh sorry, I bet you never go near a dictionary because of it's Liberal stench.
  16. Eww! I'm out! Of the closet? Has TMNTFAN85 finally inspired you? It's all simple psychology. The more you hate gays the more likely you secretly are one. I recently heard the most bad ass kid from my school just came out of the closet. I can remember him ranting about gays being immoral when we were 13 years old. How long until the next George Alan Rekers is caught red handed with a male prostitute? The Republican Hypocrite Party.
  17. a small Charles Bronson. PRICELESS. I'm sure those racist Texas Rangers had what was coming to them.
  18. Well, when somebody decides they like YOUR house better than THEIR house and come in and help themselves to your food, your money and your boyfriend.....well, I guess they probably appreciate all those things more than YOU anyway, so let'em have at it. I guess we don't we don't have to worry about them taking YOUR house, money or food because you don't own any LOL
  19. eh, I guess I'll buy him. He looks like an awesome figure but I don't think he fits in with MOTU.
  20. It's just a reuse of the DCUC Grodd BAF but upscaled. NM.
  21. Hasbro should sue them for making their products look so lame. Craptastic.
  22. The mexicans will appreciate owning Arizona more than it's current inhabitants. Obama should just give it to them and end all this drama. What happened to that fence Bush started building in 2006?...
  23. I think I know your real name... Mo Ron Good for you. Perhaps you can put something on hold for me the next time I'm at Target.
  24. Yawn. Preparing for a teabagging there fella? So what is that if not a vulgar personal insult? YOU set the tone, Viper. Not me. Now you can't take your own medicine? Excuse me while I laugh hysterically for about an hour! Tea bags away! Open wide, Viper! ooooooh I see? Dragging in an old smartass comment to excuse your sensititve feelings in this one? Hey, if the teaparty people can be called "teabaggers" (even by the POTUS) then I just figured that the Left were accsuing them of actual REAL "teabagging". Granted, I think it was my old nemesis LA that used and abused the "teabagger" label and not you, but the YAWN comment was to hard to resist. Obviously you wanted to be glib with me over MY comments, so I thought I'd be glib right back. The whole "teabagging" thing is quite popular in the news right now and relavent, so I slipped it in. The act of it is indeed very "vulgar" but like I said, I didn't invent it and didn't use it to label a political group, YOU people did! Did you find it equally as offensive when they were using it against the teaparty people or was it funny to you in that context? Should I search back thru your posts and see if you've used it yourself here? Have you? I mean, being hypocritical is not anything uncommon from you, will this prove to be yet another example of it? Nothing hypocritical about returning fire! I tried to ignore you, remember? You were dead to me for months, but you couldn't stand it, you just kept responding to me again and again, which was easy for you since you have no job. Oh man that is the greatest. Enjoy that government check that Obama gives you every month! Quoted for truthyness.
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