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  1. AMAZING!!!! I was worried he'd be too short like the other build N Brawl figures. Once you take off the elbow pads he fits in PERFECTLY with the 25th figures. I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!! I am so glad I backed out of the $50 I was going to pay for a 25th custom!
  2. Then one should learn how to use the ebay search engine properly.
  3. I think in the next movie they should make Batman the villian and bring in Michael Jackson as the REAL hero.
  4. <br /><br /><br /> Nolan made it very clear that Two Face is done. Personaly I think that it was his original intention to bring him back in the next film, but after Heath died I think he wants to sweep away any kind of distractions that it might bring to the 3rd installment. & as for Bale's Batman voice.........dont hold your breath. You know for a guy who claims he's SOOOOOO perticular about his acting methods (i.e. his temper tantrum on set of terminator), you'd think this guy would understand that Bruce Wayne is a boder line split personality. Its not about simply changeing your voice to sound......"dark & scary", its about changeing who YOU ARE! When he puts that cowel on Bruce goes away & The Dark Knight takes over. He becomes a differant person all to gether. Bale just can't seem to wrap his head around that. I think your wrong about bale i think he does understand the razor thin line between his own split personality. thats why the voice change. He is still bruce but only in looks. when he puts on the bat suit he becomes more than a man like in the movie line that ras al goul tells him. Bruse in a way doesn't exsist when the suit comes into play. Thats what i took from it with the voice change and i also thought it was a neat change. Keaton did it too just not as bold or raspy He becomes more than a man alright. He becomes the symbol this city needs. He becomes The COON.
  5. These look great I can't wait for them to go on sale.
  6. Wow. I bought these off ebay for a lot. Since we don't have targets here in Canada.
  7. Ebay IS the best place to find loose figures of any kind. More figures are available on ebay than any other place in the world.
  8. For anyone who wants to see the deleted scenes from the Voltron cartoon here is part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU21qN4noas...feature=related It is as violent as it gets. It is amazing that they looked at this show and thought they could edit it for America's strick content rules.
  9. I think I'm going to buy this(plastic version) When did it come out? I googled the diecast and it said 2005. Is this correct?
  10. I just bought the new Hot Toys Michael Jackson figure off ebay (as seen here: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-6-Hot-Toys-M-Icon-Mi...3A1%7C294%3A200 I have to say he's right near the top as one of the best action figures ever made. Does ayone else have him yet? The best part is since he's 12 inches tall so all my other figures are like children to him. Which is great because he loves children.
  11. I just bought the new Hot Toys Michael Jackson figure off ebay (as seen here: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-6-Hot-Toys-M-Icon-Mi...3A1%7C294%3A200 I have to say he's right near the top as one of the best action figures ever made. Does ayone else have him yet? The best part is since he's 12 inches tall so all my other figures are like children to him. Which is great because he loves children.
  12. Yeah and it's AMERICANS that give it to him. Not the greatly SUPERIOR Canadians. I saw it the first day it leaked, I had it within the hour. I was afraid it would disapear right away but FOX has done a horrible job removing it. Wolverine is in my top 5 favorites of all time, possibly even number 1. With that said it was not a great movie. It could of been so much better. Too bad FOX got to make it and Marvel couldn't of done it itself. It was more Ghost Rider than Iron Man.
  13. Oh, well that's good. For a moment I thought you were using "homosexual" as an insult. @grumpy@ I was and am! What part of being a "d!ck" did you not get? You have your lifestyle and I have my objections to it, and in the end we should ALL be "free to be you and me"...right? People get insulted for a ton of various life choices and other such reasons, like over a religious/non-religious choice, a political choice, a choice of reading material, movies, toys, comic books, sports teams, music likes, appetites, food choices, education choices, ideals, opinions, attitudes, convictions, life changing decisions, to be or not to be..etc..etc.. etc... I have a friend that's cheating on his wife and kids, and while I disagree with his sexual choices and extras...he's my friend! I have several gay friends, and while I hold an objectionable opinion on the lifestyle, they're still my friends. My gay friends have a friend that holds an objectionable opinion to their lifestyle, yet he's STILL they're FRIEND! Seems pretty "mature" and "adult" to me...what's your problem? Too bad being gay isn't a "lifestyle" but what they are born with. If you object to watching sissy TV like American idol or Prancing with the stars, listening to show tunes, being a fashion victim and dancing to techo music at da club. Then that is fine, I object to that too, lol. Because that is a lifestyle. But if you mean "lifestyle" as being gay itself then you are a simple one. But then again you have described yourself as being "low class" recently.
  14. That's gay! @firedevil@ A lot of people that see a 50 year old man collecting and/or playing with plastic toy men might say the same thing.
  15. These figures have all been released in some form already. The only "New" figures your getting here are the battle damaged BAT, and Firefly but its really only new accessories and/or colors. The Zartan is the same, he just has some weathering. I also thing he uses the 5 pack head. These are good if you didnt collect and of the CP's or multi packs, or if you want those figures on a single card. Personally, i dont collect anything but the singles so these are all a BONUS to me. So, to answer your question of "do you have them already" Maybe SE w/ Timber = New 5 Pack Snake Eyes NO NO NO. People keep saying that, but the 5 pack SE has the horrible rounded cartoony headscuplt. The HOH perfect version SE has the great 2007 headsculpt. HOH Snake Eyes with timber is the best Snake Eyes ever put together so he is the only MUST own.
  16. Since this huge auction sold almost zero C.O.P.S items have been listed on ebay. The small handfull that has is for single weaponless figures. This makes the $283 the auction sold for look more and more like a baragin all the time.
  17. I'll pay any price for Marvel Legends. They are the greatest toy lne ever.
  18. AAARGH!! OK..here's my dilemma! I can view MOST the video's on YouTube, but every now and then I get THIS message: Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. I've clicked on the link for the latest flash player, downloaded it, and NOTHING! My javascript is ON! So does anybody know what the hell the problem is? The internet hates you.
  19. It's called torrent. Download it. I don't trust that stuff.. you get viruses that way. But I am sure you can watch it on the adultswim website or youtube I swear by torrents. I've used it daily for years and never got a virus. The quality of videos on youtube is in a horrible resolution. Torrents looks great. Plus can download it commercial free.
  20. It's called torrent. Download it.
  21. I'm more interested in the action figures coming out than the movie....as a matter of fact....I MAY skip viewing the movie altogether so as I may maintain some dignity (in my mind) of the characters they're using in it. I like my imagination and sense of what G.I.Joe should be and act like than these bozo's in liberal infested Hollywood could ever dream up for them! The toys look pretty cool so far, but if $10 each (like somebody suggested?) I may even take a pass on those! @grumpy@ "bozo's in liberal infested Hollywood". Dude your an old guy that plays with toys. Thats pretty damn liberal!
  22. Amazing Big Lob! But he looks far to mean. He looks like a somali killer. Big Log should have a big smile on his face.
  23. "Homosexuals and idiots" You never disapoint VH. Jeffery Dahmer would of loved you.
  24. They could always just make a compromise and have our 1986 Dial Tone as a cross dresser instead. The best of both worlds.
  25. HORRIBLE GRAPHICS. It looks like a PS2 game. IGN.com is going to give it a 3/10. Just watch.
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