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  1. Dude you don't argue with real DC fans, you fuss with the lowly punks, What is sooo great about Marvel? The comics suck, only good read in Marvel is Hulk, everything else is redundant crap, marvel heroes are like an episode of Friends in tights. You say DC is a second tier company but the fact is that DC has survived all those blasts over the years and people who want quality read DC. Last time Marvel was good was in the 90's during Jim Lee's run and even then it got boring real fast, before long I was back to DC. Marvel made tons of money with special covers and crap. In the end Superman is better than Spiderman, DC Comics are better than and Marvel, and DCUC is better than Marvel Legends! I sure wish I could be seduced by a 90's cartoon and then claim that Marvel is the best overall,.....whatever HAHAHAHAHAHA What a pathetic joke. "Last time Marvel was good was in the 90's" Yes the mid 90's were know for such greatness, LOL. That was considered to be the worst era in Marvel's history. DC IS SECOND RATE TO MARVEL IN EVERY CATEGORY. ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE. Go look at who sells the most books every month. Marvel DOMINATES!!! BTW Wizard ranked Spider-Man ahead of Superman and Wolverine ahead of Batman on the 200 Greatest Characters EVER list. REALITY.
  2. I have classic BG and it came off with no effort.
  3. While it may not matter, or shouldn't, why make an unnecessary change? If you need to add more diversity then either create new characters or incorporate pre-existing characters of a particular ethnicity, but don't just change it simply for the hell of it. This was one of the problems I had with the X-Men films in general. They basically americanized many of the characters. One of the elements I love about X-Men is how diverse the team is, mutants from all over the world, so rather than find actors that could portray that aspect we ended up with Pyro who wasn't an aussie, Coloussus without a Russian accent and Halle Berry as Storm. Personally I don't see why they couldn't atleast stay true to those elements. But why does he have to be specifically black? I mean seriously, what you're suggesting would just be simply gratuitous. You think in terms of black and white, literally. If you truly wanted him to be different to stress a point then you should have picked other ethnicities from the spectrum. Cable should resemble his comic book counterpart and I would expect the same treatment if they were to include Bishop. I just personally think there's a lot more Black actors in Hollywood bigger and more muscular than White actors. Fox would just throw the name on whoever, That's my pick, your telling me Im seeing black and white by telling me Im wrong for thinking a black actor would better fill the part. HA! Thats just my opinion why take it so personal? So you want a big black guy to play Cable and in the process forget that he has two very famous white parents which makes up his entire back story? But all you want is a big black man? I mean everyone is entitled to their fetishs lol, but they should call him "Bishop" not "Cable".
  4. As always ARROW shows up and tells it exactly as it is. That guy must get tired of always being right. DC fan boys are NOTORIOUS for having inferiority complex because deep down they know DC is the second tier company and always will be second rate. They always bring thinnest arguments that have very little ground. DC fan boys should be happy with what they are and not pretend that their team is #1. My favorite basketball team is the Dallas Mavericks but I don't sit here and pretend we can beat the Lakers in a best of 7.
  5. No Cable is white and he needs to STAY that way. He is the son of Jean and Cyclops, two white people.
  6. Death to Storm and her Cult of strange followers! BTW What happened to the scence with a young Storm in the Wolverine movie? They cut it out.
  7. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BTW Black Widow has one of the prettiest face sculpts ever. Yes she has an ugly neck joint but that is her ONLY flaw. Psylocke is also very good. Every single one of the Toy Biz male figures the POO-man listed are pure greatness and better than everything DCUC.
  9. Why do no online sites have these for pre order yet? I thought there were shipping in june or july?
  10. ML's scale issues are few and far between but at least they attempted scale. Every single DCUC figure is the same size because it's the same figure. In fact the only serious crime Toy Biz commited was making Modular Iron Man so short. All the other little too tall or too short mistakes are forgivable.
  11. I disagree. Hasbro released some nice figures as well. there's Rachael Summers Marvel Girl, Thor,She-hulk, Human Torch, Silver Savage, Spiral, Black suited Spiderman to name a few. Again all 3 companies have their pros and cons. In general each company have their hit and misses, Toybiz - Mystique, Hasbro - Emma Frost, Mattel - Sinestro. ugh. NO. Hasbro ML figures blow donkey. I don't even consider them into my ML vs DCUC debate. If you count the HML stuff, DCUC might actually be better. Rachael Marvel Girl is one of the worst ML figures ever... and EVERY DCUC figure kicks her ass. "Blow donkey." Very classy. If you were to head over to another forum all you hear is "HASBRO'S TERRIBLE" yet the people saying that are also the ones screaming that the line is dying. Marvel Legends was great and DCUC will probably be great too. Can we talk about something else now? what do you suggest we talk about in the DCUC vs. ML thread? the fact is....ML had some serious flops! DCU has some too, but were talkin maybe 3-4 between 8 waves. ML had like 7 or so in between like 6 waves! heres my list. ML 1.) TOAD. the sculpt was nice, but the articulation sucked! he was also too big, imo. 2.) HULK.(series 1) wack a$$ T crotch with up and down movement only. 3.) THING(series 2/FF boxed set) his leg articulation had a T crotch with movement like an 80s figure, plus he was too big! the thing is only 6'-6'1"....thats a scale issue. 4.) MAGNETO.(wave 3) they used the exact same body that they used for wave 1 ironman...that was just dumb! 5.) WOLVERINE.(wave 3) wasnt he like the biggest fig in the wave? if not, he was still bigger, or big as the other MLs that bios state they were 6'0 or bigger. he's only 5'3-5'5...serious scale issue. 6.) GOLIATH. c'mon.....a 90's cartoon avengers repaint...... T crotch, ant-man, wasp, and all! that was very poor! 7.) ELEKTRA.(wave 4/URBL boxed set) ugly, unable to hold the sais, really wack crotch articulation...the first ML female was a doosey! 8.) SABRETOOTH.(series 5) wasnt he bigger than colossus? another scale issue. Magneto's head sculpt was amazing Sabertooth from ML5 is one of the greatest action figures EVER! Toad wasn't made for ML Hulk was alright, not horrible Thing had one of the best face sculpts and paint apps period plus great detailing. DCUC is almost on par with Hasbro ML( and better in some cases) but both are in no way shape or form on Toy Biz's level. Until Mattle gives almost every character it's own sculpt, adds 8 or so more points of articulation and increases the paint apps ten fold they will NEVER be on toy biz's level.
  12. Swamp Thing is one of the only quality Dc character that doesn't have DCUC figure yet. He needs one but we won't get one because he requires a new sculpt and mattel is too cheap to cough up the dough for the simpleton DCUC sculpts. Maybe we'll just get Swamp Thing's head on the standard DCUC body like they do for every other figure.
  13. He appears to have no factory defects but his left leg(our right) is longer than the right.:
  14. yeah, yeah, yeah...."i hate the T crotch"...yadda. yadda, yadda... whatever! talk to me about MLs when they fix the sculpts on the 40+ figures that they f**ked up. wheres your namor?....oh yeah, i forgot....that HML hot trash in the green trunks is namor. c'mon, CALM...you know that the ML line was full of wack-ass, unable to stand, poorly painted figs. they couldnt even get the female body correct! they couldnt hold their weapons, and they had waaaay too much articulation. as a matter of fact, the whole articulation scheme messed up a lot of the MLs.....and lets not talk about the scale issues! "There is a line you cross, you don't never come back from. Point of no return. DC crossed it. I'm here with them. That's means I am going along for the ride..... The whole ride. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is." .......Carlito Brigante. I think these guys that claim DCUC is even close to ML's greatness have never owned a Toybiz ML and that fact that they are DC bias on a DC board. DCUC is the line the sclae problem. Every figure is the same size because every figure... is the same figure! ML had no more sclae problems than any other line. AT least the even attempted to do scale and have every figure different. All ML figures that use weapons have no problems holding them. Yes Marvel Legends DO teabag DCUC.
  15. This topic was only for those who bought the HOH figures. Not trolls that don't own them.
  16. I've had the V2 Hall Of Heroes Snakes for about a month but today I noticed one leg is MUCH longer than the other! WTF!!! I've waited a long time for the perfect 25th Snake Eyes and we finally get him and he's a gimp! Has anyone else noticed this?
  17. Wizard was once a dominant empire that seems to have fallen. They used to be the authoritative voice on the comic industry. I wonder how many issues of Wizard they sell a month nowadays? I stopped buying it monthly in 2001. I have every issue from 1994-2001 and lots from 90-93. The last issue I bought was #200 where they ranked the 200 greatest characters of ALL TIME. Wolverine was rightly #1, that restored some of my faith in them. But not enough to keep buying them again. I think the Internet is the single biggest reason for their demise. I used to read it for the news and previews as well as analysis and opinions on the industry. Now we can get that info for free right away instead of having a month delay.
  18. The movie was 10 times better on the big screen than the leaked workprint. The first half wa also much better than the end. If the last half hour was done better I think it would of been a top notch comic movie. But unfortunatly it was brought down several notches.
  19. And you are entitled to your opinion as well. No matter how wrong you are. DCUC is better than Marvel Legends GO Bots is better than Transformers CORPS is better than GI JOE
  20. Aside from BAF's DCUC is for sure better than Marvel Legends! Riiiigghhtt. Just keep telling yourself that. DCUC IS great but it will never be on Marvel Legends level. Sure it's better than many(not most) Hasbro ML figures but it ENDS there.
  21. Riiiiggghhhhtttttt. Good Luck. You may as well start up a 25 cent GI Joes petition.
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