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  1. BBTS still hasn't even shipped me wave 8 yet! lol. But the truth is I don't give a #$$^ if I ever get another DCUC figure except for wave 10's Joker. I buy them when there is nothing else to get at the moment but I don't look forward to them at all. What happened to MattyCollector selling wave 9 on their site? I'm not surprised.
  2. NONE. We already have more than enough movie figures. Time to get back to the 25th stuff.
  3. I have to agree with that. The pyramid scheme was very original and well done. The threat from within idea should of been used in the movie instead of the lame crappy soldier gets bombed angle.
  4. Cobra LALALALA, lol. The car salesman with the pyramid scheme was great but I voted for Cobra La just to @#$% with the uptight fans that take this stuff too serious.
  5. Chuck as Gung Ho was just too funny. Even he couldn't stop laughing.
  6. I want to see the Dreadnoks taking orders from the new President and Tomax And Xamot running EE. Making the good guys vs bad guys plot a little more complex.
  7. I already said on friday after I saw the film that it was one 3rd AWESOME and just like a GI Joe movie should be done and two 3rds of the film were quite flawed.
  8. Actually The movie did just over 100 million worldwide this weekend (Number 1 in China and Russia). That is what you call success.
  9. 1 3rd was AWESOME and exactly what a GI Joe movie should be about. The other 2/3rds was quite flawed.
  10. I almost crapped my pants! We're scared of the internet tough guy way down south!
  11. Firefly didn't come of as much of a bad ass did he?
  12. Trans2 did massive numbers overseas to set all those records. Joe will do no where as big of numbers overseas.
  13. Guess who has an 59% on Rotten Tomatoes? I predict it does around $80 mill this weekend. I've seen all the other "summer blockbusters" this summer and they have all been below average for a "summer blockbuster" GI Joe ROC will do just fine at the box office.
  14. You're certainly not speaking for me there. I generally find that if you take an average of all the reviews for a given movie, you'll probably be pretty close to the mark. That is why Rotten Tomatoes is such a great site. If you take enough crtics and they all agree then chances are you will to.
  15. Don't hold you breath on that one! I'd love to get one but it's not likely.
  16. I'm going to the 7pm Friday night showing.
  17. Hit and run is the worst of the 7 seven pack because he's really Airborne with a painted face. Ripcord's head reuse is bareable because Red Star isn't a joe or an important character.
  18. Just the militant angry ones that call people who don't agree with them "dumb b!tches!" This "rant" was about Hollywood's endorsement of them and how that shows a biased that diminishes their ability to really be relevant to anything in the REAL world, and that ALL did not evolve from the reviews of the G.I.Joe movie, but to a comment about how No Country For Old Men won their praise and a few of us thought the movie SUCKED, as do most of the Oscar winners do. Hell, if i had my way, I'd be voting for nothing but Disney movies, but Hollywood doesn't care much for animation and voice over acting. Unless it's a gay character being voiced by a straight actor and then it's VUNDERBAR!! MAGNIFICO!!! @loll@ You're not really much of a "rebel" are you? More like a JohnnyDramaQueenV1-A? You seem to forget that you are a self described 50 year old "low class" poverty ridden unemployed failure. There is no need to "flame" you. Your description of your life is worse than any words I could use. Few here really respect your opinion. Even if you post every 15 seconds. You are NOT an authoritative voice on GI Joe. You talk about your hard times and think that most readers here are going to do more than laugh? Hearing a 50 year old man complain that can't afford the new movie toys is as sad as it gets. You are proud you voted you for George Bush twice and proud that you don't take kindly to gays around here (or anywhere). But it's time for you to keep it to yourself.
  19. You got burnt on that No Country For Old Men also huh? @loll@ Man..what a boring-azz, dumbazz ending of a flick THAT was, and I bought it before VIEWING it 1st...which is usually against my cardinal rule, but with all the previews of it (that made it LOOK good) and all the critical acclaim it received, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, of which I'll NEVER do again. Even with this G.I.Joe movie. Speaking of Shakespeare...you'd think that Hollywood must beleive that an actor portraying a homosexual in a MOVIE is tantamount to performing Hamlet or Macbeth?? They divy out enough Oscars to them, I know that, just check the number of movies and Oscars Hollywood has given the actors involved in homosexual roles or themes. I'll never trust a critic again, and only go by my instincts from now on. It only fails me maybe 10% of the time as opposed to 80% if I listen to someone else. Oh look it's VH with his simple minded gay bashing again. What a shock! I trust a critic's opinion moreso than some random fool on a message board. Critics are not always right but most are a lot more qualified to speak on a piece of "art" much more so than some fan boys "IMO". IMO, lol. Vh is simply right. His post doesn't condon or condem the homosexual lifestyle (granted i think we have a good idea of his stance) How is what he said simply minded? Seemed to me he is looking at a pattern and making a logical deduction. Your anger seems purely emotional and just in tune with listening to others. Which to you think really involved more prep and acting, being a gay cowboy, or being a phsycotic clown. Clearly Heath thought the later, it drove him off the deep end. It's really hard for any logical person to deny hollywood leans liberal wither or not they agree with that stance. This is nothing new from VH. He has ranted about homosexuals many times in the past. His words have history even if he tries to just paint a picture of an isolated rant.
  20. Should i even bother reading the rest of this thread? How can an opinion you be wrong? Best movie of the summer? you haven't even seen it for yourself! try thinking for yourself a little c'mon! This a tiny section, who have seen the movie in advance. This not the general public, this is not the joe fans. The results are simply not in yet. Besides, even if this is a "good" movie it doesn't mean a more true to form joe wouldn't have been BETTER. That was my point! These critics are NOT Joe fanboys. We KNOW this movie isn't what we WANT. But it's still going to be a great summer blockbuster movie.
  21. If the "homosexual" is the Great Sean Penn then he's deserves the oscar more than anyone. When Marolon Wayans gets nominataed for best actor for playing a gay guy then you might have a point. A BETTER exmple you could of provided is the chances of geting an oscar nod for playing a handicap, aka "##$%$#" as you would probably say, lol.
  22. If the crtic is empolyed by someone else to work for a news paper or such then they are more qualified than joe blow. But if the crtic only has their own site or some blog then they are not much different then Joe fanboy.
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