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  1. This is Hasbro's version of how many ways can we paint the Tin Man ?? and make tons of money . . .


    They didn't paint it the one way I wanted, Stealth Blue. I had to do it myself it came out pretty good for my first time doing a custom paint on a figure, but the mold is so good for the figure repaints are alright with me I don't mind spending the money for a good figure.

  2. If anyone is having a hard time finding Warmachines don't worry I went to my Local Walmart and had to see at least 20 in stock, there should be no worries to get one if they are getting distributed like that all in the the U.S.

  3. Do we need another post bashing Hasbro? I mean aren't there like 400 of them by the same 15 people whing about Hasbro over and over again. It seems like as soon as it falls off the forum page, someone else has to add it to try and make everyone "try to think" their way. Just get over it. If you don't like the line, or the product, just friggin quit buying them and go collect something else like Barbies or Lil Petz. If you can't afford the price of the hobby, get a better job, make more money, work 2 jobs, budget better, save your pennies, freakin try recycling all the damn soda cans or beer bottles you drink, dump your over priced girlfriend, get rid of your rice rocket car, or your gas guzzling truck, whatever it takes to get the toys you want other then stealing of course. But please, dont come in here whining about the price of the toys or oil, who cares? If it truly ends up being to expensive, it sounds like the hobby just isnt right for your pocket book. Come back to it when you do have some good cash flow. I have the money, I have the interest in the characters, and I have the attitude that I could care less about the articulation, paint apps, and crappy facial sculpts. I just want the closest likeness to the comicbook characters they are willing to give. Back in the late 90's toybiz sold these 5 inch pieces of crap that people loved. They had what like 5 P.O.A and people loved them. Now people just to damn spoiled. Disagree or agree, I really don't care. As long as Marvel Toys are being made, regardless if it is by Toybiz, Hasbro, Mattel, Neca, whoever, I will support it. We probably won't see products this wonderful for many years to come. Enjoy it while you can!


    Well said, I love Marvel characters and to have them in physical toy form is a blessing. Collecting is awesome, finding every minor detail wrong with the Marvel Line not so fun, actually kind of depressing. Collecting is supposed to give us enjoyment not enrage us into a ridicule fiasco. Life is too stressful. Collecting should be an escape from the stress not an addition to it. It's like going to a massage therapist who beats the crap out of you at each appointment, it misses the entire purpose. Hasbro bashing on a forum that is for the hobby and recreation of Marvel toy collecting is the same way. Let us enjoy what we have because it is truly a privilege that gives us pleasure that is all that should matter. #US1#

  4. its not that hard to use a paintbrush...



    Yeah I'm going to do that instead of wait, I'll buy Mark two and do it. So now when I pick up Warmachine I'll buy Mark 2 and stop this endless yearning for a cheap Stealth Blue Ironman. I never painted a figure before I hope I don't mess up.

  5. So some bad figures have been made, Hasbro is getting better Lord Thor, Planet Hulk, both Marvel Girls, Black Knight, FF wave, Astonishing Cyclops, She Hulk, All the Ironman figures are good collectors prodcuts. It was Hasbro's first year why would they get rid of potential profit found in us? I said this before it is a year of trial and error for Hasbro but judging from what we are getting this year and the Ironman figures they are meeting fans wants, so why complain? If in December Hasbro bombs on all thier attempts (the two packs, Hulk wave, wave five, and future Ironman waves), then maybe your assumption is valid but the year just started and nothing besides the Ironman figures have come out so before one makes a rash assumption lets wait to see all the years expected products.

  6. i was at K.B. toys this morning and i noticed the factory packaging as so:


    for 1 box of Iron-Man Movie Action Figures, it consisted of 12 figures a box arranged as so:


    1 Iron Monger per box

    1 Mark 1 suit per box

    2 Mark 2 suits per box

    4 Mark 3 suits per box


    4 Prototype suits per box.


    so this led me to see the rarity level of the (now available) figures as so, rarest (1) to most common (8):


    1. Target Exclusive Silver Centurion Iron-Man

    2. Wal-Mart Exclusive War Machine Iron-Man

    3. 1st Iron Monger (action punch)

    4. Mark 1 Suit

    5. Mark 2 Suit

    6. Mark 3 Suit

    7. Prototype Suit


    any corrections or comments are welcome.


    Once Silver Centurion gets to every Target and Warmachine to every Walmart they will be pretty easy to get like the Limited edition Silver Surfer last year.


    1.)Mark 1

    2.)Iron Monger


    4.)tie with Warmachine and Silver Centurion

    5.) Mark 3 (because that will be everywhere)


    The stores I went to I noticed that even though they had alot of Mark 3 figures the had only one or two mark 1's so this is my guess.

  7. so there are two targets exclusives? the silver and red armor- i picked up two red today at targets- any one want to trade foe a silver?



    The Silver one is Prototype you can get that everywhere. Red Prototype Repulsor/Silver Centurion is the only Target exclusive.

  8. Would like a stealth armor too. The mark 3 mold is so freaking cool I won't complain about repaints @loll@



    I'm with you on that one. I think this mold is outstanding top 3 of all time


    Yes a very good mold. It seems that Hasbro is good a making robot characters and women really well (minus Emma Frost @loll@ ).

  9. This really is the sad state of affairs, here we area, where super heroes are supposed to serve as role models for the youth, and here we are discussing one being nothing but an obvious Super whore. I mean, can you name one Super hero that is a bigger ho bag. Except for She Hulk when written by Autsin. I mean, I know she heals, but Juggernaut.. damn.


    Thats funny because I watched an X-men parody one time that made a joke about that. She Hulk and Juggernaut, hey he is the unstoppable force what woman wouldn't want that type of stamina. Sorry that was totally off topic. But instances like this now make me realize why it is good not to open your figures, who knows what can happen when they are opened.

  10. Well, the Ironman movie figures are out and they did not disappoint they look good and they fit into the collection well. Now don't take this as a complaint but, where is the Stealth Blue Ironman? I am really hoping for one maybe in two possiblities, a second Ironman movie wave or in a Marvel Legends Ironman wave later this year. I've been hunting for the old series one variant but they get really pricey and what would be better than going to my local store and getting a new one for 10 dollars? Does anyone else want a new Stealth Blue Ironman? If Hasbro does that then I would be happy for the rest of the year.

  11. Its' all good.




    Now to wait for Titanium man to show up.


    I got Mark 1, Mark 3, and Red Repulsor (Silver Centurion). Now I'm just waiting to get my hands on that Walmart Warmachine a big improvement above the Series 8 one, I'll display both of them because Warmachine is cool.

  12. Have I mentioned that I really hate this guy?




    it girl and she aint keen on you either @grumpy@ , only asking a question, this place gets more and more bitchy everyday, its like been in the salon. @smilepunch@


    Nice, ha ha. I agree with StormFan. oh Yeah quick answer to one of your questions, don't bet on the Nemesis wave until May. Since you live in England www.hasbro.com/marvel can take care of you, shipping is going to suck though.

  13. I was able to find the War Machine Exclusive at Wal-Mart this morning. That was all they had in the 6 inch figure size. They had the 12 IM figure, the Water gun or dart gun thing and the IM Mask dress up set, as well. I picked up the War Machine because he was the one that I got the most excited about. He is pretty cool.



    Dido Pizza Man Z, I felt the same way this morning. I made a quick walmart run also. I think hasbro has struck gold with the Ironman figures because he's like a little robot figure and I do like how Hasbro does the Transformer figures. They could do no wrong with Ironman since they didn't have to worry about skintones and such. Just put some cool paint and weapon applications on the figures and watch them fly off the shelf, literally. :D I'll say it again, I hope they flood the shelves with Ironman figures like they do Spiderman figs, because I'll buy as many as I can. Can anyone say, super cool armory? ;) Oh yeah. I'll be sure to post picks when I'm done, oh I can't wait. -_- mmmm.......


    My Armory looks pretty cool now I'm very happy with what I have. I really want that Warmachine though even though I have series 8 warmachine already this one is a little more verstile than the series 8 one. But dang it, no Stealth Blue Ironman, I hope that one comes out this summer, I don't have the money to get one on Ebay.

  14. Thats a no brainer for TRU to have Blue exclusive, that would fly off the selves. Well, its not a prefect world and 3 out of 4 wants isn't bad. I was really hoping for a Stealth Blue Ironman to come out

  15. I thought I was going to come up short on finding Iron Man Figures but on my first stop at a Target I found what I was looking for, I guess Walmart has dropped the ball a bit but Warmachine will be out soon everywhere not too worried about it. I really enjoy the ones I got Red Repulor (thats it's real name not Silver Centurion), Mark 1, and Mark 3. The Red Repulsor is a pretty good stand in for Silver Centurion. Well for all those that have yet to see them in stores be patient, in another 2 or three weeks you'll see so much of them that you'll get tired of them.

  16. Maybe a little toy news would disperse the hate a little bit. I think eveyone really is just frustrated with lack of toy news. I've come to the conclusion that after the Iron Man movie stuff we're not going to see anymore new toys out until june or july. This is a year of trail and error for Hasbro, they'll learn. But no more hate on the forum, lets discuss our wishlist and what have you. I mean isn't that what the forum is for anyway, to disuss the topic of Marvel toys and not Hasbro is the root of all toy evil? I think those most recent Hasbro bashing posts really brewed up alot of hatred. I as well as many others are here to discuss toys thats it.

  17. Black Bolt one of the most bad a$$ marvel characters out there. Don't throw that WWH thing at me we all know that wasn't Black Bolt but an imitating Skrull. Anyway, the prototypes looked good for the figure and he's my favorite its a win win!

  18. There is a limited Edition Silver Centurion available on EBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MARVEL-IRON-MAN-MO...1QQcmdZViewItem Looks really good I can't wait until the release date!


    Thanks for the heads ups. I didn't even know about this Limited Edition figure until I saw this thread. I picked up Limited Edition Silver Centurion on Ebay a few minutes ago.


    Oh yeah I picked up the MKII and MKIII last Wednesday at a comic book store.




    I just had to open the Mark III.




    And the Ironman Movie figures fit in nicely with both the Toybiz and Hasbro Marvel Legends figures.


    Now I just have to find the Wal-Mart War Machine.




    Wow, that looks really good, now I really can't wait for the figures now. Man he really fits in well I hope it will be the same for all the Toybiz Iron Man figures, they are the only figures I open up for display. My hall of Armor is about to reach another level of awesome!

  19. Well, I read Illuminati #5 and I think the Super Skrull will all of the Illuminati's power was really awesome. He had a cool unique look that combined all of the elements of the Illuminati. I was thinking that it would make a cool figure in maybe wave 6 or 7 of Marvel Legends or maybe in a box set with the Avengers Super Skrull, X-men Super Skrull, (Both were in Illuminati #5), and the Tradtional Super Skrull. A Super Skrull Box set sounds even better.


    Also maybe an Illuminati Box set would be cool. Just a suggestion, I really like the Illuminati, and anyhthing Super Skrull related.

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