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  1. I have said this so many times why not wait until New York Comicon then make a decision? It's in what? Six days? Six days from official word, stop worrying! I think what Hasbro is doing is letting the Iron Man figures sell for awhile so they don't become peg warmers like the Spider-man 3 line was last year. We will problably get more MLs in June, that would give the Iron Man figures enough time to move off the shelves. Six days, if we don't get word by then, we should consider panicing, but look at what we got a Toy Fair, we get way too news hungry around here. Some of us are like the over protective mom that needs to know where her kid is at every second, and no one likes that kind of mom. @smilepunch@

  2. i dont like the spiderman classics one i like the look of the upcoming spiderman villains wave sandman with 5 inter-changeable hands that gets my vote. :)


    Really? You should post the link and show us. Prove us wrong!

  3. Very well done. This is a really good picture. This movie figure seemed to open up the Iron Man repaint flood gates. It is such a versitile figure. There is so many repaints Hasbro can do from this one figure, such as this Captain America Iron Man. I really hope the Iron Man movie line does a couple of different sculpts, just to mix it up. I am hoping for Hydro Armor, A modern Hulkbuster, and an actual Extremis armor.

    that would be cool if they used the design from the game for a hulkbuster toy,


    heck id even take a resculpted and repainted iron monger




    Yeah that would work for sure. It does look like they could adjust the Iron Moger Sculpt to fit this mold, maybe even adjust Iron Moger to look like the WWH Hulkbuster. Iron Man seems to be a very cost effective advancement for Hasbro with repaints and also adjustments to sculpts. I hope more Iron Man product comes out later, there is so much we as fans and colletors want from Iron Man, and this is the prime opportunity to lay it on us. This year will be the year of Iron Man!

  4. I saw these armors this morning and almost started a thread about them. I'd love figures of every single one of these. I'd especially love a new classic Iron Man. I'm more interested in the game now than I was originally. I hope these aren't just skins with different stats like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Hulkbuster looks awesome with its movie design influence. Don't be shocked if we see alternate suits make a cameo in the movie.


    Yeah an armory box set of these versions would fly off the shelves, or maybe even an armory wave (excluding the ones already done in the movie line). I wouldn't mind a reissue of ultimate Iron Man either, I missed the boat on that one, I should have started collecting earlier.

  5. yep the best!! the movie version sucks scrotum.


    Ha Ha funny. Yeah I don't like alot of the Hasbro Movie figures except for the Spider-man 3 Venom from heroes and villians and the Legends one.

  6. Very well done. This is a really good picture. This movie figure seemed to open up the Iron Man repaint flood gates. It is such a versitile figure. There is so many repaints Hasbro can do from this one figure, such as this Captain America Iron Man. I really hope the Iron Man movie line does a couple of different sculpts, just to mix it up. I am hoping for Hydro Armor, A modern Hulkbuster, and an actual Extremis armor.

  7. Well, I was looking for a good Sandman figure on ebay at a good price and I found the series 17 or series 12 Spider-man classics Sandman (same figure). I got him for $3.99! Well, anyway I compared him to the other Sandman figures and he is the best. Here is a link that shows him, http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=518 he also comes with cool interchangable arm parts like FF classics Super Skrull, one is a sand axe, a sand mase, and a large sand hand. Like FF classic Super Skrull this figure will never be topped. Anyone agree?

  8. count me out but keep me posted, i cnt go :( , but :) i am hoping to hear that........


    their is secret invasion two packs out soon with interchangeable heads


    Yes! I got someone aboard the Secret Invasion, Super Skrull band wagon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Black Bolt and Daredevil imposter Super Skrull. Come on, a character with all of the Illuminati's powers and one that has Wolverine (including claws), Cyclops, Firestar, and Night Crawler powers that would be the most awesome two pack to date next to the Wolverine and Sabertooth two pack.

  9. more than likely just pimping his own auctions or a friends :D


    No thats is not my ebay account that has Kang for sale, truthfully I don't even own a Kang. I just remember people talking about how they didn't have one so I figured I would show them one at a good price. I would tell you if it was me selling it.

  10. Good word of advice stop looking at Toy Globe to see what new waves are coming out. Because frankly this forum is well more informed than they are. Toy Globe is the last place you should look for upcoming Marvel legends products, plus on rare figures they charge the scalper price and then some.

  11. DOn't forget we already have the electra two pack & the skrull version of it too they said they would be doing more like that :)


    Well if that is the case, then I am a very happy person. I didn't know that they were doing more besides the Electra one. Well, all I can do now is what for New York Comicon to see if they are making anymore this year. Thanks for the heads up Synch! ;)

  12. not that i don't love a wishlst ( which alot of people will tell it true) but i really think you should have left this til after two weeks. that way we will know what not to ask for. ( or in some case ask for the same thing just better)



    Tarot's right New York Comicon is coming up, it's a little too early for wishlists. I'm still counting the days!!! By the way a Dragon Man BAF idea rivals the Fing Fang Foom we are getting. That way the Dragon Man would at least be in scale. One of the better BAF ideas that I have heard.

  13. The more I read Secret Invasion related material the more I want new Super Skrull related figures. I haven't read Secret Invasion #1 yet but, I have just read New Avengers #39 and they had a Daredevil disguised Super Skrull that had the powers of Firestar, Cyclops, Night Clawler, and Wolverine with Claws! I don't know about you but after Secret Invasion I want a Super Skrull box set because the whole concept of this power combination is absolutely awesome.

  14. It's a great place if you avoid scalper prices, and looking at the history of the seller to make sure they are reliable. The only thing is the hassle of paying for shipping and waiting for the product, but it is alot better than not having it. Ebay is a Marvel Legends collector's best friend, when used carefully.

  15. Wolverine in a dress.


    "No-whining allowed" Spiderman ("Oh, woe is me...Poor Aunt May...Why does JJJ hate me? Why doesn't MJ understand?? Waaaaaaahhhh!!!!")


    REALLY Dead Jean Grey: With an actual coroner's report and special toe-tag confirming that she's DEAD!!!


    Patriotic Captain America (One who protects his country, kick's ass and takes names...Not the whiny, cringing, left-wing, conflicted, peacenik weasel we've had to endure since 9-11. I'm so glad he's dead...And he was wrong in CIVIL WAR.)


    President Tony Stark: One of the few real men left in the Marvel Universe...He'd make a great President. Maybe even better than Bush..?


    Polka-Dot Hulk: The variants could be real rare! Think of the possibilities.


    This is so totally off topic so forgive me now. But Captian America was wrong in Civil War? Are you really serious about that? Since the heroes started working for Sheild, we have seen all sorts of things wrong with shield I'm only going to name two. One Skrulls are throughout the fifty state initiative, and two the anti-mutant terrorist religion group the Purifiers has spies in Shield. Now why would Captain America of all people be for wanting to fight and put people in prison that he fought along side him, mind you put in prison without trial. Just my opinion. What would really be funny if Stark turned out to be a Skrull who would be your real man then? But something that is on topic, A thing that I did not add on my list is the Warbound, the new Abomination, unleashed Sentry from WWH, and a Modern Hulkbuster armor.


    Uh-oh! Now you opened a can-a-worms!!!


    The editorial staff at Marvel has provided an easy "out" for both Captain America and Tony Stark's responses to the REGISTRATION ACT.


    Looks like it was all really the fault of the Skrulls. Steve Rogers will inevitably turn up alive (thus negating what was hailed as a "gutsy" editorial decision into more chickens***), and Tony Stark may actually be a Skrull (thus supporting the opinions of the far-leftwing editorial staff at MARVEL).


    So, in other words, no matter what side you came down on in the Civil War, if you enjoyed the story and thought it was ballsy, the joke's really on you because, in the grand tradition of second-rate comics writing, they're going to undo all of the things that made the story interesting to begin with (Cap's death, Stark's decision, the Illuminati, etc)


    But anyway...Yes, Captain America was WRONG in the Civil War. Dead wrong. 100% wrong.


    Before I answer, you need to put the Civil War in context.


    This entire story-line was Marvel's lame-brain attempt to make "a statement". They wanted to have a story that would attempt to draw parallels to the real world, namely the war on terror that began on 9/11 (and the left's war on the war on terror).


    However, once again, Marvel's editorial staff failed. Not because they're not good writers, but because they don't know jack about politics, or the US Constitution, or world affairs. In other words, they're leftists.


    They wanted to make a correlation between the Patriot Act (which I wholeheartedly support), Guantanamo Bay Prison (which I also support 100% and hope they never close), and Abu Ghraib (which was NOT torture at all), etc. In other words, they were trying, like all good leftys, to attack the concept of defending freedom.


    And they failed.


    In the context of the story, they failed because Stark was right. Super-powered individuals do NOT have the right to act outside the boundaries of the law. By doing so, they are taking the law into their own hands, and engaging in vigilantism, which is ILLEGAL in the real world. Stark adopted the government's position because it made sense to do so. The people have an absolute right to know if individuals with potentially dangerous abilities are living in their midst.


    Now, why did Captain America disagree? Simple. Marvel needed to have someone to disagree, and since they've been systematically wussifying Cap since 9/11, it made perfect sense to use him.


    I've always thought they had it backwards. Cap, as written, is from the 40's. He's an old fashioned law-n-order guy. In addition, during WW II, he was a Government Agent! More likely than not, he would have SUPPORTED the Registration Act. Conversely, Stark had the most to lose since he's a very wealthy man, and the news of his identity could adversely affect his company's stock. It would have made far more sense for Cap to support the Registration Act, and for Stark to oppose it.


    But the editors at Marvel aren't that smart. So they chose the dummy-version of the story.


    And it stunk.


    So YES...I would have supported Stark (excluding all the Skrull nonsense). His position was right. Cap's was wrong.




    I'm am not going to make this into a big arguement, I agree that the super powered people should be regulated. My point was that the system that is used is unstable and just as unsafe as having vigilantes running around. Now instead of a Stamford Conneticut we get an all out invasion of alein forces upon American soil, and also the near destruction of the eastern seaboard partially brought by systems that are supposed to protect people (Registration Act and Illuminati). Also Cap is not the same good soldier from the 1940's and maybe part of this change was the fact of him questioning the Democarcy he fought for and seeking what he sought as true justice (i.e. his decision to fight against the registration act). This could show Cap being his own man breaking free of the the identity as the face of America, and defining himself not letting his country define him. I was wrong when I thought Cap was right, because

    even Cap agreed that he was wrong in the end his quest to seek true justice at the cost of the American people was selfish. With reference to when he beat up the Punisher, Cap said he was not like him but his actions during Civil War proved differently. He gave up his freedom of self-defintion for national security that this a leftist ideal. I guess I gave into the idea that most do, since he is Captain America he is always right. Yes, you are right that Cap was wrong with all the nonsense aside. But with all of the nonsense in the mix it looks like what Cap fought for was right. So I fold I am not going to agrue my points, because after further thought, THEY WERE NOT VALID!!!!

  16. I have been asking a number of question to hasbros ''ask hasbro'' section of its website and its been quite helpfull but i sentone saying are you making a storm, and they sent back ''hasbro is not planning on making a storm figures at this time'' however i got one back the other day saying ''my idea for a storm figure has been noted and taken into deep consideration, thankyou'' so mmmm i think their is still hope for her.


    i asked about the spiderman wave two with sandman and shoker and we will see them in may-june.


    also england will see ironman movie figures around the time of release of the film and will be instores like, woolworths, argos, tesco's.


    has anyone alse used the q & a from hasbro website and been told anything interesting.


    i should ask if the nemesis wave is canceled.


    My advice is wait two weeks for New York Comicon to come around. New York Comicon is one of the Big three cons for toy collectors, Alot of your question will be answered then. Be patient, we waited four months now to hear about whats going on with wave four. What's another two weeks?

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