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  1. Here are the release months but not dates Nemesis wave December (walmart exclusive) Red Hulk Wave September (target exclusive) All two packs in the fall (September-October), Forge and Wolverine, Kree Soldier & Super Skrull, Ult. Cap and Nick Fury, Hand Ninja & Shield Agent, and Elektra & Ronin (Skrull Variants). First Hulk wave August, second September or October Spider-man Hereos and Villians August Iron Man Movie wave two September
  2. All i have to say is ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME HAsbro!!! I Like. I like ALOT!!!! RED Hulk....WOW! Grey HULK ....WOW!! 2 Packs.WOW WOW!! Articulation on all figs.....F*kin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Got our Messages & Our attention!!!!! Now Bring it on!!! What is the BAF for the SPIRAL asss.???????? Any one Know???? Sorry to drop a bomb on you but the red Hulk is the BAF.
  3. They just traded that with Marvel Unleashed to save money on plastic.
  4. of course! people can easily decide based on those pics that is toxin, he is often skinny in the comic, and i did notice that black suit spidey, its weird.... lol and i have a couple questions 1. is the nick fury sheild agents a variant, or just an extra head?!?!?!?! because the card at his feet says, Sheild agent (fury), and ninja (red) , is this implying the fury is sold as a variant with a different color hand ninja?? 2. why doses this new mcfarlaine spiderman re-release kinda look like a stan lee spidey mold??? is that how his hands and arms and feet
  5. You're the custom wiz that should be no problem for you. I recently purchased new silver paint. Need to get some translucent blue. Bring 'em on! Thats the spirit!
  6. So much good stuff is coming out. I am glad I have all summer to save up, I plan on spending like 300 to 400 dollars on Marvel Legends stuff! But this something I like doing so I will make a way to get them. Save, Save, Save is the saying for summer no Starbucks, and no eating out. It will be worth it though.
  7. I am hoping for these, but problably won't happen A Modern Thor and Destoyer, Odin and Surftur I think these are likely because they already have scuplts of these and is Hasbro price friendly (and they are Secret Invasion related) Black Bolt and Daredevil with Skrull variants (that has various power attachments flaming hands, wolverine claws, mystic energy hands, strechy arms, ect.)
  8. i know WTF????????? if anything it should've been the face-off hulk. *%$#@ you hasblow!!!!!. plus now we have a 6" scale hulk who has to fight a tiny abomination, cause you know they won't make a 6" scale abomination, they barely made a 6" scale hulk. cheap *$#%@ bastards WAH WAH WAH!!! @bH@ GD there are some WHINERS on this website. Just a couple of days everyone was worried that Marvel Legends were cancelled and now Hasbro pretty much dropped a plethora of new Marvel Legends previews on us at the NYCC con and your CRYING about not getting another 6" scale Hulk. NEWSFLASH!!! T
  9. Thanks target exec now I can get the Red Hulk I have been yearning for since the end of World War Hulk. Plus we don't need a Thanos, the Marvel Select one is fine, though it is 7 inch scale Thanos is a big guy anyway. I plan on getting that Marvel select Thanos this summer he will fit in well with wave 4 (its wave four because this series comes before Nemesis) Adam Warlock. Well thats my rant for the day. I'm happy unlike the old Legends collectors I don't have any wolverines or hulks (except Planet Hulk) so I am actually getting stuff I don't have.
  10. I'm hoping for a Wolverine line so I can get a Deadpool and Gambit at a good price, along with a cool Sabertooth. I'm a new collector so I am always for reissues of stuff that I missed. Plus Wolverine has been with so many heroes and people, alot of figures can apply to a line that deals with him. Look at the Wolverine Origins comic line, what people have not been in this series of Comics? A Wolverine line so alot of potential for alot of cool figures.
  11. I agree it looks like Hasbro is making better business moves so that more of thier products will sell. Wave one and 1.5 of the Iron Man figures have all summer to get sold then, they are bringing in new product little by little to assure that we are not overwhelmed, also the Nemesis wave will problably be in January after the fall prodcuts get wiped out by holiday shoppers. It is really a better business move on Hasbro's part.
  12. Don't give up on the Wrecking crew, I bet that they will put half in one two pack and half in the other. Even then it would sell like wild fire.
  13. Well alot of us have been saying that we wanted it and also Warpath, who I see in the very near furture.
  14. Besides, Iron Man armors I collect everything MOC, but for that Red Hulk who I ranted about for some months I now have to made and exception. Now I have to buy two of wave four or five (whatever it is). Is anyone else excited about this BAF?
  15. Toxin is either solid red or solid black Carnage is a mixture of both besides look at the label it says "carnage" on it.
  16. No thats Carnage, it said it on the label that was in front of it. Besides Toxin has Venom's teeth and is all black/dark Blue on his abodomen, forearms & hands, and legs below the knees. If that is supposed to be Toxin they are better off reissuing the the Toybiz one like they did for Super Skrull (who is coming back in Secret Invasion, awesome!).
  17. We all have to wait they are not coming out until September.
  18. Well if you go on Marvelousnews site and look at the pictures posted, all of the Hulk wave figures shown are indeed 20 dollars. They are big figures, oil is high right now what do you expect? If that was a typo they had typos on every Hulk wave figure that was displayed. It is just for this wave because Hasbro doesn't like using alot of plastic, and with the way the economy is right now I can understand, so now we have to pay. We can try to petition it but once that wave hits shelves we would all cop out in the first hour. @loll@
  19. You're the custom wiz that should be no problem for you.
  20. Yeah, I have all of the ML armors except for modern, and the series one variants. They are going to be real good additions especially that Satellite one.
  21. So we are getting a Captain America Armor, Heavy duty Stealth armor, and Satellite Armor. Here's the link to see pictures! When I saw my jaw dropped, these are repaints to the next level! http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mod...2F&start=40
  22. Its inflation, oh well, just as many are made about oil prices, us collectors are made about the increase in figure price. Here is my advice get the hulk figures you want and trade for or buy the other BAF peices that you need. Let us play the game, lets not have the game play us. "There is more than one way to skin a cat," as old people always seem to say.
  23. Just as the Spider-man 3 figures, the Hulk figures will be redeemed in thier own Legends Wave. Except for Spider-man 3 the Sandman BAF brought it back down again, well anyway disregard these movie figures they do not exist. @loll@ Is my hypnosis doing anyhthing for you? The first time I saw these I just looked over them to the point of non-existence, I just want my King Hulk, Absorbing Man, Ed Mcguinness Hulk, and Red Hulk thats going to be in Series 5 (damn thats going to be 70 dollars before tax!). Just ignore these "abominations" @loll@ . Abomination reffering to Hulk figures, that wa
  24. Wow your collection is beyond impressive, I must say.
  25. on their way to MYCC ill bet. im hoping the use the box set sue, since its got the best hip sculpt imo. The forge and wolverine are awesome, and so is Elektra and Ronin. I am getting both and also the Skrull variants for Elektra and Ronin.
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