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  1. What makes the whole thing ironic is that while some here complain about the toy-only armors and want only comic-based stuff, some of the creators complain about the variety of armors in the comics. For years, Bob Layton has vocally stated his disdain for Hulkbuster armor, not seeming to realize (or care) that it is one of the most popular armor variations.


    Well, Bob Layton had a very specific idea/vision for how Iron Man's armor should evolve, and while it actually makes a lot of sense, it wouldn't make for a very interesting looking hero, visually speaking.


    Basically, Layton believes that miniaturization and streamlining was the way "more advanced technology" would go, so the suit would progressively become less and less bulky (but more powerful) until Iron Man basically ended up looking like the Silver Surfer or Captain Atom.


    So he's often expressed a dislike towards any suit that's bulkier or larger than previous incarnations, because he sees it as a "step backwards" technologically speaking.


    But isn't that kind of the route of Extremis, which has alot of potential and needs less armor variations. It's just that the Marvel writers haven't fully explored this potential if they do, I could see Layton ideal coming to furition. What if Stark was able to control Extremis so well it became a sort of second skin like the sybiote for Spider-man.

  2. I just realized the Red King is not in this line. I get Red Hulk, King Hulk, Grey Hulk, Absorbing Man, and Silver Savage this fall this year would have been perfect if I got the Red King. As Darth Vader said in episode three, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. I'm happy that the Series 16 Venom is getting re-released because I was just about to start on an Ebay hunt for him or is his case "them" @loll@ . That is the best Venom by far because it is the most comic accurate. Come August him/them and the Iron Spider Mans will be mine!

  4. on when the various waves for 08 are coming out, who will be in them, and if they'll be a Target or Walmart, or whatever exclusive?


    I haven't been keeping track of the latest news lately. Or some kind of link that'll tell me when what will be coming. Thanks!


    August Spider-Man

    September Red Hulk wave (target exclusive)

    Sept (Iron Man movie wave 2)

    Sept-Oct(two packs Shield agent/Nick Fury and Hand ninja, Skrull & Kree, Elektra & Ronin, Forge & Wolverine, Ultimate Cap & Nick Fury).

    Sept First Hulk Wave (everywhere)

    Oct Second Hulk wave(everywhere)

    December Nemesis Wave (walmart exclusive)


    This may change mind you.

  5. You guys know that the 'Captain America armor' is, technically speaking, based on the comic books, right?


    "Iron America" is a pretty sweet image, IMO.



    wait, is that steve rodgers in a suit? or tony stark as cap?

    steve rodgers, its from the civil war What If? arc, its a gift from tony to steve before tony died


    Well, I suppose you could always also use it as a Capbuster Armour too(At least, that's what I'm thinking of doing when I get it). I mean he's already got a Hulkbuster and Thorbuster Armours. Man, Tony must have trust issues or something, particularly with his fellow Avengers.


    As for the Satellite Armour, while I do think the colours look good, I have to admit I'm a little puzzle as to why Tony would require such a armour. I'm sure Hasbro will have a little bio that will explain it once the figure comes out though. But my guess is that since it's call Satellite Armour, it's either a armour specifically design to deal with deadly Satalites(I mean, it has happened once and a while, where Tony must deal with a deadly Satalitte. The storyline in the 1980's comics of A.I.M. taking over a Stark Statlitte and using it as a weapon to take out a small nation comes to mind with me. Also, in the 2nd season of the 1990's Iron Man Cartoon, a scientist did the mistake of working with A.I.M. to create a space station/statalite which A.I.M. eventually had plans of taking over to use against the world), stronger abilitiy to hack into other satellites when he's in space, or the Armour can act like a Satellite it's self, by transmitting and recieving data and what not. Yeah, I'm aware that it these suggestions sound kind of silly, but that's my guess.


    In that list of Iron Man figures, I'm curious as to how the War Machine figure will look different from the Wal-mart Exclusive Sleath Operations Suit figures. I mean, the War Machine figure I'm sure will be a mass release, but still.



    I just remebered there is no point for a Satellite armor with Extremis around. They should have just did a different sculpt for Extremis and call it a day. A comic accurate Extremis would fly off the shelves no problem. Extremis problably does the same as satellite armor and then some.

  6. When I first heard Venom was in Spider-man 3 I was hoping that Sandman was going to be the main focus and also the conflict of the Symbiote with Peter. That alone would have been enough storyline, I always thought it would have been better to introduce Venom at the end and give a whole movie to him and Spidey. Then from there introduce Carnage in another movie then have a Toxin movie where Pat Milligan is the main role along with the other symbiotes and Spider-man is secondary. But a Venom movie can produce at least 2 more good movies such as a Maximum Carnage, and also a Toxin movie. This is how it would be in my perfect world, but my proposal is very unlikely even though it is a blockbuster idea!

  7. i really like these figures i have the snap on armor iron man,war machine,repulsor red(which i just call silver centurion,an the red and gold shellhead.....the only thing that dissapoints me is the leg articulation if hasbro could fix that these toys would be perfect in my opinion

    have you seen the new ones?









    Nice new armors but how about an all blue Stealth? If I weren't an Iron Man fanatic I'd think these repaints are driving towards Stupid Avenue. I'd say enough already but I know I'll get these anyway. I'd like a comic Iron Man line with some more size to the character though. They could start with the armors in the new video game (especially Hulkbuster).


    Check out my thread they are making a Hulkbuster armor, and more than one stealth armor. Someone posted the UPCs on the thread, check out the list.

  8. All these Iron Man armors remind me of the 90's when they had Iron Man animated series line. There were so many armros in that line, but since I was only little and my mom wasn't rich I wouldn't get all of them. The thing with those amrors was that they all were repaints but each had different interchangable parts to make them look different. I hope Hasbro does some more scuplts or at the very least different interchanable parts to make them look different.


    Almost none of those armor were repaints. All were diffeent except for Warmachine 1, 2 and 3 (different heads and paint) and the two versions of the stealth suit. The great thing about the line was that all the armor pieces were interchangable from on figure to the next.

    Actually, to get really technical, the only repaints in the entire line were the base figures of War Machine 1 and 2. Unmasked WM and Marvel vs. Capcom WM were repaints, but not technically part of the Iron Man line. Same with Night Armor Iron Man, who was a repaint of Hologram (Silver Centurion) armor, but again, in another line.


    Sadly, gone are the days of only two repaints (and partial ones at that) in nearly 30 figures... Especially when 12 of those figures are Iron Man/War Machine. Luckily, I still have the whole line, all the 'add-on' figures, and a boatload of customs to keep me happy. :)




    Maybe Hasbro will take this approach for the other figures they are doing. You have the collection that I wanted when i was a kid, oh well I guess my collection will be a Toybiz/Hasbro hybrid. As far as size goes the Hasbro Iron Mans look ok when placed in groups mixed with toybiz figures. But after this fall I will have a pretty good collection but not as good as this one though this one is awesome! But take notes Hasbro that is how you really do an Iron Man line! Repaints are fine but different sculpt and interchangable parts skyrocket the quality. Not to say I don't like the repaints (it saves me time and money to re-paint them myself).

  9. If you are an international person this is great, because now you don't have to pay outrageous ebay prices. But since i live in the U.S. I think I'll wait until they get here. They should be everywhere just like the two packs were last fall. It's cool there are actually two packs I want to buy this year unlike last year.

  10. All these Iron Man armors remind me of the 90's when they had Iron Man animated series line. There were so many armros in that line, but since I was only little and my mom wasn't rich I wouldn't get all of them. The thing with those amrors was that they all were repaints but each had different interchangable parts to make them look different. I hope Hasbro does some more scuplts or at the very least different interchanable parts to make them look different.

  11. ya but theres even more than Hulkbuster and hydro armor, theres FA iron monger(probably blue repaint), heres the original post:
    So I took the upc for Iron Man off Marvelousnews and went to work today at Walmart, and under the cross reference (Which when ive posted on Legends and SHS wound up being 99% true) and found a bunch of ones not yet announced.. now with a limited line like movie figures, they may not come out but here we go...


    IM GOLD MARK I SUIT UPC 65356935894

    IM HEAVY ARTILLARY I UPC 65356935849

    IM DEEP SEA ARMOR UPC 65356935848

    IM TORPERDO ARMOR UPC 65356934610

    IM SATELLITE ARMOR UPC 65356934612

    IM STEALTH ARMOR UPC 65356934615

    IM WAR MACHINE UPC 65356935905(not the same as the walmart exclusive)

    IM INFERNO ARMOR UPC 65356935907



    IM IRON MOGER UPC 65356935904(different from the current monger)

    IM AF TITANIUM MAN UPC 65356929740

    IM STEALTH OP SUIT UPC 65356929262


    And personally what i want the most:


    IM CAPT AMERICA ARMO UPC 65356934611!

    So like i said usually my findings are true, but movie lines may not pan out..."

    and i think so far hes been pretty on the spot



    Well I better start saving! That is alot of stuff! We will see if Hasbro pull through with all this stuff, if so I think my armory is going to be as big as the one on the Iron Man animated movie that just came out, hopefully they are not all just repaints but if they are I'll pick and choose the best ones. I'm kind of upset that Extremis isn't on the list. Well you can't have everything you want, oh well.

  12. Well I also heard they are doing a Hulkbuster armor, and Hyrdo Armor.

    Now for those two I can't see them using repaints because Hulkbuster is to large to do that and Hyrdo amror has a different look that wouldn't be able to pass with the repaint look. Hulkbuster will problably be the size of Iron Monger (hopefully it is the comic accurate one for WWH, yeah right :rolleyes: ).

  13. 95 DAYS TIL SDCC 2008 @yipee@ @purpbananna# @bananna@ @purpbananna# @bananna@ @purpbananna# @bananna@ @peace@ @peace@



    Wow, I love the banana guys! It reminds me of the Family Guy episode, "Peanut butter jelly time. Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat! Where he at, where he at?! Now there he go now, there he go!" @loll@

  14. Here's the EASIEST way to approach the release schedules thing:


    Forget about release schedules.



    They are estimates anyway, seldom exactly adhered to for MANY reasons, and when the dates come and pass its just a bitchfest from the whiners.


    Best way to handle it is to watch forums like this for the word from other collectors--especially those overseas in the Far East who tend to find them first. That gives you a window of when to expect the stuff over here, and from there own its just watching for reports as the stuff hits, plus your own hunting routines if you choose to toy-hunt at brick & mortars.


    Save up your dollars starting now, so that when the stuff you want hits you'll be able to get it without hurting your budget.


    So you think it's ok for Hasbro to not release a single ML figure for 9 straight

    months? (as they are doing) And that people shouldn't whine or be pissed off at

    Hasbro's idiotic release schedule?



    Well from what was posted on Marvelousnews, they are reworking thier marketing for Marvel Legends so it wouldn't be like last year were alot of the waves sat on the shelves. They are learning how to do Marvel Legends better, we should give them a break on the fact that we are getting our product late, because it looks like they are listening to our wants and doing things that we have been begging for. So what if they are coming out nine months late, we have time and opportunity to save money (which is important becuase there are almost 50 figures slated for fall and winter). So don't be angry at least they are inclining thier ear to listen, then doing what we actually want. So for at least a week can we cut Hasbro a break, we are getting real awesome stuff, its going to be like a 5 month long Christmas when all this stuff comes out. (except we are paying for it)

  15. Here are the release months but not dates


    Nemesis wave December (walmart exclusive)

    Red Hulk Wave September (target exclusive)

    All two packs in the fall (September-October), Forge and Wolverine, Kree Soldier & Super Skrull, Ult. Cap and Nick Fury, Hand Ninja & Shield Agent, and Elektra & Ronin (Skrull Variants).

    First Hulk wave August, second September or October

    Spider-man Hereos and Villians August

    Iron Man Movie wave two September

  16. Things Im worried/thinking about is:


    1) How hard it will be to find these figures when they come out. Think about it... they all come out during the Christmas shopping season.. . which is the scalpers favorite time of the year. I say GL finding these on the shelves before January 1st.


    2) Hasbro seems to really be stepping up with the ML's, but whats up with the Gold/Silver Variants for Spiral?


    3) Whats up with the crazy colored arm for the Skrull???



    All i have to say is ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ABOUT TIME HAsbro!!!


    I Like. I like ALOT!!!!

    RED Hulk....WOW! Grey HULK ....WOW!!

    2 Packs.WOW WOW!!

    Articulation on all figs.....F*kin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Got our Messages & Our attention!!!!!

    Now Bring it on!!!


    What is the BAF for the SPIRAL asss.???????? Any one Know????



    Sorry to drop a bomb on you but the red Hulk is the BAF.

  17. okay can we agree to disagree? i don't really want this to turn into another lemonhead disaster.

    of course! people can easily decide based on those pics



    yes it is carnage. it was first sculpted for a carnage and since nothing ever changes with hasbro , so it stays carnage for me. what i wanna know, on the picture there is another black suited spider-man in the back. the white spider looks a lot like the ultimate clone saga spiderman without the six arms. did anyone noticed that?




    that is toxin, he is often skinny in the comic,

    and i did notice that black suit spidey, its weird.... lol



    and i have a couple questions :)


    1. is the nick fury sheild agents a variant, or just an extra head?!?!?!?! because the card at his feet says, Sheild agent (fury), and ninja (red) , is this implying the fury is sold as a variant with a different color hand ninja??


    2. why doses this new mcfarlaine spiderman re-release kinda look like a stan lee spidey mold??? is that how his hands and arms and feet look, ive never seen him in person before, and why did they repaint him that color???? they should have a variant painted as the origional lighter blue,


    3.why is it only now that these new iron spideys are being released that you can have the scarlet spiders??? dont they all look the same? couldnt you have just bought 3 of the spiderman origins one?? is one like clear and one like each of the other colors??? why is there a clear variant? was that in the comics??? what is the deal on the scarlet spiders??




    To speak on your first statement look at the label it says Carnage on it


    Question 1 the sheild agent comes with interchangable heads and things to look like Nick Fury or a Shield agent

    Question 2 Don't know

    Question 3 They are re-releasing the Iron Spider-Man sculpt for the Scarlet Spiders because they were in Avengers Initiative.

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