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  1. I hope you guys realize I was exaggerating, I don't mind the break from ML's I rather save my money for school and reserve some for legends, this is a major heads up to me because once the figures come out I will already have the money one hand. As far as doing customs goes that is problably more exspensive and time consuming than just buying ML figures, especially when you put in for buying figures to get certain parts, paint, the apoxy mold, glue, paint brushes. It really adds up not to mention if you want to do it the correct way you have to pay for the correct and adequate materials. I really like collecting Legends but the money time and effort it takes to do customs is not for me. I rather just buy of figures. But if I wasn't a hardcore MOC collector buying figures all summer wouldn't be so bad. I just rather buy them little by little in the summer than in bulk at one time. But saving is not bad it is a good habit to build. So guys don't think I am some whining collector who has no life and is in panic because there a no Legends to buy this summer.
  2. Son of Hulk is the son of Ciara and Hulk back from Planet Hulk. I guess Son of Hulk had a healing factor like his dad and was able to survive the explosion even as a fetus at the end of Planet Hulk. But the Son of Hulk series doesn't start until June you should pick it up and all your questions will be answered. Also they show Son of Hulk at the end of World War Hulk.
  3. Well people I have talked to prefer the Ultimate Nick Fury over the regular Nick Fury. Also if Nick Fury had been around since WWII don't you think he would be able to move up in rank over the years and in other wars? That seems logical to me. Anyway Ultimate Nick Fury is easier to relate to and wouldn't be over 60 years old. As a side note Sam Jackson is a great actor and will do Nick Fury justice in the Avengers movie, Marvel movies don't have to stick to the 616 universe. Marvel movies seem to be creating another alternate Marvel universe within themselves. Don't be a complaining fanboy that wants everything perfect, give Marvel due credit for at least trying to create continuity in the Avengers movie (which is not going to be in the DC Justice League movie by the way). Who cares if its Ultimate Nick Fury, its Nick Fury a really good character in both the Ultimate and 616 Universe.
  4. He's a good guy. And he hates Carnage and Venom. Toxin almost killed Carnage in their first encounter, but Pat Mulligan had a conscience and couldn't kill him. In the end of the Toxin miniseries he shows his wife that he is a symbiote and the reason why he left her and his child to protect them from himself or themselves (however you are supposed to say it).
  5. But over 90% of my stuff is MOC there is not much I can do with it, besides maybe display it differently. And if your hobby is collecting Marvel Legends, you have to buy them in order to collect them. Isn't that the hobby accumulating figures to display and enjoy. So if the line was cancelled then the hobby would end. Just like reading comics if they stop making comics then you can't get more to read, and therefore you would have no means to perpetuate the hobby.
  6. I thought it was really well made. It was a very good movie rendition of Tony Stark who Robert Downing Jr. played to a tee. I love that Sam Jackson is Ultimate Nick Fury, absolutely perfect for that part. This is off subject but I heard the Avengers movie 2010 followed by a Cap, Thor, and Iron Man 2 movie. I like the way Marvel films is heading. The movie stayed with the comic story line and showed itself well.
  7. Since NYCC we have found out there will not be any Marvel Legends until August. I don't know what I am going to do. I was hoping for somehting in the summer. Now all I can do is save. I thought it might be a grand time to hunt for rare figures since I'll have some leftover money even after saving. What are you going to do now that we have no new legends for sale in the summer?
  8. No need to be harsh I said I was sorry, after further thought on the issue. I realize Ares doesn't use a gun. Matter fact Ares being the Red Hulk makes no sense at all. Thanks for rubbing in my ignorance. Once again I am sorry for wasting space on the forum with this stupid topic.
  9. Sorry guys this is my first time posting something like this. I will make sure I put spoiler next time.
  10. Cap was found on ice not only in the Ultimate Universe but also in the original Marvel Universe that is what pushed the Avengers to be formed. So actually the Ultimates were taking pages from Marvel's original story line. Check out the graphic novel Marvels (Alex Ross did all the art) it gives you a brief history of the Avengers and many others.
  11. I saw it in person its about 8 inches maybe.
  12. I might get that Marvel Legends Hulk from Target thats about it though.
  13. Well I just read Cup o' Joe today and looks like Red Hulk is Ares. Why in the world is Ares the Red Hulk?
  14. Samuel L. Jackson with and eye patch as Nick Fury @loll@ I love it! I have noticed people perfer the Black Nick Fury (Ultimate Nick Fury) over the White grey temples Nick Fury. I think both are badA$$. I guess having the Ultimate Nick Fury is just a reason to have a good actor such as Samuel L. Jackson play him. So we are getting Cap next year, Thor in problably the near future. The Avengers movie is going to be awesome. They are going to thaw out Cap just like the did in the comics. Because what I heard was this is Cap in WWII so he is going to die, then come back in the Avengers movie. Hank and Wasp will problably be introduced in the the Avengers movie. Wow they are actually doing actual work to make a good Avengers movie.
  15. I guess it is a new symbiote. From what they said at NYCC Toxin is coming back too. By the way "Anti Venom" is a horrible name why not just call him "Anedote" instead? That is just as corny. @loll@ From the looks of this Anti Venom, he looks like Carnage with a Venom feel. Maybe this Anti Venom is the offspring of Toxin. Who knows Secret Invasion is already enough to think about.
  16. My pleasure. No, I'm not a student or a professor. I do have an MBA, and 12 years experience in marketing and sales. #US1# Actually, let me make a change to something I previously stated about HASBRO's distribution. HASBRO most certainly DOES sell directly to the retailers. In fact, HASBRO sells directly to you and me, the end users, via the internet. So it would appear that they do all of their own distribution without going through wholesalers. Makes complete sense; HASBRO is a big company, they'd understand how it works. What's also interesting is that HASBRO sells direct to consumers at the same price that retailers sell to you on the pegs, the "SRP" (plus, of course, shipping). That would imply that they make more per figure by selling direct than by selling to a retail outlet. Again, this also makes sense. The retail outlet buys far more figures than you or me, so they get a break on the price at which they purchase from the manufacturer. In economics, that's known as "economies of scale". Basically, the more you buy, the less you pay for each item. It's a direct demonstration of price elasticity and margins. You've probably seen this yourself, on a smaller scale, at retail outlets and grocery stores, you know, "Buy 3, get the 4th for Free!", things like that. I forgot about the fact that they do sell via internet. So there is no wholesaler involved which gives them more profit. So in fact we should badger Hasbro's marketing department for what we want because it is indeed them making the decision of what is manufactured and not the retailer. Well I guess there is nothing wrong with the Hasbro we want threads. Thanks again for your insight!
  17. You've asked a lot of good questions. Let me see if I can answer them for you. First (and generally speaking), the manufacturer makes their money by selling to wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers are often "middlemen". They sell directly to the retailers. The retailers (TRU, Target, WalMart) are, for the most part, the ones who sell to you and me. So why do we need wholesalers? Well, for the most part, the wholesalers are often responsible for distribution (Like DIAMOND). They make sure the product gets to the retailers shelves. Some industries cut out the middle-men, and sell directly to the retailers. That's generally good for you and me, because it cuts out a layer of cost. I honestly have no idea if HASBRO relies on wholesalers, or ships direct to retailers. Shipping direct to retailers can often be a logistics hassle, which is why some companies prefer to go through wholesale distributors. Anyway, this means that there are generally 4 levels of price involved in an action figure: 1. COGS. This means "cost of goods sold". It is the average cost to the manufacturer of producing one (1) figure. It involves everything from the cost of plastic (which involves it's own shipping and wholesaler network) to the labor required to construct the figure. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that a LEGENDS figure costs $1.00 to produce (COGS = $1.00) 2. Wholesale Acquisition Cost (often referred to as the "WAC" cost). This is the price that the wholesaler pays to the manufacturer for each figure. Manufacturer's want to make a profit, so let's say, for the sake of argument, that the WAC for a LEGENDS figure is $2.00. WAC ($2.00) - COGS ($1.00) = $1.00 profit to the manufacturer. For each figure produced and sold, the manufacturer has now made $1.00. Make 1 million figures, earn 1 million dollars. Easy, right? 3. Retail acquisition cost (I have no idea if this is referred to as "RAC"; I don't think it is). Basically, the same logic applies as in the previous example, just moved forward by one level. The wholesaler sells a figure to a retail outlet for, let's say, $3.00 per figure. Now, the wholesaler has also made a profit (in this case, $1.00 per figure). 4. SRP. This is the "Suggested Retail Price". It's generally the level that the manufacturer recommends that the product be sold at on the retail pegs. In most cases, this is the price that's used (however, with cars as the best example, it's often only a benchmark for negotiations). The SRP is higher than the retail acquisition cost so the retailer can make money. So by the time the product is in your hands, the manufacturer has made their money. It's the retailer's responsibility to move the product. Of course, this is highly simplistic. There's all kinds of wrinkles to the relationship between manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. Manufacturers push the SRP so they can maintain a particular price at the front-end with the wholesaler. Wholesalers often have "buy-back" deals with retailers to reimburse them for unsold merchandise. That's why you often see older LEGENDS waves popping up at places like KB TOYS, or drug-stores. Generally, these are products that the wholesaler has taken-back from the retailer, and has now moved to a secondary retail outlet (who generally sell at a lower price than when the product first hit the pegs). In addition, sometimes a retailer may be forced to take a loss on merchandise in order to procure a better deal next time, or to maintain exclusivity, etc. Now, as far as how the figures are selected...That's Market Research. Let me get to that tomorrow. My fingers are bleeding. #US1# Thanks for such a good answer, this has allowed me to see how companies like Hasbro really make thier money and the retailer relationship to such companies. This made alot of sense. Are you a marketing or business major at a university by any chance? If so you should think of career in teaching.
  18. My eyes lit up when I saw that. I hope one day I can get one.
  19. Really by whom? I haven't really kept up with Spidey since they pulled that crap in brand new day @hmmm@ . I am really excited for this from what Marvel was saying there is going to be a symboite war, and since I was seven years old I have loved Symbiote fights. This would be a good reason to look over "brand new day" and start reading Amazing Spider-man again. Marvel don't mess this one up!
  20. 10 bucks for these figures, look at the labels from the NYCC picks on Marvelousnews only the Hulk wave is 15 because the Foom peices are large as well as the figures (as everyone knows this is due to oil prices, blame a stupid war and a economic recession for that).
  21. So you think it looks like total crap, but you're still going to buy it on clearance? ...weird. what weird is people buying them on clearance period? Don't they realise that why the series is failing (well according to some.) if you can't pay the price then don't collect. So, in other words...Never, ever look for a bargain?? And if you do, you're somehow responsible for the line's potential demise??? That's ILLOGICAL. By the time a figure is on the pegs, it's ALREADY been sold, and the manufacturer has ALREADY made their money. It makes no difference whether or not it sells at the SRP ("suggested retail price"), or a marked-down sale price. And, even if it's sold at a discounted price, the retailer still makes money because the retail price is always marked-up from the wholesale price. In other words, what they buy for, say, $2.50 from HASBRO, they sell to you for $9.99 + tax. Even if it's on sales, they're still making a profit, and if the line is profitable, it'll keep being manufactured and sold to consumers. #US1# Very insightful, I did not know that, I am not being sarcastic I did not know that. I always wondered how the manufacturer makes thier money. So Hasbro releases stuff based on what the retailer wants, which is what they think we want? Is that why the Iron man figure are good, and we are getting a Red Hulk BAF, Hulk wave, and limited Edition Hulk because they are popular characters with collector and kids and the retailers want them for sales? So the consumer overall doesn't have really any say in what is distributed. So what is the point of us always doing the Hasbro we want threads? Don't get mad at me I am just wondering.
  22. I just checked Marvel's site and this issue of Hulk isn't coming out until the last week of June. @grumpy@ Oh man.
  23. I don't have a Green Goblin so I am going to pick him up.
  24. Yeah I think the Spider-Man that was shown at the NYCC looks like the exact same Spidey that he is talking about. I would wait it's more convenient to buy at the store rather than pay over the standard 10 dollars plus shipping cost. August isn't that far away here is a link to the one that was at NYCC http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mod...00&start=60 I don't think they will cancel the line before August. Truth be told they should have released the stuff at NYCC first rather than the other Spider-Man 3 reissues of figures in 6 inch scale.
  25. I suspect May 1st. Well no time to petition. @loll@ I wish they would have used Face Off Hulk. Most of the figures I was going to hunt online for are coming out this fall. Which is the enormous Venom, Iron Spidey, and Green Goblin. And I am getting alot of stuff that was on my wish list this year like the bAda$$ Red Hulk, King Hulk, Grey Hulk, Black Bolt, Daredevil, Punisher, Beast, Silver Savage, Black Wolverine, Adam Warlock, Skrull Variants of figures, another Super Skrull, and Absorbing Man. So I am almost going to have a perfect year. Maybe some other time for Face Off Hulk.
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