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  1. I'm sure I'll be the minority here, but I really LOVE this line. I didn't think they looked as good as DCUC, but once I opened them up, boy was I wrong. I had to do a side by side comparison with History figures versus DCUC for myself, and I gotta tell you, the "History" figures look fantastic out of the package. The sculpts are very well done actually. There are tiny details where there need to be, such as with Black Lightning's belt or The Creeper's furry gloves and boots, yet the simple, rounded anatomy gives them a classic comic-book look that is lost on some of todays figures, which IMO are sometimes TOO detailed. I don't care how tight your spandex is, you just simply don't see every vein on a persons body through fabric. The articulation could have been better, but it's more hidden than it is on the DCUC, and I like that. I think most of us collectors aren't playing with our figures much anyway. If you're like me, you pose 'em a few times, and they end up on the shelf, and boy do these look good on the shelf! I personally love the new buck body, as it really makes the line consistent. I'm sure we'll be getting a new slender buck, a teen buck, and a female buck at some point, but the parts reuse is a good thing, not a bad thing. It will help keep costs down and insure a greater variety of characters get made. As far as the paint goes, it is just perfect. I couldn't find a single flaw on any of the figures from wave 1 or 2. I cannot say the same with the Mattel figures. I also like the large, chunky feel of the "History" figures. They've got a nice weight to them, and feel like you're getting your money's worth. The size reminds me a lot of the way the Super Powers figures felt in my hands as a child. All said, I think this is a great line, and hope it lasts a lomg time. I encourage anyone having second thoughts to pick up at least one. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  2. Actually, its a really lousy reason. All it does is hurt you and other consumers that want the sets, because to combat piracy issues they raise the prices when it finally does get released here. It also sets a precedent within the distributors minds to withhold certain items longer or not carry them at all. In most cases, if you go with a pirated version you will buy a tainted copy, usually a lesser quality print, and will miss out on extras that might otherwise be added in to a legit set. If that means nothing to you, it probably means something to other fans and collectors around you so you are not hurting Marvel, you are hurting your fellow fans. So the HAHA is on you, not anyone else. No, the HAHA is on the greedy corporate pricks who won't settle their petty disputes, and don't care at all what the fans want. Why do you think the 1966 Batman TV show hasn't been released? 20th Century Fox owns the show, but WB owns Batman. Both want the biggest piece of the pie, and neither of them will budge, so we all do without. Screw that. I've waited almost ten years, and that's long enough. I bought the entire series on bootleg DVD. Is the quality lesser? Sure. But if my only choice is a lesser quality DVD or no DVD at all...well, it's really not too difficult is it?
  3. That's the best reason to buy bootlegs and shove them in Marvel's face with a big HAHA. When they see how much money they're losing, they'll do something. Bottom line, if they're not going to give me what I want, I will find it elsewhere...legal or not.
  4. That's only if you live in ANY other country besides the U.S.!!! WTF MARVEL!? I want my Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, Incredible Hulk, Spider-woman, Fantastic Four, and every other show...NOW. You give them to the rest of the freaking world and continually screw us! What gives?!
  5. It'll NEVER happen. Mego had a one-of-a-kind deal with Marvel and DC, the kind of deal that has repeatedly been said to be impossible to reach ever since Even if just Marvel went in on the deal, why should they? They have a master toy license deal with Hasbro that began with a product very similar to Megos ( Spiderman Origins)..and it failed. EMCE is producing product for a very niche market ( collectors) and in lower unit runs, and straight repros of the Marvel Mego toys wouldn't look that appealing compared to stuff like Origins. EMCE is better off sticking to the Enterprise crew and Apes. Says who? Hate to tell you, but it's the old guys like me who spend the biggest MONEY in this hobby, not baby Warcraft asking mommy to buy his Legends for him. I'll take Megos any day over the new crap that comes out. And EMCE toys is part of Diamond, who makes plenty of Marvel product...It WILL happen, because we (old) fans of EMCE want it to happen, and neither EMCE nor Diamond is stupid enough to pass up the gold mine they're sitting on with WGSH.
  6. EMCE toys!! With the success of their reissued MEGO Star Trek figures, EMCE has also brought back the classic Planet of the Apes, and is now doing all new Night of the Living Dead figures. Reissues of the World's Greatest Super Heroes can't be far behind. Imagine all those classic figures, plus great new characters...I can't wait. I think Hasbro has stuck a fork in themselves...they're done.
  7. The 1982 Incredible Hulk cartoon hands down...great animation, especially the transformation sequences. Very faithful to the comics, good cast of supporting characters, great voice acting and fantastic music, not to mention the best Hulk growl EVER...plus narration by Stan Lee! This one had it all, including a kick-ass opening sequence.
  8. My friend who works at K-mart told me they are clearancing all the current Marvel Legends, and they are not incuded in the new plan-o-grams for summer/fall. He thinks they are done.
  9. I've been checking out my Bowen Annihilus bust lately and trying to figure out why the base looked so familiar to something else I had just seen recently. Then it just hit me...I ran to my fridge! Turns out the machine-type part of the base is cast off a "Simply Orange" orange juice bottle cap turned over! They are a perfect match. Go figure. Who knew big, bad Annihilus drank OJ? I'm gonna start checking all my Bowen busts for stuff like this.
  10. Classic Hobgoblin....that figure is perfection in plastic.
  11. I see your point...but many of the Legends figures Hasbro is doing have already been done, and better. Even amongst the Legends, there are large variations in the levels and types of articulation, scales, sculpting styles, etc. I just think a new, cohesive line is needed. A smaller scale would also be more cost effective, and in my opinion, more fun. 3 3/4 is the standard for Star Wars and G.I. Joe...so why not superheroes?
  12. Hasbro's new Incredible Hulk movie figures look to be a repeat of the Spider-man 3 peg-warmers which are STILL clogging the aisles. Their strength continues to be Star Wars and G.I. Joe 3 3/4" figures, so why not start an all new, all-inclusive line like this for Marvel? I for one am sick of Marvel Legends...I'm ready for something new. Dazzle me. A brand new 3 3/4" line of classically styled figures on cardbacks using original cover art, or including new Super Powers type mini-comics... These would be a smash hit. C'mon Hasbro...step up to the challenge.
  13. Heinousjoe and annihiliator - I realize that people have varying levels of care or sympathy for others' complaints about distribution and MLs in general, but let's at least be civil in tone about it. I empathize with the distribution problems...our area never even saw the Wal-Mart two-packs; MLs in general are confined to just a couple pegs due to the astounding amoung of 5" Spider-Man and Fantastic Four figures; and when there are MLs, they're still mostly HML1 with some peg-warmer HML2s sprinkled in. Surely, most of you have encountered similar problems, and sometimes, people just need to vent. Having said that, DrOctavius, you really need to expand your horizons past the concrete retailers, despite the convenience. Due to short-packing and scalpers, you'll never even see certain figures at retail to begin with. My advice is to haunt Hasbrotoyshop (check back frequently; they re-stock at odd hours). You'll be dealing with a reliable vendor, and you won't have to put up with jackholes hiding $5 extra profit in their "shipping" charges. Thanks, I was a little upset when i posted this topic. I just get really tired of knowing that these ARE out there, and there are people who can just walk into their local store and pay $10 for one, while I have to spend tons of money on gas or cough up $15-20 for a $10 figure plus shipping. It gets old. These companies must realize that if I can't find their product, I can't buy it. Online stores are okay, but nothing beats the experience of finding that special figure you've wanted on the peg in front of you.
  14. Actually, there is a SUPER Wal-mart in my town, and another one 25 minutes away. There are also two K-marts. NONE of them ever have anything from Hasblo except Star Wars. I could buy my figures on Ebay, but then not only do I pay more, plus shipping, but I can't pick my own figures, which I like to do because of sloppy paint apps. I would just like to be able to walk into a store, pay retail price, and have a choice of figures. That's all.
  15. I'm not joking. What are they on like series 5 or 6 now? I haven't seen a single figure in my area since series two. Legends indeed. Yeah, like Bigfoot. Only HE has more sightings. I've heard rumors of a Captain America, Bucky, Cyclops, Fantastic Four wave, etc. but I've never actually SEEN them. That's why I loved Toy Biz...at least you could actually BUY their figures. God, I hate Hasblo.
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