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  1. Nice custom. What do you use to put the new names on the bases? They look so professional.
  2. I have to say I'm all good with everything. Sure I'll admit that some of the plot to the movie and the series for that matter were a little silly and out there, but overall it was still great. I mean it was the 80's. The tv show to Hasbro was nothing more than a glorified toy commercial. I own all the marvel comic series myself and love that it is so hardcore and realistic compared to the cartoon. But everytime I watch the cartoon I get this little feeling of nostalga that makes me feel like I'm home again. Anyway you slice it the cartoon and the movie for that matter helped put g.i.joe on top. Plus characters like Golobulus, Pythona, and Nemesis Inforcer were just so cool.
  3. I was wondering the same thing myself. I have a feeling they may offer figs that show up in a few if not all the episodes they have in that set. I also have a feeling that there will be at least one 2 part episode. I guess we should find out soon. Maybe at SDCC.
  4. I think the majority of Nemesis is Serpentors body. The head and lower legs are new. The hands have been modified from Serpentor. And the chest piece and belt are just new additions to make him look more like himself.
  5. Found Wave 7 (wave 3 08) at my Wally-mart In Mass. Only got one case but it shows they are in the New England area already. Wave 5 and 6 have also had good distribution too. This definitly shows Hasbro is doing a better job of pushing these out. Oh, and the Vipers kinda suck to my dismay.
  6. One of my CG's hawk medal was left unpainted along with the top five buttons on his chest. Its not that bad looking but it is sloppy. What can you do but fix it yourself. I've seen a couple figures like this around.
  7. Didn't get to read that thread, but those parts would make a good body for him too. My whole point to this thread is that they could have chosen better molds to make him up than the Zartan one. It seems to me the main reason their using it is because of the already exsisting brown color of the mold and the fact the upper torso is armor plated. Your right when you say its just plain lazy.
  8. So I know alot of us joe fanatics aren't to happy with the whole idea of Hasbro using the Zartan mold for the majority(no pun intended) of Major Bludd. As much as we'll all #$#@# and moan you know we'll all buy him when he comes out. My only thought is that if Hasbro was going to reuse any mold it should have been the Cobra trooper mold. Its closer to his actual uniform in the comics and cartoon and in my opinion would have been much better. They could have just added the new head, right arm, dog tags to that mold, and made the chest armor piece seperate. I'm sure that we'll see customs of that same exact combo.
  9. Yeah I opened mine when I got it. Thought maybe all the SS comic packs didn't have the symbol. That was also the pack that somebody stole the Doc mail-away and P.O.P sticker.
  10. Great review guys. First and formost I have to thank you for showing me how that damn Jaws of life for Ripper go on his backpack. I noticed also the comic pack Storm Shadow in the review has the Cobra symbol while the one I got does not. Anyone else come across that?
  11. I work overnight for Wal-mart and we have received wave 5 of the singles and wave 2 of the comics. The one I work at has 4 pegs for the singles and 3 for the comics. Most of the Wal-marts in the county and RI have the same setup. I think it may be an individual store issue. Maybe the toy manager feels that they don't sell well or that they are always on back-order. The problems with the lines availability in 07 may be swaying their minds about 08.
  12. I found a lone wave 5 SE at a Target in RI. No other peeps in the RI/MASS area have found any wave 4 or 5. All are Wal-marts have yet to do their resets. Comic pack wave 1 and singles wave 1, 2, and 3 are easy to find around here. The only thing is when I bought the Wave 5 SE he didn't ring up at the register. The clerk scanned another joe I was buying twice instead. That fig was from wave 3. Thought is was a little odd.
  13. http://enewsi.com/news.php?catid=190&itemid=12380 So they have cast Marlon Waynes as Ripcord. Plus they say in the report that he will be the leader of the Joe unit. Do the people making this movie know anything about G.I.Joe. I understand that movies can't be exactly like the subjects they base them on and that the movie makers must take some liberties, but this is ridiculose. I could see if they cast him as Stalker. It would make sense in a leadership role. It makes me wonder about the success of this movie when Marlon Waynes is cast as the leader of the Joes. Hopefully this is a big mistake on the reporting end.
  14. While all these 2-packs sound great I'm gonna believe it when I see it. Even then its all up in the air. Hasbro has showcased fully developed figs before and not released them. Like the few Robot Rebellion and the last line of joe mission disc. Plus I can't get it out of my head that Hasbro said no Cobra-La figs in one of the monthly Q@A's.
  15. Wave 1, 2, and the Ace/Wild Weasel are reprints from the original Marvel comic run. The twins, battle damage SE/SS, and the Crimson Guard/ Scar trooper are brandy new, but are stories set within the Marvel run. Kinda like filler stories.
  16. At first when I saw them I wasn't to hot on the new design, but once I got them I liked it. My only problem was with the hips and since it looks as if Hasbro is making that change I'm cool. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic o-ring design and in my opinion it made the joes the best toy ever. Sometimes change is good and sometimes its really bad. In the 25th case its good. The first wave of joe vs cobra in 2002 it was really bad. Least they didn't make that mistake again.
  17. Looks like they added the mirror panels to the twins package just like the originals. Thats pretty old-school of them.
  18. So the first wave hits the TRUs on the east coast, and the second wave hits the west coast. What are the planning on meeting up in the middle of the country or something. Hopefully they will hit the east sooner than later. By the way, is the hip articulation improved on the dreadnoks?
  19. Well I found a whole lotta comic packs at the RI TRU. They had about 4 of each. I got the Scarllet/Hawk one and this time I got my Doc mail-away. It in a small bag with the filecards. They also had a bunch of wave 2 and 3 single packs too. Looks like the figs are getting easier to find around here. Hopefully wave 2 of the comic packs will have the same availability at TRU as wave 1.
  20. In my case I assume (and you know what they say about that) that it had to be an employee. Probably took the mail-away before it got to the floor. Doesn't matter if its been done before. Its just wrong. Hopefully the person in question gets caught doing it one day. It will serve him right. Also I hope his Doc gets crushed in the mail.
  21. I live in RI/MASS area. There are a couple other TRU I have to try for comic packs. I know the first sightings were in PA. So far sightings are only at TRU. It just sucks going out at this time of year. I have noticed that waves 1,2,and 3 have been showing up more at stores in my area. No wave 4 or 5 though. Hopefully 2008 will have better availability.
  22. So I went to my local toysrus and found a 25th comic pack.The only had one and it was SE/SS. I figured I buy it so I could get the Doc mail-away and proof of purchase. When I get it home I notice that the tape on the back is a little frayed at the edges. I proceed to open the pack a then notice the it has already been open on one side. While the comic, figures, and weapons are intact, one thing is missing. The Doc mail-away. You can probably guess how pissed I am about this. The fact that someone would actually go that low and do that is beyond me. I'm not naive, but this is bulls##t.
  23. After reading this topic for a while now I decided to conduct an experiment. I live in RI which is a small state as you all know. I went to all 9 Walmarts, 3 Targets, 2 K-marts and the 1 toysrus in the state, plus 4 Walmarts, 2 Targets, and 2 toysrus in Mass that are close to the border. I found little if anything for 25th joes. While I have found all 3 waves and 5 packs at some of these same stores before it has been few and far between. I really wonder what the problem is. Is it with the retailers or Hasbro. Hasbro can't seem to keep the single packs in stock on their own retail website. Granted my experiment was a one day deal, but its been like this since the 25ths hit shelves in July. I hope this is not the future of this line.
  24. Zandar Zarana Zanya Road Pig Cover Girl Shockwave Snow Serpents Dr. Mindbender Big Boa Croc Master
  25. Lets face it. Things are not like they were when joes came out 25 years ago. All through the 80's you could go to any store at anytime and find all the figures and vehicles you wanted. Hell, I remember the stores having half an aisle of joes and all the other 80's toys. But times change and people want to make money. Thats why they have cobra troopers on ebay for $10 to $20 bucks. It ain't right, but its the way it is.
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