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  1. Heh, that doesn't explain why the GIJOE 12" 40th anniversary line ( amongst other toys...)aren't being made or sold anymore. Fact is that if a toyline goes on discount it HAS failed, and the retailers that ordered it will not order it anymore because they cannot profit off of it. If your argument is that the retailer is still making money even under a steep discount, then toylines like that would still continue. The 40th anniversary product DID sell, but ONLY at discount ( regular retail price was $39.99 in most places, common discount was to $14.99), and many retailers actually debuted the product AT a discount because there was apparently no faith that it would sell--and the product had advertising support in spite of this. The argument was made against the line that no-one was interested in the old-style GIJOEs, but the figures dissappeared from the shelves in short order regardless of where they were sold and at what price-point they were sold at. When discounts appear, its a sign that the product ( toy-line)is not profitable and that its failed. The retailer is the deciding factor in determining this. The EXPECTATION with the retailer is that the product will sell at the MSRP, or at their markup, gleaning them the most profit margin--when that does not happen, it suggests to them the product does not have the support they anticipated and has thus failed. This is where the "logic" comes in that if a consumer base buys the product ONLY at discount they have contributed to the product failing. Everyone is entitled to seek a bargain, but the choices they make and the forces at work in the marketplace make a determination as to the kinds of products that will be available. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. - Confucius
  2. Wait a minute..I'm REALLY confused. You think the black suit Superman is "stupid". Yet...You like it, and you "bought 5 of them"...Even though you think "this version sucks"...And, it's also "crude and stupid". Are you trying to say that you like the idea of Black-Suit Superman, you just don't like the way this one was done? Otherwise, this is a schizophrenic post. Help me... #US1#
  3. and yet your looking at thread that are talking about them and replying to those threads. Me, I'm just gonna get those redone Joe figures for a few extra figures. So??? What's your point? Do you have one?? #US1#
  4. My pleasure. No, I'm not a student or a professor. I do have an MBA, and 12 years experience in marketing and sales. #US1# Actually, let me make a change to something I previously stated about HASBRO's distribution. HASBRO most certainly DOES sell directly to the retailers. In fact, HASBRO sells directly to you and me, the end users, via the internet. So it would appear that they do all of their own distribution without going through wholesalers. Makes complete sense; HASBRO is a big company, they'd understand how it works. What's also interesting is that HASBRO sells direct to consumers at the same price that retailers sell to you on the pegs, the "SRP" (plus, of course, shipping). That would imply that they make more per figure by selling direct than by selling to a retail outlet. Again, this also makes sense. The retail outlet buys far more figures than you or me, so they get a break on the price at which they purchase from the manufacturer. In economics, that's known as "economies of scale". Basically, the more you buy, the less you pay for each item. It's a direct demonstration of price elasticity and margins. You've probably seen this yourself, on a smaller scale, at retail outlets and grocery stores, you know, "Buy 3, get the 4th for Free!", things like that.
  5. Lemonhead

    New Venom?????

    Looks like "Bizarnage", from AMALGAM COMICS. All I can say is "Uggh". When it comes to Spiderman, Marvel is running on empty...Completely devoid of any real ideas. #US1# PS How soon 'till HASBRO repaints the movie Venom and releases this figure? I'd say before 2009.
  6. You've asked a lot of good questions. Let me see if I can answer them for you. First (and generally speaking), the manufacturer makes their money by selling to wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers are often "middlemen". They sell directly to the retailers. The retailers (TRU, Target, WalMart) are, for the most part, the ones who sell to you and me. So why do we need wholesalers? Well, for the most part, the wholesalers are often responsible for distribution (Like DIAMOND). They make sure the product gets to the retailers shelves. Some industries cut out the middle-men, and sell directly to the retailers. That's generally good for you and me, because it cuts out a layer of cost. I honestly have no idea if HASBRO relies on wholesalers, or ships direct to retailers. Shipping direct to retailers can often be a logistics hassle, which is why some companies prefer to go through wholesale distributors. Anyway, this means that there are generally 4 levels of price involved in an action figure: 1. COGS. This means "cost of goods sold". It is the average cost to the manufacturer of producing one (1) figure. It involves everything from the cost of plastic (which involves it's own shipping and wholesaler network) to the labor required to construct the figure. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that a LEGENDS figure costs $1.00 to produce (COGS = $1.00) 2. Wholesale Acquisition Cost (often referred to as the "WAC" cost). This is the price that the wholesaler pays to the manufacturer for each figure. Manufacturer's want to make a profit, so let's say, for the sake of argument, that the WAC for a LEGENDS figure is $2.00. WAC ($2.00) - COGS ($1.00) = $1.00 profit to the manufacturer. For each figure produced and sold, the manufacturer has now made $1.00. Make 1 million figures, earn 1 million dollars. Easy, right? 3. Retail acquisition cost (I have no idea if this is referred to as "RAC"; I don't think it is). Basically, the same logic applies as in the previous example, just moved forward by one level. The wholesaler sells a figure to a retail outlet for, let's say, $3.00 per figure. Now, the wholesaler has also made a profit (in this case, $1.00 per figure). 4. SRP. This is the "Suggested Retail Price". It's generally the level that the manufacturer recommends that the product be sold at on the retail pegs. In most cases, this is the price that's used (however, with cars as the best example, it's often only a benchmark for negotiations). The SRP is higher than the retail acquisition cost so the retailer can make money. So by the time the product is in your hands, the manufacturer has made their money. It's the retailer's responsibility to move the product. Of course, this is highly simplistic. There's all kinds of wrinkles to the relationship between manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. Manufacturers push the SRP so they can maintain a particular price at the front-end with the wholesaler. Wholesalers often have "buy-back" deals with retailers to reimburse them for unsold merchandise. That's why you often see older LEGENDS waves popping up at places like KB TOYS, or drug-stores. Generally, these are products that the wholesaler has taken-back from the retailer, and has now moved to a secondary retail outlet (who generally sell at a lower price than when the product first hit the pegs). In addition, sometimes a retailer may be forced to take a loss on merchandise in order to procure a better deal next time, or to maintain exclusivity, etc. Now, as far as how the figures are selected...That's Market Research. Let me get to that tomorrow. My fingers are bleeding. #US1#
  7. So you think it looks like total crap, but you're still going to buy it on clearance? ...weird. what weird is people buying them on clearance period? Don't they realise that why the series is failing (well according to some.) if you can't pay the price then don't collect. So, in other words...Never, ever look for a bargain?? And if you do, you're somehow responsible for the line's potential demise??? That's ILLOGICAL. By the time a figure is on the pegs, it's ALREADY been sold, and the manufacturer has ALREADY made their money. It makes no difference whether or not it sells at the SRP ("suggested retail price"), or a marked-down sale price. And, even if it's sold at a discounted price, the retailer still makes money because the retail price is always marked-up from the wholesale price. In other words, what they buy for, say, $2.50 from HASBRO, they sell to you for $9.99 + tax. Even if it's on sales, they're still making a profit, and if the line is profitable, it'll keep being manufactured and sold to consumers. #US1#
  8. Interesting. I was starting to think that you didn't understand the meaning of the word IGNORE. Just for clarity's sake, let's obtain a definition, then we can discuss it in-depth. ig·nore Pronunciation: \ig-ˈnȯr\ Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): ig·nored; ig·nor·ing Etymology: obsolete ignore to be ignorant of, from French ignorer, from Latin ignorare, from ignarus ignorant, unknown, from in- + gnoscere, noscere to know — more at know Date: 1801 1 : to refuse to take notice of 2 : to reject (a bill of indictment) as ungrounded Looks like # 1 above is the most appropriate definition. Can we at least agree on that? OK, good! Now, we're getting somewhere. Now...Let's look at another word, shall we? obsess Main Entry: ob·sess Pronunciation: \əb-ˈses, äb-\ Function: verb Etymology: Latin obsessus, past participle of obsidēre to frequent, besiege, from ob- against + sedēre to sit — more at ob-, sit Date: 1531 transitive verb : to haunt or excessively preoccupy the mind of <was obsessed with the idea> intransitive verb : to engage in obsessive thinking : become obsessed with an idea Now I know it's not a precise antonym (for those unfamiliar with English, that's a word that is the opposite of another word), but it still describes your behavior vis-a-vis my posts, with a fair amount of accuracy. In essence, you're following the letter of the law, but not the spirit. Regardless of what the forum's definition of "ignore" may be, the simple fact is that you're NOT ignoring me...Because you can't. You keep coming back with what you assume is a snappy, witty reply, only to be metaphorically trounced again by yours truly. It's highly amusing, to say the least. I greatly look forward to your next attempt at ignoring me. Cheerio, old boy! Keep a stiff upper lip. @loll@ Oh, BTW...Watch who you call "stupid". No reason for nasty words. They can get you banned.
  9. Grodd is a gorilla. The BAF looks like a Gorilla. Works for me. #US1#
  10. Well, admittedly, it's not as funny (or sophisticated!) as a guy in a dress prancing around the stage for another yuletide pantomime...But it's still got a certain charm all it's own. BTW...Nice to have you back! So much for IGNORE (as if!) @loll@
  11. Hulk Movie Figs? MAJOR thumbs down. Cra* of the first order. Hulk LEGENDS? I'd give them 6/10. I love Hulk figs - they're big and chunky and look great on my desk at work. I'm glad to finally be getting a Doc Samson (in his Silver-Age costume, no less!). "King Hulk" looks cool, as does the "Skar, Son of Hulk", or whatever they're calling him. I also like the Savage Grey Hulk, The End Hulk, and the Savage SHe-Hulk. AND...let's not forget about the Fin-Fang Foom. What I'm not excited about is paying $15 per figure. And I'm bummed about the AWOL Valkyrie and Red King. #US1#
  12. I are also wanting a SUNFIRE. He wood be so kool. #US1#
  13. Joe Q Hasbro says: "If we make cra*, they will buy it." Wise words, Joe. Wise words. #US1#
  14. Cool. I hated that whole story-line. Stan Lee would never have let Marvel's characters be de-based in this puerile manner. I'm glad the "suits" put a stop to it. Gratuitous violence is the antithesis of clever writing. #US1#
  15. Joe Q. Hasbro says: "No, not weird at all. RED HULK is right up Hasbro's alley. In other words, RE-PAINT CITY!!!!! We've got a zillion Hulk molds to choose from! Mix 'em and match 'em! Then dye it all RED! The $$ savings are astronomical!!! What??? Fans don't want a RED HULK???? Yeah, right...Like we care! Don't worry, they'll buy it anyway! It's a BAF!" #US1#
  16. Wish Doc Samson was a little bigger. After all, he fought the HULK to a stand-still in their first-ever meeting (Incredible Hulk # 141).
  17. Lemonhead

    Dragon Man

    Custom Dragon-Man? Naaaah. Never tried it. Why bother? Got mine at TRU for $8.99 + tax. Buddy who works in the stock-room hooked me up. #US1#
  18. One word: Horrible. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. #US1#
  19. I'm going to buy several. The scalping opportunities are looking pretty good on this one, especially overseas. #US1#
  20. I don't know whether to offer congrats for your find, or condolences for having to sit through "Baby Mama". Yuk. @hmmm@
  21. Boy, I'll bet that's one LONELY Customer Service crew... "Hi!!!!!! Would you like to order some movie HULK figures??? Ohh...No, it's...It's OK...Really. I understand. No, I'll be fine. ...Sigh...Wrong number...Again... @loll@
  22. Tee-Hee...giggle...snort...hah-hah...snort...giggle... BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a piece of cra*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, HASBRO! And that Bi-Beast?? FANTASTIC!! Such skilled workmanship, especially the early 90's mushroom-peg joints at the shoulders!!! Man-o-man!!! Marvel figures have stunk since you took over, but you really can make a person laugh!!! Hah-Hah-Heeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Stop! Please, stop!!!! My sides are splitting. @loll@
  23. While I was admiring DCU's figures at NYCC last Friday, someone told me to expect a new shipment of DCU 2 on April 24th. On April 25th, I went to TRU and found Superman Blue, Superman Red, Black Manta, and Firestorm. THEY'RE AWESOME. And whoever you are, THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!! Check your local TRUs! #US1#
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