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  1. I saw today that it's your birthday (23)

    Happy Birthday , hope you have a great day/week!

  2. So I finished up the 2nd Issue of Superiorville with a crossover involving the Yojoe Custom Actuon Figure MONSTROSO and some GIJOE & A-Team, as well as a special guest appearance by a videogame Icon. The pages for the Second Issue are being hosted at www.flickr.com and you can read the Second Issue Here: Superiorville: MONSTROSO As always views/comments feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. Thanks in advance for reading/viewing. Rich
  3. I'll have some more soon. I've been busy with my store on ebay. It would be nice to see other peoples collections & Photo's though.
  4. I'd also like to add that due to productions rushes even SOTA admitted that figures in round 4 had issues. Both Fei Long and Birdie are literally over greased.. and problems with them are well documented. They are too loose on the legs/hips. Also, I stated IF revolution Round 1 had the same/similar issues. I didn't say it would happen. I was speaking hypothetically. They've had long enough to sort it so really the RR1 should be flawless. If it's not judging by how cynical the fans are due to time spent.. they'll be on SOTA's back about it. Back to posting up cool pictures of our SF's figures though
  5. Well, I have to say those pics by AFS are fantastic, they definately go to show the coolness of this line of figures, as for the cheapening of the product, i definately hear this.. SOTA will have alot of angry fans to answer to if Revolution Round 1 is the same, because they've had enough time to sort this out, it would be a shame to see the line decline, especially as the earlier products seem to set a great precedent for the other figures to be released. Rich
  6. These figures are tremendous fun!! I like the pictures shown recently, I'm a fan of most 6" figures in general but this Street Fighter line has me hooked! I've already got the Ryu, Ken & Akuma on Pre-order as well as R.Mika, Zangief, Dhalsim and E.honda (both versions). I've been trying to get some attention drawn to the line on my forum as well. Cool and Cosmic Going back to the actual SF figures that I've got, the figures are so great for poses, the interchangeables make it really great to set up scenes or possible action shots between characters. If you can think of the fight and the scene in your head you can usually recreate it. Awesome fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures dudes and keep posting! Rich
  7. I just got finished on my first Superiorville story.. it's a complete look into my Action Figure Universe. Using comic book creator and doing some photographs. I've set about introducing the Sarge (slaughter) to my universe.. you can see how he got on here: Superiorville - Part 1 Next came the actual triple threat match, the second part can be viewed here: Superiorville - Part 2 And you can see the conclusion of the match and find out who the special guest is here: Superiorville - Part 3 Let me know what you think of these, it's just practice for me at the moment using CBC program and having some general fun with the action figures. Likes and dislikes and comments appreciated. Rich
  8. Those shots of your SF Display are very awesome!! I just got done doing some more follow up shots to Remy Vs Adon. It's great to see everyone's figures on display, I don't yet have anything for mine so they have to stay in a box. I can't wait for the day I get some room to display these how i want!!
  9. wow.. this thread has really taken off, and theres some images there i haven't seen before.. thanks for sharing those..
  10. Thats a fantastic Signature cloud , nice pictures of your collection too!!
  11. That's excellent, are you opening them or keeping them MOC? And are you going to take pics? Any other SF fans here take pictures? I'd like to see this thread have some cool images of your SF's. Rich
  12. Hi, I hope other contributors show us their collections and what they have, here are some images i done recently now that my figures are open from MOC. Remy Vs Adon The Girls of Street Fighter Debate. Chun Li & Sakura Has anyone got any cool pics of their Street Fighters to post up? Am I the only board member here that does this?
  13. One thing that i must add, Dee Jay isn't part of the next release of figures is he? It's Zangief, R.Mika, E-Honda and Dhalsim. I have mine on pre-order, I tried ordering the Ryu, Ken & Akuma revolutions set but theres no purchase option for Ken & Akuma They have stated throughout the Q&A on the ask SOTA thread that they intend to make all the SF characters available in this line at some point, maybe there was problems with Dee-Jay and they had to start again? Maybe they felt that E-Honda, Zangief and Dhalsim should be released before him? I just hope they stick to their promises.
  14. Still it's nice to get a response here to this thread. You should take some individual pictures., do you have all of the Series from Round 1 - 4 then? I noticed on the back of Round 1 card/paper there is a green/turquoise Chun Li? Today I got in Sagat, Chun Li & Evil Ryu. Do you only collect these MOC? Or are all of yours open now? Thanks to responding. Rich
  15. I have to add, considering I don't like sigma 6 style.. you've got me all fannish and curious.. This Solid Snake Custom must of taken you quite some time., especially as it's playable and looks so damn cool. The videogame figure section here just cranked up a notch, a definite treat to the eyes. Like you said in your intro, some people will like it and some people wont. I think you've done great with this. Good Job. Rich
  16. Thanks Jin! it's getting late here in the UK, so you know, I'll head on over there right now!! Bet you thought i was going to say I'll check your site tomorrow. hahaha. 25+ Years.. wowsers.. it shows, your detail and quality are fantastic. Are you planning on doing anything else from Videogame characters? Ever thought of doing any from Vice City? Rich
  17. Heckers!! Those look fantastic! How long have you been customizing? Is there any rub or chipping on the joints? If not how do you manage to prevent this? These look really great, thank you so much for sharing. That Helghast Soldier looks really good.
  18. I didn't see a place for this, so I thought I'd post up a thread for people to show their SF Images. Anyone got Dan Hibuki & Master Gouken? I haven't seen them yet in people's collections? I'm still waiting on my two orders from Toyrocket, damn christmas deliveries I do have SF figures, but here is the thing, I have this little ritual where i will wait until i have one of every character from the series before opening. @bounce@ Here is my SF Collection so far, when the rest of series one arrives i will reward myself by opening them. Street Fighter Collection
  19. Thank you guys!! Your the best!! I couldn't work out for the life of me which one came in which series!! And now i can pick off the ones I also am missing.. huh.. still need a killer croc.. and doomsday.. Thank you again for your time in responding. Rich
  20. I have a selection of DC Super Heroes by Mattel. I wanted to make a good note of what came out from Series 1 to Series 3. So far I have. Azrael - Series 3 Bane - Series 1 Knight Shadow Batman - Series 7 Batgirl - Series 7 Brainiac - Series 4 Camo Bane - Series 7? Darkseid - Series 4 Mr.Freeze - Series 3? Parasite - Series 5 Robin - Series 3 Scarecrow - Series 1 Steel - Series 5 Superman - Series 2 Two Face -Series 7 Is there a part of this forum that has the official release list by series? If so I couldn't find it. Also could someone tell me who I'm missing who came out in the series releases? I know Lex Luthor, Clayface, Doomsday & Joker have been released but i didn't know which series they were from. I know Joker is in Series 3 but I think there was an earlier release? Thank you in advance to anyone who replies. Rich *updated and changed series to what i have* ;-) Thanks guys!
  21. Thanks for the reply cloud. Those images are really good. At least they kept with the release of Zangief for Rv1.
  22. Street Fighter By SOTA. It would be incredibly biased because i've started collecting this line and like alot of fans and collectors have become hooked on it I can pretty much rule out the Jazwares MK figs. I got some Jazwares stuff recently and wasn't so impressed with the lack of articulation. As for the others the HALO figures look great, but unfortunately aren't in scale to anything i have. The NECA figures tend to be incredibly life like but again more statue-sque rather than your typical action figure. (I could be wrong here though don't shout me). I've voted SF but a little unfair of me, seeing as though i've never actually held a NECA RE figure or a HALO figure by mcfarlane. I'd have to be that up close and personal to be swayed. Rich
  23. Hi, Can someone tell me who the planned releases were for Street Fighter Round 5 by SOTA? Also did they produce any images online of these in advance before cancelling. I now know that the revolutions line is in production and due out May 08. I just wanted to see what differences there are and look back at what was planned. Rich
  24. I'd have to agree here with Shokker Jazwares were good enough to release certain figures, however I wasn't that impressed. A contact of mine told me the Sub Zero figure came with a sword yet he has closed hands.. so literally couldn't hold the sword? So with that said, I think those who collected the line would "obviously" be disappointed, however maybe Midway or another Toy Production Company will seek to release a new line. I think if they released 6" figures based on MKI or II series with a similar design to that of the SF line, they'd definately get my approval. I found two Jazwares SF figures in my local TK Maxx store, marked down in price and so I got them and was really disappointed. I don't want to see the MK line buried at all and it would be cool to see what another company could do, I'd want them in 6" scale though. Rich
  25. Daaaaaaaammmn. That is top notch quality right there. Fantastic stuff. I am certain your well pleased with how this turned out. Great work and thank you for sharing this with us. Rich
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