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  1. I got: Flint Shipwreck Red Ninja Zartan 2 Serpentors Duke, w4 Destro, w4 IG Destro and silver pimp Destro No Crimson Guard or Snow Job yet, but not bad.. o_O
  2. Rumored Wal-Mart listings for these chars in 2-packs for '08 over at the joesightings.com board, reported by Slicer X. Edit: Oops. Can't believe I forgot to mention Falcon's listing.. @hmmm@ Edit #2: And I just realized who Red Star is. October Guard would be so awesome, just so I can nostalgize over the '80s cheese! A Real Global International Hero! #US1# I was never a fan of Nemesis Enforcer -- woulda preferred Pythona & Golob figures, if I had to have movie figures at all, actually would like those Cobra-La Royal Guards too -- but with the general quality of sculpts in this line, I suspect I wouldn't pass these up.. Hope this becomes a reality.
  3. Didn't report him to the store? I mean until he pays for the item, ownership has not changed hands so he's technically destroying someone else's property...
  4. Bah. More competition! -Kevin Heh. Not much competition coming from me. I only seem to find other people's dregs. I'd more blame spotty distribution since most stores I've seen only appear to get stock in 1 case at a time.
  5. My youngest brother apparently went diving on eBay and got me singles of: Duke Destro IG Destro silver pimp Destro some duplicates of figures I already found from Waves 1-3 (which he seemed to have forgotten or had already gotten on or before I found them) Now I still have the daunting task of trying to find other Wave 4s on as well as the 2-packs, but it was very thoughtful of him as I've had some plans to use a lot of these in special customs projects.. Despite the overall lack of availability, hope the rest of you managed to score some amount of success for Xmas.
  6. Hit a Target yesterday when these were posted. Still full price here.
  7. I haven't seen squat here in the Bay Area. Fortunately, I have them preordered. Suppose it could be worse.. I could be finding leftover SS/SE 2-packs in stores with all the Doc certs stolen... But congrats to you guys!
  8. Then we'll all have to abandon the hobby for the shame of how pathetic it's all become. Heh. "Way to go, thief! You got that 1/6th of a Doc by ripping off your fellow fan. "
  9. I'd always imagined something like the regular RAH chars for the first movie. Then show the addition of later well-known characters (like Jinx, Tunnel Rat, et al) in a sequel or something, as well as flashbacks giving a glimpse of how the concept of a "Joe team of specialists grew out of a previous generation (with not only Joe Colton as the original, but like chars who are obvious references to the vintage '60s toyline). If I had to make it a "global international" team, I'd write it as being formed out of a pre-existing US Joe team along with remnants of the Oktober Guard (didn't they get disbanded somewhere?) and Action Force chars. All of them would be contributing as specialists from various sorts of countries. These're obviously fan-concerns which probably don't carry much weight in actual screenwriting, but I can dream hehe.. I'm more expecting that they'll just grab whatever story elements and character names they want, hammering round pegs into square holes and spew it out, like with the Transformers movie.
  10. I've this weird feeling that, if the fellow "fans" doing this sort of thing keep this up, they're not only gonna get caught, but possibly by a fan who might snap. Now I don't think violence is right (at least over luxury goods like kid's toys), but if someone stealing these things gets put in the hospital, I can't say I'll feel the least bit sorry for them..
  11. I feel.. as strongly on this topic as anyone. We all do. But this is also something we're all aware of already, and until the situation changes or some very new solution is found, bringing up the topic isn't really productive.
  12. And you know the things come in a case of 8 (from BBTS/EntEarth/et al). So you can guess who ever did it probably made off with the other figures that they really wanted and were "kind enough to leave you the least sought-after figures after depriving it of the mail-away. Although I have to agree that, tragic as it is, it's probably not that new a level of low. Just the same "deserves to be kicked in the groin with steel-toed boots" low as usual. Attempting to shop for 25ths has made me lose a large amount of.. really any respect I've had for fellow so-called fans and collectors.
  13. Don't own any RAH. They didn't look appealing enough for me to buy back then so I devoted all my dollars to TFs and misc other '80s toy properties. That guy who won a GI Joe figure of himself and tour through the facilities heard that various large vehicles (like the Flagg) will never be re-issued or redone again since the cost has become impossibly prohibitive. The reasoning sounds like it'd apply to any large vehicle, though not sure where the suits start to draw the line. The general success of the 25th line does help majorly though, so let's hope..
  14. He appears pretty damn often. But then there's also Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander right behind them.
  15. If anyone's ordered a case from places like BBTS/EntEarth (or if any of the people who keep managing to buy whole CASES of the stuff in the stores could tell us), I believe Hasbro labels their cases with print that tells you what they call the wave. I have a case of Alternator Skids that I got a while back during a clearance sale, and it's labeled "WV 3 06". I suspect the Joes cases are similarly labeled.
  16. There's reports of couple of variants -- one where the "Color-Changing Face!" splash graphic is printed on the card, one where it is a sticker, and one that doesn't change at all. The ones I've seen were all the sticker one where the color-changing appears to be a thin layer of paint over the face. The one I have is same and generally stays green most of the time (probably because it's always a bit chilly around the house), though it turns skin-colored after leaving it in the sun for a long while.
  17. Yeah, an' the suits are even thicker. It'll be an advance in materials technology to have suits that are anywhere near as thin and maneuverable as what Ace appears to wear.
  18. Glue

    Wave 5 Found

    You know, after looking at the pic of the twins, I just realized the wedgie crotch is never gonna work on them with them big cobra-shaped codpieces...
  19. I'm of the same mind on this issue. I'm glad they've kept, at least what I consider, all the major aesthetic elements of each character while dropping stuff that is clearly bygone from the '80s (like some of the gay open shirt looks). I also like things like Serpentor's sleeker looking costume (at least in the box art, even though it didn't quite come through on the figure itself). I can understand that some people won't be satisfied with that, and I won't claim the way they chose is wholly or necessarily better than the other. I just personally prefer it this way. And I know there's arguments against that too -- i.e. "if some elements are 'too ridiculously '80s' then so is the whole character". But I think say Zartan's.. uhm.. "Zartan-ness" is defined by elements like his eye marks and the hair/hood, and not so much by elements like "open shirt showing chest". At $10-12 for two figures AND a comic, they sound like great deals. I could do without some of the repaints, and I don't even like some of the characters, but the sculpts are so beautiful I can't see how I'd pass them up.
  20. Repaints or not, those still look pretty downright cool to me!
  21. Local Wal-Mart removed the pegs entirely too during this last week.
  22. There has been NOTHING I dislike about the line itself, other than the shortness of supply. The 5-packs, the singles especially, I love it all. I love the sculpting, the packaging, the articulation, the crotches, the character designs. It is pretty much the epitome of how I'd fantasize any toy line/property should be treated. I wish they'd have the sense to do this with Transformers.
  23. Wow. The twins are wearing the same gay '80s outfits and it actually looks fairly decent somehow! And the Crimson Guard is Robert Redford! = Guess I'm keeping the preorders on these. Pretty snazzy...
  24. The '80s also rather lacked the magic combination of: Hordes of toy collectors (much less scalpers) Supply being grossly short of meeting demand Easy access to venues like eBay Grown fanboys with much more disposable income and levels of obsession than 7-10 year olds
  25. You are sooo wrong.. I ask if the Clerk can open the case....I take what Iwant.. I always leave the troopers forthe troop builders though unless it is a new figure. It is not my fault that I get to the cases 1st, I do not leave any earlier. My Wal-Mart has Honestly gotten in 12 cases of waves 2-4 and the refres cases this week.. as of an hour ago, they had ONE love Cobra Officer on the pegs. I did not buy all of them, even after my Large purchases, there were plenty that went to the other people...However, more people missed out and it's not my problem. I got what I wanted. Guess that's your store. The ones here said they're not allowed to do that or let you open cases out of the pallet. And I'm soooo wrong? I don't know of any store that lets you open stuff without paying for it, which is what I was referring to -- people here are not just opening the cases, they're tearing open the blister card or pack box itself. One stole a Snake Eyes out of the Joe 5-pack. Another swapped.. a single figure out of its card for another.
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