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  1. Man, *I* couldn't tell you who the original 13 Joes were. So what? I have a distinct memory of what the cartoon was like. So much for keeping the TFs debate out.. @doh@ Yeah, I've heard this argument before with the TF movie. Even when people don't remember Bumblebee's name, or think it's "Scooter", they still remember what he and Prime looked like. Besides, if it's as you say and they don't remember, then they don't care either. So their expectations don't need to be met, because they have none. So make it for those who do. Although, I find the belief that there exists some "mass market" out there of our age group who doesn't have a sufficient memory of the '80s to be unfounded and really poor reasoning. As with TF fandom, it seems like some fans are just ashamed of being associated with those other whiny fans, and want to separate themselves from them. So they cook up the fallacious "mass market" argument thinking that this is just some geek hobby. It was the childhood icons of EVERY boy in our sub-generation! We ARE the entire mass market! So what is wrong with having movies about our kid stuff actually catering to us? They did it for all the other generations before us. In another 10 or 15 years, they'll do the same for Pokemon or Power Rangers, because those kids will be the entire mass market. Hasbro knows what they're doing with this stuff? Is this the same Hasbro that gave us Pretenders? Or the fantastic decade of the whole '90s? Y'know, I don't have a prob with Hasbro/Paramount/Dreamworks making movies that aren't for me. Just don't pretend like it's actually for me in any way, shape, or form, especially by calling it ARAH or even suggesting it's "based on it". If I was interested in that kinda handling, I would've followed any or all of the way they've handled the franchises over the years. Those were all "based on ARAH" too. Lookit how fantastically Sigma6 has done! Sorry, but I'm just not wowed by how full the aisles are of toys I have no interest in.
  2. Heh. I had this same impulse after finally finding Hawk. It doesn't actually seem like the sculpts are following the cartoon. It seems like they're actually trying to mimic elements from the card art without much apparent knowledge of the cartoon or other sources. Duke's got that happy, almost cheerful look to his face sculpt and his card art is smiling. Cobra Commander's mask is smooth rather than having that center line edge that it has in the show and the frame line of his helmet doesn't have the almost M-shape that it does in the show. (Although the sculpt seems to have missed the white 'bar' on top of his helmet that's in both the art and the show.) Flint's facesculpt has that more "chiseled" look that doesn't seem to be emulating the show so much as it seems to be emulating the scrunched face he looks like he's kinda making in the card art. Shipwreck does look kinda.. angry in his card art. And almost all the card art seems to be slight tweaks and redos of the original art. Most of the poses and expressions look the same, but if you look at little details you can see the gun in Duke's leg holster is at a different angle compared to the original card. Of course some don't fit this trend at all, like Serpentor's colors/face or Roadblock's creepy "hey, baby.." expression (though at least Roadblock's facesculpt looks more like the show than the aged look on his card art).
  3. I wouldn't go to a Transformers or GI Joe movie and expect to see "realism". I certainly don't see how the casting of Wayans makes it more real or "real" (has he even been confirmed?). There are a lot of things that are cool that are completely unrealistic. I think he, or preferably any of the other Wayans, could do Stalker well if played straight, but "always getting into trouble" doesn't have a good ring to it. I don't get the draw of an actor's name argument. Or rather, I think either people or the studio execs are way overstating it. Yes, when I go to see a movie, I'll look for one of the leads to be somewhat recognizable. But no, I don't think, "This GI Joe movie is gonna have MARLON WAYANS! I am SO there!" I don't know that he's a great or bad actor, but I have a LOT of doubts for a comedy actor in an action film, for the apparent character he's portraying, and how it affects the overall tone of the final film. I'm also not comforted by Wayans having tried to get the role of Robin back in Batman Returns. And what is this "for the general audience" stuff? EVERY male of the age demographic, or adults who have disposable income anyway, knows what GI Joe is. Who else is there to impress? The girls are just gonna go for their boyfriends/hubbies. They and everyone else who tags along will be sure to get an "education" on anything they don't understand. Yes, some of us are still fans enough to be reading these boards (some more than others), but Joe and TF fans have pretty much grown up to become the general audience, or at least the male side of it, as well as the primary consumers of action films. I've no idea who these people who know absolutely nothing about GI Joe and yet are in "the general audience" are supposed to be. My hope is that, with most of the actors being around their late 20s (for the girls) and their early 30s (for the guys), that most of them either loved ARAH themselves or at least have a healthy respect for those of us that do, and will try to do it well. But Hasbro, despite being the owner of the franchise, and Paramount sound like they just wanna milk it however they can, and that has generally not helped the marketability of the franchise when they have done so (firing Sunbow for DiC?). (It would be cool if we could avoid further conflating the entire handling of the TFs movie with the handling of this one. I know there are valid points to be made by doing so, for either way of looking at it, but I think all it will really accomplish is stir up bitterness. I'm exactly holding the tiniest shred of hope in my mind that the Joe movie might end up being nothing like how the TFs movie was handled.)
  4. No kidding.. Eh well. I think I kinda lost the fight with the TFs movie. Guess I'll be prepared to not see this movie either. At this stage in the game, all most of us can do is hope that whatever vision they okayed for this movie isn't gonna be too wretched. The problem with the "wait and see" approach is that if it turns out horrible, what is gonna be done about it after the fact?
  5. Well, I finally found the wave 1 comic packs just the other day.. 10 miles away.
  6. Heh. I'm not a fan of the "wait and see" approach, seeing as that worked oh so well for the production and director accepting input for the Transformers movie. That's the same as the "oops too late to do anything about it now sucks to your ass-mar" approach. The last thing I wanna see is the Street Fighter movie all over again to the only remaining major icon of my childhood..
  7. I think it's bloody ridiculous. I don't care if Wayans or most anyone else is cast in it. I just care if they're serious enough to recreating an ARAH vision. But it's that mythos that I want to see, the same one that sold the entire franchise during the '80s in the first place. I'm a Democrat. I'm about as liberal as they come. And I've a lot of strong opinions against the US's current policies. But I want to see A Real AMERICAN Hero! Whether it was once a cheesy kid's cartoon or rewritten as a more "mature" action film, G.I. Joe represents all the best elements and principles of our military and the country -- teamwork, truth, justice, not giving up, and human freedom -- things that aren't political, things that should always be okay for people to believe in. I know for half the US, and maybe more, it feels rather weird or even hypocritical to think about supporting such principles after the last 6 years. But keeping Joe a US team does not denigrate the spirit of international cooperation or its meaningfulness, at least in the way that making it international denigrates the US military (as strange as that might seem at first). I kinda think the best thing they could for this movie would be to make it exactly like what the 25th toyline is to the original ARAH. No offense meant to the non-ARAH continuities but I'm not interested in a movie that isn't ARAH or "draws elements from throughout the history of GI Joe". I don't find all incarnations of GI Joe to have elements worth drawing from.
  8. Glue

    25th Blackout

    'Kay, I don't even know who that character is, but that looks damned cool.
  9. Only seen 'em in pictures.
  10. I saw a lone Lady Jaye the other day. It's the first 25th I've seen in months at my local store. So they are getting them. Just getting snatched up. I also see the pallets opened with the Transformers deluxe cases cut open with one figure missing. I stopped by tonight wondering what I might see now that the lineup is supposed to have changed. Well, nothing changed. Some new TFs came in. That was it. Everything is still in exactly the same place. All the joes still gone. Good times.
  11. If it'd been all cobra troopers (black mask, red logo), I'da been all over them. I suspect everyone else would've too.
  12. I actually don't consider the skinnier crotches to be much of an improvement, although your point is taken about giving Hasbro feedback to respond to customer demands. I suspect it may be more to do with e-mailing/writing in. While the first thing I noticed was the sitting problem as well, it occurs to me that it would look a lot cleaner to cut partially into the thigh (when viewed from the front, it wouldn't look anywhere near as obvious as the new wedgie crotches) and keep the trimming of the crotch itself to maybe half or less. I didn't even realize Wild Weasel's body was the same as Snow Job's until I'd read one of the comments pointing it out. He looks terrific to me. I do think the overall market demand for each character matters. Any one fan's taste will vary, of course. But Hasbro does keep market statistics on overall market popularity, even if we aren't aware of what they may be (or think it inaccurate). I doubt it's an accident that Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and CC are being packed so frequently.
  13. I've never read any of the comics, but when I saw that, my first thought/assumption was that he just took it while trying to escape some place.
  14. That spread is one wicked lineup!
  15. I've read a lot of opinion that even repainted body parts are looked on disapprovingly, like, "..they're using that part again. " I interpreted your comment as such, based on your general tone and lack of enthusiasm. If that wasn't your intention, I apologize. I personally don't have a problem with these reused body parts since the outfits on the vintage toy/show/comic chars all seemed to be highly similar anyhow, if not the same. And yet it will be different from the single pack IG Destro in some way, to be sure.. I'm expecting NE to be infinitely better than the first figure, not only because that '80s one sucked, as you put it, but also because they are varying the figure height and build to better suit the characters portrayed (and Hasbro's design team has stated as much). Serpentor is obviously taller than most of the others, but who knows what the upper limit is. Regarding fitting in, I presume it's to get more popular/in-demand characters out, and Falcon is as best a fit (if it has to be in 2-packs) out of all the current possible choices. Heh. Because I can't and won't comment on everything. I will probably be interested in getting Red Star, which means getting the Duke in any case. I suspect many of the 2-packed chars may be like this for a lot of us. Even if it's just a tiger force Duke though, I wouldn't mind, as that'd still be preferable to "the same Duke color scheme in slightly different hues".
  16. Five (six, if counting the 5-pack and wave 4 single separately). But, be that as it may, I don't think anyone's coerced you against your will into buying any (at least as the subject of this thread). I'm sure we all think things that may not be very productive to say.. I didn't understand your statement or position and thus had no complaint with it. Are you saying the 2-packs are using a lot of new molds? (Because I've read a few opinions that regard them as primarily repaints.) Are you being sarcastic? With some that are obvious repaints (almost all the first wave chars), some that are entirely new molds, and some that are repainted body parts, my impression is that it's about half and half. I agree, but I don't think anyone has missed that fact. And as the second most frequently occurring character, Hasbro seems to think that's what the market wants. I would probably prefer a Firefly torso that wasn't the Beachhead sweater texture. In fact, it seems to me that Stalker and Firefly should've had each other's tops. But I guess, if it's not a straight repaint in a different shade, it'll be retooled into those green Battle Corps colors. I'm actually thinking that part of the reason Firefly may be coming up at all is because he's one of the least frequently occurring figures in the case assortments (going by even waves). Regarding Shipwreck, I presume they just wanted to keep remolding that same right leg part (it matches his first toy). As to why they didn't at least make the first on the left hand -- which would've allowed them to use CC's left hand fist -- is anyone's guess. As silly as that is, I'm not that bothered by it. It's really a very minor imperfection on an otherwise fantastic figure to me. Truth be told, I'm less bugged by this than by the expression of grumpy constipation on his face, and that doesn't really bother me that much, as it, along with the fist, goes with the whole "barroom brawling sailor" look it seems someone wanted to go for. I'd actually like Shipwreck in a diver's suit look like in "There's No Place Like Springfield", so I'm hoping it might be the SEAL one which is about as close as it gets. Though I suppose it could be some white shirt one.. (cont'd...)
  17. Well, admittedly, I wasn't a big fan of the vintage line, despite having grown up then (I think I bought a Cobra EEL and that was it). And I'm aware the Joe fandom can be at least as divided, if not moreso, than the TF fandom. But what I heard was: "Well, nothing in the entire subject of this thread is really that interesting; some of it will probably suck." I tried to take it in stride, but, whatever we may each feel about the various specific lines, it's not as if I marched into a "Vintage ARAH '80s Nostalgia" thread and let loose my opinion. I can also understand when one is already expecting disappointment from a certain character, but one could wait to see what the test shot looks like first.. And yeah, Red Star is a tad "fringe" of a character choice.. enough to make one question the validity of the rumor. But given the release of IG Destro, Battle Armor CC, and upcoming Tiger Force stuff, it simultaneously doesn't seem that far fetched. If they do release Red Star, it'll likely be in low frequency quantities matching their estimate of the market interest.
  18. o m g... The headsculpt and expression out of only the eyes is breathtaking. And bendable toes??
  19. Sorry, but, like I said, it may not be happening everywhere. Yeah, I looked and noticed I'd misread what you wrote. Apologies.
  20. If you're gonna start with troll comments like that, expect some "stupid noob" comments in return... @hmmm@ So wait.. he listingly bashed, item by item, either the characters or the figures and I'm trolling? What, negative opinions only count if you happen to have a high post count on this board? I'm not trying to "start anything", be it a flamefest or any other off-topic discussion. But I'd appreciate it if you (or anyone else, for that matter) could explain to me how this is anything other than a double standard. Every one of his remarks struck me as rather arrogant and unconstructive. If he wasn't interested in these characters or figures possibly getting a release, why did he have to reply? Granted, Nemesis Enforcer was a movie continuity character. But HOW did his vintage figure "suck" in any way that was notably different from the figures of every other character? Especially given, what could safely be taken as, the general constraints of Hasbro's production? Enforcer wasn't oversized compared to the average figure? Neither was Sgt. Slaughter. NE didn't look that close to his show/comic design? How many other figures did?
  21. Ouch. Ah well. Despite incidents like this, I try to keep an open mind about the vast majority of the other fans out there.. well, still trying.. Guess all one can do in such a situation is buy the thing, then complain that the product is incomplete. Course, then the store will just return it to the supplier for claiming a credit or something. Even if the certificate was replaced, you'd still have to contend with the same buyer doing it all over again before you got there. Not worth it for the supplier or distributor to deal with the hassle. Yeesh..
  22. Not really familiar with the track record of the guy reporting the rumor, but there seems to be talk of getting better corroboration/confirmation at the upcoming Toy Fair. Guess we'll see.. But so far, Hasbro seems to have released more than they'd originally planned each time around. Someone(s) in the Hasbro teams did those 25th customs that included Pythona. As far's I'm concerned, the only difference between the design team's "customs" and releases is market interest, demand, and acceptance. I'll definitely take it.
  23. Seeing as how the original '80s version sucked for every 25th figure, which looks amazing, I can't see any downside.
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