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  1. I don't see the prob with Bludd at all. As far as I can tell, he seems to have all the visual elements of the original figure I saw on yojoe. In fact, I'd be tempted to say Zartan's body looks like it was modeled intentionally to be Bludd. Could use a holster on the thigh and that bit of green on his left forearm, but it looks terrific. These look like the same pre-release pics we saw earlier so the delays for Bludd suggest there may still be some differences in the final version? Snake Eyes I don't really get. When reading he had a parka, I sorta expected it to be a white one like generally used in the show. And are those alien skulls on the necklace? I figured this was MASS Device Baroness since she has the more rectangular looking green glasses and CC has the radioactive crystals. (Maybe we'll see the other two elements or even a MASS Device gimmick?) I'd really like them all to be single card packaged but.. beggars and choosers.
  2. Yeah, I didn't really like Big Lob either (I didn't dislike him, and I think he had a level of charm -- just that it failed to really resonate with most viewers). But this custom is smooth, clean, and really well done. Score!
  3. The Baroness is a VAST improvement and Scarlett was downright sexy.
  4. That is terrific looking, man. I think the regular headsculpt is okay but clearly with many places that could use improvement. From what I've read, the female figure and face are notoriously difficult to sculpt correctly, and I'm sure all the female 25ths have suffered from that as they all appear to. So your work is pretty amazing. Good job.
  5. I'd say it's just di Bonaventura. He made it clear early on during the development and preproduction of the TF movie that he really doesn't care what fans think. His behavior and choices that he has pushed for even give me the feeling that he believes if the fans dislike it, it will probably have more "mass market" appeal which is all he cares for. This is why I just have no qualms not watching any of these. I have nothing against mass market appeal -- it's necessary, and anyone with any sense knows that. It's how GI Joe went from its previous incarnation to the ARAH we all grew up with. But when the production and heads pretty much tell you that your priorities just don't count at all, because they "know you're a fanboy" who's gonna watch anything they put the name on because "it's canon", I just don't feel the need to hand over my money for such projects. The "well let's wait and see" approach never works, because their perception is that the fan doesn't matter anyway. I don't think they even bothered to make any of the overtures to the fan community that Spielberg made with that video. We seem to get fanwank like the 25th line solely because the design team are guys like us who were devoted enough to get into that field. And let me be clear, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been an amazing and talented actor in everything I've seen him in. I'm sure he's not a kid anymore, but he is.. NOT YET A MAAAAAAN..
  6. Heh. Well I didn't go to watch the Transformers movie either. And no, I'm not really interested in how good everyone else in the universe thought it was. Enjoy, those of you who are still gonna bother..
  7. Unfortunately, you're not even the first to encounter this. There's been at least one other report of a similar incident. I've only seen the comic packs once and fortunately quadruple-checked every one of them. I suspect it won't be the last such incident either. People're downright disgusting. I'm sure every one of these guys bought all the comic packs for these stickers and just happened to not want the Doc mail-away either. 9_9
  8. Interesting. Definitely want Barbecue too, Mainframe, and a v2 Hawk. Yeah, gonna get bled dry by Hasbro this year.. and not even buying any TFs which are my main habit.
  9. Bludd does seem the least likely to be "just a custom". Seems there's been some doubt on hisstank too. Guess we'll have to wait for more pics and/or Toy Fair alright..
  10. I googled around and ran into some explanation/spoilers. But then again, already knowing that he's CC pretty much spoils it.
  11. Now that I look at 'em again, they all look like they could be customs. Look at: - Baroness's paintjob - Roadblock's shoulders, you can see the paint - CC is just a stripe on his helmet and the accessory - Major Bludd's helmet seems a little too small to stay securely on - Python Trooper just seems like a repaint of one of the generic troopers. And isn't it rather early to be seeing pics of '08 Wave 4 (Wave 8)?
  12. Glue

    Mail In Doc

    I was hoping for a while that he would come carded since the pictures of Doc on the comic packs have him across an explosion background just like each single-pack carded character does. However, on closer inspection, all of the carded characters are using the same explosion graphic (including convention exclusive Destro) while Doc's background explosion graphic appears to be a different one. That could be a hint..
  13. http://www.gijoeclub.com/moviecast3.cfm has him listed as Cobra Commander, although it's just a picture and mention but no announcement? Ugh.. my head hurts.. >_<
  14. Interesting....! Baroness - She has green "shades" now, though guess still not transparent so molded to her face. Good for a Mara custom too (because I just liked that storyline, hehe). Cobra Commander - I keep hoping that, for front of his helmet, they'll trim back the top edge of it and maybe reshape it more into that "M" shape, because he really looks more lowbrow (which fits him in the show, but not the look) specially with the curvature of his mask. But maybe it needs to be that way to stay somewhat attached to his head? Sliding it up higher to show the right amount of his mask seems to be too loose to stay on. Looks like his cobra logo is larger and moved towards the corner. Python Trooper - Though I wasn't a fan of the DiC years, I kinda did like Python Patrol, though I liked the more tightly spaced "grid" lines that the 2003 repaint set used. Maybe I won't need to do a custom for Python Patrol Copperhead at this rate, though. Too bad they've nixed ever re-releasing the Flagg or other large playsets (which I presume includes the largest vehicles like the Python Conquest). Major Bludd - Wasn't a big Major Bludd fan, but it sculpt looks pretty decent and just like the first version it seems. Roadblock - Nice, but needs a mutated Cobra Commander accessory! @lol@ And yeah, I kinda get the sense that some of these feel like customs from the Baroness's paintjob. It doesn't look very even..
  15. I was always a cartoon guy. On the other hand, I find myself preferring the toy (and I presume comic) version of the color scheme for upcoming Wild Bill -- it just looks more like what a military person might wear compared to the rather loud colors he wore in the cartoon. I actually avoided the series in all its forms entirely since "military" has never been any real interest of mine, but I got sucked into watching a couple eps, especially after Transformers hit and I had nothing else to watch during the interim, then began looking back and liking the show and the mythos, and then searching for reruns.
  16. Wow. Another amazing wave as usual, though I think I'll be one of the few odd men out here in that I'm not feelin' much love for those Cobra troopers and would probably pick the Duke and any of the rest over them. Duke - White shirt is kinda unusual but guess they just wanted to get the jetpack out (I presume the flag will come with that's not just a creative digibash on gijoeclub's part. Wild Bill - Pure awesome Snake Eyes - Interesting and probably one of the first of his repaints I sorta feel like wanting, though the shades look a little too Black Spidey (thought they were more goggle like?) Spirit - I've kinda been waiting for Spirit, but he looks like a cigar indian. I even thought momentarily that those ammo cartridges were boxes of cigars. >_< His face seems to have the same wide jawbone thing going on like a lot of the females have. HISS Driver - This is probably the least interesting one for me. Viper - Slightly better interest for this one, but I might still go without either of these Cobras this wave. His helmet looks removable which'd be a nice touch though. So guess there's a tiny amount of counterbalance for those of you who really want that HISS Driver and Vipers, at least around my local area.
  17. That Cover Girl looks amazing and professional. It's like you got the hair in the exact same manner and style as that of the female figures themselves.
  18. Hmm.. all these mentions of the lineup are citing each other but all originate from the same source: BBTS's preorder link, which they don't seem to have publicized on the front page or from their Joe section.
  19. Localest WM, where the times I've seen 25ths could be counted on the fingers of one hand, had a Lady Jaye sometime during the previous week. The next day it was gone. If there was any reset, I didn't see any else of it happen. There's empty pegs but the tags are all of Elite Forces or whatever the brand X guys are.
  20. Interesting..... Well, at least we now have the full explosion graphic for making custom cards?
  21. I get along fine with reasonable people (and even some unreasonable ones). But part of that lies in not subjecting myself to the same pointless discussions again.
  22. He was kinda blue in some eps of the show. But then I'm was only into the show and caught just the first two seasons or so, and not even every ep. From my vantage point, they all just look they're imitating each other in one fashion or other. All good to me.
  23. I'm finding that I like the repaints and redecos more than I was expecting, though I'm still hoping for a diver/SEAL suit Shipwreck. Though he's still got the angry look, AND the closed right fist with the holster on the same leg. Hahaha. But he looks like he's finally gonna come with that hook thing. Copperhead's a must for me. Firefly doesn't look that notably different, but the vest is kinduva nice touch, and I like those removable goggles! I'm actually not as turned off by Yet Another Storm Shadow as I was expecting to be. I was originally thinking this'd be the first release I skip, but now maybe not... And I kinda like the simplicity of the greensuit Duke (seems like it'd work well for customs) and the cheesiness of the whole Oktober Guard concept.
  24. Heh. Dunno that they'd really care to that extent. But if they don't... why not just make him.. white?? Or make him Stalker? Just an idea... Although I'm willing to be more fair. Wayans hasn't been officially confirmed as in the cast, much less what role he'd be playing. So far, the cast itself doesn't look thaaat bad. At least it still seems like it could go either direction, so little point getting our panties in a knot over stuff that hasn't happened yet.
  25. So that's an excuse to just ignore fans because this is what "the mass market" wants? And I AM someone who hasn't bought toys since the '80s until like the last year or so. I worked 40-60hrs a week doing all the same hubbub. I increasingly wonder why I even came to these internet boards since doing so evidently means I don't know about "the mass market". Again, if they don't know or remember, then they DON'T CARE. "Don't care" means these things being changed aren't relevant to their decision process. Besides, who would ever say, "I demand to see something that isn't like what I remembered as a kid!"? And your test has no merit. If someone mentioned "Duke" with no context, even I would make all those other guesses first, because they're just more likely to be relevant in any random topic that's raised. That doesn't logically infer that our peers during the '80s magically forgot who Duke was or even the general sense of what the GI Joe show was like. Almost every girl I've ever known who was remotely near our age, ones who weren't even alive at that time, who no one would ever call geeks instantly know what GI Joe is if they saw even a scene of it. I think you guys give way too little credit to the "mass market", the fans, or both. But whatever. We're not gonna convince each other, and all this is doing is dredging up the exact same fruitless debates as with the Transformers movie. Wotta waste.. Tell ye what, I'll just buy the toys I like, see the movies I wanna see, an' stop coming to these fan forums. Then ye won't have to put up with my fanboy geekness. This has made me regret my interest ever piquing again to want to seek out and talk to other fans.
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