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    Got My Rattler

    Think it's more like this: Large distributor chains would obviously like less competition. The problem, at least as I see it, is that scalpers are partaking in the activity/business of distribution. Thus, they are supposed to be competing with Target and Wal-Mart and not competing against the buyers. I also thought there were such things as regulations/policies limiting sales to someone buying to resell. Consider it from an incentives perspective as well: Legitimate distributor: Business license Business deductions You don't pay sales tax on inventory bought for resale Wholesalers/suppliers often provide you discounts in addition to that More supply available without having to drive all over for it Scalping: Limited supply No discounts other than when Target's on sale, and pay sales tax Lower your own reputation amongst the very people you need as customers It really makes no economic sense to anyone. Scalpers are just ignorant idiot adult collectors who don't understand how business works and making everyone suffer for it. I think policies by Target/Wal-Mart are ineffective because it's not really their problem and thus not up to them to solve it.
  2. .... GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Well, the adult hands holding the Trubble Bubble and the Chariot suggest to me that it either is a real commercial or was an actual pitch. I found out recently that toy commercials are legally required to have hands holding toys and never to show them hovering around on their own with special effects. Prolly something to do with idiots who'd say, "How come it can't do that in real life like they showed on tv" kinda thing. Apparently it's something they can't fine print out of.
  3. Glue

    Got My Rattler

    Sighted (and acquired) here in the Bay Area this morning! It was really quite strange 'since I found them at a Target where I've almost never seen any 25ths whatsoever.
  4. I see tons of Wild Bills and Jetpack Dukes. And comic 2-packs that are repeats of previous waves.
  5. Glue

    M.A.S.S. Device Toy

    The Weather Dominator seems slightly oversized to be able to be used as props. How would a figure the size of Spirit haul that fragment up a cliff under one arm? And the MASS Device seems a bit small despite coming in multiple pieces. The whole point of making them into actual pieces of plastic is so I can reenact all the scenes from a ridiculous cartoon plot from my childhood! =)
  6. Suffice it to say, vandalism or theft of loss leader products in the toy aisle aren't the foremost concern on the workers's minds..
  7. I recall speaking to a Wal-Mart manager about just such an incident. She mentioned honestly that the only thing they could do was return it to the supplier/manufacturer for credit. It won't lower the recurrence or step up oversight -- the store has neither manpower nor incentive to watch a single aisle of the dozens in their store they have to worry about. And toys are generally loss leaders. But it definitely happens often enough that it's not just your area. Seen it a few times here. Meh. They're pieces of plastic, not food, rent, or health coverage. I love getting that giddy feeling I so rarely got as a kid when I finally got the toy I wanted too. But if it's that important to someone that they have to descend to the level of stealing/cheating/ripping off anyone else, especially fellow collectors, go ahead an' keep it. Keep them all. I'm not paying for overpriced crap on eBay. And I've got better things to do than fight with other (theoretically) grown men over some toys. You "win".
  8. Glue

    M.A.S.S. Device Toy

    Hmm.. might's well make a custom MASS device since the factory one is a bit puny.
  9. Glue

    Ace Custom

    Uhm...... wow... =O
  10. Cartoon guy here. If I ever did feel like army-building BATs, it'd just be the show version with the red face masks. I think regular Cobra troopers are at the top of my army-building list (to whatever extent, my army-building urges even exist =). With show BATs, I'd guess really 3 tops.
  11. I like the design elements. It looks a little like what I could make out of the troopers from the Resolute footage. Perhaps anticipating the Resolute version of the figure?
  12. I think that it was lift ticket that did that? TM Ohh... wait. That's right. Airborne was the... guy with the little brother with paranormal abilities?
  13. As a MOSC/MISB collector myself, I must say that people who open their own rare variants of toys for the purpose of enjoying them because that's expressly what they bought them for.. are awesome! Your toy is for you to enjoy in whichever way you like. Do it! =)
  14. Glue

    All the hype

    Heh. Could be worse. I usually have to wait an extra +4 weeks on top of that to hope that buyers have gotten tired enough of a figure and they're still releasing enough that char to hope to see it anywhere.
  15. The only thing I really remember Airborne from is throwing the parachute at Falcon in the movie. Not feeling like a really must-have char or figure for me, but it does look interesting. Flint just tickles my funny bone 'cause of Revenge of Cobra. The Eel is definitely at the top of my list though since he's the ONLY figure I ever bought during the '80s from the entire GI Joe franchise (it never occurred to me back then that they would stop selling certain figures, including the ones I wanted, after a while so he was all I ever got). The headgear and mask do look a little oversized but I've been extremely pleased with the entire line so far and he looks terrific on all the issues that matter to me. Pilot Scarlett is a maybe, but I do like her headsculpt over the first ones. Trakker is a must since I was into MASK. (I'll fantasize that they'll release Mayhem and Switchblade again.) Zartan looks a little cartoony for my tastes (which I guess sounds strange considering I'm mostly a fan of the Sunbow show). I do like that they keep throwing in more mask disguises for him. He could have an entire disguise set! Is that swamp skier the original mold?
  16. I'm generally not that bothered by people doing whatever they like as long as it doesn't starts to prevent others from doing the same. I frankly don't quite understand a person going to a store without sufficient money to buy what they're looking for, much less using it to justify strange activities like hiding a store's merchandise. On the whole though, it seems like all the different views espoused have someone a little too obsessed with this hobby. Yeah, it's a free country (and, practically speaking, you can't really stop someone hell-bent on going out of their way to stash a toy or find your stash). But when I stand back and look at it all, I have to figure that the best way to counter obsessive behavior isn't really by becoming even more obsessed at foiling their attempts. I'd just rather extricate myself from the toy aisle battlefields.
  17. ... sounds pretty weak. On the other hand, compared to scalpers, I find some alternatives the lesser of multiple evils..
  18. "Hard to find" is, by the very context of the phrase, subjective to the individual in question. It can be due to a number of various different factors -- character popularity, frequency per wave, per revision, # of revisions per wave, general volume per revision produced, retail distribution, geographic distribution, the amount of collector activity in your area, the amount of scalper activity in your area -- most of which are difficult to determine objectively, and generally aren't worth the effort in doing so (unless you're a marketing research firm.. that ONLY specializes in one sub-line.. of one toy brand.. of one manufacturer). The end supply and demand may be dominated by any of those particular factors, yet also consider that the volume of trading of these products is still so thin (relative to the products that do change hands in any economy) that whatever "market" prices any of us have seen may still be rather deviated from whatever the natural market price would be. The upshot is that we can really only speak to broad consensus based on the experiences of others that corroborate our own, and that we shouldn't take it as an offense if someone else on the Internet has witnessed something different.
  19. Yeah, SW is just orders of magnitude larger than Joe, just to hazard a guess. The Rattler and Conquest would have to sell extraordinarily well for anything larger to ever be a possibility. On the other hand, if the Millennium Falcon doesn't sell well for a property as well-placed as SW, then it seems nigh impossible that Hasbro would even dare to release a playset (much less a new mold) for a smaller property like GI Joe.
  20. Never thought we'd see the larger vehicles again at all an' look what happened with those. I do think the new Falcon set is a bit of a "let's test the waters" run. Hasbro knows the Star Wars franchise is a lot larger so they can see how well a large playset would go over to give them some idea of what might be comparable or different with a large Joe playset. I'd love it myself, but already bleeding dry from all the other releases. =)
  21. I'm kinda mixed on repaints/retools. I mean the endless repeats of Duke, CC, SE, and SS are tired, yet I'd actually quite enjoy seeing stuff like Python Patrol Copperhead and Conquest, Tiger Force Recondo and Tiger Rattler (after a regular Recondo..), diving suit Lady Jaye, diving suit/SEAL Shipwreck or sweater Shipwreck, Jinx.. In other words, I'd like to see a variant or two of chars OTHER than those 4. (Oops, I shoulda read the topic more closely. My vote should be "Yes" and not "Whatever..") Yeah, I'n not against repaints; I'm against Malibu Stacy with New Hat #10.
  22. I recall some polls listing The Traitor as one of the most well-regarded eps of the Sunbow series. But they're already releasing Dusty. It doesn't seem like the eps that might be considered the "Best of" (by as broad a consensus as possible, anyway) would necessarily have characters or char-in-outfits that either buyers would want to buy or Hasbro would want to sell. I think There's No Place Like Springfield was pretty high up there too; although, I would like to see Mara or diving suit Shipwreck (or diving suit Lady Jaye, hoo hoo).
  23. Doesn't seem to have been mentioned too much, but it did make it into the TNI gallery too. http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...800&start=0 There's a paint app for the Cobra logo on 'im so doesn't seem likely that he's just an uncolored test shot.
  24. There's so much awesome here I can scarcely count it all. =O
  25. It COMES in a card, case, and box?? AWWWWWESOME.... ~~
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