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  1. http://shop.ebay.com/dubloondude/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 Couple of these auctions are still really low... Lots of variants!
  2. Yeah, I'll confirm that. Only on one card I found... which leads me to believe the cards are stamped, cut, and passed off to assembly with figures already packed in blisters before they're joined/pressed. Simply because out of the case I saw opened, only one card had the heavy embossed foil stamping. You're right, it looks 10 times better than the standard metallic undercoating alone.
  3. It's simple supply and demand. If there are enough people out there trying to form complete collections, including variants, then the limited number of these that hit the market will continue to rise in price. I recall someone from LA selling a bunch of yellow stalkers in November, at $80 a pop. That seemed crazy at the time. Looking back, you could have made a decent profit off those by holding on to them. Think of it like this... in coin collecting... there's the 1909 SVDB Lincoln Wheat Penny. Those go for thousands. Do coin collectors say "oh that's ridiculous, it's only a penny" ? Of course not. Because of rarity. It's a good thing Hasbro doesn't publish production numbers, or that those numbers don't get leaked somehow. It would send the Joe market into turmoil. Yellow stalkers would drop in value, and other figures like the Shark Tattooed Shipwreck would likely increase in value (I assert that the Shark Shipwrecks were probably produced in similar numbers to the Yellow Stalker). Yellow Stalker just gets so much attention because he's a visibly *different* figure. Noticeably so. I think it's the golden rule of variants / errors. The grosser the error, the higher the value. $.02
  4. It's true, most of the high-priced auctions go without bids. A vacation to Washington (I'm from Southern Ca) has reassured me that the supply and demand issue is at the heart of the perceived problem. There are relatively few auctions showing up on ebay from Oregon and Washington, compared with SoCal, AZ, and FLA... and there are just as few joes on the shelves up here. I've checked stores in southern WA, and northern OR at this point, and only seen a few second release wave 3 leftovers, and the remnants of two wave 4 cases. The thing you gotta remember, when you're drooling over Crimson Guards on ebay is... the case says wave 1 08... so wait until 08 when their supply picks up, and all the christmas shoppers are out of the demand equation. I have faith that as long as I can hold off until 08, I'll get my chance at the good stuff. Remember, also, that except for a few variants, most of the figures have been available in more than one wave. Lastly, look at some of the figures they "fixed" in later releases... try to get one of the daiper crotch FF/BH's to sit down... doesn't work too well. I, for one, wish I would have just waited for the fixed versions. Hasbro will continue releasing stuff until it starts sitting on the shelves longer, it just wouldn't be good business otherwise. Or at least I'll keep telling myself that. the blonde weasel
  5. A paint pen probably won't achieve the same effect as foil... although trying something like that on a card is more likely to cause it to look worse than better... just keep them out of the sun (UV = bad) and in a relatively low-humidity environment.
  6. Call me crazy, but I'd pick Airtight and Eels.
  7. The sculpts on the twins are absolutely fantastic. It's how I imagine the originals looked... of course a quick reference against the real thing proves my instinct wrong. Perhaps if the oringinals looked this nice, I wouldn't have smashed them all when I was 12 years old.
  8. Prices seem pretty decent here: google 'action figure protectors' cool, so would you recommend the original starcase? what about for the comic packs or a figure like roadblock with a bigger bubble? The starcases seem to have a little more depth to them, so you could handle a taller bubble probably. But I wouldn't know, I open one set of figures and send the other ones to my nephews...
  9. Pretty awesome, how long did all that take to put together?
  10. Not bad, what kind of putty are you using?
  11. Prices seem pretty decent here: google 'action figure protectors'
  12. As long as the figs have "modified" crotches, it sounds like they should be okay.
  13. Well I *will* admit that perhaps my response to your invitation was a little immature, and I apologize if my comment was misinterpreted as slander towards your action figure club. But I stand by my statements, anyone who buys more than their fare share is depriving other people of something wonderful, and for that they should feel ashamed. I'm mostly just blown away that there are clubs of people who hang out to buy hard to find toys at local retailers... then again I've never attended a comic convention (which I would imagine attracts these sorts in droves), and so that's probably why i'm being a little naiive about it. If anything, you can take my post as an example of how extremely frustrating it can be to discover exactly what all of you have pointed out... that after driving around the county for hours and hours looking for this stuff, only to realize all that I've accomplished is wasting gas (thereby also polluting the planet more) and time, all I'm left with is the feeling of dejection at not finding the pieces I'd like so dearly to add to my collection. I never meant to say anything about "my turf" or anything like that, although I can see how it was perhaps implied, however from your responses, i can tell A. that none of you are very good at reading into sarcasm (not that that's an easy thing to do in a forum like this) and B. you're all just as helplessly addicted to this line of action figures as I am. For future reference, if I ever claim to be snake eyes, and sign my posts "YO JOE!" you can bet I'm being cynical. Accept my apologies for insulting your club. Now thats what I call some nice backpeddling. After you realized that you called out one of the most respected clubs in the community you try and call it sarcasm. I'm sure that everyone on this board can see that and now you are trying to save face. My suggestion to you is to delete your account and start a new one and try not to come off as a jack@$$ next time! I think that your apology is fake and I dont accept it. All this talk about free-market society, freedom this, freedom that, well I'm free to be a jackass if I want, right? Devil's advocate here... But geez, I was man enough to stand up and admit that I had a bad day and took it out on the guy who basically said "if you want these figs... join our club - or die - " (seriously, work on that slogan, guys) what's your problem man? I APOLOGIZED. I'm not some phony, and I'm not going to try and save face by creating a new account and re-joining. I don't really care enough about this forum to go to that sort of trouble. does anyone else still have a problem with what I said, and then apologized for? anyone else want to call me a two-faced liar or a backpeddler? c'mon, let's everyone get their insults out of the way while your pants are still in a bundle. jeesh...
  14. Well if that's all you do, I guess it sounds alright... but perhaps you should reconsider your slogan "Join or die". To someone who just got back from searching fruitlessly for a recently released wave, it almost sounds like you're holding my team hostage, asking extortion fees to allow them to join the ranks of my other fellow Joes. You see, my first impression when you say "collector club" is the 45 year old guy with a pony tail who stands at the Target entrance at 7:45am, then immediately as they open the doors, follows some crazy pre-planned route through the store, running when he knows the clerks can't see him, so that he can get to this Hotweels and Matchbox cars first, then somehow makes it to the joes before the rest of us (those who are walking like normal people) and scoops up the whole fresh case's worth of figs. In elementary school, people like this got put in garbage cans... so no hard feelings. ... ps, definitely signs of wave 5 cases at Walmart Clairemont today. Even an "original 13" commando, much to my great pleasure. All I really care about at this point is an original storm shadow, and a destro. It's all about the card art, nothing else. I also bought a beachhead, lady jaye, and cobra trooper to give to the marines for the toys for tots drive.
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