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  1. Does anyone have links to see the marvel scans as well?
  2. I just saw the SDCC exlclusives. I wanted to get clarification on the Egon figure for the Ghostbusters Classics line: will he also be offered on Mattycollector.com after the con? I only ask because it was never explicitly stated. Also, will the Green Lantern Origin 3-pack include a Hal Jordan head with his mask on?
  3. Is Dr. Impossible going to be a variant to Mr. Miracle? Are the even the same person? Killer Moth has some interesting colors, but he is still cool. Hawkman is amazing though. I may try and get those two but the rest I will probably pass on.
  4. I was wondering if there is any chance of a deluxe pack, vehicle, or even an exclusive of Indy and Dr. Henry Jones with the motorcycle and sidecar that was in The Last Crusade? Thanks.
  5. We will most definitely see a sue and johnny two pack probably with interchangeable transluscent parts to immitate phasing and flames. I'd like to see: Aurora & Northstar Madrox & Purifier Soldier Scarlet Spider & Jackal New Thor & Destroyer Armor Modern Luke Cage & Sentry (Mighty Avengers) Ares & Wonder Man (Mighty Avengers) New Captain America & Black Widow (updated) U.S. Agent & Guardian
  6. YES!!!!! RED HULK!!! @yipee@ I would get the whole wave just for him but not only that, it is a freakin AMAazing wave (Black Spidey, Union Jack, Silver Savage) even that Wolverine looks cool, but was he ever in the comics? Kinda suxs he replaced U.S. Agent in the line up though. @grumpy@ The Punisher variant is cool I just hope they still have the Blue Blackbolt and not just the black one. Glad Skar and King Hulk made it in the hulk wave too bad no Valkery. The Iron Spider-Man looks way better than the origins one. and Cap Iron Man looks great
  7. Purifier Soldiers S.H.E.I.L.D Agents
  8. Madrox in trench coat Rockslide FA Angel Hawkeye (House of M) U.S. Agent Guardian Nova (Annihilation) Anole Stegron New Thor Lockjaw Crystal Surge Morph Exiles Shocker (no action features) Star Lord Stature Mainframe Spider-Girl Green Goblin (Marvel Knights) Jackpot Red Hulk Extremis Iron Man Scarlet Spider Old Lace Black Widow (updated) Darkstar Destroyer (Brian Falsworth) Sister Grimm Dr. Strange (Midnight Sons) Constrictor Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady)
  9. I'm glad someone brought this up; I recently got an Iron Man vs Madarin Face-off variant mint in the package. I really would like to open it just for War Machine, but I know it is pretty rare and can go for alot. If I were to leave it in the package, it would be the first legends figures I've done this with, I even opened Hawkeye and I'm not sure I should have. What should I do, open or leave it MIP.
  10. What the heck is your problem??? They posted their opinion in a civil manner and were actually helping so why are you making silly comments? This is precisely why the stupid arguments and fights starts. Did it ever occur to you that I also was looking for the ideal FF figures for display and this thread is being helpful. Your totally right, this thread has been helpful, I really thought I wanted Series 2 Human Torch, but after hearing that it is not that great I have to do some rethinking. That is the point of these threads, to point out suggestions that will help people out. I'm getting really sick of xmenstorm1. Seeing this person's posts half completely turned me off to so many of these threads. xmenstorm1 is not even a credible source for information, all we get is "we need a new storm with a cloth cape and video game x-men figures." Until she starts contributing useful or relavant information to these threads, she has no right to bash people like mysteriomenace who are much more knowledgable than her on these topics. Sorry to post this in an informational thread, but I'm just getting fed up, I know I can't be the only one. Anyway sorry for disrupting the real topic again. Thanks for the helpful information mysteriomenace, no thanks for the interuption xmenstorm1.
  11. Variants would be modern Havok, LuKe Cage, and X-treme Psylocke. You can't count the wasp because 1 or two have popped up so it was a very,very,very limited release. As far as actual legends go and not the variants, I don't know. Pack ins, the X-babies and the unarticulated army-builders that were supposed to come with wave 13 (Aim agent, Hand ninja, etc).
  12. Tarot is completely right, it is a kids cartoon, and his first love was actually Gwen in the comics I believe, so thats how it is most likely going to start and MJ will show up eventually. And also, these were the first episodes, they are gonna have to throw some origin info in. No cartoons now a days use the realistic approach. look at the Batman, Legion of Superheroes, Ben 10. Right now it is the style that is popular. I'm pretty happy with it, and some people are probably disappointed just because storm isn't in it. @smilepunch@
  13. There is another thread for movie figures, take your passion for those movie figs there. Just a suggestion. @smilepunch@
  14. Ok, while we continue to wait for new legends news, how about we continue the threads with ideas. The catch with this one is that you can only choose 1 character from each major Marvel category (ie. 1 X-Men(this includes off shoots such as X-factor, X-Force, any team with an X in it, villains, etc.), 1 Spider-Man (Spidey, allie, villain, etc), 1 Avengers character, 1 Cosmic character, 1 Fantastic Four character, 1 army builder, 1 character from team of your choice (Alpha Flight, Invaders, Defenders, Omega Flight, Midnight Sons, whatever team you want that has not been mentioned), and 1 Iron Man character). I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of getting waves that are half X-men characters (Wave 1: Emma, Banshee, Beast/ Wave 2: Wolverine, Xorn, Jean, Juggernaut/ Wave 3: Cyclops, Colossus, Rachel, Danger). Sure we may need some of them, but how about more variety? Oh and try and choose a non X-Men BAF too, if you want. My wave would be: 1.) Madrox (in trench coat, Variant w/o trench coat, diff head sculpt) 2.) Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly Spider-Man variant) 3.) New Thor 4.) Star Lord (Annihilation) 5.) Crystal (Inhumans costume, FF variant) 6.) Shield Agent 7.) Destroyer (Invaders, Roger Aubery) 8.) Titainium Man (comic style) BAF: Stature
  15. I'm most likely a minority, but I like the Spidey that came with the Urban Legends box set because even thought the webbing on his costume is painted on and not sculpted, it looks less messy done that way to me. My second choice would be 1st Appearance Spider-Man or the Stan Lee Comic-Con exclusive (They're the same figure except one is black & red and the other is blue & red with interchangeable Stan Lee parts and a Peter Parker head). I don't have any of the SMC Spidey's so I can't really compare.
  16. Yeah, they could do a wave with a super hero squad pack in of the same character that you can only get by buying the figure.Talk about good promotional strategy, turn those people who are not sure about shs into fans and they may start picking up the line regularly.
  17. I would have to go with this wave over the first two as well, mainlly because I want a Star Lord figure, and Groot would be cool too.
  18. I'm completely with you on that!
  19. "Not that Scarlet Spider costume"! Come on, at least as a variant, it would be great for nostalgias sake.
  20. WOW!!! Those fan-freakin-tastic! I really like Speed Demon and Jack O' Lantern. You should work for Hasbro, thos are way better than most of the stuff they have put out so far. Make some doubles and put them up on Ebay, you could make a fortune. Awesome! @bounce@
  21. Hannible King (Ryan Renolds) - Blade 3 The Russian (Kevin Nash) - The Punisher Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) - X2 Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page)- X3 These are the only ones I'd care to see. Its a good idea, but it would probably never make it as a real line, some of the movies weren't main stream enough (Blades, Punisher) to appeal to an entire range of people. Those are two of my favorite movies but they didn't get the hype of X-Men or Spider-Man, so its likely some people wouldn't even know the character.
  22. Um, I don't know where your getting your legends, but with a BAF piece and the figure the package is pretty filled. I don't think hasbro could fit in a full size base with most of the figures. I'll admit that the first two waves had big packages, but some figures needed it (Thor, Hercules(he had Annihilus's wing in there), Planet Hulk). They did change the package size for wave 3. If you want a good size base, they'd have to go back to toybiz style packaging, and you know that will never happen.
  23. I mean winding the figure up, pushing a button, and watching his entire upper half spin around. An exageration but who knows.
  24. Basically yes, but also with a specified marvel legends wave for Spider-Man you won't have to worry about annoying action features on fiqures you just want to be super poseable and you could get a BAF. With SMC, Origins, and now Heroes and Villains you know you are gonna get action features and accesories you may not even need or want and you most likely won't ever get a BAF. As far as no action features, most of the origins figures came this way, like Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Demogoblin, Doc Ock, Lizard, etc. But I would like the figures to come in the same legends style packaging and have a legends lable on them. This is my personal oppinion, yeah it may be kinda knit picky but it is not like it will ever happen anyway so who cares, just a thought, but when your Puma has a spinning torso for a "claw attack action" or something stupid like that, maybe my way would seem better. Yeah but it really is just a stupid mind thing, I'm wierd like that I guess.
  25. The only ones that I would want from this series are Morph (he is my number one pick), Jean Grey, Sinister, and Dark Beast. I could really care less if any of the others came out.
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