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  1. Is anybody really surprised what this lying. thieving sack of garbage does anymore? nothing is beneath him. And this proves it.
  2. This is the first time I've ever heard of them, but I sniff a preference towards modern age versions. I hope they're wrong about the versions they're calling for Superboy and Wonder Girl. I think we'll get a variant on Superboy. Mattel has stated in the past that they intended to get the Young Justice team completed, this would start it. There is no MA preference here, most of the fans at CM are fans of the classics, I'm considered the most MA guy there. as for Martian Manhunter, a logical variant would be the "Alien" version, his "Modern" costume, or even Bloodwynd.
  3. Criticalmess correctly predicted wave 12, the only figure they got wrong was Doctor Mid-Nite. they predicted the MA version, and it turned out to be the Classic. they've got retailer confirmation, this IS the lineup.
  4. I agree. Kyle needs his original costume, with a variant of the current look.
  5. to anybody who says to hell with the fish, I wonder how long you'll keep saying that? maybe when Cod is extinct? maybe when Whales are extinct? maybe after we no longer can support our ecosystem. Yeah, jobs are being lost, but jobs are being lost everywhere. Let's not pretend that these are the only Americans losing their livelihood. they'll find other jobs. Once this fish is gone, it's gone.
  6. I believe life is important, but I believe some lives are wasted, Certainly this one was. I don't believe in God, or Jesus, or any of that, and I won't debate philosophy here, only to say, I don't believe in hell, I don't believe in sin, and I don't believe I need salvation, and if I ever did, I already got it, from someone who is real, and tangible, and who I serve every day. I don't need a heavenly father, when I've got a great one here in reality. I certainly don't believe the bible true, as I can't reason that a bunch of nomadic goat farmers from the bronze age know more about the universe than any modern scientist.
  7. meh. it's cute, but it could be more. No South Park Sound Effects/quotes = meh.
  8. I wish I had a simple answer for you. but it comes down to the fact that the amounts he steals are considered so small that most of his victims chalk it up as a lesson to not trust anybody, and let that be the end of it. however, they don't realize that it's not the amount of the individual infractions, but the sum total, that the postal service is gonna look at, and at the moment, it's estimated in the thousands, which is easily enough for a federal charge of grand larceny, and mail fraud. but, cases like this take YEARS to prosecute, especially as the Feds take their time gathering evidence, but trust me, they ARE gathering it. I know for a fact that the investigation is ONGOING at least with his local PO in Kankakee.
  9. indeed. first off, this guy has likely never had $5000 in his life. and if he did, what he SHOULD be doing with it, is trying to make peace with the people he ripped off, and begging forgiveness, while making preparations for a lengthy stay at his local Lockdown Hotel.
  10. Freedom is overrated, and Capitalism IS evil.
  11. It's an excellent lineup, and gives me hope that the Modern Age Teen Titans will be done. Superboy will likely be his original look. Jacket and Fade haircut, as it will complete the four "Imposter" Supermen. add to it the Recovery Suit Superman, and the Mullet Superman, and that wraps the Death of Superman story nicely. Trigon is gonna be a great BAF.
  12. are you talking DCUC Black Lightning? if so, I managed to do a hip replacement on my Atom without any problem, just be gentle in separating the upper thigh, and the crotch area.
  13. In a pretty chipper mood.

  14. Wow, you really think so? a lot of the info I have is because it's public knowledge. I know the investigation is ongoing, and they're still asking for more information, especially regarding new victims. That's the biggest part in this. Most of his victims are angry, but they don't feel they HAVE any options. I've just given them some. the investigators just need to dig and they will find that he is active and unrepentant. trust me, it WILL catch up with him. It's attitudes like yours, synch, that encourage his behavior. It's attitudes like mine that will end the threat completely. I encourage people to educate themselves, and have provided the means to do just that. I have compiled information, and a how-to on recognizing his patterns at criticalmess. I've given the information for the Postal Inspectors. and here's another one: If they insist on doing business with you, MAKE THEM SEND THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN FIRST. AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE SHIPPING CONFIRMATION If they do not comply, DO NOT send goods or money. if you have sent the item and it has not arrived, THERE STILL MAY BE HOPE. Fill out a form 1059, they can call the Kankakee post office and stop delivery. This will be added to the FILE they've currently got on this guy, as it is an ongoing FEDERAL investigation. The more people who do this, the more evidence they will have on him, the more evidence they have, the more likely it is that he will end up in JAIL where he belongs! I have piles of information on this guy. So do many others. anybody is free to contact me at criticalmess at ANY time, and I'll be happy to investigate a suspected scammer. one of the simplest and earliest warning signs is a Kankakee or Bourbonnais Illinois address. This is the greatest piece of information that's available. If that town comes up, it should be a gigantic red flag. I suspect ANY Illinois address, until I've cross-referenced it with every known address I currently have record of. I've given you the power and the resources. Don't let him win due to apathy and doubt, or you're just as responsible as he is. fight back. Show no mercy, or sympathy, as I assure you he has none for you or yours. Take him away from his family and home. Make him regret ever crossing you. Make him have to explain to his children that the reason they don't have a father is because he stole toys. I want to be his greatest enemy. I want him to curse my name to the grave. I want him to never forget me, and what I've done to him, and his life. And I want him to know he brought it upon himself, and had every opportunity to repent, and chose not to. I want him to never rest. I want him to question whether or not that guy behind him is somebody he ripped off and is looking to take the cost of their stolen goods out on his ass. I don't want him to have a moment's peace. I want him jumping at shadows and waking up in a panic. I've seen way too many of my friends wanting to drive to his place and take the cost of their loss out on his ass, his property, or worse. I don't want to see those people end up in jail over some stupid #$##, when he's the one who deserves to be behind bars. I'm doing whatever I can to see that that happens. I know and understand your POV. I had the same attitude to begin with "If he hasn't been caught yet, he never will be". well he never will be as long as we keep that attitude. We need to provide as much information as possible to the authorities. Sure he only takes a little at a time out of this community, but it adds up to a LOT, and in the eyes of the law, it doesn't matter. It's still mail fraud, and at the levels we're talking, it's no longer small potatoes, it's Grand Larceny. I do agree with you, Synch, Education is key. Knowing the facts, and the telltale signs will protect people. And they trade at their own risk. But I want them to also know that even if they DO get suckered, because it happens, even to those who know what to look for, that there are still options. I will never be taken in by this fool. I only give him enough rope to hang himself, and I have protected my community so far from his scams. I want to protect the entire subculture of adult toy collectors from him, but I can't do it without help. And without educating people.
  15. Unfortunately, that name matches a known account of Matt Mason's. It IS him. FORTUNATELY, criticalmess.net has compiled a comprehensive guide for recognizing and detecting his patterns. further, measures have been taken to insure that his local Post office, and the Inspector General of the United States Postal Service are aware of his past transgressions, past IDs, and any other relevant information we could procure. yes, his amounts are petty, but they add up to a significant amount, over a significant amount of time, and that adds up to grand larceny, and what's worse, since it's mail fraud, it's a FEDERAL offense. it's time we stand up and protect our community from those who seek to destroy the bond of trust we forge here in these communities. It's time to stop blaming the victims of this clown for not being aware of the situation, and being taken time and again. It's time to educate ourselves, and protect ourselves from this type of crime. It's not victimless, it's not innocent, and it's time to make him pay, and it's time to make him suffer for what he's done to so many. yes, it's 'at your own risk' but it shouldn't be 'sorry about your luck'. I'm not saying this board owes a responsibility to the victims of this guy, but they should be willing to help beyond simply banning the guy when he pops up. some tips: Any address in and around Kankakee, BEWARE. Make them send first, use paypal, etc. If they refuse to comply, back away slowly, but don't show your back. second, if they DO mention a Kankakee address, NOTIFY THE ADMINISTRATORS, so that they can keep an eye on the guy. Third, if you've already been taken by this guy, THERE IS HELP. At least in Kankakee, the Postal Inspector is aware of this guy's shenanigans, and last I knew, the investigation was ONGOING. If you have been taken by him, here is some helpful contact info: US Postal Inspection Service 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW RM 3100 Washington DC 20260-3100 www.usps.com/postalinspectors or call the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-FTC-HELP (Toll Free) www.ftc.gov and the Internet Crime Complaint Center http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx these people do NOT play around, and any complaint made to them will be treated with the utmost seriousness. the more people who are willing to share their stories, the more we have against him if this ever makes it to court. If you're willing to testify, he's gonna disappear, because he'll be too busy trying not to get stabbed in prison.
  16. Mattel stated on their Facebook that there would be fewer Gleeks than WT sets at the con BEFORE THE SHOW EVEN STARTED. Get the facts straight before spouting off this garbage. Nobody got screwed. Everything here was on the up-and-up.
  17. so, someone has a badge and a reciept. how does Mattel know they didn't already get a Gleek? that's the problem. And you KNOW there'd be people who would try to get extras. and Fans would still be complaining. There's no easy solution. No perfect solution. if it hadn't been the Fwoosh thing, it would've been fans who already had one trying to get another.
  18. well, they did promise in their announcements that fans that attended the SDCC would receive the "prize" of GLEEK until it was sold out. Obviously, they didn't sell out, yet still told attendees that he was. Then, instead of attempting to correct their screw-up and fulfill their promise, they gave them away to one of their employee's buddies first off, they believed they had sold out. second, how are they gonna 'correct their screw up' with 100 Gleeks?, how the hell do they know who did and didn't get one at the con? c'mon, people, THINK.
  19. again, the figures they sell on the site aren't the same as the ones at the con. For instance: The "Andy" Buzz Lightyear is only available at the con. Gleek is only available at the con. The SDCC Stamp He-Ro is only available at the con. anything that was available at both places was negotiated as such BEFORE the con. And the con agreed to it. but the con wanted some items that were ONLY AVAILABLE there. That's how that works. It doesn't take much to figure that out.
  20. when the company you had exclusive contract with no longer exists, and you're sitting on a mountain of unsold product, you find a way to open distribution channels. but Wal-Mart still exists. SDCC still exists. so, your flawed logic is just that.
  21. The WTs go on sale at matty tomorrow. they won't last an hour. no monkey, no money? no. No Money No Wonder Twins. the only people missing out here are the fans, and if they miss out they have nobody to blame but themselves.
  22. Crap review. sorry, but I'm so sick of people lambasting DCIH for what it's not, instead of what it is. IH schools MU in character selection, but because it doesn't have fifty points of articulation making the damn thing look like a marionette, it's somehow 'bad'. to hell with that.
  23. wait...prototypes? what prototypes?
  24. Uhm, did anybody actually WATCH "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"? how do you have an Indiana Jones without the title character? simple, you don't. Mutt Williams' real name is "Henry Jones III". Indiana Jones' real name is "Henry Jones II" (Or Junior) with me so far? okay, so if Henry Jones Jr. takes the name "Indiana", then so can Henry Jones III, and therefore we have an "Indiana Jones". oh, but fans don't like change.....TOO BAD.
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