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  1. The whole wave looks pretty freakin awesome. Jetpack Duke is a little ehhh. One HUGE question though, why is the H.I.S.S. Driver being sold separately and not with the tank? Also why are we getting the shmo we're getting with the H.I.S.S. if they have the Driver? Plus with Wild Bill, Ace and Wild Weasel being sold individually or in a two pack tells me they don't intent do support the line with too many vehicles.
  2. It looks pretty sweet. My only concern is did they address they new 25th figures not fitting into the old H.I.S.S. mold? I also would have prefered it in black but oh well I'll still pick a few up.
  3. Overall they all look good. I don't know what happend to B.A. C.C. in the package but he looks just fine out of the package. Torpedo is just awesome. My only complaint with R & R is his gun. I wish they would have simply made the entire gun black instead of the same green as his uniform with a black butt.
  4. I'm a fan of possibility so I think this new style rocks. It was kinda funny when someone pointed out that the Cobra Driver couldn't fit in the H.I.S.S. tank being released in 2008. It does take a little realism away but it add functionality that wasn't there before. Plus the bottom line is Hasbro is going to want to sell vehicles and the figures to interact with them. If that means a crotch re-work, so be it.
  5. I would love to see Sci-Fi and Shockwave along with an Alley Viper V.1. That would freakin rock and those were figures I had to have as a kid.
  6. Red Ninja and all three Stormshadows seem to have been made with the "fixed" crotch. I wish the wave 4 reprints had the corrected crotches but it doesn't look like from the pics we've seen.
  7. Um, I'm going to assume you're joking. I had most of the originals and these new sculpts are damn near perfect compared to the figures they are based off of. I thought the original figs. had goofy proportions. The heads on most of the 80's Joe's were WAY too big. The only figure form this new set I can't stand is Serpentor. No frill, constipated look on his face and lack of scales makes him very lame in my opinion. The only thing good about him is the fact that he's a giant...but that's it.
  8. Well since I picked up Flint from a trade with Nerd-Viper (Who I would trade again with) I now have at least two of everything also. I want a set to keep mint and a set to open that my three year old daughter and I can play with. My wife hates the fact that she can name off Gi Joe's better than her ABC's...I on the other hand, LOVE IT!!!! Ironically right after I traded with Nerd-Viper I found two more Flints right in the pegs at Target in PERFECT condition...That life for ya.
  9. Well, based on the pics of the carded version of the comic pack containing Breaker and Destro, it appears that Destro will have a shiny head. This is awesome since we need six packs to get Doc anyway I will simply buy an extra and do a head swap. Bam!!! Instant Shinny head Destro with proper paint job...Awesome. I'm still in shock as to why they decided to make they original Destro without a shinny head. Then they make the freakishly blue comic version of Destro the first widely distributed shinny head...Come on what gives!?!
  10. Not even a little. The Target vehicles are straight-up rereleases of the original vehicles. No modifications except new color schemes. Hasbro's alredy said Crankcase might be a tight fit in the AWE-Striker because of the size of the new figures, and people have reported problems trying to fit a Cobra Soldier in the old HISS tank, so we're likely going to see them same problems with the Target HISS. It's honestly the way to go. I bought the Abrams tank, the Apache chopper, and the Blackhawk to augment my Hasbro Hummer and they look friggen killer with the 25th Joes. Ah man that's kinda of a bummer. I think another issue is the whole croatch issue and the fact that most current figures can't fit sitting inside most vehicles. How do you like the Apache? I'm trying to get my wife to get that for me for Christmas. I wish they would release a Hind Helo. so Cobra could have a Chopper too. B.B.I. needs to release some non-U.S. vehicles so Cobra can get some awesome yet realistic vehicles.
  11. Yeah the TRU's here in New Mexico are a Joke as well. Tons of five pack but no singles. Ironically it's teh same situation with Walmart. I have yet to see a single figure on a peg a Walmart.
  12. Well seeing how this line has dropped about 20 years off my life I really want to see it stay true to the oldies but goodies. I liike the new Target vehicles that pretty much look like their older counter parts but I'm assuming are a little bit bigger since the figures are bigger. I also hope Hasbro keeps this line going as long as they can. I really want to see the f-14 that came out in the 80's with Ace. That had to be one of my favorites growing up along with the rattler. If they're releasing this line for collectors of the original they better keep us happy with the same stuff we grew up with. Now that's not to say that a few modifications wouldn't be appreciated. After all the figures are awesome because they fixed what was wrong and made them better while still making them noticeable to the figures their based on. The A.W.E. striker happens to be one of my favorites so I'm stoked there. I never had a H.I.S.S. or a S.H.A.R.C. so this is my chance to catch up on what I missed. I've been picking up some B.B.I. vehicles to use in the meantime and they are fantastic. It's simply awesome to see the new Joe's in real life vehicles that out military is using now.
  13. Joe's: 1. Shockwave 2. Ripcord 3. Spirit & Freedom (With wings out please) 4. Quick Kick 5. Leatherneck Cobra: B.A.T. Crimson Twins Major Blood Viper Trooper Alley Viper There's a lot more I'd like to see made but those are my top 5 from each faction.
  14. Rightofmight

    Top 5 25th

    My top 5 would have to be: 1. Beachhead 2. Firefly 3. Stormshadow V.1 (Cobra box set) 4. Snakeeyes V.1 (Gi Joe box set) 5. Cobra Trooper (All versions...although I'm partial to the Red Cobra on the chest as found in the box set)
  15. That's pretty freakin sweet. I am hoping that the B.A.T.'s are in wave 6 I'm so getting 10-20 of them. Awesome custom figure though.
  16. Here's what I have: 2 Shipwreck/Shark tattoo 1 Cobra Officer without the Cobra on his Chest (not sure if that's a mistake or a variant) 1 Zartan with "Color Change" package
  17. Wow those are pretty awesome. I was really disappointed when I found out Serpy wasn't being released with the full Cobra frill thing on his back like back in the day. How did you get the frill...if you don't mind me asking?
  18. Well I had some pretty awesome luck this weekend. I picked up 2 Beach Heads, 2 Serpentors, 1 Lady Jay (which I ended up taking back because the airbrush on the line screwed her up pretty bad), 1 Buzzer and 2 Cobra Troopers all at Target in Abq. New Mexico. I still can't find a freakin Flint anywhere that guy's impossible to find. I'm pretty pissed at Toys R Us and them not ever having any of the singles...not even S.S. or S.E. They have 15 or so boxed sets but never ANY singles.
  19. Well after hunting around for the F-18 here's what I found: http://www.aviatornut.com/bbi.html http://hobbieshq.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc? http://www.updiddilyupup.com/xcart/product...productid=16189 (Out of Stock) http://store.bullmarkettoys.com/1fhostgr.html http://www.smalljoes.com/blue-box-bbi-elite-force.shtml (Out of Stock) The few places that have it seem to be around $90-$100 which put's it out of my range until after Christmas. My wife pick up the M1-1A and the Super Humvee. Both are awesome and I should have pictures up tonight. Hey Supreme where did you get your Green M1? Did you find it that way or did you paint it that way?
  20. Hey Supreme where'd you pick up your F-18? That thing is awesome. I know they make an F-16 as well but I haven't seen either in stores.
  21. Supreme, you're my hero!!! That settles it I'm getting mine today. Where did you get your Flint, Lady J, Beach Head and Cobra Trooper?!?!? Those vehicles look awesome with the figs. Now all they need is some Joe/Cobra decal love and they will be official unofficial vehicles. Looks good though man thanks for posting those.
  22. Not really to stoked about the comic 2-pack at all. I'd rather them sell Hawk v1 without Scarlett, period @grumpy@ For the most part I agree with you. I don't like the paint jobs on the repaints but I do enjoy the opportunity to get to read some of those old comics again. The silent issue with S.S. & S.E. was one of my favorite comics growing up. I just wish they at least gave us figures we won't already have a few copies of. I mean come on, by the time these come out there will be 3 Helmeted Cobra Commanders, 3 Scarlett's, 4 Destro's, 4 Snake Eye's, 5 Storm Shadows!!!!!, and 3 Dukes....come on that's double dipping in the extreme.
  23. Well since I've been collecting these new 25th Anniversary toys I've been opening one and saving one. Now that I have all these open figures and nowhere to put them I think they need some vehicles. Since the first wave of vehicles isn't due until spring of 2008 I was wondering what people are using in the meantime. I went to Target tonight and noticed BBI's Elite Force line and I have to saw for being fairly generic these things rock. They are 1:18 scale, which is perfect for Gi Joe 3 &3/4" figures, and the level of detail is stunning. Here is a link to give you an idea http://www.blueboxtoys.com/bbi/index-page/118_index.html . Target has these for pretty cheap. They M1 Abram is $24.99 on their website and the Humvee's are $19.99. So please post where esle you have seen good substitutions we might be able to use while we wait for the official stuff.
  24. This was one of my biggest problems with the Cobra pack. Destro was one of my first and favorite figs. When I thought he could hold a gun and his case I was thinking that was pretty cool...that is until I actually tried to put the case in his "strong" hand. Another gripe is the about females...who decided that Scarlett and The Baroness should be hunch-backed? That's kinda goofy if you ask me. I also feel kinda goofy about opening the 5 packs but I guess I can still grab a few carded and save them for my 3 year old daughters kids .
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