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  1. Well i just drove to my local DVD/Music store and bought 3 movies that have been recommended on this page. First off i bought "The Howling" (1980)-Directed by Joe Dante. I also bought "Return of the Living Dead 2"(1987)-Directed by Ken Wiederhorn. Last i bought...what i have most wanted.."The Thing"(1982)-Directed by John Carpenter, which I hear is great. I cant wait to watch them, and porbably will by the end of the night.
  2. Exactly...The way i look at it, the more blood spilled the better. Watch Dead Alive, its the bloodiest movie you will ever see. Picture this....about 20 zombies..and a man running through them with a lawnmower. This is directly from the IMDB: Trivia for Braindead (Dead Alive) (1992) -During the lawnmower scene, blood was pumped at five gallons per second. -The rental in Sweden (and probably other countries as well) came with supplemental vomitbags -The movie is said to be the bloodiest of all time (measured in amount of film blood used during the production).
  3. cobia123


    Well. I didnt really know what forum to post this in but i guess a musical goes in this category. I just saw RENT for the second time and i must say it was the most mesmorizing experience. The people are absolutely AMAZING singers, the acting is impeccable. The play is so well choreographed im stunned, i mean the stunts some people pull are unbalievable. At times (mainly at the sad parts) i was basically glued to my seat watching the acting skills, it seemed alot better than when i went to see it the first time. I dont even know if any of you even know what RENT is, or if you even like it. But its a musical play on Broadway. Anyway, Drew Lachey which some of you may remember from 98 degrees was a character in the play and when it was over, i was walking around outside and randomely saw him giving autographs, so of course i got one and took a picture of him and my girlfriend. Anyway, yes RENT was great you should see it.
  4. Those are some great movies, and alot of them i havent seen. I cant believe i havent seen The Howling. I see it at rental stores, hear about it all the time, and still have not seen it. My friend saw dog soldiers and said it was great and told me to watch that, ill have to check it out when i get the chance. American Werewolf in london is great, ive seen that a couple times. I saw Ginger snaps cause my sister randomely rented it..before i watched it i honestly thought it was one of those corny low budget movies..turns out it was decent. Chopping Mall= Greatest name ever haha. Havent seen it, gotta try it out
  5. Well im more of a blood and guts person so id watch a classic horror movie over the new stuff any day. But if you truelly want my opinion, the new films are garbage!. First of all, how much computer graphics can be put into a movie at one time?, i mean The Grudge was loaded with hollywood nonsense and it was very similar to The Ring so it was nothing new to me. When i first watched The Ring i admit it scared the hell out of me, it gives you a deep down feeling of fear, but it is also a bunch of mumbo jumbo, i mean seriously, i wanna see make-up effects, these directors think that the computer graphics arent noticeable, but the fact is, they are SO obvious its ridiculous, it completely kills the movies. When i said their garbage...i take that back. I mean it seems that the movies have potential but it always results in the same dissapointment for me. They get their job done in that they scare people, but sometimes i feel that their just not worth the time
  6. I was a fan of the first one for a couple years and ive been dying to play the second one. Ever since i saw the preview ive been drooling over it. Im looking forward to looking at the amazing car selection.
  7. Oh i forgot to comment on the jeepers creepers one. When it comes to that, i would recommend the second one over the first. I actually thought the first jeepers creepers was kind of dry, but i have to admit it was a fun movie. Jeepers Creepers 2 is action packed with a bit of comedy, but its not for everyone, i liked it.
  8. "IT"....now that is a movie i have seen many times over and over again, it is such a classic. If your into the whole clown thing than its gonna scare the hell outta ya. This movie was a family favorite and we used to watch it all the time, scared the crap outta me. I saw it recently and it didnt have as great an effect, i guess because my tolerance is higher, but its still a great movie nonetheless. Wrong Turn, ive been planning on seeing this, i hear its good, i just havent got around to it yet.
  9. Pretty disappointing that theres not much going for the comics. I looked up the movie and im hoping its not gonna be hollywood trash. If the movie is halfway decent it will definately spark the creation of comics
  10. Poltergeist is the scariest older movie ive ever seen. Although i havent seen it in maybe 4 years, i remember it scaring the hell out of me. I wish nowadays they could make more horror movies like they did back than, nice and bloody. I mean i wanna see severed heads, pencils in ankles, disgusting and unecessary rippage of bodily tissue, and all the other factors that were put into those movies. One movie i own that hasn't been talked about is Dead Alive. I dont know if any of you have heard about it or seen it, but its a must have in my opinion. I dont think ive ever seen a bloodier movie in my entire life, its also the most creative and ruthless killing, i love it. If your into all the modern horrors, thats fine, but if you enjoy the 70's and 80's blood and guts flicks as well, u should check out Cabin Fever. To me it seemed to be a combination of both recent and and past film making talent, sort of an "80's horror movie that was restored and released in 2002"...if you know what i mean
  11. Its been about 2 years since ive bought some new ghost rider comics (which are my fav), but before i stopped buying them, i heard they werent doing too good in sales and they might be closed down. This could have just been a false rumor that i heard, but what do i know. Does anyone know anything about these comics?
  12. I remember back about 5 years ago i used to read this magazine called "Next Generation", it had cool graphics and artwork in it, and was all about electronics stuff, i thought it was fun, is it still around?
  13. As i live in New York, i care about the knicks, and today they have traded away Moochie Norris, Vin Baker, Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer to the Spurs for conditional first round draft picks in 2005 and 2006, they have also acquired Maurice Taylor and Malik Rose. In my opinion, i think its great and this is why: Nazr Mohammed- C'mon now, he isnt that great Vin Baker- Gettin old, didnt play much anyway Jamison Brewer- I liked him, fast, but barely played Moochie Norris- Bench player, decent ---This is all for 2 first round draft picks which is nice, and they acquired Maurice Taylor who is only around 29 years old and he has a bit of height, the same goes for Malik Rose as well. I mean i really dont see what San Antonio or Houston have got out of this trade.
  14. Wow, 2 movies that i havent seen in a while, but would love to see again are Gremlins, and Gremlins 2:The New Batch, i remember that i loved those movies.
  15. Maximum Overdrive is so good i love that movie, i have it for VHS, dont know if its out on DVD. Re-Animator is also a great one. I would like to see terror train or Its Alive, i see them at rental stores alot.
  16. "If dreams are like movies than memories are films about ghosts" Counting Crows- "Mrs. Potters Lullaby"
  17. I own fright night and i thought it was a pretty decent movie, cool ending. I love zombie movies (return of the living dead, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead--old and new). I bought the new Dawn of the Dead and i think i have the older version because i rented it and never gave it back
  18. Ive heard alot of John Carpenter but never seen his movies, ive also read up on phantasm but have never got around to watching it.
  19. I saw the people under the stairs, I thought it was a pretty good movie. Ive been dying to see the hills have eyes. I was thinking of collecting all the friday the 13th, hellraiser, and texas chainsaw massacre movies. I already have all the nightmare on elm streets.
  20. Im a hardcore horror fan and i prefer to watch 70/80s horror films. Movies such as Evil Dead and Dead Alive are the typical gruesome movies that i like. Im looking for more of these types of "B" horror films, can anybody help me out and name a few?
  21. Yea i already opened them...too bad. At least the box looks nice so it fits in my collection.
  22. I dont know if this guy plays for anyone or anything, but he is undoubtedly the most insane drummer i have ever seen. Jojo Mayer
  23. I thought it was absolutely horrible, i mean it is very funny in the beginning, but after a while it just gets old. As for the plot....wait...what plot?.
  24. Now this may sound a bit stupid, but i just bought two volumes of "Most Horrible Horrors". When i was looking at the title i thought they meant "horrible" as in gruesome or something, no.....they meant HORRIBLE. So now ive spent around 50 dollars for 2 of the worst DVD's ever. Its kind of funny now that i think about it, but it sure was a waste of money. I have only watched 1 of the 18 movies on the dvd's, it was called "Fleshburn"...after watching it, i realized the name "horrible horrors" was the perfect term for it. On Volume 1: The Hearse ---(1980) Prime Evil ---(1980) Terror ---(1979) Lurkers ---(1988) Fleshburn ---(1984) Satans Slave ---(1976) Horror High (a.k.a Twisted Brain) ---(1974) Point of Terror ---(1971) Volume 2: Dont Answer The Phone ---(1980) Terrified ---(1962) Blood of Draculas Castle ---(1967) Nightmare in Wax ---(1969) The Crater Lake Monster ---(1977) Stanley ---(1972) Blood Mania ---(1962) The Devils Hand ---(1962) I havent heard of any of these movies, i also heard that many of the movies havent been restored when put onto dvd, its made by Rhino.
  25. I thought constantine was really good, there was a bit much computer graphics but i thought it was cool.
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