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  1. I honestly dont care about this case. I really dont like it when the media gets so involved in celebrities. I honestly cant stand it on TV when there are plenty of topics available for a headline but instead its like "Michael Jackson hurt his back". It really is very boring. I mean if kids were fondled, than im sorry for them seriously. If they werent, im sorry for Michael, but people seriously get so caught up in things like these when in my opinion it is so uninteresting.
  2. I am so looking forward to this movie, of course im not as hyped as i was for the new DOTD but im still anticipating it. Im really hoping it doesnt turn out to be a dud. I love zombie movies, moreover, i love movies. Im trying to collect all the older action movies like Rambo and the Arnie movies. Good old horror movies are good to. Doesnt anyone miss the days when movies were mostly about just slash and kill? im probably one of the few who feel this way.I mean i cant deny that some movies made these days are very good, but sometimes im just in the mood for a good old bloody slasher.
  3. When you go to Marvel.com they barely have any character biographies. Does anyone know of a place where they list the character biography of every Marvel character ever made from the first to the present?
  4. Ive been looking around for good places to buy dvds at low prices but i keep coming across foreign websites for some reason. I am currently a member at colombiahouse, does anyone know of any other great places with low prices?
  5. I bought the movie the other day and i just watched it yesterday. Now dont get me wrong, it was a good movie, but I thought it was way too overrated and should not have been incorporated into the best picture category (yet it was well placed in the costume design category). Johnny Depp was proclaimed to have been great in the movie, but to tell you the truth, it was no real hard character to play, he was fine, but not fantastic. Unlike Pirates of the Carribean, where he played a charismatic, energetic, and comedic character, Depp plays a casual, typically boring man. He is very likeable...yes, but the part he played just didnt seem difficult enough to me to give him so much credit. Many people will disagree with me on the entire subject, but keep in mind its just an opinion.
  6. I cant believe this...how dare Evil Dead be ashamed by a bunch of people turning it Hollywood style, this is a disgrace. Not only is it going to be remade without all the low budget effects, Bruce Campbell isnt even going to be in it!. Im sorry, but Evil Dead isnt Evil Dead without ol' Brucey in it. Evil Dead was a classic because it was a good movie made by a bunch of high school kids with little money, I wish the movie could just be left alone, this is unjust. Although Sam Raimi (the original director) is directing the remake, its still no exception. The Evil Dead is the Evil Dead, and thats the way it should be. Anyone agree?
  7. Yes, finally....my favorite comic book character made into a movie...now...the question is, will the movie be halfway decent? Nicholas Cage is reportedly going to play Ghost Rider, which is a good thing. Its being directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who also directed Daredevil and Simon Birch. I have seen Simon Birch which was good, but I have not seen Daredevil. Daredevil, by most people that I have talked to, seems like it isnt too great of a movie. If Ghost Rider is any similar to Daredevil that couldnt possibly be good. The budget for the movie is reportedly $51 million, which is alot. I really hope this isnt going to be CGI crap, I HATE that. Anyway, the movie is going to be released in 2006, anyone have anything to add, or say?
  8. Saving Private Ryan is definately the best selection of those choices. Not only is the movie exciting the whole way through, it is very graphic,ewhich is good because it gives you real feeling for the characters in the movie. The movie also has the most memorable moments. SPOILERS: When the mans guts are all over his stomach in the battle of normandy. When the man is shot in the helmet, and in amazement he takes it off, and receives one in the head. Vin Diesels random appearance...and death. The movie also gets you to really fall in love with some characters. I really liked the sniper guy, he was the coolest, too bad he got blown away by a tank shell in the end. My second favorite war movie is definately Full Metal Jacket. That film has some comical moments. The seargent was hilarious whenever he opened his mouth. The one scene I will never forget is when the soldier blows away the seargent, than shoots himself while sitting in the bathroom...that was insane.
  9. I like Batman I really do...unfortunately I just cant seem to get excited for this movie. I keep picturing over and over in my head that Batman is going to be the same Hollywood garbage, and my classification of garbage is :So much computer graphics used it might as well be a video game. I really hope its not, I would like to see a good Batman movie.
  10. If anyone here is a major fan of horror/gore movies, you have got to see Haute Tension, although it is french with english dubbed over, it is the most gruesome thing i have ever seen! If you think you have seen a bloody slit throat...wait till you see this, it is the most disguting thing I have ever seen in movie history, I mean the amount of blood in this movie is unbalievable, with a great ending too. Im telling you right now, the acting with the dubbing isnt great, but its the most detailed, creative and sloppy kills i have ever seen, i couldnt believe it. You have to see it, if you like gore, you like this. In most horror movies the camera pans away and you dont see the kill but usually hear a scream or two....not in this case. Every kill is seriously the most up close and personal thing ever, you can see every detail, its horrific. I suggest you check this one out if your in the mood for a good, bloody thriller. (Its not for the faint hearted, especially the beginning)
  11. Yes somehow it actually creeped me out a little, i mean classic horror movies never scare me, I usually just watch em for the gore. I guess it was the lights being turned off that did it...uhh..yea!yea that was it!
  12. Ok, Just bought it and watched it (not for first time, but first time in a while), it was a great movie....gruesome, thrilling, but there were a couple things that didnt make sense. First of all **SPOILERS**, if you notice at the end its the girl facing off with Jason's mom....now let me point this out...WHY IS SHE RUNNING???...i mean seriously, they both have just as good a chance to kill each other, its not like Jason's mom had any advantage over the girl (i mean she had a blade at some points....but cmon, theres other stuff around).Also, why, after knocking Jason's mom out with a pan did she run off? i mean seriously what an idiot, i would have beat the living crap outta her. Also, after first hitting jasons mom to the floor, she runs back into the cabin and hides in the storage area....ummm, what are you doing!! Either beat the hell out of Mrs. Vorhees or run you arse off down the road, dont go back into teh cabin!. One last thing I have to say is, i notice that after she kills Mrs. Voorhees she gets in a canoe and pushes off into the pitch black....wow, why not just do that in the first place, Jason's mom would have had absolutely no idea where to go. Now I point all these errors out, I mean its not really a big deal, I just happened to notice them more than I usually would for some reason and it bugged me, it didnt piss me off or anything...just "bugged"me...but seriously though, great movie, I really liked it.
  13. I really couldnt care less about this trade considering i hate both teams, but what I do have to say is...it seems Oakland is trying to rebuild their team by signing the big guns...for instance...Warren Sapp? Well, he certainly didnt do much last year, maybe Moss will.
  14. cobia123


    This........ is the most utterly boring Oscar presentation I have ever seen. Signed with great boredom, Cobia123
  15. What do you think of it? Personally, i think it is a great game...at times i admit it gets repetitive, but the overall feeling of it (after getting used to it) is really fun...and quite addictive. And if you do play....list info about your best or most used character
  16. I dont know if anyone knows what Suikoden (psx/ps2) is? Well the first and second were absolutely great, from there on its a downfall. Suikoden 3 wasnt that good, and Suikoden 4 is horrible.
  17. Does anybody know anything of the car selections that are availabe, like the models and stuff...also, are there any new features?
  18. The Creepers head from series 2 looks great, nice detail.
  19. Name all the movies you have in your collection whether it be DVD or VHS, if you have too many to name off hand, just put down some of the best ones you have, and ones you would recommend. And when i say every one, i mean every one...any genre. Dusk Till Dawn Evil Dead Army of Darkness The Thing The Howling Freddys Dead:The Final nightmare Dog Soldiers Return of the Living Dead Return of the Living Dead 2 Fright Night Dead Alive Dawn of the Dead (Old + New) The Lawnmower Man The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (New Version) Wishmaster Wishmaster2 Wishmaster3 A Nightmare On Elm street A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child A New Nightmare (Wes Cravens) Horrible Horrors Volume 1 Horrible Horrors Volume 2 Salems Lot Hellraiser Hellraiser: Bloodline Children of the Corn Saw Hero Matrix Reloaded Matrix Revolutions Van Wilder (uncut) Titan A.E. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Scary Movie The 6th Day The Running Man Jerry Maguire The Godfather Air Force One Basic Instinct Blade Cobra The Core The Terminator Terminator 2: Judgement Day The Jackal Waterworld Robocop Robocop 2 Mortal Kombat Total Recall 12 Monkeys Maximum Overdrive
  20. Well first of all, after getting the movies i had previously mentioned, i went out with my friend and bought another movie that had been mentioned here called "Dog Soldiers"...he bought this movie called "The Beast Within". Anyway, i watched most of the movies and here is my reactions. Dog Soldiers: Absolutely amazing, there is so much blood that it completely satisfied my hunger, the acting was decent as well (nice twist in the end too) The Howling: Very good movie, loved some of the ideas put into it. Werewolf's looked cool and nice transformation sequences. The Thing: A great movie...unfortunately i cant comment much on it because i fell asleep before all the action started (considering it was almost 4 in the morning) The Beast Within: A pretty cool movie, it had its slow parts, but the ending was something to look forward to, and the transformation is nice as well. Return of the Living Dead 2: Havent watched it yet, i plan on doing that tonight.
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