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    Wow, I have been wondering why I havent been able to connect to the front page, I have been going to google to get here. Its a relief that its not my computer, I thought for sure I had some miserable virus
  2. A religious connection is what immediatly came to mind when I first saw it, and that is most likely why it was taken off, I personally dont care about it at all, in fact, I was laughing.
  3. After reading that review of the system I am drooling, I am drooling on the thought of taking myself back in time and playing all my NES games. The last couple years I have been in the biggest mood to play all the old systems again just because I love them so much. I want that system so bad it really is ridiculous
  4. Dont worry man, they come just as they go. Just think of it like this, it was her loss by breaking up with you, not yours. I guarentee you will find another girl who you will like even better, and as soon as you do, you will completely forget about your ex. Instead of being all depressed about it, think of all the times that she annoyed you, or times when you couldnt stand to talk to her.....ahhh, those painful experiences are gone, isnt it rejuvenating?
  5. Im not a father considering im 17 (thankfully) but I feel bad for not getting my dad anything. He lives an hour and a half away so I only really see him once a week.
  6. Well, according to how things are going right now, the Yankees and Red Sox are not going to win it. Although the white sox currently have the best record, the best team is the cardinals. The white sox are doing great this year but for some reason I get the feeling that they will collapse in the playoffs. The cardinals are a solid team who will not collapse in the playoffs.Baltimore has a very good chance of winning it, they are probably the only team who will be any sort of challenge to the cardinals. The O's have Tejada, Sosa, Palmeiro, Bryan Roberts and Javy Lopez. Their pitching isnt bad either, they have Ponson and Rodrigo Lopez.
  7. If he comes back clean, fine, thats his choice. But even if he does come back, I still question how the Dolphins are going to perform. I havent been keeping up on the teams status, but I wonder if they have acquired anyone.
  8. Both of those look really amazing, truely fantastic. I love the second picture of spawn holding the axe, looks really great.
  9. Just saw it last night with a couple friends, very very good movie. I thought the beginning was a bit slow but the movie really picked up. It was very entertaining and its cool to see where he got his car from.
  10. Hahaha thats hilarious, yea at least they wont need to search for their car when they come back from shopping. "Hey Ma where did you park the car?"..."ummm, I think it was on top of that tree"
  11. The Saints gave up so much for the Rickster and he was very dissapointing there. I dont hate Ricky Williams but I am annoyed at him for what he did. If he comes back this season I hope he does horribly, not because I hate the man, but because I am a Jets fan. go jets!
  12. I am a Yankees fan. It upsets me to see them doing so bad this year, it is also very annoying to see them go on a huge winning streek, than straight back down. They have just swept the pirates but they still dont even have a decent record. All I can do is hope that they will keep winning, cause if not, they can kiss their season goodbye. ...or maybe its already too late.
  13. I find it saddening that he is going pro because I am a huge tar heels fan. I understand that he wishes to go pro for many reasons, but I was really hoping he would stay and try to win UNC another title. May would not have been around with some other guys im sure, but it would have been nice to see him play one more year.
  14. Now believe me, I am not sexist in any way, I believe girls can do whatever they want, but listen up. Danica Patrick is a rookie I understand, but her being female has no significance at all when it comes to racing . Women in golf is remarkable cause thats a sport that involves strength, a women competing with a man in basketball would be significant because that also depends on physical strength, but I do not see in what way a women would have any disadvantage when driving a race car. When driving a car, all you are doing is pushing down the gas pedal, breaking, steering, and whatever else necessary to keep your car moving. The sport does not require any physical features really, and seems to me that it would be just as competitive between men and women. So someone, please tell me, what is so significant about Danica? ..just my opinion on things..
  15. cobia123


    I dont hate or like the Dodgers, but they have definately fallen out of place. They are now 33-32, almost under 500 from when they were many games over. I dont really know what is going on with them. I havent really studied up on them so I dont know if they are plagued with injuries or not, but whatever it is, they better fix it because if they keep this up they will be heading down the charts.
  16. This has probably been done before but to tell you the truth, im so bored its unbalievable. Anyway, here is where we tell our most embarrassing stories, no matter if its disgusting or just downright hilarious, we tell it all, so i'll start. Back in 9th grade I was sitting in spanish class, completely zoning out half asleep when the back of my hand fell off my chin and my face hit the desk, now that...is embarrassing in itself, but thats not it. Nobody saw me thankfully but than i noticed my nose was bleeding all over and i didnt know what to do, i put my shirt up to my nose and it became soaked in blood. The bell rang and i was running through the hallway like a crazed lunatic, i looked like I had just massacred someone. Everyone was just staring at me until I got to the nurse's office, it was pretty embarrassing. Not only that, even after cleaning off my face i didnt have any change of clothes so I went to my locker and got out the only clothing I had, an unbalievably gigantic coat from winter a few months back, I sure looked like an idiot.
  17. I've been hearing alot lately about Ricky Williams coming back to the NFL to play with the dolphins again, and I just heard today that he took another step closer. Supposedly if he is coming back he will have to get 10 random drug tests a month...or something of the sort, dont really remember. But seriously, I cannot believe this guy, he basically quits football to do what he wants (smoke pot), than decides that he just wants to return? I dont know what thats all about. What do you all think about this? I'd think that after a while away from the game he would be completely out of shape or something.
  18. Just Got: Rambo 1 Rambo 2 Rambo 3 The Shawshank Redemption The Day After Tomorrow The Last Samurai The Last Castle Jason X (Collection Purposes)
  19. Samuel L Jackson Film: Critter vs. Gremlin
  20. Calista Flockhart.....kinda looks weird there. Stephen King.......or.......Macaulay Culkin Some people may think King isnt ugly, but seriously, in some pictures, he looks plain old scary.
  21. I have my own local cd/dvd/tape store called CD island which has some great deals in my opinion. I was just wondering if anyone else here has a local DVD store with any great deals? At my store its like this: Buy a "Customer loyalty Card" for 12$ (lasts 1 year) With this card you get: 1$ off every used cd/dvd 2$ off any box set 2$ off any cd on the "top 30" rack Buy 3 used and get 1 free I personally think its a pretty sweet deal. The other day I bought 8 movies. If added up, they would have come to a total of about 86$, but instead because of the card, it came to 60$. This means that every DVD cost an average of 7.50$ which is good because lowest price DVD's are usually around 9 dollars. Not only that, they were some good movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Rambo, and The Last Castle.
  22. What? No. I did not steal your mothers fake leg.
  23. Ohhh Vin Diesel, why do you eat so many pink cactuses?
  24. I honestly dont really care who wins the playoffs this year. I was rooting for the suns but they get knocked out. I really love sports, sports of all kinds, I usually watch most of the regular NBA season, but i cant ever get myself to watch the playoffs, it seems like there are never much upsets anymore.
  25. Thats sad. Its some of the lesser known guys that make you feel bad. You never really know who a guy is until you see his picture and think "oh yea I remember him". He was the coach for the defending team in the mighty ducks. Its kind of funny how things catch up to you like that, so unexpected. R.I.P
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