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  1. Palmer Out= Bengals done. Most....depressing.....day.....of my life.
  2. I have been a hardcore bengals fan for 17 years. The bengals finally get into the playoffs, and what happens? Carson Palmer is hurt on his first throw of his first playoff game ever. I can safely say it was the most gut wrenching image that has ever crossed my face. There was nothing more painful than cheering at a 66 yard pass only to have my heart drop to my stomach in a matter of seconds. I really cant even begin to state my disgust, once Palmer went down the Bengals hopes to advance went down with him. I wish I had the words to explain my feelings right now, as the only word that comes to mind is "Devastated". I cannot say it was a cheapshot, the man who injured Palmer clearly did not mean to, it was a legal hit, but a devastating hit it was. I wish I had more ways to vent my anger, frustration, sadness etc... but this is all I can think to do. I would like to thank Marvin Lewis, Carson Palmer, and the rest of the bengals for the great memories of this year. Bengals 06'! BTW, Steeler fans I wouldnt call this a "win", I'd call it "You guys got the biggest break ever". We had no chance once he went out, and everyone knows it. No reason to be proud of your team.
  3. Carson Daly......He is absolutely terrible. Not funny whatsoever. He ruins a perfect lineup. Leno, Conan, and than horrible Carson Daly
  4. Be funny if he took it and ran haha. My brother used to steal signs and stuff from taco bell and Mickey D's all the time.
  5. cobia123

    Oh Man!!

    hahaha, that is so unecessary. For two guys to get that mad over toys is ridiculous. Some people on these boards may be crazy collectors, but those guys are crazy...literally.
  6. I cant believe someone payed 65$ for them, that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
  7. cobia123


    Im a member at columbiahouse but I havent been there long enough to let you know how it is yet. I just ordered my first dvd's from them yesterday, to be quite honest, it was pretty expensive. Their shipping is ridiculous. I bought three movie yesterday that came out to 38$, when i went to checkout, with all taxes and shipping added on, it was 50$ which isnt great. Ive read many reviews and supposedly columbiahouse has dirtbag service and dont help you at all if you are unhappy with your purchase. I heard other horrible things as well, I cant confirm this at all, i'll let you know when my dvd's come how they are. One good thing is you get funcash for every movie you buy, with the funcash you can spend it to get free movies and stuff. But if you check it out, you will probably want to go somewhere else.
  8. Hahaha, its funny that you say that because if i posted "whats the worst friday the 13th" number 5 probably would have been a high ranking one. I agree with you, i dont hate it, it is very goofy at some points. Kept me laughing. The idea was just so stupid in that movie that its hard to like, it sure was funny though. Oh by the way, u said Part V (Jason Lives). Actually Part V is A New Beginning and Part VI is Jason Lives, so im not quite sure whichever one u meant, but they are both funny nonetheless.
  9. cobia123


    Tom Cruise made a good move by not going insane on the guy. It's pathetic to think that if he had reacted in a more violent way it would have made headlines on tomorrows paper, ridiculous. The media would have crushed him and all this talk would have gone on. Isnt it incredible when you think of it like this: A person could have been stabbed to death today in his home, but Tom Cruise would have made a bigger story if he attacked a guy after getting squirted with water.
  10. The Yanks are ditching the house that Ruth built for a new stadium to be opened some time around 2009, costing 800$ million. It is rumored that the current stadium will be turned into some sort of museum. I grew up at Yankee stadium, it depresses me to see it go. I always thought one day when my kids were born I would take them down to Yankee stadium just like my dad has done to me the last 17 years of my life. It annoys me to know that my kids will never see a game there, but instead, will only see plaques and memorials of what once took place there. It angers me not only in an emotional way, but in an economical way too. Whenever me, my brother, and my dad go we always take this sort of secret back entrance where we can park right outside the stadium and not have to pay a dime for parking, it really is nice. Unfortunately, it will not be that way anymore when the new stadium opens, and im sure the prices for parking and tickets will be a nice hefty price. All I can do now is let myself know that I was lucky to have experienced the grandeur of Yankee stadium while it lasted. My brother feels that all the magic of Yankee stadium is lost because the Red Sox won the world series, which in some way is true, but it does not hide the fact that the building has history. I will miss it. Yankee Stadium- R.I.P 1923-2009
  11. Madman I can see what your coming from and you for the most part are correct. Their pitching is unbeatable, Jon Garland, their 5th spot starter is 11-2 which honestly is unbalievable. Not only that, the White Sox are never out of a game, they go on streaks in innings and sometimes score 4-6 runs in one inning which is ridiculous. And your comment about better players and better teams also makes alot of sense to me. Example, take a look at the Yankees. The Yankees, undoubtedly, have the best players in the league. They may have the best players, but there is just one minor problem, they are not the best team in the league, not by far. The white sox show alot of heart when they play, and as I have seen them on TV, they never give up in any game. (because I have MLB Extra Innings). I honestly do like the White Sox, even if I do live in New York, the only reason I am going against them is because I am so used to them losing the last couple years that it's almost as if I never expect them to win because it would be too random. I am usually a hardcore Yankee fan but now that they are building a new stadium im pissed off at them. Oh well, might as well enjoy my last years in Yankee stadium while it lasts.
  12. random. This topic probably goes in the other "video game" section. But no, I have not played it
  13. I am sitting here anticipating these so much, some of the best I have seen, Batman looks so cool. You have talent
  14. I really like the gremlin, looks amazing. Jason looks pretty cool as well.
  15. I just finished watching every single Jason movie from the first to the last (the last being Jason X). I have my own opinions but I was wondering what everyone else thinks.. I was thinking, which of the 10 movies is your favorite?I was also wondering, of all 10 movies, what is your favorite death scene? My favorite movie of them all has to be Friday the 13th Part 3:3D. I love this one because I just love the overall flow of the movie, I enjoy the death sequences such as the mans eye popping out of his head and the arrow going into the girls face and such, I thought it was great. My favorite death scene, however bad the movie was, has to be in Jason X when the girls face is freezed and then smashed all over the table, absolutely hilarious.
  16. Ive tried most, if not all of these and I have found WinAmp to be the best. I liked its interface and it was easy to use, didnt give me any problems either.
  17. I can see what Jim is saying, it seems to be that way. Still looks pretty cool nonetheless.
  18. cobia123


    That actually really pisses me off, I am a huge Tom Cruise fan and he's not snobby or mean like any other rich actors. Not only that, he makes great, respectable movies. I love almost every movie he has been in including Minority Report, Eyes Wide Shut, Last Samurai, Rain Man, and my personal favorite Jerry Maguire. Whoever pulled that prank should be punched right across the face repeatedly and throw in jail.
  19. That is unbalievable, love the color. Looks like something you would find in a package, fantastic.
  20. C3PO (I had no idea what c3 was if it had any significance and the first thing that came to mind was C3P0) Cereal
  21. ^ Couldnt have been said better.
  22. I saw the preview when I went to see Batman yesterday. I find it funny how right when the preview started i said to my friend "I will never go to see this, this is gonna be so bad", but by the end i was saying "that looks pretty awesome". I thought it looked pretty cool, but thats not saying much. It could just as well be a good preview to a bad movie.
  23. I knew my girlfriend for an entire summer, we went out, she dumped me, we went out again, I dumped her, and now we have been together again for 2 years now. Such crazy things happen, you never know man, anything is possible. Dont worry about it.
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