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  1. I'm still here...barely. I miss the golden age of ADC​. I joined in 2002, had to check my profile page to verify the date. What's there to say? It's been 15 years (that seems almost unbelievable). Life happens. If the board were still super active I would post more often than twice a year.
  2. I vaguely remember the name, mostly because we stopped posting around the same time.
  3. Cobia123 checking in. Been here since 2002 I believe. Hard to believe I signed up 13 years ago. Still remember the day I registered. Heard about this place from a friend and decided to give it a shot. I absolutely loved it here when I started. Used to post every day...but life eventually takes it's toll. ADC used to be very active, but with the advancement in technology it's definitely not what it used to be. I still like to come by once in awhile just to see if things have changed at all, but I rarely post anymore. I was never a super popular member on here, but it's still nice to see some familiar names still posting.
  4. 10 years/$240MM. Absolutely putrid move for both parties. Seattle is getting the best second baseman in the game, but let's keep in mind...the guy is already over 30. They will get about 5 good years out of him before the contract becomes an albatross. Safeco field is also an infamously terrible park for hitters. His numbers will drop a noticeable amount. As for Cano? He goes from the bright lights of NY (and all its endorsements) to the relatively obscure Seattle fan base. He left a perennial title contender for a team that won't be going anywhere for a real long while. In a few years, this will be seen as one of the worst signings in professional sports history... and I am not even biased. It's that bad. Yep, my thoughts exactly. Just another rule to "protect" player safety. Home plate collisions have been a part of the game for years. Now they suddenly want to abolish it over...what? Maybe 2 or 3 injuries a year? Please... Yea, this happened. Though, considering how his NFL career is going, I would say there is approximately a 0.00% chance he touches a baseball.
  5. How awful. I was extremely saddened by the news. For any of those unaware, Paul wasn't actually driving the car... he was the passenger. He was also leaving a kid's charity event. By all account's he was a great guy. Will be missed.
  6. Recently finished RAGE on PS3. Pretty good game. Rather short. Currently playing Dead Space 2 on PS3.
  7. I recently finished the second season and I must say, I am impressed. I was cautious going in, mostly due to the fact that I typically enjoy the grittier shows that can be seen on premium channels like HBO, Showtime etc... A & E was surprisingly effective however in their presentation of this show. It has much more gore and violence than I would have thought possible on a network. Considering I don't have cable, I'll keep watching... as long as it appears on Netflix.
  8. According to the settings at the bottom, it's called "TNI Classic" I however, will forever remember the forum look as "ADC" I'm glad it's still an option for members to select. If I'm not mistaken, at one point during the update a while ago, it was not. I've always found the retro look appealing. The red & black was (is) different from most other message boards.
  9. Could not be happier that the Patriots have been eliminated. I went to school in Baltimore for 4 years, have now lived and worked in San Francisco for 2. I don't really mind who wins the Championship really. I like both teams.
  10. Over 10 years now. It truly amazes me. Feels like just yesterday my friend from middle school was showing me this forum.
  11. This has become a fascinating thing to me. I have been following this video on youtube for a while. I first watched it when there were around 3 million views. I thought it was really funny, gave it a good laugh etc.. Next thing I know, this guy is appearing on various news stations, being featured on youtube and talked about all over the internet. Suddenly, it now has over 27 million views. According to multiple sources, the creator has reportedly made around $27,000 off the video... In one week alone, this guy has earned a 5 digit figure....an income that many people earn over the course of 1 entire year. It's amazing, really. And to think, all of this money came about over a box that looks like a car seat.
  12. I'm not a very recognized contributor to this board, but I have been a member for over 10 years now. As you can probably imagine, many things have changed since I first started posting here. After all, I created this account when I was 14. I am now 24 going on 25. I completed middle school and high school Finished college with a BS in Psychology. Moved permanently from NY to San Francisco (for no other reason than to start fresh in an entirely different place) Got an apartment, new car etc... started building my resume with a job at a local car rental agency. There is a great sense of nostalgia when I look back at my past here. It supplies a chronicle of my early life. Very interesting.
  13. Christmas... Oh what a joyous occasion it was... Let me preface my whole situation with this: On December 15th, the very last day of my entire college career , I was robbed blind of everything. I arrived home at nearly 9PM after my last final, only to find that I was nearly robbed of everything that ever meant anything to me. A thief had somehow ventured into my apartment (after breaking the steel lock) and stole: - $800 TV - $800 Laptop - $500 PS3 - $400 Guitar - $1500 in Video Games The police, and the apartment complex owners were virtually useless. My items were never recovered. In total, $4000+ in monetary value was gone. Apart from furniture, I was left with nothing. What I got for Christmas: - A new TV - A new PS3 - 5 or so new Video Games In total, the thief (who if I ever caught, I would hang and stab with a rusty serrated blade)ruined both my Christmas, and a few other parts of my life which I will not get into right now. While I am appreciative of the replacements, I cannot help but to "ring them up as damages", according to what had been taken. It is a really unfortunate situation, but after all... I lived in Baltimore Makes me sick.
  14. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a veteran, as my post count would indicate otherwise. I did however join these forums a very long time ago. I simply haven't been on the last 4 years because of college. I am finally about to graduate, so maybe I will be on more. Who knows.
  15. Californication - I like this show, I like it a lot. I think the main character is fun, and the story lines entertaining and sordid. I find David Duchovny rather refreshing playing the role of Hank Moody (However I must admit, every time I see him I just think of the "X-Files".) Though some characters and subplots seem to be recycled at times, the show still provides for hours of fantastic entertainment. There is an abundance of nudity in the series, sometimes warranted, other times probably just for the hell of it. Either way, a wonderful show. True Blood - I loved the first season of this show, I think I watched the entire thing on demand within a 2-3 day period. It was exciting to see what powers each person possessed, and how the story would progress. I was excited for the second season, which I actually thought was rather disappointing. While it was still entertaining, it didn't have the same "pizazz" as its predecessor. I hope they rally in the upcoming season. Dexter - This is the series that first got me interested in Showtime. Ive always been an HBO fan, mainly because it's just always been around I guess. However, Dexter is an unbelievable show. Like True Blood, I watched the entire first season very, very quickly. I was intrigued at all the possible story lines, and the fascinating sub plots. If you are looking for a show that will amaze you, this is certainly it. It's sure to please gore hounds as well. Hung - The first season of this show just ended, and I found it quite entertaining. The theme is certainly interesting enough, and the main character is a very likable guy. The series is much more tame than Californication, but I also think the goofiness of the show requires that it be. Though I am excited for the next season, I do feel as though it might be seen as a "poor man's" Californication in the long run. Heroes - The first season of Heroes was impeccable. There was never a shortage of shocks, and plenty of plot twists to go around. This, however, would not last. The last episode of the season was weak and poorly written, which only led to an absolutely disastrous second season. If I'm not mistaken, I think the creator of the show actually apologized for how bad the series had gotten. I just acquired season 3, and I hope it makes a comeback. From what I have heard though, it really doesn't.
  16. Though Blu-Ray has infinitely superior quality, I still feel as though it is too expensive (Both the disks and the player itself). Ive still been buying DVD's consistently. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've only bought two Blu-Ray disks since the technology came out. And, only because I own a PS3.
  17. Marriage is a wonderful thing, I am glad to hear it. Good luck!!!
  18. Well, I have been here for a while now, and I noticed something quite interesting. The other day I was looking through all of my past post's. Yes, even some of the first one's I have ever made. It might sound kind of corny, but I can actually see how much I have grown throughout the past 6 years. I laugh about it now, but I fondly look back at all my old thread's and laugh. Its funny to see how much my grammar, style of speaking, and overall demeanor has changed...or, improved, I guess I should say. Looking at everything from the past just brings back memories, and I just thought I would share this information with everyone, to see if you guys/gals have had any similar experiences. It might be different for me because I began posting when I was 14, and am now 20. But still, Its great to look back on all the good ol' stuff. I just find it fascinating that I can actually see a visual representation of my development on a message board, which I love so much.
  19. Bill Belicheat! HAHAHAHAHA one of the best night's of my life. There is justice in this world GIANTS
  20. Ive been seeing trailers for this movie, and I really think it looks quite interesting. It stars Will Smith, who I happen to think is a very good actor. It is basically about a man who is all alone in New York City, which has been devastated by a plague. For some reason, the main character is immune to this plague, but must hide from the creatures that lurk within the city, while trying to find a cure. The story goes on, but I dont want to get too complicated. If you are interested, here is the trailer. I Am Legend: Trailer It comes out on December 14th.
  21. Im a registered Republican, however, I really don't follow politics much. I find it quite boring actually. Most politicians seem crooked anyway.
  22. Well now you have the ultra amazing!...err....Trailblazers...to watch! Good luck in Oregon.
  23. Hahahaha this is hilarious. Im a big fan of Heroes (Not so much the second season) and I cant believe this article.
  24. Barry Bonds got indicted today. So.... Im pretty sure thats the end of him.
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