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  1. Martian Manhunter Zatanna The Flash (Wally) The Flash (Jay) Green Lantern (Alan) Green Lantern (Guy) Green Lantern (Kyle) Superboy (Modern Version, and he better come with Krypto) Kid Flash (Bart) Wonder Girl (Cassie, Modern Costume) Red Robin (Tim) Stargirl Static Plastic Man
  2. Superboy (Modern costume) Wonder Girl (Cassie) Kid Flash (Bart) Kyle Rayner Guy Gardner I would have added Martian Manhunter, Zatana, and Wally West, but I think they're already in the works if that Wal-Mart list proves true.
  3. This have to be fake. There's no way in hell these are the real things. These are really elaborate customs. That Donna Troy is a repainted Black Canary. That Superboy head is just Robin's head. Plus Mattel never officially confirmed that as the new wave. And even if they are real, I can't imagine they'd really go with that crappy 90's Superboy over the better modern version.
  4. I really hope they aren't stupid enough to pull that. I already missed out on getting The Atom because of that, I'm not missing J'onn.
  5. Yeah Donna and Superboy(hopefully it's Conner) are musts for me. I guess it's safe to assume Raven will be in Wave 14 or 15(last time I checked she was the winner of the poll). After that, just need Wally, Roy, and Tempest for my Titans team to be complete. As well as Bart and Cassie for my Teen Titans team.
  6. Wonder Woman: A live action adaption of the animated movie would be perfect. Though I'd go with Phil Jimenez to pen the screenplay. Green Lantern: Hopefully similar to first flight, but incorporate elements of Secret origins. Flash: Barry should be the Flash here. The Rogues as the main villains. Aquaman: An origin story just like the others. Justice League: Once those first four are done, this one is a no-brainer. Should also serve as the introduction for the Martian Manhunter. Though in order to make this work, this may have to be one of the most expensive movies ever produced, if not the most expensive. Worlds Finest: Superman/Batman team up movie. Should come before Justice League. Doom Patrol: Keep it dark, but with some humor as well. Teen Titans: This one could serve as a trilogy. The first movie based of the first meeting of the New Teen Titans. The second based of their first meeting with Deathstroke. The third based off the Judas Contract. Young Justice: Serves to introduce Tim, Conner, Cassie, and Bart into the fold. Cyborg could cameo at the end to offer them Titans membership. Outsiders: Similar in tone to Doom Patrol, but less dark. The team should consist of the original five with Batman making a short cameo. The Creeper: DC's shot at a psychological thriller Green Arrow/Black Canary: The first superhero romantic comedy Shazam: They should definitely aim for the kiddies on this one. A sequel could introduce Freddy and Mary, and Dr. Sivanna as the villain. Secret Six: If Gail Simone doesn't pen the screenplay there well be hell to pay. Also, Andy Serkis as Rag Doll. Booster Gold: A cool time traveling story with strong comedic elements to it. Justice Society: Could be a period piece, set in the WW2 days comprising most of the golden age team. A sequel could feature the modern age team (Power Girl, Hourman, Liberty Belle, Star Girl, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Mid-Nite, Sandman, and Jakeem Thunder) The Atom: I would like to see this movie feature Ryan Choi, played by John Cho. They could establish Ray was the Atom prior, and for a sequel they could base it off The Search for Ray Palmer. Green Lantern Corps: Kyle would be the star here with Guy, Killowog, Arisia, Tomar-Tu, and Salaak making up the supporting cast. Blue Beetle: With Jamie as the focus. Could definitely capture the Spider-Man audience. Firestorm: Definitely go with Ronnie and Martin Stien for this one. I'll probably get crucified for saying this, but Zac Effron would make a pretty decent Ronnie Raymond. Birds of Prey: Once again, Gail needs to pen the script here.
  7. *sigh* Wave 13 and STILL no Martian Manhunter. Will my Justice League ever be complete? And this point now I'm just pulling for my favorites. I'll get Power Girl and Beast Boy when they come out, if I can pull together the cash. After that the ones I'm hoping for are.... Martian Manhunter (Classic) Flash (Wally) Donna Troy Raven Cyborg (Modern Version) Red Arrow Tempest Red Robin (Tim) Wonder Girl (Cassie) Kid Flash (Bart) Superboy (Conner) Green Lantern (Kyle) The Atom (Ryan) Blue Beetle (Jamie) That's it, doesn't seem unreasonable. They're all pretty likely candidates anyway. And even then, if I just get J'onn, Conner, Bart, Tim, and Cassie I'll be fully satisfied.
  8. Darksied is the only one I want out of this wave. I'm torn, I want to complete my collection, but recent money issues have made it really difficult for me. Plus I don't know how much longer I wanna keep buying them, seeing as how there's no guarantee they'll make all the characters I want. I'll hold out until they do Martian Manhunter, after that I'll have to think about if I wanna go on.
  9. Ugh. That better not be it. I'm sick of waiting, where the hell is J'onn? Well according to someone supposedly in the know--by the end of 2010 the Super Powers will have all been remade in the DCUC so that would mean we are getting Martian Manhunter next year. Plastic Man will be 2010 SDCC exclusive, Golden Pharaoh/Cyclotron will be a Matty exclusive as will Samurai. Desaad will be in wave 12, Darkseid in wave 12. Robin, Mr Freeze, Tyr and the remainder will make their way into the five ways. I hope you're right. The Martian Manhunter can't come soon enough. And that Plastic Man figure is just one more reason for me to go to Comic Con next year.
  10. I got GA, BC, and WC(the blue costume variant) in the mail today. I see what everyone is talking about, how the plastic is soft, but otherwise they're okay.
  11. Ugh. That better not be it. I'm sick of waiting, where the hell is J'onn?
  12. My full wishlist.... JLA: Martian Manhunter, Doctor Light, Vixen, Plastic Man, Hawkgirl (Kendra) Teen Titans: Wonder Girl, Kid Flash (Bart), Superboy, Speedy, Miss Martian, Red Devil, Static, Ravager, Aquagirl, Blue Beetle (Jamie) Titans: Donna Troy, Flash (Wally), Red Arrow, Tempest Outsiders: Geo-Force, Halo, Katana, Owlman, The Creeper JSA: Flash (Jay), GL (Alan), Hourman (Rick), Liberty Belle (Jesse), Stargirl, Jakeem Thunder, Damage, Wildcat (Tommy), Starman (Thom), Dr. Mid-Nite, Obsidian, Jade GL Corps: Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner (modern costume), Sodam Yat, Aresia, Tomar Re, Ch'p, Salaak, Soranik Natu, G'Nort Doom Patrol: Negative Man, Elasti-Girl Birds of Prey: Oracle, Lady Blackhawk, Huntress, Missfit Secret Six: Catman, Bane, Scandall Savage, Ragdoll Others: Batman (Dick), Robin (Damian), Mon-El, Guardian (Jim Harper), The Atom (Ryan), Shazam (Freddy), Congorilla, Starman (Mikaal), Fire, Ice
  13. Martian Manhunter is my number 1 right now. Preferably in his modern costume, though I don't mind either way. Once they make him, my Justice League will be complete.
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