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  1. I've been checking too. Sadly....nothing in Northern Missouri either. BUT.....I have seen 25th stuff popping up at other closeout places so there is hope. Big lots still has to set thier christmas layout and that usually means a huge expansion in the toy department. Probably see them soon if we're going to at all this year. Personally I am hoping to find a blowtorch. THAT'S THE ONLY FIG I NEVER SAW ON A PEG!!! I got everything else.
  2. mmyer2

    Good finds

    I go back from time to time, but I haven't seen anything GIJOE at all since. Unfortunately the Saint Joseph area isn't much of a Joe hotspot.
  3. mmyer2

    Good finds

    About a year ago I popped into an antique mall about twenty minutes north of my hometown. While wandering around looking at old pop bottles, books and betty boop crap with my wife I saw a deal. It was not as classic as what the OP found, but every bit as rare. It was a MOC 1997 15th anniversary Viper with Trouble bubble. It was just hanging on a random hook in a booth filled with quilts and other garbage; clearly the seller had no idea what he/she had. But it was a consignment store so the attendant didn't care, she just sold according to prices marked. The card was dusty, but flawless otherwise despite the less than quality construct of the packaging. The only defect was a price tag on it for $6!!! Hardly a defect, right? The crazy part is, back in 97 I was 19 and didn't make a lot of money so I was buying these things one at a time every two weeks as my paychecks came. These didn't last long on the shelves as GIJOE the ARAH hadn't been available in years. I got everything but Duke and the silver mirage and, of course, Viper and bubble. I have since gotten the Duke MOC, but it was more than $6.
  4. Wish I was there..... Really diggin some of it. Those SE and SS costumes/statues are awesome!!! Also loved the Chopper. Still not sure about those emperial guard wanna-be's though. Bring back the crimson helmets and blue helmets...maybe in a sequel???
  5. I AGREE TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! Plus, dreaming here, but I WOULD LOVE a 25th USS FLAGG and Skystriker!!!
  6. From the looks of this picture, your memory served you correct. I'll admit it, I'm aroused I remember the days going to Kiddie City and Children's Palace and seeing this above picture. And just think, this pic is from what 1983-84. Now imagine that same image every year until 1990 (Kiddie City went under in 1985, but Children's Palace made it until 1990 and TRU is still going). As for what was bigger? GI Joe easily. Everyone I knew had a cache of Joes and vehicles. Yeah, everyone had some He-Man and Transformers but GI Joe was boss. He-Man was pretty much done by the time Joe hit the big time. Transformers were cool in the beginning but around the time of the movie everything either became really cheap (simple and easy transformations, cheaper plastic) or went overboard with the Gestalts. At that same time Joe was just amazing, some of the coolest figures and vehicles. And let's face it, no one wanted Brawn, Bumblebee, or Cliffjumper. They wanted the bigger, better figures. Plus you have Gobots to consider as well. GI Joe had no major competition in the 3.75 realm once Star Wars died. Transformers had Gobots (a cheaper alternative, somce actually pretty cool). Gobots also had a cartoon for some exposure. In the end I think GI Joe easily ruled the 80's but once the 90's rolled around they were easily swept under rug by newer and nicer things. The 90's were rough for all but Transformers. Man that's a beautiful picture. I remember being a kid and just standing there looking at everything as extensivley as my mother would allow. Now there are three peg hooks and two feet of shelf space. In the 80s it was GI JOE hands down. The price point alone put it out front in sales. More people could afford GI JOE and frequently at that. I remember TF being pretty expensive and expensive enough that I collected very few. GIJOE racked it up "a buck at a time". Plus, there was just more to the joe line. Tons of characters, playsets and accessories. To this day there is just one other toy line that even competes on that level, Star Wars.
  7. Tatum as Duke doesn't bother me, but Gordon-Levitt as the Comander I am havin a hard time with. I have no fantasy cast for CC, but if I did, it sure wouldn't be the kid from Third Rock. Despite my own perceptions of Duke's age over the years, I have always pictured the Comander as much older, like late forties or possibly 50. The idea of a Palpatine-like figure around 30 years old is a little hard to swallow. Eccleston as Destro I am just going to have to see. Destro is just one of those characters that cannot be seemlessly crossed over to film, so I can't say much there without seeing more. Heavy Duty instead of Roadblock? Dumb. Under-developed second rate character at best. Breaker, Cover Girl and Ripcord? Corrupted bios by way of foriegn portrayal or a miscast black comedian. If they wanted Wayans so bad they should have written in Doc or Big Lob. They couldn't have picked a more dull set of characters from the GIJOE gallery. None of these characters were ever popular on the cartoon so "cartoon come to life" is bullpoo. If this were the cartoon come to life it would have Shipwreck, Flint and Lady Jaye. SO FAR Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow look awesome and far surpass what I would have expected Sommers to do. I just hope the hype from the trailers stays true when I am sitting in front of the big screen. I think Quaid is perfectly cast as Hawk and the women thus far look the part. Despite this list of grievances, I try to stay positive. 87% of my current 31 years have been spent waiting for a GI JOE movie. The 1990s sent fear into my heart that GI JOE as I knew it was dead in the water never to return. And then came the relaunch, although not completely true to what we grew up with, it was close enough to get excited about. Hopefully we enjoy this movie so there will be sequels to enjoy as well.
  8. I always thought of Duke as about 35 years old. In 1988 when I was only 10, this seemed older than it does now at 31. These characters were introduced in the early 1980s and never seemed to age. In fact, sometimes they actually seemed to get younger. In the comics I know they slightly referenced age, but the imagery hardly changed at all. The toys on the other hand had no consistency at all in regards to age. Hawk did take on a more distinguished look from V1 to V2, but he also went from one hair color to another. The truth is, Tatum is nearly 30. Had he enlisted when he was 18, he'd be a near 12 year vet. I'd say thats a hell of a lot of experience. The other thing to consider is these guys are the best of the best. It isn't just their experience that makes them great; it's also thier natural god-given ability to excel well beyond their expected potential that puts them on the GIJOE team. Truthfully I don't want to see Marky Mark or Brad Pitt playing Duke. They would have ust made it another Pitt or wahlberg movie. I like that they chose a fairly unknown, young and upcoming actor to take on the role and make it his own.
  9. I too am getting more excited. I know I would have loved this as a kid!!! As a kid, at the peak of ARAH, there were constant changes and we all seemed to adapt just fine. Every year there were new characters, character modifications and here and there hierarchel changes. It's an expanding universe. this movie might be viewed as a part of that expansion or maybe a new addition to the "multi-verse" as witnessed by the major difference between the cartoon, the comics and sometimes the file cards.
  10. I've read books FIRST and love them but hated the MOVIE. I've seen movies and loved it so much I bought and read the book it's based from, and HATED it. Whichever we become a fan of FIRST...we kind of cling to a little harder. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I completely agree with this!!! This is why Hollywood (for the most part) ignores us "enthusiasts" because they know short of filming a frame-by-frame, cell-by-cell recreation of what we know and love....we just won't be happy. Unfortunately this is not 1985 and if they (Hasbro) want this franchise to carry on into future generations it CANNOT remain in 1985. Gijoe has always been a semi-futuristic special forces team with advanced technology and weaponry. In the 80's, the idea of soldiers with lasers, jet packs and trouble bubbles seemed awesome and advanced. Despite the fact that even these days this is true, it just isn't awesome enough. They were forced to take it to the next level thanks to the mighty morphin power rangers upping the costumed/robotic antie in the nineties and then CGI advancement in the modern era. Kids today just wouldn't have survive the 80's. Just be thankful we all GOT to! Remeber when we were young and had to listen to how those "little toys aren't GIJOE!!! GIJOE is 12 inches tall and looks like a real soldier!!!" and how much we hated it??? I know a few of you out there embraced both. All I can say is I will take my kids to see the film and I will enjoy it no matter what especially if they enjoy it at all. At some point we have to pass the torch.
  11. Burnout from 03 ST line
  12. They have a small toys section too. They are listed at 9.99 but quite often their toys go on sale at 30 and 40% off. So watch them.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-Joe-25th-Anniversar...id=p3286.c0.m14 I know it isn't really a WTF auction so much as a WTF buyers response here....I live in Saint Joseph, Missouri and these series 1 Flints were hanging around everywhere early on and I bought a few (although even when I buy a Joe I intend to sell I usually think up an excuse for keeping it instead). Blows my mind that this figure is (at the time of this post) at $41!!! I've seen nice vintage carded figures go for less than that!!! What the hell is it with this figure? Yellow Stalker...I get it. Snake Eyes w/ Black Timer...get it. Basic series one Flint......? Did they produce these in a limited number as compared to the rest of series one?
  14. I was just going to post this. What kind of dumba$ would buy this? Apparently quite a few dumba$es...there's 22 bids on that! Are there collectors out there that are really that stupid? I found the same Neo Viper at a thrift store the other day for a quarter. I should start saving the packages for my toys and stick a POTF2 Stormtrooper in a Cobra Viper card or something, sell it on eBay: "Ultra rare cross-license error card!" This thing sold for 96.00?????
  15. Hey all....don't post often but I saw this auction and I just had to put it out there. Look close, the plastic backing dosen't even match the 4'' scale of the 25th line. This guy is an idiot, I don't know what that makes the guy who buys it....currently 22 jokers fighting over it. http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-GI-JOE-25th-cobra...id=p3286.c0.m14
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