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  1. those customs are fantastic.
  2. I'm pretty excited for that Forge figure. The FF 2 pack is lame...i want NEW characters. I think at least 1 character in each 2 pack should be a new release. Or at LEAST a new sculpt. Hmph. but yeah, they all look really cool (even the lame FF 2pack). I'll definitely be passing on ALL the Hulk figures though.
  3. that X-Treme X-Men Storm is awesome.
  4. i'd say modern Polaris. But she's got a really good shot at being made. so i'll go with someone more obscure to use my wish on. hmmm maybe i'll say modern Dazzler. or maybe an Annihilation Nova (since the Nova we're getting whenever the new HML line comes out is an older version).
  5. Havok and Polaris would be number one on my list (Polaris is currently number one on all my wishlists) then i'd say Black Panther and FA Storm (with a maskless Panther and modern Storm variant 2pack) then - Spiderman and MJ (with Gwen Stacy and maskless Spiderman variant) - Firestar and Justice - Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey - New X-Men Cyclops (with that yellow jacket) and better Astonshing Emma - Vision and Scarlet Witch - Xavier and Lilandra
  6. I'd say JLU and Superman would be close seconds - but the 90's X-Men cartoon always will be my favorite comic based book cartoon. I mean, i tend to be a marvel kinda guy - but i enjoy the DC cartoons. I own the JL cartoon on dvd, but i wish they'd just release the X-Men cartoon on dvd. I'm still anxiously awaiting that new Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon - it has potential to be as good as the 90's X-Men cartoon.
  7. i'm going to the NYCC on Saturday, so hopefully i get to see in person some new ML figures. (i'll also be at SDCC!) Butyeah, we only have a few days to wait until NYCC. If Hasbro doesn't have any marvel showings , then i will start worrying about the future of my Marvel figures. I can't even knock the figures - because looking from line 1 to line 3, there has been a MAJOR improvement. now all they need to do is start RELEASING these figures. (the elektra and Ronan 2 pack looks awesome & i really want my nova, AXM Beast, Block Bolt, and Tigra figures)
  8. Civil War then Annihilation (of course) and AoA maybe Messiah Complex? (although that could just be a regular X-Men line) oh, and House of M!
  9. the worst ML figure ever is Emma (IMO). I cannot express my hatred for that figure. Her face is terrible, she has black eyebrows, a small baby head, looks like she's wearing a diaper and has a horrendous paint job. Scarlet Witch is a close second. Her face is bad but not too terrible (hence why i think Emma is worst), but her body is awfully too skinny and flimsy. Which leads us to Mystique who has that same awful body....but i'd still say Jean Grey Marvel Girl is the 3rd worst. But that Jean is loved by tons of people (especially on this board) ....her face is TERRIBLE. then i think i might say that Psylocke is the 5th ugliest female. I like the Wasp figure and x-23 is a good representation of the younger looking X-23. And IF we count MJ from the spiderman movie line, then i'd say she would be the 3rd worst ML female.
  10. and as someone who has been reading comics for quite sometime - i have to say i never knew that Shanna mini-series wasn't in the 616 universe. I never read that series. But i feel like Shanna in a bikini is Shanna in a bikini. Like, her and Kazar are characters that don't have like, specific costumes...so i don't really care what they're wearing, i only care that the figures look good. And i think they look amazing. Zabu does look a bit cartoony, but i honestly don't care too much about him. Shanna an Kazar look great. I'm going to SDCC this year for the first time ever, and i'm going to have so much stuff to buy - it's gonna be nuts.
  11. i was just thinking about this series today. I felt like the whole "rise and fall of the shi'ar empire" storyline was way too long - and boring. But i picked up this ("emp vulcan") because it had good art and characters i love (havok, polaris and rachel grey). But it ended almost the same way the year long rise & fall storyline did - but only this time, they're all prisoners!!! Why did i even read it if NOTHING was accomplished??? WTF!!! I just want Vulcan to die. I want the entire X-family to go into space and just rescue Havok Polaris and co, and kill Vulcan. But have it all happen in one giant sized issue. That'd be nice. And then i want Vulcan to never come back.
  12. i liked the Black Queen figure when i first saw it...but this custom makes me kinda not like the original. This is such a good impovement!
  13. gambit329


    i'm seriously going to throw up if i see one more Storm thread.
  14. i really hope we get more x-men themed figures. i feel like Polaris & Havok 2pack is a must. Everyone has been wanting a Polaris for a long time now and a MA Polaris & Havok 2pack just makes sense. i'd also like to see: - Justice & Firestar - Jubilee & Wolverine - Jim Lee Jean Grey & Cyclops - Rogue & mystique (i feel like this is the only female 2pack that could possibly be made) - MA Storm & Black Panther (he could come with an unmasked extra head) - FA Storm & prof X (in x-men uniform) - Warpath & Hepzibah - MA extremis Iron Man & Maria Hill (the head of shield) - Ares & MA Black Widow
  15. you're so bossy with your threads. if i see "I WANT STORM" one more time i'm gonna throw up. chill out - we all know you want Storm. and how do you not know who Polaris is??!?
  16. @bH@ okay now your getting annoying. i'll second that.
  17. haha, it does look like Jon Stewart!!!! But it still looks like Ioan Gufford too...it's weird that it can look like two different people who dont really look anything alike.
  18. Polaris & Havok (both in MA costumes) Forge & Storm (modern costume that she wore in new FF) Northstar & Aurora (Northstar could come with an interchangeable Hydra head) Multiple Man & Siryn Strong Guy & Wolfsbane MA Warpath & Hepzibah Lilandra & Vulcan Blink & Mimic Jubilee & Banshee (in a more modern costume) Rogue (in her current green & white costume) & Mystique (with a better sculpt) X-23 (in her modern costume where she doesnt look 10) & Hellion Rockslide & Dust Anole & Surge Elixir & Mercury Guardian & Vindicator (him in his regular costume, her in her green & white costume) Armor & Ord MA Dazzler & Juggernaut
  19. Emma Frost Scarlet Witch Mystique Jean Grey Storm Havok Rogue Cannonball (i love the 2pack figure, but i'd like a more modern costume) Domino Psylocke (a non-anorexic looking one) Invisible Woman Johnny Storm (a non flamed on version) Luke Cage Patriot (Young Avengers)
  20. there is no fixing that Emma Frost figure. she is uglier than Scarlett Witch. I did a head swap...i put HML FF Classicvs Invisible Woman's head on Emma's body and it looks good....but it gives her kind of a bobble head. and.....she's still wearing that awful diaper.
  21. male: i'd say Astonishing Cyclops (from hml3) female: i'd say Rachel Grey from that same line the guy above picked my two least favorite Hasbro ML as his favorites.....
  22. you replied to your own reply. and chill out with the CAPS. but i'd like a FA Storm and a Storm in the outfit she wore when she was with the FF.
  23. the bandana and non bandana heads will be the interchangeable ones in the not Skrull 2pack. The nonbandana head looks like it could be really great for customizers. I'm really excited for these 2packs. The Ult Cap & fury look great too...although i'm still not sure if i'll actually buy that one (since i'm not big on the Ultimate universe)
  24. i voted for Elektra. I think the best figures were her and Ronin. I voted for Elektra because i felt like Hasbro improved upon a Toybiz sculpt - and that's impressive (even if it wasn't one of Toybiz's best sculpts). Plus she looks like one of the best females Hasbro has offered to date. Her body isn't too tiny or too big and she looks pretty. I'd say the skrull Eleektra is a close close second because it's such a great idea and looks really awesome. Ronin is a third because he has such cool detail and looks really awesome. Although i almost feel like the variant one being painted a few different colors almost seems like a cop out as a variant. The regular should come with a Hawkeye head while the variant should come with an Echo head - but i dont know if that'll actually happen. to me, i also really like the Savage She-Hulk. She'd be my third. I think her face looks a lot better than the original SheHulk's face, and i even like that SheHulk I dunno what to call it, but on Wendigo - i think there's a weird line where you can see his hair connecting to his head. and it just kinda bothered me. but other than that the figure is pretty cool looking.
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