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  1. I like Obama as he seems fresher than the rest. I don't think he'll make the ticket though. I'm guessing it's going to be Hillary vs. Romney, which to me is no ticket at all. They both have huge corporate ties, which I cannot trust. I also don't like the idea of having another Clinton in office, the same way I don't like a second Bush. When members of the same family come to power in relatively chronological order, it smells like a monarchy more than a democracy. That's just not what our country is about. I'm interested in Huckabee's ideas on tax reform. He also seems to be running a cleaner campaign than the rest, which I really like, but as I'm pro-choice (and against anything that entitles the state to ownership over one's body), I can't give him my vote. Then again, being pro-gun, I have a hard time giving any of the liberals my vote either. One of the things I collect besides toys are firearms. I'd hate to see some schmuck politician try to take that liberty away. Espcecially when I still need the rails, foregrip and flashlight for my M4. As always, neither party, left or right, represents my more middle of the road views on things. Extremism has wrecked our country, I think. People are no longer debating ideas but debating left or right. That's bad. The parties have framed the debates and drawn a line right down the center. They agree on nothing, argue about everything. As voters, we're caught in the middle and forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Unless one believes one way completely or the other way completely, one is forced to vote for things one may not agree with. That's not democracy. No good can come of drawing a line (in this case a party line) down the middle of one's thought processes. It's not conducive to constructive thinking, and in the end our country will suffer for it. Heck, it already has. Look at the how ridiculous it has become. Anyone see the debates a few weeks back with Charlie Gibson? McCain and Romney were fighting like a couple of school children as were Hillary and Obama. That's not politics. That's just plain old drama. Between our infatuation with Britney Spears and Anna Nicole's baby, America doesn't have time for any more of the same. We need leaders, not a-holes. #US1#
  2. Elite force parts never looked so good. Real nice work.
  3. So is wave 6 just three figures? What else is in this wave? I like BA CC out of the package, but in the package, good God, man! Double hip dislocation! Someone call Doc (after he's been rescued with the required proofs of purchase). The RnR figure is hit and miss. I can trim some elbow on him to make him just as articulated as any other 25th, but that swivel forearm NEEDS TO GO. Come on, Hasbro, you've gotten enough mileage out of those crappy arm molds. Get rid of them. They've screwed three figures already,. we don't need to make it four. And what's with that oversized MG anyway? I know the original RnR had a good-sized weapon, but this thing is way too bulky even if it is an MG42. The ammo belt looks oversized as well. Too bad about those flaws because the rest of him looks really nice. Head sculpt is dead on. Torpedo may be the only figure to save this wave. I can see a lot of commando type customs coming out of this sculpt, and if they did a black and yellow version later down the line, we could have some pretty nice cartoon-version divers. Viva la tube worms!
  4. There's a joke in here somewhere. @lol@ Yeah, I would hate to see RAH die. If they switch to JvC molds though, I can't seeing the club turning any profit. Who the hell's going to pay $20 a figure for that crap? I had a hard time paying $6-8 for them at retail, and they came two figures to a pack.
  5. Why don't we just have a sticky called "Complain about Scalpers here" ??? Scalping sucks. Everyone hates it. It's not going to stop as long as something in short supply can be bought and resold for a profit. Here's the options: 1) buy your toys online 2) get help from some buddies on the various Joe forums 3) get to the toy aisle before the scalpers do. 4) hunt more often at more stores and earlier. 5) accept the fact that you can't have everything you want, whenever you want it, at the price you want it for.
  6. Since 9am is an inappropriate hour to collect toys, would you please stipulate the correct time to collect said toys? Is there a range of time (e.g. between noon and three) or only a specific hour? Or are the times differentiated by retail location? Also, we will need the rules pertaining to the proper and lawful limit of figures that may be purchased as your vague description of the legal quantity has caused some confusion. Does 2 of the same figure grant General Patton status or must one buy at least ten? And if beyond ten, what then is the collector's status? Does one move from a general to some higher designation or is general the highest rank an army builder can achieve even if said army builder owns more than ten? Also, where does the "pig eat itself to death" qualification begin as it seems one seeking pig status would have to purchase well over the ten figure limit set under the General Patton guidelines? Please specify the correct proceduces and protocols so that we may all abide by the established rules and live according to the letter of toy aisle law.
  7. This thread just reinforces my belief that scalpers are always to blame, even if scalpers aren't actually to blame. And if the blame can't be laid on scalpers, then it's to be laid on hoarders. Guess what? If I see five figures and I want all five, I will buy all five, even if they're the same figure. And if I've got homies looking for the exact same figure, then I'm going to buy every single one I find until all my homies are satisfied. That's the way toy collecting works. But whatever. If you don't like the way everyone plays the game, get to the store before us. Because I can guarantee what I've just written is pretty much the unspoken rules of toy collecting.
  8. Here's the real problem: people need to stop taking everything so seriously, particularly themselves, their religion, and the country they live in. It's okay to have self esteem, and religious faith and pride in the place one is born or lives, but I question people's sanity when they're so willing to kill over what amounts to personal choice and opinion. I just can't imagine myself being so offended by something that I would want to kill someone over it. Holy crap, world, relax. Take it easy. You've only got so many days to spend on this planet. Why spend it full of rage and hate and indignant righteousness?
  9. I always dig reviews of old school Joe stuff because it helps bring a fresh perspective to old figures. As for Toxo Z, I think with a more realistic paint job, he could have been very cool. The damaged uniform duplicated from an existing figure was certainly a novel thing to see in the Joe line. Unfortunately, the colors hold this figure back from being anything special in my collection. If Hasbro were to do a Zombie remake in a decent color scheme, I could see Cobra using these guys for all types of things. One possible idea: Cobra could deploy groups of Zombies on the beaches of Cobra island to ward off any would be commandoes. They'd be a heck of a lot tougher than Croc Master and would probably provide an even greater "pucker" factor for intruders. When I was a kid, I was big into zombies and still am. After a giant battle, I sometimes had some Mindbender-inspired doomsday device detonate, making all of the dead Cobras come back to life. That way the Joes had to fight even harder with even less equipment. It was a heck of a lot of fun, if not a little morbid. Usually the zombies attacked both Joes and any surviving Cobras. This always led to a Joe/ Cobra truce, which was always another fun scenario since personalities were allowed to clash in all new ways. Plus, the idea of zombies moaning the word "Cobra" as they rise up from the smoking craters and crawl across HISS Tank wreckage is just too fun.
  10. Interesting to see that the poll is split about even. Too bad it doesn't have anything to do with the real question at hand which is, did you think the articulation was good enough to begin with? I, for one, am glad for the change. Though the Stalker mold was not one of most poorly articulated to begin with, I would rather have better articulation than a more appealing sculpt. Yes, the old way looks better but I'd rather have a toy that's more fun to play with since, you know, toys are fundamentally meant to be played with, thus the articulation in the first place. Another thing. The old crotch was tops on a lot of people's complaint list when these figures debuted, and I'm glad to see that Hasbro responded to those complaints. Seems everyone in the community used to be upset by the seemingly deaf ears we were met with thoughout the entire VvV line (crappy proportions, terrible designs/ color choices and so on), but now that Hasbro is actually listening to us and changes are underway (and not just future changes but changes meant to fix figures that have already been released), part of the Joe community is upset? Can someone please explain? Why would anyone want a Joe figure that looks ABSOLUTELY ##$%$#ED in the seated position? Or one that doesn't have any hope of fitting in old vehicles, those being the same ones that are being rereleased in '08? How is more articulation on a Joe figure a bad thing again? I don't seem to remember any complaints about past figures being too articulated or not having a more developed diaper crotch. As for those that are threatening to limit their 25th purchases because of this change, I say, why stop there? Don't just limit your purchases. Just stop collecting these altogether. Show Hasbro you're not going to take this laying down. Stand up and make it known that you're not going to let Hasbro make Joe more articulated. Damn it, this is America, where people have a right to figures that look like (and are in many ways better than) their eighties counterparts except for the fact that they can't kick, drive, kneel or sit.
  11. GiJoe doesn't "mean" anything to me. They're toys. They have no meaning. I do, however, like them because the designs and the characters behind them inspire my imagination. So my one word responses: 85' SE: iconic 25th anniversary SE: pegwarmer
  12. That was a factory error? I hadn't heard that. I thought it was just Hasbro being cheap by reusing the Duke arms. THAT IS WHAT IT WAS! HASBRO JUST REUSIN THE DUKE ARMS AND THAT WOULDN'T BE FIXED I BELIEVE! WELL I SOLD ONE OF MY FLINTS ON THE BAY AND GOT $42 WORTH IT FOR ME LOL. So the question still stands. Was it a factory error or was Hasbro being cheap? The phrase "factory error" implies that there were different arms/ hands sculpted for the Flint figure but were not used due to some mix up at the factory. Hasbro INTENTIONALLY using the Duke arms/hands, however, is NOT a factory error. That would be a conscious decision. The only reason I question this is because if Hasbro does have another set of arms/ hands that were supposed to be part of the Flint figure, then perhaps it is something that will be fixed on a later Flint figures since the design/ tooling for them already exists. My guess is that it wasn't a factory error at all and indeed the Flint we got is what Hasbro intended.
  13. Exactly. Being born into wealth and having to work for it, I would think, produces two entirely different types of people.
  14. I've driven up to the gate outside of Area 51. Of course you can't see anything except the security guys that sit there all day (and the miles of fencing and cameras), but it was still interesting. Rachel, Nevada (the little crappy town next to A-51) was a real trip though. They've got a place called the Al-e-Inn or some such nonsense play on words. Inside, they're got pictures of supposed UFOs plastered everywhere. Plus they sell touristy stuff. Keychains, T-shirts, the whole nine. Interestingly enough, we saw a dead cow laying along the side of the road as we drove out to Rachel. It looked like it had its rib cage removed. No kidding. Spooky, eh? And Arrow, that was a good read. I've read plenty of the conspiracy theories on the stealth tech/ alien connection. Good to see not everything is a "cover-up."
  15. I'm more likely to trust a person who comes from humble roots than one that doesn't. This doesn't mean all non-rich are trustworthy, far from it, but a poor person (heck, even a middle class person) knows what it's like to want. And there's more people in America that are wanting than not. What's the goal of the average American? What do Americans (supposedly) want? According the the American Dream: a house, a family, kids, job security. Basically, a future. How is that dream realized or at the very least stabilized? Money. And those that don't have money understand the fears and worries and wants of the common American a hell of a lot better than the rich ever will. Look at the two main contenders for the last election. One owned a baseball team and comes from oil. The other was a lawyer who married a ketchup heiress. Subtract the party affiliation and you've got two rich guys that never had to work for Walmart, ride public transportation, or thumb through the classifieds for his next job, perhaps wondering if he might just have to ask dear old dad to lend him some grocery money. If that's the case, how then can the rich truely understand the hearts and minds of those they govern? Sure, they can talk about family and faith and hope. Their speech writers do a great job making their words sound inspired and heartfelt. But then those rich people get in their limousines and head back to their gated communities where poor people aren't allowed in unless they're delivering pizza or picking up the dry cleaning or coming to scrub the toilet. Yes, there's some rich people with real hearts of gold. They're not all bad. I don't want to generalize too broadly. But personally, I trust someone like me, the Common American, with the fate of our country more than some schmuck who has led a life of priviledge.
  16. Unaffiliated. Red or Blue, is there really any difference? You've got to have millions of dollars to have any kind of chance at the presidency, which means either that a person has to be independently wealthy or have very wealthy "friends" as backers. So the real question is, do you trust rich people?
  17. I don't think they need double hinged elbows as much as the existing design needs to be reworked. All it would take is trimming away some of the excess material around the elbow socket. If you've got an exacto knife and the time, it's also a very easy fix to do on your own. Pop the forearm out of the socket. Trim around the bicep socket (even a little trimming improves the range). Replace forearm. The forearm/ bicep joint will not look as fluid sculptwise, but the improved articulation makes the figures a lot more fun to play with. Yeah, it sucks that Hasbro didn't fix this problem preproduction, but it really takes no skill to fix.
  18. That was a factory error? I hadn't heard that. I thought it was just Hasbro being cheap by reusing the Duke arms.
  19. i tihnk its leik sad when gi jo afex persunul relashunships gurlz kneed ta chil out and leik let guyz coleckt waht tehy leik and spent $$ on whut thay want thay spent it on. i advice to fuget about her an move on wiht your lief. life iz two short to wory abuot gurlz wehn ther so many great toyz on teh pegs. BTW, waht schul di d yo gradute from cuz i know a gurl leik dee dee. she treatz me mean, two.
  20. Damn dude, you did a lot of work here. In fact, Hasbro should give you free figures for doing their research for them. And I should get free figures just for saying so. Hasbro, are you listening? Make the top ten from each list I will will be a happy man. And give us some free figures.
  21. Do they mean poor sales according to how much retailers purchased? Because I'm sure they don't have up to the minute data on how well these are selling at the register. As we all know by now, they might as well just stock 25th Joe figures right next to the cash registers because they don't stay on the (two) pegs they're alloted in the toy section. Anyway, I DON'T want a freakin GiJoe movie. I hope to GOD Paramount backs out. I don't want a Flint figure that looks like some lame ass actor. Nor do I want a movie version of Destro or CC or any other character that's been given the Hollywood treatment because you know they won't leave the designs as is. And then those movie designs are going to impose on our favorite toy line. Worse case scenario: Hasbro changes the line for the movie to make things more kid friendly. Sound chips. Check. Action attack. Yep. Underarticulated figures so other "movie items" can be included in the package at the same price point? Ugh. This is all just grim speculation of course, and I hate to be so negative about it (and a thread hijacker ) but I can only judge these things based on past movie toys. Honestly, the effect a Joe movie is going to have on the currently awesome (fan-friendly) toys scares the living hell out of me.
  22. Well, the real problem is that if Hasbro made the case more roomy then they would have to pack it with more figures. And God knows it would be a terrible shame to put more than a few Joes on the pegs at any one time, since 3 3/4" Joe doesn't sell. /sarcasm
  23. Cool but do they do anything besides stand in rows? That's the one thing I don't get about people that army build to this kind of excess. Seems people just go out and buy a crap load of stuff at retail, tear them out of the package, stand them in rows and then...it's off to collect more. Not that I'm trying to take anything away from your collection. It is impressive. People should collect how they want and what they want. I army build in smaller numbers myself because I just have absolutely no reason to have this many of the same figure because I can't play with that many figures all at once. It's too unwieldy. That white RT is the bomb though. One of the greatest Joe vehicle/ playsets ever made.
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