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  1. So like most I am extremely bored with the lack of new figures and I'm just itching to see some changes in my already complete X-Men Marvel Legends collection. I was wondering if anyone has customized the series 8 "Mohawk" variant by adding the hair piece from the regular version of the figure. I know it seems really silly and hard to explain but the make up on the variant is better in my opinion and looks more like she does in the 90's comics. I would like really like to make that small tweak so i am gonna buy a variant on ebay and try it out but I was wondering if anyone else had thought of it too and if it's actually doable. Post pics if you do. Thanks
  2. I don't mean to come off as a jerk guys, but I'm so lucky I live here! You guys should look in to getting hotels in the Mission Valley area (zip 92108) instead of Downtown. It should be cheaper, it's not far from the convention center and the Trolley station is in walking distance.
  3. I voted for the Series V, Jim Lee all the way!! They need to start making more figures with facial expressions like him! This would have been key with the Lady Deathstrike figure.
  4. Yeah, I'm passing on this one, I prefer the 1st Appearance too.
  5. Seriously, what the H! and not even that, SDCC should reveal even more things to come. greedy greedy. this line is definitely not canceled. i never thought it was, not even with all the delays and the missing Icons. some people are so impatient and are NEVER satisfied
  6. Thanks for the info! It's been stated multiple times that the blond head is Ronin/Clint Barton. And Morph has brown hair. Honestly, I'm a little concerned at all the tiny things people are finding to nitpick over, and yet so many people are willing to overlook something like the totally wrong hair color (and style!) if it means they can have a minor character from a decade-old cartoon who was never in the comics in that form among their comic-based figures. I have a custom ML Morph figure myself... and this reaction still scares me a bit. YOUR reaction is scaring me. How do you know what I am gonna do make myself the figure I want? Since the wolverine figure have a nice X-men body, claws on one hand, and the fact that change-o-head is super-easy on the figure, I can make myself a Morph with some other additional stuff. I really like the X-men cartoon from the 90's. It's more than 10 years old and I want a figure of that Morph in 6-inch style. So what? Mind your own business... Calm down. Did you notice that I even stated I have a Morph custom already? Who's the more obsessive one here, eh? According to your post, you were hoping that the blond head was Morph, or that barring that, you'd stick it on Forge or Wolverine and it would be 'your' Morph. Maybe that's not how you intended it, but that's how your post reads. You aren't the only one going "OMG MORPH!" even though the head is terribly inaccurate if it was meant to be that. I was making a remark that a lot of people were nit-picking about details, but letting that one slide. Sorry if that offended, but I thought it was pretty harmless. Can you post pictures of your custom Morph please? Thanks!
  7. If you purchased your badge last year or online, you get to pick up 1 day before (on thursday) it's called preview night and have access to the floor, chances are you get to buy it before most people. I know NECA sells their exclusives even on preview night, not sure about Hasbro though. Good luck to everyone, I'm only interested in the the Savage Land set.
  8. So that's it? Does anyone know if they are gonna reveal more stuff at SDCC? Well I cant wait to get my hands on the following: SDCC Exclusive: Kazar, Shanna & Zabu Boxed Set Marvel Legends 2 Pack: Forge & Jim Lee Wolverine Target Excluisive Wave: Spiral (Silver) That is all I am buying this year. @yipee@ I know that black Wolverine with the shoulder pads will make a perfect "tiger stripe" custom but I don't customize. Same thing with that Jim lee Wolverine, He can make a perfect animated Morph. Especially because of those clawless hands!!!! If anyone can make a head like my sig I'm willing to pay big bucks! @purpbananna#
  9. I rarely log in to post any more but I had to for this! HILARIOUS!!!!!
  10. A couple of weeks ago someone posted a topic similar to this but I was moving and I was unable to post my photos. I posted pics of my X-Men [ML/Classics] collection months ago but I have acquired a few more figures since then. let me know what you guys think.
  11. This is exactly what happened with the Brood Queen series a few months ago, it was expected to be in stores by August and when it started lagging everyone freaked out, not I though, I kept my cool. @gambit@
  12. I would be willing to pay 50 bucks (S&H Included) for that damn Bobby Drake Variant! I want that figure so bad.
  13. SDCC Exclusive: Kazar Shanna & Zoboomafoo Boxed Set TRU Exclusive: Black Queen Giant Man Series: Warbird (Even though I don't have her)
  14. Jim Lee Jean Grey Jubilation Lee Sauron (Since we are getting that Savage Land Boxed Set) Forge Shard Nimrod (B-A-F?) Morph (I too want the version from the animated series, Evil Variant) Also 90's X-Factor Hellfire Club White Queen (We are getting another Elektra and Maybe another Phoenix, so why not?) Hellfire Club Goons (Army Builder) (This doesn't necessarily have to be Marvel Legends, Marvel Select could release them in 2 pack) Imperial Guard Rest of Alpha Flight Nasty Boys Apocalypse's Four Horsemen Ummm ok, I'm definitely not prepared for this line to end.
  15. My vote goes for the Sentinel, it couldn't possibly be topped now days. Other dear to my heart figures that I feel can't possibly be topped: ML4: Beast ML4: Gambit ML5: Colossus ML5: Sabretooth ML6: Juggernaut ML6: Wolverine ML6: Cable (Already proven IMO) ML8/X-MCS1: Storm ML10: Omega Red ML10: Mr. Sinister ML12: Apocalypse ML12: Bishop ML12: Sasquatch ML13: Onslaught (Maybe a phase 1 Onslaught would, but what are the chances of that happening? Thank you.) ML13: Pyro ML14: Mojo ML14: Psylocke HML2: Blob HML2: Quicksilver HML3: Brood Queen X-MCS3: Bobby Drake However there are a few that COULD be improved: X-MLB: Rogue (Updated) ML6: Phoenix/Dark Phoenix (6" Icons Version can replace this) ML8: Iceman (They could have chosen a better body to use, maybe Vision's) ML9: Nightcrawler (Face, Ab Crunch) ML9: Professor Xavier (Hover Chair, Sage green jump suit and gloves) ML10: Mystique (Body) ML11: Scarlet Witch (Body) ML13: Lady Deathstrike (This figure gets no love, I love it. Face could have been better but the figure is great) ML14: Longshot (Face) HML1: Banshee (Jim lee yellow blue suit and orange hair would fix him up, articulation on his fingers too) These are just X-Men figures since that is all I collect.
  16. I'm very easy to please when it comes to ML figures, I figure it's better than not having them at all.
  17. Hope they are available to buy on "preview night" at the con, I can't wait to get these and display them in my collection. lucky me, i live in san diego. @purpbananna#
  18. Hi guys I'm back. I think the same issue was with the torso on the Longshot figure right?
  19. I would have to go with the Phoenix Saga and the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey is my favorite character and they always made her seem so weak and such a damsel in distress. So when she became possessed by the all powerful cosmic entity, it totally changed her for me and I was loving it!! I never read the comics so I didn't know what to expect. I was like 7 years old when these were airing and I'll never forget the day the second part of the Dark Phoenix Saga episode aired; "The Inner Circle", My family and I had to leave on a road trip and I was super bummed because I was going to miss it, so my dad stopped at a hotel so I could watch it. I don't think my Dad knows how much that meant to me. All chumminess aside, "Cold Comfort" (with Iceman and the X-Factor) was refreshing. I also like the "Beyond Good and Evil" 4 parter where Apocalypse kidnaps all the psychics and there's a trillion cameos. "Time Fugitives" (Cable and Bishop come back to stop the "Legacy Virus"). Damn I could go on and on, this show was what started it all for me, LOL. All the "Evil" Morph appearances during the 2nd Season are highlights for me as well.
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