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  1. also, how many comics does Wolverine appear in? All of them!
  2. pics of my finds today at the tampa con. they gave out a bunch of Iron Man promo items, grabbed some stickers, button and posters. plus a booth was there giving out some free comics i grabbed.
  3. hasbro should make a deal with diamond for distribution to comic shops, not major retailers, and through their website and do more obscure characters and box sets to the direct market.
  4. yeah, agree with you fully on that. I miss when they would make the most obscure characters into toys, granted that was back when the toys were really basic.
  5. i'm for putting in A listers we've had before, when they are good sculpts and costumes. series one of hasbro had a hulk and iron man figure, both known charcters and ok toys. wave 2 had a wolverine, a horrible horrible horrible horrible toy. the abe lincoln face on it will plague my nightmares forever.
  6. Surge and Prodigy and granted they were never really involved, but had a mutual attraction.. X-23 (new x-men design) and Hellion oh and would love the Hawkeye and Mockingbird and my friend had a great idea, Deadpool and Bea Arthur!
  7. I found some good finds at a small comic con in Tampa, FL today. Was able to get the Variant Julia Carpenter Spider-woman for 10 bucks, spider-man classics Sandman and angry face Hydra solider for 5 dollars each. also got the Sinestro Corps War vol 1 Hardcover for 50% off. and a Classic Dazzler bust there wasn't many comic guests there, but David Lloyd was there and I got him to sign my copy of V for Vendetta TPB and he did a really cool sketch in it.
  8. originally claremont intended that, and for them to be Nightcrawlers biological parents with mystique turning into a man. but marvel thought that was too controversial. but it has not been established that they were lovers. a xavier and lillandra or moria would be great. or with Amelia Voght. another set i forgot: Vulcan and Deathbird Warpath and Hepzibah
  9. than would be cool but instead of his cowl off i would want a powerless cyclops, with a gun forgot about that, even better
  10. yes that is true. if only the variant would be the beach fantasy versions of them. or there could be modern deadpool and Siryn oh and have a few more to add: Modern Cannonball and Lila Cheny Maddrox and Siryn or Monet (since he gave it to both of them)
  11. like the idea, but we'd be getting a lot of repeats. especially Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic I'd definently be up for: Winter Soldier (new cap variant) and Black Widow Captain America (steve rogers) and Sharron Carter Agent 13 Extremis Ironman and Madame Masque Crossbones and Sin Havok and Polaris Mystique and Destiny Kitty Pryde (with pony tail or classic costume) and Pete Wisdom (since we already have a colossus) Squirrelgirl and Speedball Firestar and Justice Vision and Scarlett Witch Spider-man and Mary Jane (Gwen Stacy variant) Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey Cyclops and Emma Frost (new Emma to actually look good. Cyclops could be the astonishing one, but maybe with mask off and glasses on?) Union Jack and Spitfire Dr. Strange and Night Nurse (or a Clea variant) Blackbolt and Medusa Quicksilver and Crystal Iron Fist (modern outfit) and Misty Knight Luke Cage (modern) and Jessica Jones (Jewel variant) Storm and Forge (since we already have a black panther)
  12. if I could have a 2nd, I'd Choose Cypher! Doug Rhamsey!
  13. tough choice. i'd have to go for one that would be extremely unlikely to be made otherwise but I would love to get. Squirrel Girl w/ pack in Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe.
  14. wow that's lame. i lucked out recently and picked up the last 33 issues of volume 3 about a month and a half ago. read them and sold off most of them.
  15. Speculation is the opium of the masses. i thought that was religion. but yeah, i'm not getting angry until it is official. why would they announce all these plans for 2packs when they are just going to kill off the line? I can see why they would scrap the icons line since that sold so poorly. It would be nice if they would revitalize the icons line to make oversized characters. like release a sentinel ect. Also for the arguement about getting us to buy movie figures, yeah that is true. i've bought a few of the iron man movie toys. but i've been buying more ML's now on ebay to get my fix.
  16. pretty sweet, i was watching a video of the game last night, looks fun. don't know if i'll drop 60 for it when it comes out though. Not a huge fan of exclusives between consoles. don't mind when its between old systems (ps2) and the newer ones (ps3, 360). but don't mind missing out on the Ultimate armor.
  17. i really can't remember much of the 90s spider-man and iron man cartoons. I vaguely remember watching them. of course for the X-men i watched them all again about 2 years ago when they were playing them on Toon Disney, then i got the bootlegged dvd set. did the same recently with Spider-man and his amazing friends, and its much higher quality than even the xmen set since i guess they replayed Amazing Friends recently.
  18. i have to say the 90s X-men cartoon. That's what got me into comics when I was a kid. I do have to say though, that X-men evolution was really good as well, just sucks they haven't released the final season on dvd yet. and what's with no Spider-man and his Amazing Friends love???
  19. went to 2 local targets today, nothing new yet. tomorrow i'll check TRU when i pick up my paycheck and check the computer system.
  20. they're great for what they are. i just get annoyed at how hard it is to find them. every store in my area pretty much just has the first 2 waves and maybe a few of the fantastic four ones or tons of the Spider-man 3 packs. I do like the box sets coming out, even though some are all repaints
  21. even still, it would end up like the SHS lines, where the distribution sucks on them and can really only get them on ebay or intercept the boxes before they are put on the pegs at stores
  22. I had some spare minimates around and picked up the x-men 4 pack dirt cheap so I threw together an Oracle Minimate. once i get some extra cash i'm going to get the base pieces so i can make a Lady Blackhawk and Sharron Carter
  23. yeah, i'd say adam warlock would be pretty good for a variant. do a classic and modern version.
  24. I swung by a local comic shop today and they had a few loose old marvel legends that had been there since they opened last year ( i cleaned them out of most of them at 2 dollars a pop last year) and finally decided to grab the Sinister ML there. I picked up the last issue of X-men first class for cover price, a 4 pack of minimates (xmen: magneto, professor x, newxmen wolverine and jean grey) for 4 dollars (used the set so i could finish my custom minimate Oracle). and Sinister I got him for $.75. was kind of disappointed because I saw that they got a some of the MOC giantman series of ML's in for pretty cheap, but no Captain Britain.
  25. for me i'd like: Madrox (not the 90s xfactor outfit, but current) AIM Hand Ninja's Shield Agents
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