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  1. Iron Fist Nova Avengers the Initiative Wolverine First Class (fun series, focuses on Kitty Pryde) Justice Society of America (not Marvel, but one of 2 DC books I read) Captain America Thor Ms. Marvel Runaways (pick up the trades, good stuff. unless you have no soul and hate fun) Incredible Hercules Ultimate Spider-man (really only consistantly good Ultimate title) Thunderbolts right now Mighty and New Avengers have been hijacked by Secret Invasion and are acting as a fill in the blank for what went on behind the scenes of Secret Invasion. the Might Avengers that came out today was great that focused on Nick Fury. The Young Avengers presents books have been pretty good so far, the Vision one that came out today was great. the new run on Fantastic Four has been pretty good so far. the X-men books for the most part have been good. X-men Legacy has been great, Uncanny has been alright. X-Force is going good. X-Factor hopefully will pick up, it's been just ok since messiah complex. Daredevil is good, but I think i'm going to drop it. just dragging on too much. upcoming titles to watch out for and look good: Guardians of the Galaxy Captain Britain and MI:13 Avengers/Invaders Invincible Ironman (fraction is righting it and kind of picks up after The Order, which was a great book thats final issue comes out next week)
  2. yeah, statues are nice. i'll pick up a bust every so often. the other week I found a good classic 70s Dazzler bust. was torn between that an the Crystal from the inhumans bust. next big statue i may get is the upcoming Sideshow Rogue comiquette to go with my Mary Jane and Black Cat ones.
  3. it would be fun if they did for a modern war machine a version from the last issue of Avengers the Initiative where he popped out guns and blasters all over the armor.
  4. yeah, Ironman toys sell. At my toysrus we are getting wiped out whenever we put the movie toys on the shelf. That ultimate Ironman sold really well too, a few times popped open fresh boxes just for that figure that the customers wanted. Even look at ebay, the Ironman toys sell. Even the craptastic Mojo wave, that 1st appearance Ironman still sells and when you go to KB toys and see that entire wave on markdown, that's the only one that is missing.
  5. doesn't bother me. I didn't like the zombie minimates, especially when they do zombie versions of characters they haven't done yet. like that design of ironman and the black panther and giantman. marvel selects, well they didn't sell really well. every con i've been has had tons of them, and they are progressively dropping in price. I saw the Spider-man one for 5 bucks last con. Now if only they would do this for Ultimate Universe and AoA figures!
  6. it has been cleared up, they are 14.99, Not 19.99. there was a typo on the signs at NYCC. later pictures show how hasbro went through with a pen and fixed it. I may get the King Hulk, Absorbing Man and Doc Sampson. don't care about the grey hulk, son of hulk or "the end" hulk. I already have 2 She-Hulk figures, so don't need a 3rd.
  7. yeah, i read in some of the coverage for minimates that they will have something for there too. they also showed off preliminary designs (just pictures, not prototypes) of classic avengers with a classic Gold Ironman, Wasp, Giantman, Antman and a Kirby Hulk. this site has some pics of them: http://www.minimateheadquarters.com/
  8. Spoiler allert yes, 2 issues back a now mentally free Sharon Carter finds in stasis a body that looks alot like steve rogers. the last issue had her encountering that body awake and unable to remember anything, but recalling its name being steve. It has not been revealed what it is. If it is a clone or whatever. But remember kids, that the Red Skull was once inside a cloned body of steve rogers, so he might just have it so he can get out of Lukin's flappy old russian body.
  9. they became available for sale online sunday night http://www.shopafx.com/maunciwarmib.html can't wait to see what minimate exclusives they will have for SDCC
  10. at my toysrus they are street dated for the 1st
  11. the translucent iron spider is supposed to kind of simulate the stealth camouflage features of that armor.
  12. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZshouldagotts_custom_toys http://www.shouldagotts.com/ i've gotten some things from this seller before and they are pretty nice. the chain for ghost rider is awesome, the pistols are great too. I also got from him the sentinel laser blast/beam and Psylocke's psychic knife.
  13. congrats on that for selling for so much.
  14. i'll see when it comes out if i'll pick it up. since that would make it 5/6 figures in that wave I want, so then i'd buy the last figure (punisher) to make the BAF so i could get some of my money back instead of selling the loose pieces.
  15. my walmarts have been lame with ironman stuff. the one i got my "stealth operations" figure from had like 20 of them on the display pallet on easter. now all they have is the normal stuff, no more warmachines. the other 2 don't even have ANY Ironman toys.
  16. when they first announced this series the Yellow was the standard, and the Red the variant. they may have changed it, but I haven't read anything saying that yet.
  17. I want most of the line, but will probably sell the pieces on ebay, or if i get silver savage the entire BAF. since I don't want a Red Hulk and really hated that comic.
  18. yeah, i found them at work tonight and picked them up. was debating on the xmen one, but figured i'd get that nightcrawler and juggernaut since the 2 pack is getting harder to track down.
  19. Hulk Legends: King Hulk (maybe) Doc Sampson and Absorbing Man Target Wave: Adam Warlock Union Jack Spiral Black Suit Spidy Xforce Wolverine (maybe) silver savage to get the BAF and resell both of them (depends on how well the BAF is going for at the time) Walmart Wave: Tigra Nova Beast Black Bolt (maybe) punisher and daredevil, if they catch my eye, but doubtful 2packs: Ronin/Elektra Shield/Hand(a few) Kree/Skrull (not a fan how the skrull is super skrull though) Forge/Wolverine (getting rid of that horrible wolverine ASAP once i get it) Spidey series: iffy on those figs, wait and see. Iron Man movie: Stealth Armor Titanium Man Cap Armor also this year for marvel legends scaleish items: SDCC Shanna/Kazaar/Zabu set Marvel Select Thor Marvel Select Hulk that's on top of the super hero squad, minimates and the DCUC. I'm still mad about the exclusives. i hope i'll be able to find them before some of the local douchebags who buy for the LCS's grab them
  20. i hope that thing/reed pack isn't coming. but if so we can probably figure an invisible woman/human torch pack in tow which is a waste for both those 2 packs (there have been so many fantastic four sets already, come one enough is enough) but i'd love to see some newer versions of characters in the line ups. also like the Aim/Female Shield Agent idea.
  21. ScorpioKyle

    I must say...

    yeah, exclusive figures are bad for everyone. fans over seas and i know from experience in the united states as well. Walmart just has horrible distribution, in fact out of 2 super centers and a normal one in my area only one has gotten Iron Man toys period, let alone the exclusive war machine figure (which they had for a week sold out and never restocked.) I wish the walmart wave would have been a Toysrus exclusvie as well, since at least my store had gotten every single wave. granted it would be bad for legit collectors, since i would have grabbed an entire set for myself. but i'm not scalper.
  22. lucky, i haven't spotted the 2packs or boxes in the tampa area of florida yet. tons of fin fang foom/sentinel w/cyclops
  23. i hope we don't get a sue and johnny, what a waste of a 2 pack making fantastic four ones. we just had a series dedicated to them. but then again, this is Hasbro who re-released pretty much the same spider-man figures within 6 months of each other. will get the elektra/ronin pack, and the forge pack and resell the wolverine on ebay, could care less for that one
  24. i know, but its been hit or miss on certain things. like when they dropped the fantastic four waves, it seemed most walmarts did. what really got me was that anything marvel legend was gone from the marvel toy area. its just the movie toys and super hero squad in that area now.
  25. I went to walmart tonight and in the toy Aisle i noticed how they did not have the normal marvel legends figures there anymore, not even shelf pegs/tags. so i checked the clearence area and they had not only all the old fantastic four waves which have already been reported, but all the normal Marvel Legends sku items including Wave 3 were marked down to $5. The location I went to of course didn't have any Hydra's, but had pretty much everyone else. I went to another smallar walmart near by, but they had theirs regular priced. Walmart is usually YMMV on clearened prices, but I figured i'd post this to give people a heads up in case theirs are marking them down as well. Also its odd, since most bid retailers have a kind of fixed structure to their aisles for certain types of items. I know at toysrus we are like that.
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