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  1. Regardless of anyone's opinion of any Robin, he is THE most popular sidekick in the DC universe and Nightwing is a popular stand-alone character. Like them or hate them, it's the plain truth proven by the fact that each of them has their own ongoing comic series. Whether you believe they have good stories or not, they sell. Batgirl shares the same story. She has her own book and following in all of her incarnations. Oracle is very popular spreading all across the DC Universe and Cassandra has her own title. Regardless... None of them will appear in the next movie so the speculation is pointless. Sure fans may like to see them, but they aren't even 'rumor' as is the title of this posting. At this point the only new characters we may or may not see are Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman and they are all speculative at best. Regardless of who the next villian(s) is going to be, my concern will be the plot. What new and fresh threat can be utilized to give us an exciting "Gotham is in trouble and Batman needs to save the day" kind of story?
  2. And not to come off as though I'm defending the Heroes line. I'm not. I'm indifferent toward it and don't think it's worth the aggravation.
  3. Draw them into WHAT?! The line that is labeled GI Joe, but is more accurately called "Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Friends"? Being more articulated only goes so far when better character selection and individual sculpts of those characters is to be found in the "Hey Kids, War Is Cute!" line. Anyone having watched the Sunbow series knows that "war" depicted there is anyhting but the horror it actually is. Besides that, the tone of todays entertainment geared towards kids is a lesson in contradiction. Animals being friends - some of which eat one another, the lion king for example - Dinosaurs being cute when in fact they weren't. I still have nightmares about the Tele-tubbies. Point is that kind of "nitpicking" goes too far when trying to make a case that these aren't good for kids because they glorify war. We played with them when we were kids...Hell ost of the people visiting this site have but I like to think I'm no worse a person because of it. Like the line or not, it isn't terrible nor is it hurting the 25th line. Granted I would like to see less repaints as much as the next guy, but even the original RAH line had plenty of those to go around. And I odubt there is much effort going into the Heroes line. To proove that do this. Take some paly-doh and make a GI Joe Hero. Not too difficult. Now take the sme play-doh and make a 25th figure. Quite a different bit of effort. I'm just happy to get figures of my childhood favorites. Maybe someday as the line contnues better versions will be made (Star Wars for example) and if not then I'll cope.
  4. One peice PVC peices are much easier to make as opposed to molding all the peices necessary to create a regular 25th figure. I see your point, but monetarily speaking, it's easier for Hasbro.
  5. They're geared toward younger fans. Lord knows I'd like my kids to be inbto the same things I was (am). Makes playing with them more fun additionally it's easier to relate to them on their level. I personally will not collect these, but I would ba happy to purchase them for my kids or neices and nephews as a stepping stone that may one day lead to older themed figures. Or, I can let them slip into the Pokeman type card game animal ball whatever genre and lose them to a world that I am not interested in at all. Granted not everyine here has kids so this is kind of moot, but there are future collectors out there and I see Hasbro's way of thinking. Draw in more fans. Besides, they're fun in themselves for those of us here who may like to collect them. Pointless to my collection? Yes, but as I stated above, they serve their purpose on many levels and I'm all for attracting younger fans who will someday keep our favorite line of figures in production.
  6. Picked up a Spiderman today in Illinois. Saw the whole wave including variants but I only wanted Spidey and at $15 a pop I glad I did. Excited at the prospect of finally having a great black costume Spidey to add to my collection I come to find that after I open him I have to immediately fix him as his right leg below the knee was put on backwards. A pot of boiling water later he's tip-top but still. Quality control on that kind of level is seriously lacking. Funny thing, I made it into the store with a couple of scalpers and one was hovering around me in the toy aisle clearly debating whether or not to buy them all or not. I could have scooped them all up and sold them on the secondary market, but then other collectors would have been left wanting. Sad that we have to dodge these guys to get our fix. And with the ever growing prices of figures the last thing we need is an inflated secondary market cost plus shipping. But I digress. Love that Spiderman. Best Spidey fig thus far IMO. Paint apps and sculpt is superb. Maybe a bit of a small head compared to the neck and a lack of a mid foot joint but they are only minor compare to the rest of the figure.
  7. Considering that the Nolan time line seems to be a year between movies (at least thus far) Barbara Gordon is like 6 years old, so we have a ways to go for Batgirl. Though at least she seems more viable a sidekick given that she initially hid her identity from Batman. With that in mind it eliminates the whole "Would Bruce bother to take in a sidekick" question since she acted alone. Of course I still prefer the brooding loner facing the world of crime alone, but that's just my opinion.
  8. First let me state that I love Dick Grayson and most of the villians that grace the bat-universe. I have been a fan as long as I can remember and will always be regardless of which direction my favorite character (Batman) goes because I will always have those stories and versions that I liked most. That being said, I will add my opinion to this posting. Will Robin work? I don't think so, though my mind doesn't work in the ways that the Nolan Brothers do. Heath Ledger was, in my original opinion, a terrible choice for Joker. Heck, I originally thought Bale was poor casting when Begins came out. That being said, I have since eaten my hat as both actors have given excellent performances. Good acting with excellent writing. So, will Robin work? I don't know. Given how the last movie ended, I doubt that the ever brooding and socially withdrawn Bruce Wayne would ever consider taking anyone in given his erratic lifestyle. Playboy by day and vigilante by night leaves little room for child rearing, let a lone a partner. He's a loner. In the comics he's a loner which is odd given that he works with so many different heroes, but I digress. I like the relationship between Batman and Gordon, Alfred and Fox. As much as I love Robin/Nightwing, I would prefer to keep him out of it. And I prefer the younger, just getting started verson we have been given so far. Let's not age him just yet. What villians to use? I have read all the arguments and I have to say, based on the performace by Ledger, it'll not be difficult to cast or choose another villian by how well he acted but on how encompassing the Joker was. He was, smart and scheming, crazy, funny, sociopathic, Homicidal and more. He covered all of the traits that Batman's rouge gallery has. Generally speaking, each villian has their own schtick. The Joker portrayed them all in TDK. "Real" villians. I agree that Harvey Two-Face opened the door on how loose that word can be used. But I don't see some of the villians in the Bat-verse being used strictly due to how 'un-real" they are. Besides, some would have to be too drastically changed to pull off what the Nolans seem to have in mind for their reality and I don't want some of my favorite villians to lose what makes them them. But again, I give the Nolans all the credit in the world. They have come out of the gate running and haven't slowed a bit. Will Batman 3 be judged by TDK? Of course it will. It should be judged on it's own merrit, but just like any sequel it will be expected to live up to or do better than it's predecessor. Not totally unfair, but I am in awe of TDK so it will be a hard act to follow. Villians to not use and why... Poison Ivy and Bane. The chemical or poison based villian has been done with Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul. Not that they aren't great characters, but the story must move forward and Im not interested in another drug or poison related threat. Freeze. The cold gun just won't work. Batman has some cool gadgets that are pretty unbelieveable, but for the most part are based on weapons that are plausible. A cold "laser" just isn't. Nor is his having to live in sub-zero temps. Maybe if her were a villian who froze the bodies of his victims line Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski, but I don't think so. I have the vision of the flawed man for Freeze versus the sociopathic bad guy. Croc, Manbat, CLayface. I prefer them as they are. That isn't to say that I wouldn't like a well thought, well written movie with them in it but I think you'd have to take away too much of what makes them great to make them work in this reality. For the villians I'd like to see villins we haven't seen. I Like the following... Deadshot. A hitman hired to kill Batman works no matter what but it would have to be reworked as that is what they hired the Joker for in TDK. But a hit man story works. How or who the target(s) would be I don't know, but I like the idea. Riddler. I see it, but as an intelectual villian to showcase Batmans detective skills. Skills we have yet to really see. Not the laughing lunatic, but the criminal mastermind who just can't get around using riddles. That kind of pathology I like. Catwoman. Ok, but only used as mentioned above as a side character. Like how TDK opened with Scarecrow or even like how Zsasz was used in Begins. Nothing drawn out but used as a quick scene to introduce Batman doing what he does best. Catching crooks. Penguin. Yes, but again, as in his current incarnation as a club owner/information broker of sorts. A man of many criminal activities is a good idea and the penguin is ever the business man. Rubbing elbws with Gotham's elite while trying to find a way to get into their pockets. Scareface/Dummy. Maybe but I don't have the foggiest how they could work. Perhaps again as Zsasz was used. Just to get us fanboys and girls going. But again, this villian plays on psychosis as opposed to powers which fit perfectly into the Nolan reality. Not a strong character(s) but certainly believable. There are countless villians in the Bat-verse all of whom bring their own flair but aside from the 'big-gun' villians I don't know who else they would choose. Joker is a hard villain to follow regardless of who portrayed him or how well the performance was. He's the main villian. He's the opposite of Batman and certainly the most interesting of Batmans villians. He's the favorite but the Nolans will come up with something good. It will be well written and entertaining. So far they're batting .1000 IMO so I doubt they will give us anything less that what we have already gotten. And that isn't to say they won't use the Joker again with someone else portraying him. I'm not trying to blasphem, but no one actor owns any character. I see both sides of all the arguments on this post but I take comfort in the fact that I bothered to worry about both films (just habit I suppose given the trash given to us by Schumacher) but worried for nothing as Christopher Nolan and his genius laid all my wories to rest in blockbuster fashion. Speculating is fun and I can't wait to see what's in store for us next.
  9. I'm sure it has been stated here before, but Hasbro will probably release an "Original 13" box set somewhere along the line. Repaints of all the characters from their original incarnations in the 25th line. I don't doubt it for a second...why you ask? Because of all my years pouring money into the collective pockets of depratment and online stores nationwide one thing has remained true, they always find a way to get more. That being said, look at what they have done with the Star Wars line. Figures from "Exclusive Box Sets" and so forth have all reared their unattainable heads at some point in single carded form. I started to think about buying up all the vehicles for the figures they come with to complete my collection with the 13, but I'll hold off until Hasbro decides to release them all again. And who knows, thay may actually make it worth the wait by making them true to their original appearances with accurate accessories. Perhaps a fools optimism, but one way or another and in one form or another, it'll happen.
  10. It all started with the Sunbow cartoons. Then came the Sears Christmas Catalog with the several page spread full of Joes and vehicles. Since then I've been hooked. My love affair with Duke began then. He was the Holy Grail of Joe collecting for me as I never managed to get my hands on one until I was in my twenties. My brother was a Flint fan and we only knew of the original 13 as greenshirts excepot for the three standouts of Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Stalker, all of whom held a special place in our collection. Alas, as the 90's came and progressed I became much less enchanted by GI Joe as I once was due to the story gimmicks (Joes in space - weird mutant/monsters - Street Fighter) flourecent weapons, Ice Cream troopers, action features and so on. Then there were the endless repaints of the characters I grew up with that never really captured the look or feel of what I considered to be the Joes of yester-year. Valor vs. Venom tried, but failed IMO. Then came the 25th Anniversary Collection and I'm six years old again. Classic look and feel of the originals with updated articulation and sculpting. And you bet your ass I have my Duke. Since then I have been a collecting machine much to my wifes chagrin.
  11. Perhaps it will be based on ratings and all around reviews. The Clone Wars mini-series spawned another so it's possible that the more popular the show gets we may see something more long term. From the little we've seen it looks pretty badass, though I've heard - correct me if I'm wrong fellow posters - that some characters may be killed off thus making a longer series less probable. Then again it depends on who bites the bullet. Whatever happens, it isn't happening soon enough. I think I heard word that there would be some figure tie-ins as well....
  12. Here's a link for those interested... http://stores.ebay.com/Marauder-Gun-Runners
  13. In case you don't know or it hasn't been mentioned here, scope out marauder_inc on eBay. They have some sweet 3 3/4 scale weapons there cast to fit both the Real American Hero and 25th scale figures. From Snake Eyes falcon sword to a menagerie of fire arms as well as other cast items such as foot lockers, laptops and other accessories all at pretty decent pricing.
  14. Sideshow could pull out of making Star Wars figures, but they're making money hand over fist with this property. With them starting to branch into the Expanded Universe and with two new series' coming in the next couple of years AND with all of us suckers here on the forums and around the world who love Star Wars and NEED to get our mitts on them... I doubt that they will stop making them any time soon. Besides, I don't want them to make too many Star Wars figures cause I'll run out of space and money. My thouhgts on selling my 3 3/4 figs is not due to space or cash, but difficulty in tryng to obtain them with all the scalpers on the loose. Sideshow makes it nice and easy. That and I'm getting married soon and the extra cash may go a long way towards the wedding... My wife-to-be is understanding of my "junk" and has informed that she does NOT want me selling them for the wedding because she knows how much they mean to me. That and having spent the last 13 years collecting them all. I dunno. There have been some good arguments here... I will have to medidtate on this more.
  15. With all the views I had hoped for some more votes... This is a much harder decision than I thought it would be. Thanks to those who voted. I guess I'll take a look on eBay and see what the going rate is for a collection like this and see if that helps my decision making process. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  16. I have been toying with the idea of selling my entire collection of Star War figures dating back to 1995's POTF2 to the current 30th Anniversary collection. They are loose but have never been played with and divided by movie into six different tackle boxes. All figures are mint. Some are customs, and there are plenty of troop builders. The hunt for new figures and the ammount of collectors scooping up everything they can find to sell for inflated prices on eBay have really started to wear me down. It seems though everytime I think of doing this, I find a new wave of figures and buy them, thus sucking me back in and giving me collector fever all over again. I have been collecting the Sideshow and Medicom figures which have a heftier price tag and am really digging them. I figure moving forward I might as well stick to one form of collecting instead of all forms. I can't part with the Sideshow figures and they are certainly easier to obtain at retail price from the website. I don't know. This is my first post and I don't know any of you fellow Lucas nuts, but there in lies the connection. We're all Star War nuts to some degree or another, so to you my fellow steel bikini clad Leia loving friends I present my question..... To sell or not to sell....?
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