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  1. I would also imagine the "based on real designs" part would be not just designs of actual vehicles in use today, but designs of proposed vehicles. The US Military I'm sure has a treasure trove of ideas for battleground "toys" they can use to wreak havok on their enemies. Some more plausible than others and some certainly more fantasy than reality. Take a look at some of the things that are in use today. Some seem pretty fantastic. The Skyhawk and HISS are clearly fiction, but that deosn't mean some guy in the bowels of the pentagon didn't draw up some blueprints for a proposed idea that was doomed to failure.....Would be cool as hell to see a flight of Skyhawks though.
  2. Assuming they make to the local Target and are missed by the weary eyed scalper. Nice haul. I have some coming to me next week. Hopefully the toy gods have seen it fit to bless me with a variant Wraith, though I'm not counting on it since I found the black masked Destro comic pack at the local Wal-Mart just yesterday morning. UPDATE: Got mine and it included a variant Wraith. I made another post on this board stating that it appears as though the Wraith variant isn't that 'rare'. That makes three of us here so far with a variant. Who else scored a blue Wraith? I see more posts here and elsewhere claiming to have received a variant. Of course the regular version (assuming the painted version is regular) isn't anything to brag about compared to a rare figure, but still. Scoped out eBay and there are a bunch of blue Wraiths there going for an average of $60 give or take. Wouldn't it be swet if Hasbro pulled a fast one on the scalpers. Of course I'd feel sorry for the poor saps who paid a premium price for a common figure. These have only just been released and time will only tell...but I wonder which will end up being he chase and which the regular....or if there is a availability difference at all.
  3. Funny. The only one on that list I saw in a store was GL... I suppose finding any of the current waves in a store would be a good fantasy.
  4. Wow... http://www.scifigenre.com/itemDetail.aspx?...XQQVJTVT1WI0TKV If this is actually for the Yellow Stalker, then the poor guy who bought mine for $135 loose will be pissed. If you missed out on a Yellow Stalker and don't want to pay an obscene ammount of coin for one, this may be your ticket... Assuming it is actually for the Yellow Stalker and not using a stock photo...
  5. No kidding. As pesatyel pointed out above, they are only just making it out. But I have seen several posts elsewhere citing ownership of a variant Wraith. Perhaps in the coming weeks we'll know for sure. Not to knock my fortune, but I didn't think I'd be receiving a variant. And to other collectors take note... Perhaps this isn't as 'rare' as initially believed so before you drop serious coin on an eBay auction or other secondary market sale or trade, be sure that you don't get screwed. It would certainly suck if you purchase one for $60 (the average going rate on eBay) for one only to find out you could have scored one just as easily as the perceived regular version.
  6. I have the same inkling. You're absolutely right about the cost of production. Time will tell I guess. I hope the painted version is not the variant or I'll have a hell of a time getting one.... Unless I snag one now while the snagging is good on eBay. Poor scalpers would roll in their mother's basements were I to score a painted version for $12 on eBay and have it turn out to be the actual variant.
  7. I haven't seen a post like this, so if it has been done, my bad. How rare is the Blue Wraith? Just yesterday I received my BBTS shipment of this wave and lo and behold I am a recipient of a variant Wraith. Not that I'm complaining, but I Would have preferred to get a regular version. Then I thought... How lucky am I? On another post over at Hisstank, I saw a fellow who scored FIVE blue Wraiths and two regular. That got me to thinking... Is he really that rare of a variant, and if so who else out there scored one? If he's not that rare, being in the 50-50 or 60-40 percentile then I feel sorry for those who have paid upwards of $80 or more on this guy.
  8. I see all the points of view, but I don't get the anger behind it. The willingness to quit the line or the continuous rehashing of old complaints. Trust me, the contradiction of a post complaining about complaining isn't lost on me, but at least I chose to direct my complaints against all of those who can't seem to post anything else. Want to complain? Get a blog. Quality control is absolutely an issue, but for some these "problems" aren;t such a big deal. I'm not going to quote all the goo dpoints above or ones I would responde to because that is just waay too much work. There are plenty of good points to be made from both sides and it boils down to not everyone is going to agree but that doesn't mean that the reason behind Hasbros madness is wrong. They're going to continue to prodice "filler" figures whether we lie it or not. I saw that all the team based figures were released over the course of the ARAH run....True, and now they are re-releasing new sculpts of them and are thus tapping into all those years of production so they can pick and choose what to release when. and since they have the molds, it only makes sense that they woudl release the more popular figures... Filler figures such as repaints and repacks will continue throughout the line regardless. I would like all new figures all the time but I know it'll never happen. QC is an issue but come on...They are producing hundreds of thousands of figures at a time, there are bound to be problems. And given time constraints put on them by us, there are also bound to be some figures released quickly to satisfy our lust for more meaning that they may not be as good as they wanted. Every board on TNI has complaints about figure quality...Legends (paint, limbs, knees, articulation or lack there of) Star Wars (pre posed figures, paint, articulation or lack there of) HE-man (same, plus assortment choice, repaints, repacks) Transformers (same). It's going to happen, no matter what, in mass produced anything. The way I see it is that some people just can't be satisfied no matter what and they choose to let the world know this. Simple truth is we're going to have to learn to be happy with what we have. Sure we should let Hasbro know via feedback our opinions of certain things and hope they fix them further down the road, but come on. I see plenty of praise given to the original line versus the 25th....all other blew in my opinion... But think. We (most of us) were kids when that line came out and we weren;t concerned about anything other than getting the figures we liked from the comics and cartoon. And NONE of them were exact depictions of either source material. Now we nit pick about certain things but don't commend. Thumbs and crotches don't break. Better articulation. Better sculpting Better everything. Sure there are purists who liked the O-ring and so forth, but technology gets better and so we get better figures. The old line had plenty of issues... Had they had the library of characters to choose from like we do now, they would have had MUCH different assortments but we would not have complained. Besides, it's good they are doing the wqay they are. These lines are picked a LOOOONG time in advance and since Hasbro doesn't know how long this line will be produced (I don't see it ending anytime soon, but things change) they figure they might as well get out the more popular characters now whle the getting is good. If not then this board would be full of ...."Where's my Tiger Force Duke? Where's my armored CC? Where's my this, where's my that? Peple complain for the sake of complaining sometimes. IsS this line so terrible that it merrits so much complaint? If not then save it, or stop collecting it.
  9. Assuming they make to the local Target and are missed by the weary eyed scalper. Nice haul. I have some coming to me next week. Hopefully the toy gods have seen it fit to bless me with a variant Wraith, though I'm not counting on it since I found the black masked Destro comic pack at the local Wal-Mart just yesterday morning.
  10. Is the complaint about Shipwreck his fist or the fact that he has a guna nd holster on his right leg to go with his closed right fist? Were the holster in the other side or the left hand closed instead I don't think it would be such a big deal. Replaceable parts - hands, heads, etc.. - are a good idea but would need to have a point. More small loose parts equal more lost small loose parts. This is a kids game after all. Hasbro makes small parts and parents get up in arms about how they get lost and trust me. We may complain but parents complain loude about their concerns than we ever will about the ammount of Snake Eyes we get or poor body construction.
  11. I won't tell you or pretend to know why Hasbro does what it does. I surmise that it's filler. Hasbro has a rhyme and reason for there madness. They see the numbers come n and clearly read the complaints and therefore I believe they act. If they have to make a few repaints in order for us to receive newer figures then I'm all for it. Python Patrol, Tiger Force, Slaughters Marauders and so forth were all popular when I was a kid. They were all straight repaints with nothing new. The good thing about them though, instead of repacks, was that fans were able to get a figure of a character they really wanted. Aside from impatience, I think it also boils down to cost effectiveness and age. If this forum were made up of 11year olds then I imagine there would be less complaining and more excitement. It isn't, but WE older collectors are the minority here. This line is made for children who - like me when I was a kid - get excited to see new 'cool' versions of their favorites. Perhaps a new repainted Duke, CC, Destro or SE isn't that appealing to us, but once upon a time all of us were bright eyed youths who, for the most part, all flipped out when we saw that there was a new version of our old favs. Whatever the new schtick (night force, tiger force, pythn patrol or even just a simple repaint) we got excited and wanted it. I know I did. I was a kid and I saw something new. it may have been all the same molded but new colors meant new figure then. It;s the same now. Kids are no more advanced these days, aside from electronics, then we were back then. They are still excitable and impressionable as we were back when. Difference now is that us "kids" have grown and get the point. We want what we want and have to spend our own coin to get it...or wait it out and fight scalpers for them. Point is our maturity has led us to be disagreeable with certain things. I agree with every post that we need new figures and that repaints can be a drag and that straight repack waves are boring. But I'm an adult who is able to get what I want ad has the means to do so when I want. Were I a kid relying on my folks, I'd have les than I do now, but could take comfort in th fact that Christmas is coming and I'd probably get a lot more. Repacks and repaints are the saving grace for those kids. You (used generally) can complain and argue your point all you like, it still doesn't change the fact that this line like all other mainstream toy lines are for KIDS and that even though certain things may not appeal to us, they do to them. Hasbro certainly has collectores and big kids in mind when releasing their figures, but in the same token they do that because we now have kids and will buy the things that we loved for them and start a new generation of Joe fans. GI Joe is timeless and ultimately will appeal to a broad audience. Keep repaints and repacks a coming, so long as they keep coming. We're going to get new figures and fixed figures. Dukes arms are already fixed on Tiger Force and the upcoming DVD pack..it's only a matter of time before other Dukes show up with the correction. Much to the dismay of some fans, but I can't wait. Again... We're going to get what we want. Hasbro knows. If they didn't this line would have ended with the original 25 as planned.... but do we REALLY think that was the original plan? I don't.
  12. Or the old mold with an old head. The original 25th release in black body with the animated version sans green glasses head. The green glasses painted to match the movie. I'd still by it, it'd be a cool figure.
  13. I would imagine it would be a new mold given that Hasbro will try to wow consumers with thier new line. Given the success of the current 25th line, it only stands to reason that we will see some new and improved figures.....Figures which will undoubtedly use their mold for future movie/25th figures, but new initially nonetheless. And even if they do reuse Baroness' old mold, so what? It would be nice to get my mitts on another one. I know there have been some fans out there who misse dout on her initial run so this could work out for them.
  14. Agreed. There are different versions of a character so it stands to reasont hat we would get them. I know when I was a kid, having a different version of the chrcter helped the play. I wish I had diver Duke back then, it would have made bath time more fun. I love repaints and renvisioning of core characters. The more the better. I don't play with my figures anymore, but that doesn't mean I like to have more versions of them. I collect Star Wars as well and to be honest, I want every variation of each character. I want a Bespin Luke, then a battle damaged Bespin Luke. I want a Deathstar Vader and then a battle damaged Deathstar Vader. And so on and so forth. That ammounts to a lot of figures, but it gives the collector, or more importantly, the kid who does play with their figures an opportunity to re-enact their favorite scenes. Hell, diorama builders can do the same thing. As it stands I have six large tackle boxes full of Star Wars figures - One per movie - and I want every version of every character to be made so I can complete my collection. Same goes for the Joes. The more the merrier. I loathe the cost, but I love the fact that I can have a Duke for each situtaion he has been portrayed in or can be played with in. Where's my Movie Duke in cold weather gear? I need one to protect my Broadcast Energy Transmitter from the new DVD pack Serpentor and his Cobra horde. I want a ton more Joes. I want more Drednoks, I want Beachheads Rawhide's, Slaughters Renegades and a whole host of other individual characters such as Low Light, Wet Suit, Air tight, Covergirl, etc... There are plenty more to make and I'm sure there will be plenty of them made using old molds. But done right using the right parts...Barbecue...they can be great.
  15. Very well done. Now, can you make Duke with better arms and do something about Falcons head?
  16. Hmph. Then I am color blind, or at the very lest need to adjust the color quality of my monitor. I had looked at YoJoe.com and saw there were no variations, but I would have swore that he looked black like the DVD pack release in the single carded version. Oh well, I'll deal with my dark gray 'Stro. I have the animated version and he is sweet, but I like the worn look of his gloves and the lack of light gray boots ont he original release. The head IS better n the DVD pack version, but a little head swapping action can clear that up. Thanks all.
  17. I think you missed what the complaining is though that is the issue here. Some complaining is ok when it means getting something better than before. What DarthHavok covered though was not about that. In fact you said complaining is good because it gets us reissues, well, that is one of the main issues that DarhHavok covered and what alot of the complaining is. It's not for more reiisues but no more at all. The way some of us are going on we would never have another version of anyone even though they might have improvements. Or I guess to with that way of thinking some would have rather not had anyone with fixed crothes, new arms or anything like that but instead just wanted more new characters. No one is complaining that they want the 25th figures to stop and get something else, like what happened with GVC. The majority of the complaining is about the repaints and reissues, whether they have improvements or not, or if it continues the line will do so bad that it will get cancelled. I am all for complaining for a new head if one sucks or a better body part choice, especially if down the line a new set of arms or something like that is made that could work better for someone who was made earlier. The complaining though about the "precious spots" in the line and the complaining that so and so will never see the light of day because of something like a Ninja Viper or Cobra Diver or even another Duke is ridiculous. It's like there are people who expected the entire 25 years of every Joe figure be made in less than one year of the 25th Ann line. Exactly. As I said..complaints about quality are one thing. I agree that Duke needs new arms and that each figure should be able to be pose din a correct seated position. I am against the complaints that Assortments, repacks and repaints are going to ruin a line that is doing nothing but sell out in most cases. An open forum like this is the perfect place for people to voice complaints and rant about what irritates them so long as they have valid complaints that can be backed up with valid points - quality for example. Not complaints about how something is so terrible because you have to wait a little to get what you want or that you give up becaue an assortment is to your liking due to a repack or repaint.
  18. I'm at a loss. I usually detest nay sayers but I have to wholly agree with all the hate in this post. Richard "Dick" John Grayson is a great DC character who deserves to have his story told in a mature way. Not in a tween CW, the Hills, the OC, 90210 sort of way. Smallville may have been entertaining to some but it destroyed the origin of one of Comics most iconic heroes. Granted the boyscout schtick may be old, but Superman was the first to embody it. I will not watch "DJ" unless it follows close to - pr as close to as possible - his true origin. Otherwise he's just another victim of a studio trying to appeal to a younger audience by ruining one of it's most beloved characters. Balls.
  19. And compared to the Hot Toys and Medicom figures out there going for upwards of $180 with few accessories, $120 IS a deal. Props to Sideshow for not only making what looks to be one of if not their best figures (and one of the best 1/6th scale figures in any market) so far AND staying competetive with pricing.
  20. Well spoken. I haven't a son yet, but having seen Samantha cruising the boards, I have hope for my daughter.
  21. DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT intended to start a fight or arguing match though it will anyway. That said, Whiners and Complainers please stop. As I peruse the posts here I find one thing to be very common among them. Many of us Joe fans are complaining about repaints and lack of new figures. I pose to you this question.. Why? The 25th Joe line started back in 2007. Thats only last year. Lets let the figure line progress a little before we nay-say it out of existence. Star Wars started back in 1995 with their POTF2 line and it has evolved to what it is today...that's 13 years. Complaints about quality are one thing, but lets not get out of hand. The folks over at Hasbro are doing a great job thus far and are giving us a great product. Sure it has it's flaws, but what toy line doesn't? To address some of the more prevalent arguments... "How come we get more repaints and note new characters?" We are getting new characters. Simply count the ammount of individual characters we've gotten since last year... I open my figures and have an extra large tackle box chock full of the "no new characters" in this line. "Where's my figure of (fill in the blank)?" It's coming. Hasbro hasn't gotten around to making all their core or popular chracters yet and will eventually get around to making their lesser known ones. Their Star Wars line has dipped into this with seemingly great effect. It's only a matter of time before the Joe line does the same. "Why all the repaints and repacks? No one will buy these" "This line is going to die, I'm selling my colection" Those two go hand in hand because of the contradiction. If no one wants them, how will you ever sell them. Or please do so those who don't have them yet or want to troop build can. At leaqst then we will be rid of the contstant whining. There is one common problem and it's patience. The lack there of. Too many people here are fighting mad because Hasbro has yet to release the figures they want they way they want them. Why? We have only scratched the surface of what this line can be or turn into. If they make all of the figures we want right away, 1) they'll be more expensive in order to meet the demand and 2) we'll have nothing to look forward to. Who wants figures of joes in space or the dumb animal/mutant line? Who wants flourescent weapons? Who wants it to turn into Street Fighter? I don't. I want this line to progress just as it has. Clearly there is a high demand for new versions of our old RAH favorites and Hasbro won't miss out on collecting all the coin we fans are willing to drop into it. I read countless complaints about assortment selection, repacks, repaints and so on. I've read that repacks should be done with because people had their chance or if they missed out too bad. I find that rather selfish. Why can't a figure be in production for a couple years as they used to be? The only people who say "if you miss out too bad" are the ones who rarely if ever miss out. Everyone has the right to get in on the fun and should be. Hasbro is doing good business by making sure demand is met, and I STILL see people complaining thet they have yet to find figures. If there is no demand,m then there wouldn't be figure being made. There are toom any people who are too short minded to realize that Hasbro isn;t making these figures for you but US. It for everyone and to be honest, it's for kids. We collectors love these figures and will always be kids at heart, but come on.... Toy are made for children. Hasbro still has the collector in mind, which they hve shown many a time, but ultimately their target audience is the 8 - 12 year old boys. Repaints - Whats wrong with them? There are those here who swear that the old RAH line was the best ever. It had repaints. Besides, there have been plenty of well used molds with new paint schemes to make rather nice figures. "Gung-Ho's colors are off!" Did you see the original figure? Repacks - Demand being met. If they didn't do this it would be "why aren't they?" instead of "why are they?" Assortment selection - A mix of new, repainted and repacked. Repacks for those kiddies whose parents - deadbeats according to some on this forum by their incapability to travel the globe in search of the figure little Johnny needs or by there unwillingness to go out to the money tree and pick a few ripe Benjamins in order to pay for said loot - haven't found or can't afford all the figures at once. They shouldn't have to "deal with it" It's a producer meeting demand for it's product. Repaints. Better than not receiving a figure at all. Besides, how obtuse do you have to be to think we'll never see a better version? Lack of new figures. Well, if we got all the new ones right away the line would die and that would be that. Each wave we get a bunch of new figures. There have been some troop builders in there and a repack wave, but the holidays are coming and it makes sense. How about realizing that outside the bubble in which you live there is a world full of people who may not have the means or other factors preventing them from getting their favorite Joes. It all boils down to people Just wanting immediate gratification and screw anyone else who disagrees with my Veruca Salt type spoiled brattyness. (to eccho BlackMada) I agree that not all of these figures are for me and certainly would like to see MANY more figures come from Hasbro. New figures using new molds or at least repaints that work to the characters original appearance. I'm a pragmatic man in that I understand business and supply and demand. Too many people here would prefer to throw a tantrum and sell off their "unwanted" collections rather than understand that this is only the perverbial tip of the iceberg. It's only been a year. Fellow collectors, patience. We'll get what we want and Hasro has heard us loud and clear. They themselves are collectors and fans on different levels and know what we want because they themselves want them. Gone are the days of suits trying to figure out what fans truly want. Kids who were fans have grown up and are the ones who are now producing the things we like. Are there really that many closeminded individuals who don't get that? We're not all going to be happy all of the time. Pretty much all of the figures we've gotten to this point are great. There are some issues to be sure, but really, are they really worth stopping collecting or selling them off? If they are then is it truly possible to ever please you?
  22. Is there a color difference between the original 5 pack release Destro and his single pack counter part? More specifically, is the single pack cast in black or the same gray used in the 5 pack Snake Eyes? I ask because when I purchased the 5 pack many moons ago the Destro wasn't black but gray like the Snake Eyes. Then when I saw the pictures of the single pack Destro, he appeared to be black. Of those of you who have both and aren't color blind, is there a difference? I want the original Destro in black but don't want to pay a secondary market price unless I'm getting something different.. The DVD pack one is cool and all in an animated sort of way, but I would much rather have a figure that looked closer to the original RAH release. Thanks -
  23. That's just it, we AREN'T SEEING new Joes. We have a wave with Blowtorch. We ahve those comic packs in the other thread and, now, we have these. WHERE are the new guys? Correction... We are. I have all sorts of individual Joes. The problem you seem to have, along with the rest of those complaining about not getting new figures is not that Hasbro isn't making new figures, It's that they aren't making them fast enough to pacify you. We are getting a steady stream of new figures with each new wave...granted there are a couple of complete re-pack waves coming down the pipe which are less than appealing, but they still serve their purpose as fillers, missed figures and troop builders. It's only a matter of time before we get all the figures we want. I don't see this line going anywhere anytimne soon. Hasbro is making plenty of repaints and re-releasing plenty of new figures, but even in the old line figures were made and continually released from production runs of at least two or three years. This is lack of patience, not lack of marketing on Hasbro's part. Every toy manufacturer with every toy line will have peg warmers and repro's. It isn't bad business making sure that everyone has a figure or that those who missed a figure get a second chance. Nor is reusing old molds to ensure that we do get a figure representation. If it wasn't this it would be something else everyone would be complaining about. Relax and be patient. We'll get the figures we all want it's only a matter of time.
  24. Yes, we all have these or at least most of us do. But I like the idea. I wish they had as many re-releases when I was a kid. My kid brother and I were fans of Flint and Duke respectively and never had the original figures until I discovered eBay. At that point we were in our 20's. I can appreciate making sure kids/collectors get the figures they want. Keeps the line going and makes sure that fans are covered. Nay-say all you like haters. Keeping fans happy and brining in new ones by re-releasing these figures is good business. To be sure there are peg warmers out there, but in my area they are far and few between. New figures are hard to come by except on rare occasion...I finally just found a Armored Commander tonight at a Wal-Mart in Mt. Prospect...Incedentally, they had v1 and v2 Snake Eyes as well as others... Point is, Hasbro has to know what they are doing regardless of our opinions. If they didn't, they wouldn't be making money and we wouldn't be seeing new Joes.
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