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  1. The best batmobile was the version used in the new films. To be honest, a roadster type muscle car like in the comics is great....in the comics. I prefer the urban tank to the muscle car any day. The muscle car is great, much like most sports cars of today. They look sleek and fast even standing still. But those types of cars - Batman Returns for example - would NOT be able to do much aside from drive fast. In Returns you see the car bulldozing cars on the street out of the way by flipping them as it plows down the road under the Penguins control. I just don't see it. The comics worj in the world of fantasy because they are drawn...pretty much anything goes in comics. In the movies I need to have some sort of reality or I get lost as too much fantasy makes a movie campy in a comic way. Batman would use more military based equipment to fight crime... The tank-mobile is absolutely believable and more suited to the type of work he's doing. Not to get off topic...Conroy all the way for me.
  2. I ordered a Wraith from them in early October with a release date of mid November and got it much earlier than scheduled....by about two weeks. very cool deal. Of course upon opening it the left leg broke off so I have since sent it back with no response from them as to when I will be receiving my replacement...IF or When I'll be receiving it.
  3. For me Batman is defined by his voice. Anyone can wear a full body costume and only show his face. Granted a good actor would be preferable, but the voice is one of the more intimidating features of Batman. For me, I'd go with Kevin Conroy. He defined Batman for a generation. Now I'm not speaking for everyone, but those who grew up in the 90's with BTAS after school know what I mean. I think that this question works in any medium excluding comics, though I understand where the comic fans are coming from. Conroy had the right tone to distinguish Bruce from Batman and did it with great finesse. As he aged with the character he got better and better. Delved into Batmans psyche and now, I believe, knows the character better than any actor - voice or otherwise - does. I know many people didn't like the animated shorts linking Begins and Knight, but Conroy was superb in the character. I look forward to more of his work and god willing the shirts over at WB think to include him in future releases.
  4. I stand corrected. I just scoped out his member profile and it says he's 31. Shameful post my friend. Don't know you as a person, but that rant was abysmal. Offer your apology or clarify your remarks so we can try to understand where you're coming from...unless you really are that narrowminded to think eBay and it's employees should be held responsible for people who are making a buck off the impatient and willing eBayers who are willing to spend 1000% markups to get the figures they deem "worth" it. Next time I get the wrong order from McDonalds, I'm writing corporate and calling for the dismissal of 850 employees because NO ONE should mess with my McNuggets!
  5. No repsonse from idj? I Would imagine we'll see another poster with a low post count regurgitating poor thoughts all over our beloved board sometime in the near future. The guy voiced his opinion though I doubt it was well thought out. Not to stand up for him, but kids can get on this site... I hate to run a guy down who may be an eleven year old who knows how to use spellcheck well enough to post here but not develope a viable opinion. Very childlike to hold a host site reponsible for the people who use it. I blame TNI for letting this guy post here. They should all lose their jobs! Doesn't make much sense now, does it.
  6. Exactly. And parents will most assuredly purchase these figures for their tykes. Their kids may not have asked for these, but amidst the toy they do want, Joes will certainly be the fillers because as we all know, Quantity of Quality for toys when you're a kid. The more the better...and some parents can't help but spoil. I see plenty of restocking in my area and one this remains constant...they sell. Even though I see plnty of people complaining about the figure selections being shipped, SOMEONE is buying them and that's Hasbro's bottom line. I've given up on brick and mortar. I'll save the gas and pay flat shipping...Least then I get ALL the figures I want and there is always some sap on eBay lookng to complete their collections wiht my extras. Don't get me wrong, I don't gouge. Except for the LOOSE yellow Stalker I sold for $135. I couldn't help but cash in on that return.
  7. Cobra Trooper all the way and not because of the Vipers shortcomings witht he wrists. I have always preferred the look of the trooper to the silver faced Viper. I figure the silver face shield is a Cobra Commander thing. To me, the trooper is just more aesthetically pleasing and more realistic. The irony is lost on me given that this is a ficticious genre, but still... Cobra the Enemy has always been, and still is, my preferred troop builder. Anyone have any 25th silver emblem troopers you're looking to offload?
  8. There is a little slot at the bottom of the holster for the gun barrel to fit thru. Once it slips thru it'll be nice and snug in the holster. Careful though as it maybe a little tight and you could bend the barrell of the gun since it's made of thin plastic. This sounded dirty, so please keep any further comments G rated.
  9. Yes, but remember Star Wars ANH ..... "Well, that's the real trick, isn't it?" "Not this ship sister" "What so important, what's he carrying?" Those were some terribly delivered lines. I can't see anyone other than Ford as Solo, but holy balls were those bad scenes....perhaps not all together, but at least where Ford is concerned. Great scenes, but bad scenes. I love Selleck and who am I to say he would not have done well as a Jones. Ford has mannerisms and little quirks that I find absolutely entertaining and believeable. More to the point, he IS Indiana Jones regardless of who could have portrayed him. I just can't see anyone else in the role. He delivered it with a style that is all his own and made that character his. Would Tom Selleck have been a better Indiana Jones? I don't know, but I'm glad he didn't get the part.
  10. I always hated Star Brigade, but had they looked like that I'm sure my opinion would have been vastly different. Well done.
  11. The HISS. Never had one as a kid and always did. Now that I have one in my mitts I find it's everything I thought it could be and more. Great design albeit simple. My Cobra legions are all the better since this little beauty entered my collection. Now I need another to star to build me a battalion...
  12. ...AND if they were individually packaged they would retail for at least $8-10 dollars... Packaged like they are, we're geting an AWSOME value for TWO vehicles and TWO figures. Can't beat that no matter what figure choice Hasbro makes...
  13. I haven't gotten it yet, but I think the CLAW looks great. Better than the old one. Certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this isn't THAT bad. Hasbro has given us a more streamlined version of an old vehicle and made it more practical for it's use as a jet pack. I look forward to adding at least two to my collection...Needing a Strato Viper and a cartoon accurate Commander. The figures packed in are more for filler than anything it seems. These packs are more about the vehicles with 'bonus' figures. Sure a lot of them will be bottom of the toy box bound but at least we're getting something.... And for customizers and troop builders, they are welcome additions. I'm not saying I wouldn't mind the vehicles being individually packaged with a lighter retail price, but I'm not complaining. At least we're getting them.
  14. DarthHavok


    I'd be down with ANY kind of Springer that wasn't a repaint. First a tank then a chopper, both of which were other characters. Springer needs to have his day as a triple changer reminicent of his appearance in the Movie. Of course we NEED a Wheeljack. Jazz Update Cliffjumper Kup Arcee Proper Soundwave (with laserbeak , rumble and frenzy) Shockwave Perhaps a better (sculpted and distributed) version of Devastator. Though NOT as a box set and as individual Robots. This way we can have scale (or close to scale) figures that transform into and even bigger combiner. Insecticons
  15. That's the story. They reversed it for Dusty's name, then reversed it back for whatever reason on the show. To be honest, I prefer Rudat. Tadur just seems like it would come with another callsign other than 'Dusty'.... I think it's be more like "French Fried" or "Mashed" or "Tot"
  16. Got mine from HTS. Quite dissapointing, and as a result I decided to give Dusty some custom web gear. I would prefer the production kind, but this will do until I get another.... If I do. I think it turned out well. I'd post a couple pics if I could figure it out... I get an error when trying to here.
  17. So long as we get one I suppose. I need a Johnny Walker to add to the collection. Last USAgent I got was from the Iron Man series and he SUCKED! I was looking forward to getting him in the worst way...then they didn't release him. Then they did, but only overseas. Then I scored one on eBay and was dissapointed. Time we get a figure to do him justice.
  18. Nope... Or at least I don't know. My Dusty is sans straps on the figure itself and the pack. Quality control of a figures articulation or construction is one thing, but forgetting to add accessories is another.
  19. Agreed. The availability is killing me.
  20. I would prefer Snake Eyes in black, but I don't have a problem with the Gray version. Gray Destro on the other hand...
  21. ...And not to get too into detail, but wasn't Dusty's last name in the cartoon Rudat? His nakeplate says Tadur on the figure. I know it's Tadur on his card and in the comics, but I could have sworn that he was Rudat in the toons...I can clearly hear Zartan calling him Rudat... Of course it's been 20 years since I've seen the cartoons but still... Just saying that if Hasbro is going for cartoon accurate, they missed it on Dusty.
  22. Got my DVD Arise Seprentor Arise battle pack and come to find that Dusty is sans his shoulder straps... Is this a running error or did they decide against the straps? I don't recall what the original figure looked like, but I do recall seeing them on him in the promo shots for this wave. Anyone else have this issue? Or does yours have straps?
  23. I recall Snake Eyes' cartoon color being that of a navy blue or gray/blue-dark slate instead of violet. Not that I'm complaning too much as I find it to be a fine figure regardless and am enjoying the cartoon renvisioning, but it would have been better in a dark blue. I'm sure we have a black Snake Eyes to look forward to down the line as he is easily one of the most repacked, repainted figures so I'm not worried about it. I wish the original ARAH line was sculpted and colored like it's cartoon counterparts. I remember wishing Duke had the rd on his shoulders, Flint was green, Lady Jaye didn't have a hat, Cobra Commander had longer gloves, Destro had green eyes and his silver gloves/gauntlets and so forth. Not that I don't love what we have gotten, but as a kid I was picky and wondered why they never quite looked the same even though they were easily identifiable. As for the new omic packs, I got mine the other day and couldn't be happier. True there are newer figures I would like to have made, such as ANY we haven't seen yet but this is a good wave. I could do without the skeleton preferring to get another figure but, meh... The BAT is sweet, Serpentor is freaking awsome (even though his colors and sculpt are off - still reminicent of the orig) Snake Eyes is great..weird hands, but great. Bludd is excellent, even though I needed to rework his dog tags. Quick kick will need some eye customizing and perhaps some paint on the inside of his crotch area to cover up the flesh tone inside his drawers, but a minor fix. All in all I really like this wave and all the DVD packs in general. I know there are nay sayers out there preferring all new figures, but I hope these keep coming and I look forward to the next batch.
  24. Yes, I too agree we NEED a USAgent. Which version though? I dig on the black costume, but really dig on the more armored version of Captain America's threads. Helmet and gray star shaped shield and all... Could be a sweet figure.... If they make the Force Works verison, I'll puke. Knowing Hasbro, we'll end up with a Cap repaint.
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