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  1. I am very annoyed to hear that we won't be getting the resolute figures, I really just want to get that New Resolute Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (if produced yet) and now we have to wait while the movie figures warm pegs and possible kill the line for another year or 2!


    I don't know who is responsible for the live action GI JOE movie but in my opinion they are not fans of GI JOE, this is not the X-men if they had to be wearing black I feel they should have been in actually black tactical gear, not X-men uniform knock offs. I feel that whoever created GI JOE resolute nailed it! an that they should have basically recreated the Resolute story as a live action movie.

  2. Hello


    I have been trying to figure out what kind of paint to use to customize a couple of figures.

    I want to paint BAZOOKA's shirt just a standard oliver or brown color to fit more of the military look. But I don't want to use acrylic paint because if I play with or pose the figure to much it will chip and scrap off...is what kind of paint do they use on the figures at the factories they are made in? they seem pretty tuff...anyway any help would be great thanks!

  3. Well, either way...I like the LOOKS of the pants painted as you've demonstrated here. I see something Silver and I imagine it to be hard metal material and not fabric with wrinkles. Since the figure has the appearance of "pants" I like the change you did. :)


    Well thanks I think that this would be an easy fix for the figure they wouldn't have to resculpt him, course if I was a fan of the comic I would want the rescuplt, but I just dont think that will realistically happen unless the entire board raise you know what...either way I am going to get the figure.

  4. Hello


    I Googled the character Wrath and could not find an image so I am not sure if he is suppose to have silver pants or not, but I thought he might look better with a matt finish dark gray or black paint scheme on his pants. Your thoughts…


    I provided a quick photoshop rendition of my idea. It's a quick version just to get what I am talking about across its not suppose to look pretty.




    I see your point, but as someone who has read the xomics I see the confusion. Those are not pants, they are part of the armor that is part fabric part metal (to my understanding) and incorporate high density fiber optics that produce the illusion of invisibility. Therefore they are part of the 'silver suit' if you will, and need to retain the same basic colouring of the rest of the figure. The problem is Hasbro has sculpted his upper legs to look too much like pants, and not enough like armor.


    Ok Thanks for clearing that up

  5. Hello


    I Googled the character Wrath and could not find an image so I am not sure if he is suppose to have silver pants or not, but I thought he might look better with a matt finish dark gray or black paint scheme on his pants. Your thoughts…


    I provided a quick photoshop rendition of my idea. It's a quick version just to get what I am talking about across its not suppose to look pretty.



  6. Well Im sorry I got some many people upset...but I figured since this was only the 2nd complaint I had with the line, and that this complaint was addressing the first one, I would be justified in asking Hasbro to release Major Bludd's nice cool version that we all expected in the first place to be instores...

  7. Habro


    Will the Dessert and Artic deco Cobra Troop Builders be available as single carded figures at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, TRU and so on?

    If not then they (Hasbro) are making a marketing mistake and doing the kids and fans a disservice.. Especially with the Major Bludd “fix” which I would consider a slap in the face, if that version wasn’t available in stores.

    Hasbro can you please address this?


    Thank you

  8. Well it looks like we got the version of Bludd we wanted...but not really cause you know people....including people on this board are going to hoard and order them by the dozen.


    I really really want to get 1 each of the Snow and Desert cobra forces, I think we should all make enough noise and at least get this figures released to venders such as Wal-Mart, Target, TRU, Kmart so that we at least have a chance to get them in stores. same with the other exclusives but these are the ones I really want.

  9. To remove the helmet, I dunked the figure in hot water to soft the plastic, the peeled the helmet off. I dremeled out the tab inside and sculpted on the hair.


    The legs are Duke's upper legs with the pocket dremeled off and the lower legs of a Crimson Guard.


    How did you get the chest opened up without destroying the figure? also what paint did you use? Is it tough enough to be played with or for display only? I would like to try this custom but I want to find a paint that will stand up to being posed and played with. Any advise?

  10. Nothing?


    None of you fine customizers here use these things? :(


    Ah, well, I'll bump this once in case someone missed it and then I'll let it die...slowly...by itself...alone...confused... @smilepunch@


    Not sure if its the same thing but I used to use Gundam markers try them

  11. bludd-1.jpg






    Okay, okay, I know I promised a walk through, but I ended up gutting that figure to create a much more accurate version, one that gives Bludd his due.



    So far I have been very very please with the 25th line but I really think that Hasbro should take a look at this thread and review this custom figure in order to see how a retooling of existing parts can make for a great looking figure. You did a great job and I really hope that Hasbro is quick to use these parts for a official Bludd fix. thanks! for posting pics.

  12. Iron-Knife (great figure!)


    Wow....I don't think I know ANYONE who calls Spirit this. @lol@



    I know what you mean, I have heard a lot of people complaining, but I must have gotten a good paint job for mine and I enjoy the sculpt... I know I couldn't do any better (better custom job)... the only negative is that he can't really hold his gun with both hands, but I gave him Scarlet's crossbow so no big deal..


    Also for people complaining about the vipers not standing up by themselves...try bending their feet back then as far forward (not to the point of breaking them duh) as the scuplt will let you, and you should be able to stand them on their own. It worked for me anyway hope this helps.

  13. So Far I have been able to get, 4 Vipers...via ebay, Iron-Knife (great figure!) and Wild Bill, unfortunitly Bill's hand broke off at the wrist...I got him a lunch so I will try and super glue it back on when I get home. I did see Snake Eyes who looks awesome but I wanted so I could budget for vaction and all.

  14. Thats right, I walked into Wal-Mart at about 3:30am this mourning. I then bolted to the toy department and what a surprise, Wave 4.


    Thats right peoples, I'm talking wave 4, all of it just hanging on the pegs just begging to be picked up or scalped up by a scalper. Vipers, HISS drivers, you name it they had at least 8 vipers, and about 4 HISS drivers and plus all of the other figures included in this wave and some Cobra Air Troopers. I think now that the Cobra Air Troopers are beginging to turn into peg warmers because everywere I go I always see them.


    After I saw all those fresh new wave of GI Joe figs, I had one problem, I had no money. I mean I had some money but not enough money to buy the complete wave. But thank God Wal-mart has an ATM machine. Because If I would have left Wal-Mart and came back those figures would have been cleaned out.


    So after I withdrew some cash I purchased 6 vipers, 3 Cobra HISS drivers, Wild Bill, Snake Eyes, Duke w/ jetpack, and Sprit.


    Also to all of you that are hating on Version 3 Snake Eyes you guys don't know what your talking about. This figure is awesome, no better yet its AWESOME spelled w/ all capital letters. This version of Snake Eyes is the stand-out figure in this wave, in my opinion its the BEST figure in this wave. If you guys pass on this figure then you are a complete fool. But hey it will be your loss not mines.


    So to end it all, Wave 4 is out so get out there and start searching.


    And heres a tip. Try going to Wal-Mart between the hours of 3:00am - 6:00am because thats when Wal-Mart mainly likes to restock its inventory. If you go between those hours not only will you beat the scalpers but if you do see the GI Joe pegs empty or low don't give up yet, because I've done this before. Search around the toy section until you find a pallet full of boxes search all the boxes and if you see a box that says Hasbro 3.75'' GI Joe 25th Anni. then grab it and open it up and claim your prize. You see sometimes the person who is working in toys just hasn't got to that pallet yet. So if you go in Wal-Mart during the wee hours and you don't see any GI Joe, just try searching around the toy section for pallets and search for the Hasbro GI Joe 25th Anni. cases.



    Did you leave anything for the kids and other collectors? I like to leave a least one figure of each figure for others, that way others can enjoy collecting (and for kids young and old) playing with them too. Anyway thats how I feel.

  15. i live up in canada on the east coast, does anyone know if they're coming here anytime soon?


    I have a few buddies up north that already have them so there are some in Canada.


    In the meantime, I got my Steel Spartan so now I'm all caught up on Series 1



  16. I just picked up the Twins pack, the Crimson/scar face pack, and the Wild Weasel/Ace Pack. I love the twins pack, and I love the Crimson Guard and Wild Weasel. I didn't really care for Scar Face (i don't like that comic repaint) and Ace is cool but I don't really care for him so I'll just put those two up on ebay for someone who really wants them. Anyway a really great wave! I got them at the Wal-mart on Pinhook Friday for the Lafayette, collectors.

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