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  1. I'm saying Jesus COMMITTED VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE against what he knew was injust! hahaha And I know He's not your Savior! That's obvious! LOL! Oh! FYI h3llfish, we WERE CREATED as a Christian nation! @loll@
  2. heh....guess what we use now in today's military....A2s and M4s with burst/single shot only. I said nothing about Saws and any other full auto weaponary because your average soldier DOESN"T use them. There is usually on heavy gunner per squad. Why you focus on a "point" that affects only a percentage of the AD population (and then suggest I read a manual) is.....quaint. All Special Ops units use the M4A1 (full-auto)! Plus I know many now in Special Ops who currently use other weapons besides that of the M4 family. Anyway, hell the military is going to replace all M4s with either HK416/7 or the SCAR - both have full auto capability! And btw, "military expert" the Marines use A4s! LOL! Another "quaint" suggestion is that you keep up to date on facts before spouting off. hahaha And you're correct one machine gunner per squad. What's that? One in four?! Yeah, no one is issued them! @loll@ But: Seriously?! That isn't even a word genius! LOL! Yeah, people lying to repeal the Second Amendment don't matter to people like you does it? @loll@ And let you slide on this before, but you said: Um, no... They're AR15s! LOL! @smilepunch@ Really what was your REMF MOS there "killer?" (I actually learned what I know of weapons from SF Cadre at Bragg. And it's obvious you "learned" all your "vast knowledge" in Basic - if you actually went! HAHAHA ) You are h3llfish?! LMAO!!! @congrats@ You two are "real close" aren't you?! hahahaha But my MO huh? (Aw... Somebody got his feelings hurt.. LMAO!) But maybe you need to pull the plank out of your own eye first tough guy! Mad that you and other libs can't gang up on certain members here any longer? (And what about all your lies and rule breaking here on this board?! <shame shame> hahahaha) Oh! You know what I find fun, amusing, and damn right laughable? Your "thought process" and "ideas." LOL! @smilepunch@ @loll@ And you stay classy also pinko!
  3. Dude, didn't we have a conversation about Jesus himself in the Bible destroying the money changers' tables and stalls?! Isn't that a definition of vandalism?!! LOL! @loll@ B/c in his "brain" - all Conservatives are Christians! hahahaha Btw, the continuing of doing this stuff when you're been asked politely and respectfully to stop is VERY LIBERAL AND OPEN-MINDED of you!! hahaha @smilepunch@ You stay classy you name calling, across the board labeler you! LOL!
  4. True that some people can own full automatic weapons, but the licensing takes years to complete, they have to keep them in safes all the time when not shooting at the range, the ATF can search your home to make sure they are in a safe, your name goes on a gov't list, and most machine guns cost 10,000- 40,000 dollars! LOL! And you can "modify" semi-automatic weapons as you said - you SIMPLY have to: gut out the trigger control group, in most cases you'll have to grind down parts of the lower receiver and drill new pin holes for a new selector switch, then drop in what is known as a "drop in auto-sear kit." (Something ALL harry homeowners can do! ) But also, you can only "modify" such weapons by paying the gov't out the ass, getting the permission of the ATF and putting your name on their list of full-auto weapons owners, and again be subject to gov't "safety searches." Oh! And your weapon again, has to be pre-1986. (Something the vast majority of evil, scary "assault rifles" out there today are not!) And collapsible stocks and even folding stocks ARE COMPLETELY LEGAL outside of states like CA. (And FYI, you need to learn something about M4s and M16s - you need to take the stock off of the LOWER RECEIVER to put on a collapsible stock. HAHAHA Please take a look at those "military" M16 manuals again! ) In addition, different states have different gun laws. (Hypocritical of our current gov't b/c they state FEDERAL LAWS supersede state laws concerning illegal immigration - guess if it isn't tax and gun related states can pass whatever the hell they want? LOL!) Just look at CA again, the M4 clone I bought in my state would be illegal there: "A semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine may not have a forward pistol grip, flash hider, collapsible stock, thumbhole stock, grenade/flare launcher, or pistol grip. A rifle breaking these rules is an assault rifle." http://gunwiki.net/G...LegalCalifornia And only the M16A2s and later models are burst only. The M4A1 is FULL AUTO baby! And you are leaving out MP5s, SAWs, M60s, M240s, M2s and others that are also FULL AUTO in our military. @loll@ And btw, are you saying the left and anti-gun groups AREN'T putting out disinformation about evil, scary "assault weapons" oh friend of Holly Tree? And you also agree that all the protester in the picture had was a hunting rifle right? (Love the quotation marks you put around "patriot" also! hahaha) @smilepunch@ Anyway, food for thought, please reread those M16 manuals, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY you big weapons expert you!! PS: Now DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE OPENING YER YAP!! hahaha Oh and "go home and get your f*ckin' shine-box!" LOL! @smilepunch@
  5. Does that fit your definition of REAL "anarchy"? All the presidential assassins and presidential shooters WERE DEMOCRATS!! Are ALL DEMOCRATS THIS DANGEROUS?!! <concerned scared citizen voice> @loll@ Again, way to label an entire group based on one person h3llfish! LOL!
  6. Oof.. F*cking nutty *ss people writing dumb sh*t nowadays.. Why don't people simply read the Constitution and Bill of Rights to really learn what to do? All spelled out there.
  7. That's not accurate. The SDI program is real, not a gambit. We have spent 100 billion on it so far, but have no effective missile defense system yet to show for it. http://www.time.com/...ation/article/0,8599,1859393,00.html That article above is a couple of years old, but I included the link to backup my figure of 100 billion dollars. What has changed since then is that Obama is not going to deploy the test systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. These systems have been very expensive, and they still don't work. I also don't think they make us any safer. We've had peace with Russia for decades because they have a gun to our head, and we have the exact same gun at theirs. It's not ideal, but it has kept the world out of a third world war. The SDI initiative threatens to disrupt that balance of power. Thats the thing you rely the uber left media rags to get info.Time called the Tea Party hate mongers I refuse to ever buy or read that rag ever again Yep! Time used to be balanced for the most part - now nothing but left-wing bias with one occasional Conservative op-ed or counterpoint.
  8. Again... <sigh> White House stats PROVE useless social program spending WAS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ANYTHING MILITARY in the 1980s. Why didn't the lib Congress cut that sh*t? Hell why didn't they even trim it?! Reagan would have gladly signed whatever they cut! LOL! @smilepunch@ And stop it with the "evil Conservative spending all our tax dollars on the machine man!" haha It's nothing but lying liberal Democratic Party talking points.. (And yes the Republicans use talking points also! We need to stop parroting them on BOTH SIDES) And great point about everyone simply just giving their opinions - that's why we have to look at the real stats about subjects and cut the bullsh*t.
  9. Apology accepted. there there! Whatever helps you sleep at night. He just doesn't care about the White House stats I posted that prove that useless social programs cost MUCH MUCH more than military spending does he? <groan> I mean even at the height of our military spending DURING THE COLD WAR spending for these social programs DOUBLED that of what does done for the military.. @hmmm@
  10. Update: The AP has reported that the Seattle teenager who was punched by the police officer has apologized for her behavior. They had a private meeting together and the officer accepted her apology. http://newsone.com/n...er-in-the-face/ The girl has been charged as a juvenile with third-degree assault, which is punishable by a maximum 30 days in detention. While the officer's actions are being investigated by the department's civilian-led Office of Professional Accountability.
  11. Not to change the subject of the post and no offence to WJ but all this talk about race reminded of what just came out about the "honorable," "learned," and "great civil rights leader" Rev Jeremiah Wright! LOL! Rev. Wright: Civil Rights Movement About 'Becoming White' "(T)he civil rights movement was about 'becoming white.'" "Wright reportedly told those in the class they will never 'be a brother to white folk'" Another ringing endorsement of Barry Hussein's intelligence and judge of character! hahahaha @loll@ How many years did he know this @ss-clown pr*ck?! LMAO!!!
  12. And Barry Hussein "asked stupidly" in his rush to judgment against the cop! (Of course I think he IS STUPENDOUSLY STUPID also! LOL!)
  13. Dude, c'mon.. Golf isn't vacation? Because it sure isn't exercise.. @smilepunch@
  14. H3llfish, keep up with the news! LOL! Barry has played golf EIGHT MORE TIME IN HIS FIRST YEAR THAN DUBYA DID ALL EIGHT!! LMAO!!! @loll@ Barack Obama plays golf eight more times than George W Bush
  15. Bugged me also! haha I went and bought a Chinese KO 8 inch tall Optimus Prime so all he'd be more in scale with this Grimlock and the rest of the Classics line!
  16. Thank God for this though: FOXNews.com - Petraeus to Modify Afghanistan Rules of Engagement, Source Says Hopefully our boys can start fighting this war without all the stupid lib rules that tie both hands behind their backs!
  17. And both are fine beliefs with me.. Many people feel this way. So I'm asking that you stop labeling all Conservatives unfairly as Bible thumping zealots.
  18. Dude I posted the White House stats talking with you about this... It's a fact that military spending is SO MUCH smaller than useless social program spending.. (Even with us during the Cold War and being the sole super power "World Policeman" now.)
  19. WOW! I admit to how bad my debate tactics suck, and this catapults you into another rant about Jesus and making claims that I think you're the DEVIL?? I thought he was an atheist or an agnostic?! LOL!
  20. So they are protesting the very taxes that pay their salaries? That makes perfect sense. Nope, again they're protesting what libs are spending our taxes ON! Keep up!
  21. YEP! hahaha Old Barry isn't practicing what he preaching is he?! I also love how he sided against environmentalists and said no to protective sand berms in the Gulf - hypocrite! LOL!
  22. But he seems to do everything they suggest! Just look at how he recently outlawed all US deep water offshore oil drilling but then pledged our money behind a George Soros backed Brazilian Oil company THAT DRILLS EVEN DEEPER!! haha Obama Helps Soros Drill For Oil In Brazil
  23. and don't forget the KISSING part.... LOL! hahahaha Exactly. It's kinda' like if I point out all presidential assassins and shooters were Democrats then label an entire group of people by saying all democrats ARE DANGEROUS..
  24. C'mon, remember I said I wasn't a very good Christian! But lets simply talk about morals... What about your morals? You can just come right in, name call, and label whole groups of people then when someone calls you on it and gives you back a little of your own medicine you feign victim-hood and act all "how dare you?" @loll@ I ask you, as an atheist or agnostic, is that moral behavior? haha
  25. Nope, Moveon.org and George Soros only supply this administration with daily talking points and policy suggestions..
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