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  1. How many times do I have to tell you before you get it through your thick head I hate Dubya also!?! LOL! @loll@
  2. What does saying Conservatives are evil b/c they sided with Dubya on the Iraq War have to do Byrd either?
  3. LMFAO!!! @loll@ @smilepunch@
  4. Oh no, the conservatives on the board will surely ignore that and only argument is to call you a leftist liberal. Thought you didn't like Byrd either there SP?! hahaha @smilepunch@
  5. Looking at your friend list I could ask the same (the main difference is I don't need to name names....their posts speak for themselves).......trim the bigoted fat from your buddy list and then you can talk to me about my THREE. Really? Who's on my friend's list as vile as that evil racist b*tch?
  6. Yeah, it seems like most of the conservatives around here will just never get that. You and I are pretty moderate. I criticize the left wingers all the time. But to a lot of folks around here, you either march in lock step to the beat of the Foxnews drum, or you're evil. And they have the gall to call us Nazis? If you or I says one thing that could be construed as insulting, ten people jump up and tell us what jerks we are. But when others go off on one of their 20 thousand hateful rants, calling anyone who disagrees with them a "puzzy azz f@gg0t", even the more thoughtful conservatives are silent on it. It's cool, conservatives. Go on blaming all of your problems on Obama. How's that workin out for you, by the way?
  7. NewGuy


    How much time did you serve over there and what capacity killer? I can tell you my experiences and give you pictures personally if you want. And btw, you never did tell me your REMF MOS! LMAO!! @smilepunch@ And Barry's doing the EXACT SAME THING DUBYA DID!!! He's a worldwide laughing stock also and his stupid f*cking rules of engagement are getting our boys and those of other countries killed!! But... "I SAVE YOU 'ANOINTED ONE!!'" @loll@
  8. Yeah... But see JayC and all of them yell that we aren't picking on Conservatives (as I just did the other day with Reagan btw) but not once have I ever seen them utter one bad thing about Obama!! LOL! And again, it's fine to pick on Dubya for his major f*ckups but when Barry goes and DOES THE EXACT SAME THING and someone calls him on it instead of agreeing that he also f*cked up THEY ALL RUSH TO DEFEND HIM!! hahahaha
  9. How can you STILL be friends with a blatant propagandist and anti-Semitic racist like Holly Tree? @smilepunch@ NICE!!! And yet again... Is Barry Hussein any better than Dubya?! @loll@ Really? You lumping me in with all this drive-by labeling also? Look, it's as simple as this... Obama is president now so I pick on his mistakes and failures.. Again I did the same thing to Dubya when he was in charge! h3llfish, Superpowers, LA do you all simply not understand? Is this why you all are still doing the same old crap crap? LOL! And many democrats weren't doing the EXACT SAME thing the Conservatives were doing? "Licking Dubya's nether region" LMAO!! They believed what was being sold also - and many Conservatives (like myself) left the GOP b/c of Dubya! You've been trolling this topic all day. You still don't give a damn about it. Yep!
  10. Really? You lumping me in with all this drive-by labeling also?
  11. Are you off your soapbox now? Way to be middle of the road by lashing out with personal attacks... I've seen biased fights and shouting down of people in other forum here also - not only in Politics and Religion. Okay fine, Robert Byrd was really a great man after all! Mussolini made the trains run on time! Happy now? LOL! Look, not everyone is middle of the road like you. People have views on the right and left and sometimes wish to express their thoughts and opinions in an unbiased fashion. Do we change anyone's minds - usually not but WE STILL LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER!! That's just the way free-speech works... I've personally had it out with many people I don't agree with here but in the end we came to a peaceable and even friendly understanding! And who the hell are you to dictate how people should speak their mind?! If Politics and Religion and the posters in it bother you so much CLOSE IT! Just don't lecture us like you're a moral authority better than anyone here! Sh*t... @loll@ And with that... WE ARE OFFICIALLY OFF TOPIC!!! HAHAHAHA!!! :OT:
  12. NewGuy


    President Barry Hussein's just continued EVERY SINGLE ONE of Dubya's war policies is all! Done not a thing different! So based on what you said shouldn't both of these dummies be put on trial for war crimes then?! LOL!
  13. Ahhh, praise in the form of a backhanded compliment! LOL! Of course?! So many Southerners are just that way... Thanks for not condoning it though! You're a riot JC!! hahaha @smilepunch@ Since we're bringing up our childhoods, my mother and her side of the family were from/still live in the south they and their friends were all Republicans and backed each and every one of the Civil Rights acts (It was the Democrats who voted against them..) You want to see some real racism go to Boston! LOL! (My father's family is from New England..) Anyways... F*ck that old mummy skeleton.. He was an unrepentant racist piece of sh*t and did no good for any state.
  14. Again? You are bringing GOD up to legitimatize your argument about environmentalism! haha No where in the Bible does it say anything about pollution and environmentalism. The only thing it says is that we should be "good stewards of the land." And if your Church or pastor is telling you that as a Christian you should be worried about environmental causes - you really need to take a serious look at that church! B/c if they do they are straying into theological "Social Justice." (Also known as "Economic Justice") History teaches us the "immediate roots" of this so-called "social gospel" came from Washington Gladden, a Columbus, Ohio, pastor, from the mid-nineteenth century, and, more famously, to Walter Rauschenbusch, a liberal Christian theologian and Baptist minister in the early twentieth century. Both Gladden and Rauschenbusch promoted a liberal theological message that redirected the Christian emphasis of salvation through Jesus Christ to one that emphasized using politics to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Learn your history - progressives were are some of the most evil and vile people to walk the earth! Progressives promoted racist ideas such as the "survival of the fittest" theory that rich western Europeans were superior to other races. They also promoted eugenics. They led the way for instituting Fascism, Nazism, and Communism.. But big deal these movements only killed 20 million people! They should be celebrated! hahaha Just read about celebrated liberal progressive Margaret Sanger! She's very beloved by liberal progressives b/c she promoted abortion and founded Planned Parenthood. But she did so by advocated abortions on blacks in order to eliminate what she called "socially undesirable people." She said, "We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." Here's a great source on progressives concerning eugenics and blacks: http://blackgenocide.org/negro.html Great people huh? But you said: You might want to reconsider that opinion! But back to the original subject... So you completely dismiss the facts I brought up about man-made pollution and that "clean fuel" technology isn't actually good at creating energy yet... Guess you don't want to put your beliefs to the test like I did huh? Oh well... hahaha God bless and have fun drinking the "progressive environmentalist Kool-Aid" then! @smilepunch@ PS: And I also brought up nuclear power - what the Green Peace founder said was the ONLY clean non-polluting energy source the world has right now. But you didn't even acknowledge it.. Guess nuclear power doesn't get theirs huh? haha
  15. Hey, I'd like to get off fossil fuels also DarthJoe... (Well foreign ones..) But according to Department of Energy sources the best solar cells can run is about 2% efficiency.. If something new happens and they can get it up to about 20% then we're in business! And they also state that wind energy is good but not everyone lives in an area windy enough to create enough energy... I mean as it is now, with current technology, all solar, wind, and geothermal can do is augment what we get from our power companies.. Lessen our energy bills. And most of that stuff is still too expensive for so many people also.. They would actually spend less money on like wood, coal, and pellet stove generators to augment what they get from the the companies. (And I hate the idea of tax incentives paying for the high cost of these clean technologies b/c that would simply make someone else pay for my clean energy source with their money. I just can't believe in that.) As to hydrogen VH brought up some great stuff, and again according to DOE sources, as of now with current technology it takes too much energy to turn hydrogen into fuel. (It's like people who buy electric cars, of course they are not putting pollutants into the atmosphere with it - but if they get their power from a fossil fuel burning plant then the plant puts more pollutants up to power the car.) Plus we still cannot safely store such large quantities of hydrogen safely. For powering our nation, as of now - fossil fuels and nuclear energy is simply where it's at. Maybe in the future new developments will make these other energy sources viable but it will take a breakthrough and not gov't funding. Therefore our money should go towards the cheapest and most common sense option for power until these new breakthroughs happen. And like I said earlier, I'd love to get us off of foreign fuel! We did it in the early 80s and could easily do so again! And as to corn... Completely agree DarthJoe! There are so many better crops that would be more energy efficient than corn. (Beets for one creates a much higher grade of alcohol that creates more energy..) Also, corn going for fuel simply increases food costs and causes food shortages in developing counties. But the gov't is again involved and of course messing things up.. It has a large corn producer lobby that it loves to do business with... @bH@
  16. Nice... Such brilliance on the issues.. LOL! (Btw, to steal a question from someone else who posts here, would Christians name-call and label people they disagreed with? Or would they just state their points and move on? LOL! @smilepunch@) Look oil, natural gas, and coal are in reality are the only fuel technologies that work right now.. Likewise, nuclear power is the only, clean, non-polluting fuel source we have right now to power the grid. (Listen to what the ex-founder of Greenpeace says on it.) All other "clean" energy technologies just do not work right now. And if you really cared about your country you would be deeply concerned about how it is no longer a democratically Representative Republic. How it has instead become a "Bureaucratic Oligarchy" - where we have signed powerful legislative powers away from our elected representatives and instead empowered unelected federal agencies. All in the name of safety... The Founders warned us about doing this. Why do you even trust the government to fix things anyway - when has bureaucracy ever done so? hahaha And if you really cared about God you would want people to simply be "good stewards" of the earth - and not buy into each and every "party line" the Progressive environmentalists spew forth.. And so again, you calling people slaves to one certain political ideology or party is akin to the pot calling the kettle black. See I think the Progressive environmentalists "keep you scared just enough to control you and control your thoughts into your very being." LOL!
  17. NewGuy


    Dude, just joking around here... Calmness.. @smilepunch@
  18. Pretending this is Facebook and hitting the "like" button on RC's comment!
  19. So much for "Yes we can" huh?! LOL!
  20. NewGuy


    Hey, read some of my conversations with h3llfish - hell ask him! hahaha I don't like Dubya, his daddy, Ford, or Nixon - so don't make broad statements like "you guys!"
  21. There were three parts. About thirty minutes long.. It does cost more money to recycle anything other than metal (metal cans, scrap, so on...) And nuclear waste - those are really the only things that should be recycled based on real scientific evidence. And it is not an "agenda piece" or "propaganda.." Penn and Teller are just common sense Libertarians. What do they have to gain for this episode? They go after untruths and fallacies in every one of them - so who's payroll are they on? haha And it is indeed a fact that we could take all the trash of the entire nation and store it all safely inside a small county to be broken down in a short amount of time... The barge was an agenda piece/propaganda! haha Again, the barge was crap.. We have plenty of room for trash in landfills. Plastics, metals, so on, while they can be toxic to people, they will be broken down over time to its base components and elements. Watch "Life After Man" sometime to see how little man impacts this earth. Many things in nature are dangerous and hazardous to human, animal, and plant life well before using them to make and manufacture anything.. Again, it is really a waste of time, energy, and money to recycle anything other than metal and nuclear waste. But like Penn and Teller said, and I agree, if it makes you feel better to recycle - go right ahead. And again, everything is broken down over time. Everything returns to its base components and natural elements in a very short amount of time. See, it is a fact we have MORE trees now than we did in the 19th Century! So recycling wood products is "bullcrap!" haha (Please stop referring to things you just simply don't agree with as bullcrap by the way as real science backs up what they said.) Wood products are one of the easiest things for nature to break down. Again, if you watched all the parts of this episode you would have learned that we are in no real danger of "losing our trees." I mean are we are in danger of losing corn or potatoes? haha See, we have tree farms now that we use for wood products. This is why we have more trees now than 100 years ago. This is also why "old growth wood" is so expensive. (Loggers will scuba dive into lakes and rivers to attach chains and wench the stuff out.) Recycling simply doesn't make us safer - don't believe to environmentalist talking points. Research this stuff yourself with an open mind. And what's your deal anyway!? "Propaganda?!" "Evil?!" Way to be civil and express yourself in a mature manner... Just because you do not agree with something don't deify it. Again, research it WITH AN OPEN MIND! You accused VH of being a slave to the Republicans - don't be one to the progressive environmentalist agenda. So don't be a coward - put your beliefs to the test. And remember man cannot hurt this earth but nature can be much, much more dangerous than anything we can do.
  22. Great episode of Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t concerning recycling - full of facts and funny as hell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzLebC0mjCQ
  23. Blegh... Bunch of stupid@ss c*nts did that...
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