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  1. I like where he says: And: Didn't know about any of this stuff.. Oof... <groan> What a nice, peaceful, loving, enlightened and down right delightful fellow! LOL! After learning all this on second thought if I was wounded I don't think I'd want him to help me at all! He'd probably kill me as soon as look at me! hahahaha @loll@
  2. Man if RC wasn't married... I think I'm in love with her! LOL! That is if she wouldn't laugh at my "ugly assness!" hahaha
  3. The original Hebrews (proto-Hebrews) came from Ur in Mesopotamia... (Abram later Abraham came from here) There are many descriptions of what the Mesopotamian peoples looks like. They were not African and did not have Negro features... (Of course there was no Aryan Jesus either) But like we said none of this matters in God's eyes...
  4. NewGuy


    You praise BR's service but keep picking on mine? Nice... And after finding out what I did about BR tonight, all that racist sh*t he said and didn't apologize for - if you keep praising and sticking up for him we'll never see eye to eye! @bs@ If he didn't apologize man, he's simply as bad as Holly Tree...
  5. Yep! See you and I got mad at each other b/c we weren't face to face also! haha But I will always say what I believe and so will you! We need to understand that and not let things get out of hand.. Now as to someone like Holly Tree - I'll never see eye to eye with her! LOL!
  6. Groan... I read everything you wrote. Can't I still think Megyn made this moron look stupid? Do I have to run my opinions through you first? @smilepunch@ And secondly... The Jewish people of Jesus' time were not Black! (Not that it matters at all - if he were Asian it would be fine! LOL!) Historians of the time (especially Jocesus) stated that they looked Arabic and European at the time. See they returned from bondage in Babylon (modern day Iraq) and Europeans (mostly Greek peoples) through the Hyksos and Alexander's armies settled all these areas and co-mingled/married each other! Learn YOUR history! (I already took YEARS of it in college - got a BA in it) Now if the Hebraic people before this time were black, white, arab I don't care and neither should you - we agree on this! But black people who came to this nation from Central and Southern Africa just hundreds of years ago are not Hebrews! The history and DNA proves it! Now Israel has found "lost tribes" in Eastern Africa through Ethiopia but they also found them in the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Asian countries, and even China! They can really prove it also..
  7. And see I have had only a couple disagreements with BR.. Sure things got heated and ratcheted up - this is the internet, things get out of hand very easily here. If we were talking face to face we almost certainly would have let things go that way. It's so easy to get mad and take things the wrong way here... I mean I disagreed with him on a couple things but do I not respect him? We're both from military backgrounds - we'd have a hell of lot in common.. Sh*t, since he says he's a combat medic if I had a sucking chest wound I'd LOVE to see him coming to get me! LOL! Things simply get heated here and some people hold on to things too long but not everyone here is as hardheaded and zealous as you think.
  8. See, totally agree with you here! The BPs as bad as the KKK or any Islamist and vice-versa - everything you just said is true here.
  9. "I really thought maybe you changed?" Why because we weren't disagreeing on some topics? Dude, grow up. I've always called it as I see just as I see it. People can disagree w/out losing respect for one another. And the "owning" remark was about Megyn Kelly making the Black Panther look stupid and say stupid things. She owned him. But he's a Black Panther and a Black Hebrew - he looks and says stupids things all the time! LOL! I mean the Black Hebrew Israelites state that blacks are the real Jews! LMAO!! You're a Christian.. Youtube video from one of my favorite preachers talking about them:
  10. NewGuy


    You know who Dubya is though right? And was active duty you hypocrite. LMAO!!! @loll@
  11. NewGuy


    A Youtube video just for sh*ts and giggles everyone! Obama vs Bush Soldiers response Can you notice the difference And before all you Barry Hussein supporters get all hot and bothered - yet AGAIN I'll state, I dislike Dubya and spoke out against him when he was in charge.. @rolleye@ <sigh> LOL!
  12. OWNED!!! hahahaha @loll@
  13. And the Left never EVER does this stuff?! LMAO!!! Thanks for throwing the Jews under the bus also! hahaha Learn that from Holly Tree? @puke@
  14. NewGuy


    Yes, you serving really makes you a much better moral authority than anyone you disagree with?! LMAO!!! And "True American?" Yeah you're so much better of one.. haha Dude you're just lazy and couldn't think of anything to say.. @smilepunch@ Way to respect everyone's First Amendment right btw! hahaha "I don't like what you said so instead of thinking of a well thought out response I'll just name call and vilify!" Way to go Saul Alinsky! (Oh FYI everyone, most of the military agree with the person he's calling a "True American." Known fact. So much for saying being in the military helps his cause huh? hahaha) Nope I was just having fun and laughing at someone who uses "Chicken Hawk" tactics! "I don't like what you said so you're not as good as me!! WAAAAAHHH!!! <crying>" LOL! @loll@ It totally is the point! And what's REALLY humorous is, again, the vast majority of the military DISAGREES WITH YOU and NOT HIM "Oh Great Authority Figure!" hahahahaha And of course you are humorous in this also! @smilepunch@ I laugh at you, your hard-on for Viper, and your name calling tactics in this Blessed Resistance! LMAO!!! Yet here you keep claiming to have "served" and I still don't believe you "love this country". You seem to think your proclaimed "service" gives you yet another CARD to flash around, trying to give you a free pass on all your hypocritical BS? Nidal Malik Hasan "served" and we certainly wouldn't view his actions as being PRO-America now would we? I doubt you "served" for any other reason but to set yourself up with an extended education and career, and never for a instant considered the chance you MIGHT have to risk your life in any REAL "service" to the United States of America and ol' Viper Hunter? How does that sound to you? You think you've "served" and I just dismissed it's value, just as you like to dismiss the value of others. I have a lot of respect for our military and our veterans, regardless of their intentions behind it, they still served, but you sure give us reason to pause and think about it. It's not the color of your skin that damages you, it's the things that come from out of your head and out your mouth! It's called "CHARACTER" and you're in desperate need of a good one. Dude, he doesn't have a moral leg to stand on and he knows it!! LOL!
  15. NewGuy


    It's just silly enter-service ribbing Superpowers - don't get your panties in a bunch. I've seen bravery in every branch of the military and from every country (even from men who weren't really part of a "formalized" military) And again, before you pass judgment SP maybe you should realize I was ribbing old "LA Kerry" b/c he was picking on other members' lack of military service to delegitimize their valid First Amendment views on the military and on foreign policy! Take a look at his comment and report on your "disappointment" on him.. LMAO What he did is a common political tactic and wrong.. See it goes back to the old days of Libs calling Conservatives whom they disagreed with and did not serve "Chicken Hawks." It's a vilification tactic used by lazy individuals who do not want to or think of anything concrete and/or factual to argue with.. As someone who served and coming from a military family I would never vilify anyone who did not serve and I would view their opinions as legit! SP if you never served - I would never pick on you or delegitimize your views on the military and foreign affairs.
  16. NewGuy


    Your POTUS and CNC and are you really that dumb? You know that! LOL!
  17. NewGuy


    7 months...combat stress...2 miles from the Pakistan Border forward deployed with the Army where I covered 3 FOBs, a few COPs, and a SF Firebase. "Killer" is a funny Army term ....highspeed. I'm a medic. Huah!!!! so can I...just as I'm sure we can compare medals, coins and whatnot....your point is what????? Well I never said I what service did I?? You seemed to assume one thing (like only Army and Marines deploy to combat zones anymore). Now if you ask for an AFSC...that I can provide.... Dude just don't make stupid comments... (Highspeed.. hahaha) I've seen and worked with EVERY branch and with almost every NATO country deployed and doing their share.. So you're Air Force huh? Join them b/c of that wimpy O.5 mile run requirement? haha @smilepunch@ Or join up after they raised it to 1.5? And I honestly thought you were something like a medic or a Corpsman - calm down there John Kerry! hahaha (Mostly based on your lack of knowledge about the M-16/AR15! LOL! I keed! I keed! @smilepunch@) And again thank you for your service but are you sure you wanna' compare medals? (Hint: the woman in this photo is my momma..)
  18. YOU MEAN YOU REALLY DON'T GET ALL YOUR NEWS FROM FAUX NEWS!?! <shocked voice> LOL! And speaking of CNN, man I miss Lou Dobbs! Used to watch his show whenever I could..
  19. Before Byrd got locked I posted this: It's unprecedented. I mean it's not just Conservatives who are outraged about what this current administration's Justice Department did.. So many Liberals are really starting to speak out about it now also.
  20. Look forward to you giving them sh*t then in the future!
  21. Hey, not trying to be a jerk here about Hydrogen Joe... I respect your opinion but like I said before: It could be a GREAT energy source in the future but it just doesn't work now... Be great to use once the kinks are knocked out. NICE!! And Superpowers, we all got kinda' pissed off today but if you want to read some real propaganda (Pro-islam/Anti-Judaism and Christianity) and not the usual political stuff written by the posters both Left and Right in these forums - read Holly Tree's sh*t! She's a real anti-Semitic Jew hater.. Search her posts man. Blegh...
  22. Rest of the article can be found here SP: http://www.examiner....timidation-case Again, the dropping of a voter intimidation case is something no presidential administration has ever done...
  23. Not to put words in VH's mouth but I believe he was talking about a former democrat president honoring a racist and then comparing that to the current democratic president vis a vis the DOJ not investigating New Black Panther Party members' voter intimidation. The campaign manager of Carter and RFK, Bartle Bull, said the dismiss of investigation was something that a presidential administration has never done before.. But the lib said it on Faux News so he was probably lying! LOL!
  24. I'm a retired civilian with a brother still in! "Real" MOSs also ya REMF! LOL! @smilepunch@
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