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  1. Just looking at these pictures (all of whom I already have, btw) makes me sad that Jazwares couldn't handle the license properly and get us some more figs, cuz those guys are sweet! And it is a bit weird that KB would sell the Toy Rocket exclusive.
  2. Unfortunatley, you picked a bad time to get into Jazwares' Mortal Kombat figures. They're good and I love 'em (obviously) but they already lost the license after a poor and sporadic release schedule. I think we were getting around 1 series per years, or 4/5 figures a year. And to make things worse Series 1 was horrible, the Deception series. So if you want to know who they are here's a list I made: Deception Series 1: Sub-Zero Scorpion Rayden Baraka Ice Clone Sub-Zero (Rare) Unmasked Scorpion (Rare) Shaolin Monks Series 2: Sub-Zero Scorpion Liu Kang Kung Lao Liu Kang & Kung Lao 2 Pack Sub-Zero and Scorpion 2 Pack (Hot Topic Exclusive) Shaolin Monks Series 3: Noob Saibot Noob Saibot (darker paint) Johnny Cage Reptile Kano SDCC Exclusive: Goro Goro (Toys R Us re-release with new head) And that's it, yup. Pretty sad that you have the MK license for years and all you can get out is that. Hopefully someone else snags the license soon.
  3. Nice collection, bro! I wonder who will pick up the MK license next? True Jazwares did a nice job with their figures, but at a rate of 1 series of 4 figures per year, I'm not surprised they lost the license.
  4. Woah Avi, nice collection! The two spartans on the far right are holding weapons that came with the campaign bad guys, right? No Spartan actually comes with those?
  5. Hmm, I don't know if it's so much the JLU theme I like but the overall animation and story telling was flat out brilliant. And this is coming from a guy who really doesn't like DC Comics at all. My little cousin loves watching JLU and every time I watch it, I am forced to get jealous because the animation is so smooth, the stories really drew me in, and I am forced to remember the days of the 90's X-Men and Spidey cartoons and I am kind of dreading the new Spidey cartoon because that just looks like crap. Gosh, I can't tell you how many times I cracked up at a poor animation in the X-Men cartoon, like Rogue taking off her glove to steal someone's powers but the glove is still on her hand instead of flesh, or Wolverine saying something and his lips aren't moving. If we could get the team behind JLU to make a Marvel cartoon like X-Men, I'd be glued to my T.V. whenever it came on.
  6. Quite frankly I thought think Spidey taking on Kraven and Lizard would EVER live up to the intensity of Spidey 3 which involved the black suit, Spidey taking on his old friend Harry as the New Goblin, the birth of Venom, the story of the Sandman... What you need to do is top the Spidey 3 experience... How about: Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage Hmm? Remember the good ol' SNES days? Spidey now has to team up with his old enemy (and still enemy, quite frankly) to put the much more evil and sinister Carnage character down. Think of the marketing techniques and video games...... Seriously, is your little brother going to buy a Kraven action figure or a Carnage action figure?
  7. Too true, Rocksteady... 4 figures a year is kind of lackluster. I mean LCBH kinda started in July this year or around and how many guys do we have already??
  8. If you like LCBH simply because they are awesome figures, but never read a comic based on them in your life, I would like to point out that there is a video game based on LCBH Series 2 character The Darkness which already came out, and through out the game you can unlock readable comics which feature some characters in the LCBH series including Darkness, Witchblade, Stryker, Ripclaw and maybe more (I havn't unlocked all of them yet). Darkness is out on the PS3 and XBOX 360.
  9. Hey... Are they just getting this from Ghost Maverick's post??? lol, I don't even think that Reptile Ghost Maverick has is a variant, my Reptile came with the same tongue.
  10. How ironic that a site called tinypic.com takes forever to load those huge pics on my crappy dial-up internet. 30 minutes later and I still can't see your pics Clay
  11. Wait a second... I don't think you got the new black Noob. Unless the lighting is off or I'm just really tired, that's the same grey Noob I have!
  12. Thanks buddy, looks like you picked up some winners! And your camera is pretty good! I prefer the comic con Goro over the TRU one, honestly.
  13. WOW!! Harry looks great!! Well... New Goblin looks great. If you open him get some unmasked pics! (or does it not come off?)
  14. I kinda like the SS' hands, but yeah, I prefer articulation to fixed poses. If anyone has LCBH Series 2 yet, I think The Darkness has perfect articulation in his hands! I can make him hold swords, guns, close his hands into a fast, open his hands to summon Darkness powers, and point or flip people off.
  15. That's a cute pic of you two, nice work bro. Guess you're kinda new at this action figure showing off thing huh? If you got a good camera like me you should definitley open your pictures in Paint or Photoshop and shrink them down so that their smaller files before you upload.
  16. Really cool pics, thanks!! But who in the heck is that skeleton with the red outfit on? Aww sick and where did you get that base he's standing on with some decapitaed head?? That head thing would look great in my Mortal Kombat display.
  17. Yeah, and once you do get some pics, Ghost Maverick, I would def make a new topic on this board like "MK Series 4 Goro" or something so the world knows he's hit stores. I thought I read somewhere he'd get a Winter release, oh well. The sooner the better when it comes to the few MK figs guys we get in a single series.
  18. How ironic that everyone and their mom has Spidey Movie Legends but nobody nor their dog has pictures of them loose, packaged or otherwise (with the exception of 1 eBay pic).
  19. Wha --?! How can you just come out and call New Goblin horrible without citing any reasons? He looked like one of the best in this series from what I could tell.
  20. WOW! Postalboy make a new topic or something and get us some pics, I can't wait to see the Spidey 3 wave and then get my hands on them!!
  21. Wow! I'm glad I'm not a gambling man, because I would've bet a fortune we'd see HML3 a good few weeks before F4 ML. I mean jeez, we've had proto pics and packaged pics of HML3 for how long now? But hey, that's some good news, ecspecially on how much you liked Doctor Doom. I have been using the Fantastic Four 1 Movie "2 Faced" Doctor Doom forever now!
  22. GhostMaverick you are da man! Here comes the million dollar question that has plagued me since I got Goro a few months ago.... Does this "Series 4" Goro have any Series 4 figures on the back of his package? How much of a school girl would you act like if you flipped that box over and saw Kintaro, Shao Kahn and whoever lookin' at ya?
  23. 6 figures is ok, unless you don't like a majority of the figures. See I liked all of HML2 except for Quicksilver and YellowJacker, so that means I got 6 figures I liked. When this rumored HML5 wave I think I'll only be picking up Spiral and US Agent. Had there been 8 figs maybe those last 2 could've been the ones you REALLY wanted, ya get me? I'd rather have 2 extra guys warm the pegs than miss out on characters I really wanted. Just imagine if the extra 2 guys in the 8 figure wave were Sunfire and The Silver Samurai....
  24. I don't know who these chaacters are (besides Mr. "IAMTHELAWL") but they look awesome next to my establushed 6" figure collection which includes the likes of Mortal Kombat, TBML, HML, Metal Gear Solid 2, and a few Asian legends. These guys are great for anyone's collection and Pitt will not disapoint you.
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